The famous jewelry brand has worked on a new project

The luxury jeweller Chopard has teamed up with Livia Firth, creative director of EcoAge and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, to create some environmentally friendly pieces for the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Caroline Scheufele, the artistic director and co-president of Chopard, was in Cannes with Livia and Colin Firth and actress and activist Jane Fonda for a glamorous eco-friendly jewelry launch.

The famous jewelry brand has worked on a new project titled ‘The Journey’ with ARM to create a handcrafted diamond bracelet and earrings.

The gold comes from South American mines with ‘Fairmined’ certification — this includes strict requirements for “labor conditions, social development and environmental protection in mining communities and is developed in close collaboration with miners, local partners and actors of the supply chain.” The diamonds were sourced by IGC Group and meet the high standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

As part of ‘The Journey’ Chopard will also guide and support two mining communities in Colombia and Ecuador as they are helped to achieve Fairmined certification. A lot of things can happen in 12 months. In the world of Andrew Jamieson, it can mean leaving a stable role as General Manager Asia-Pacific for a listed American company to start a new business and tackle the highs and lows of the first year in a new industry.

Together with his wife Kelly, who is the founder of award winning online gift business Edible Blooms, last year Jamieson launched plant gift business Green Thumb Gifts from their farm in country South Australia.

The new business provides a more sustainable alternative to cut flower delivery, offering potted trees, herbs, succulents, flowers and various other growing plant gifts. All items, in addition to making striking indoor plants, can be planted in the garden to provide lasting memories of the gifting occasion.

Green Thumb Gifts launched ahead of Mother’s Day 2012 – one of the biggest annual gifting periods in the flower delivery industry – with key marketing partnerships playing a large role in getting the new brand in front of their target audience to ace their first peak sales event.

But as soon as the unique plant gifts started moving out the door, their biggest driver became word of mouth, with returning customers and referrals making up the largest portion of their customer base.

β€œWe get lots of customers contacting us after delivery, just to let us know how much of a hit their gift was and to say thank you” says Jamieson.

One such customer was Sondra Parish, who emailed Jamieson to thank him for the variety of β€œvery unique and very beautiful” products he offers, admitting to now actively looking for occasions to send Green Thumb Gifts as they are β€œmuch more practical than bunches of flowers!”

After just 12 months in business, Jamieson and his team were overwhelmed by the response this month to their second Mother’s Day. With sales up over 500% on last year and the team working around the clock to meet demand, he chalks the increase up to their customer advocates and the fact that they have more than doubled their range of plants and flowers online since launch.

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