Other artwork from previous Second Saturday events

Some of the art that has been featured during Second Saturday on May 11 this year include the Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum and paintings by Abigail VanCannon and Mark Fox. Abigail recently moved to Sacramento from the Bay Area and displays her paintings based on photography at the Sacramento Art Complex. She likes learning about a city’s nostalgia when she visits new places, which is why one of her paintings depicts the sign of the original Tower Records at the Tower Theatre on 16th and Broadway. Mark Fox, whose painting is shown at the top of this article, has lived in Sacramento all his life and is heavily influenced by Appalachian folk art and tribal scenery that expresses community harmony.

Different types of art are included in this archive, such as woodwork by Ted “The Turner” Young, who makes attractive gifts out of recycled wood from the region. Another theme that this gallery section highlights is community spirit, which includes Midtown shops that help raise awareness or funds for the community. PeraDice Cards and Gifts, for example, raised money through a raffle this past Second Saturday for Mustard Seed School, while provides shelter for homeless children. Co-owners Steven Pera and Jim Wagner were interviewed by SacTV explaining that homelessness is not a crime and kids should be given the help they need.

Other artwork from previous Second Saturday events include the vibrant soul healing paintings of John Huerta, the communal farmers market paintings by Robert LaNeau, the car theme paintings by Pete Conine, the happy animal paintings by Karen Dukes, various art at Little Relics and the portraits of legendary African Americans including President Obama by Lawrence Sullivan. The art of photography is showcased in this second with the natural colorful scenery of Yosemite, shot by Jason Branz.

The May 11 Second Saturday was quiet in the early evening but festive later in the evening possibly because of earlier hot temperatures, a contrast with Second Saturday on April 13, which was somewhat quiet due to cold temperatures. Many of these artists, curators and owners display art every Second Saturday with different art each time. According to Mark Fox, he has created over one thousand paintings and has sold about 500 over the past decade at various exhibits throughout the state. Little Relics owner Susan Rabinovitz says she sold some art in April to a visitor who found her video interview on SacTV.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports joined the β€œGlenn Younes Show” on Monday night to give an update on the owners meetings in Boston. First up was RG3 and fans purchasing wedding gifts for him. β€œIf people want to do that for him god speed, if people want to buy him a set of salt and pepper shakers to make him happy, god speed brother. Nobody is hurt they are all happy, nobody has an issue with it.”

Next up was the possibility of the league shifting the league year and moving the draft and combine back. Jason states that the NFL can do whatever they like with the draft and combine. He believes that the draft will be moved to May 15th.Β  β€œThe reality is it will probably stay there for a couple of years after that”. Jason even suggests that the NFL can move on to regional combines and make it sort of a reality show.

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