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We normally go to the football with those two

When Canberra couple Kathreen Ricketson and Rob Shugg died in tragic circumstances in May the Canberra community rallied to support their orphaned children.

A trust fund was quickly established for their 13-year old daughter and 10-year old son, who are now being cared for by relatives in Melbourne.

Though the children did not attend Majura Park Primary, the students at that school also wanted to help.

As nine year old Amelia says: “They did live in our Watson community so we thought they were close.”

Amelia and other students on the Student Representative Council came up with the idea of a fancy hat fundraising day.

“We normally go to the football with those two,” explained Amelia. “And Rob always wore a beanie so we thought, maybe a hat, and she was very crafty so we thought we should do this.”

Kathreen Ricketson, 41, was an author and blogger and prominent member of the crafting community.

She was planning to write a book about the family’s dream trip around Australia when tragedy struck off the West Australian coast near Ningaloo Reef.

Ms Ricketson was rescued from the water but could not be revived; Mr Shugg, 48,Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double. was last seen floating face down. His body has not been recovered.

Majura Primary principal Lindy Beeley is extremely proud of the community spirit shown by her young students.

“It’s been lovely and very encouraging to see so many children participating,” she said.

The children brightened up a cloudy Canberra day by creating and decorating hats with coloured paper, felt, feathers, beads,trade platform for China headbands suppliers and global Headband buyers. sticks and streamers.

That’s what the New Orleans calendar has looked like oftentimes since the 1980s,Shop wholesale Rfid Tag from China RFID tag wholesalers. but not for long. After years of frustration among civic groups and politicians about a local election schedule that often leaves candidates and ballot issues at least partially drowned out, voting is poised to move back up to the fall.

They surveyed the local political scene and came out with a report in 2011 titled, “Celebrate or Vote: Does the Calendar Affect Voting in Orleans Parish?” The group’s answer was yes, so Sen. J. P. Morrell, Sen.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images, Edwin Murray, Rep. Walt Leger and Rep. Jared Brossett put their names on a bill this year that cleared the legislature easily and won Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signature this week.

The change won’t affect voting next year, when Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Sheriff Marlin Gusman, City Council members and other local officials will stand for reelection.

Employing some political savvy themselves, League members made sure to put the switch far enough in the future so as not to dent the terms of anyone running for office in the immediate future. Next year’s successful candidates will serve from May 2014 until May 2018. But the round of candidates after that will take office in May 2018 and only serve until January 2022, losing about four months from their four-year term.

The next piece of the puzzle is actually moving the inauguration from May to January. That will take a vote of the City Council and, potentially, a change to the city’s charter, said Jane Jurik, who heads the League’s voter service committee.

Aside from bringing the elections into a less crowded season, the change may also simplify life for future mayors. Taking office in May means almost half of the budget for that year — and sometimes more — has already been spent, leaving a short window for the next administration to make adjustments if needed. When Landrieu took office he was staring at an immense hole in the city’s finances and eventually had to cut more than $100 million out of the city’s spending plan for the balance of the year.your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized.

While the instructors made sure to stay serious about safety

With flames to his left and smoke in his lungs, Urian Rocha raised his sharpened pick to shoulder level and heaved the metal tool into the earth.

Beads of sweat trickled down his dirt-streaked face, but he didn’t have time to wipe them away. Rocha was leading a trail of rookie firefighters just like him who were trying to contain the fire in one place.

Taking another step up the steep slope, Rocha swung into the dry dirt.

“Keep swinging,” yelled instructors, following his every move. “We got a long day ahead of us.”

The flames were real, but the day was set aside for training. It was fire drill day at firefighter rookie school,your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized. and the mountain had been purposely set alive with orange tinted flames.

The goal is to give first-time firefighters some real-life experience by putting their classroom knowledge into action, said Brett Blumhardt with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Rookie firefighters from the BLM and U.S. Forest Service must complete the five-day fire school before they can put out a real wildfire.

This year’s fire season is expected to be worse than normal because of a low snowpack from winter and not enough rain from spring. It could be as bad as last year’s season,Shop wholesale Rfid Tag from China RFID tag wholesalers. which burned 1.6 million acres in Idaho, or the 2007 charring of 1.9 million acres, predicts the National Interagency Fire Center.

Sticks and debris lying on the mountain’s floor already were easily snapping in half, foreshadowing the fact that many of this season’s wildfires won’t have trouble finding fuel.

“We’ve been known to send these rookies out to a fire the Friday night they complete rookie school,” Blumhardt said. “You want them prepared as much as possible before they go out.“

Secluded at a Methodist camp just north of Fairfield, training involves learning the ins and outs of fire engines, fire equipment and fire behavior. But on fire drill day, rookies spend all day working to contain and control a real wildfire.

Donning new yellow shirts and green pants, firefighters spent hours digging a line around the fire to contain the flames to one spot. Instructors followed the firefighters as they moved up the mountainside, calling out tips and warnings if rookies swung a pick too close to their teammates.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images,

Despite the grueling work in 85-degree heat, the rookies and instructors kept the mood light. While the instructors made sure to stay serious about safety, they also encouraged the rookies throughout the day.

Rocha, a Hazelton native, will wok on a fuels crew out of the BLM Twin Falls District.trade platform for China headbands suppliers and global Headband buyers. He said he applied to be a firefighter to help pay for college.

“The training has been very helpful,” he said. “Going through the proper knowledge of everything is good for someone like me, I’m still so new to this.“

Once she reached the mountaintop, rookie Kendra Slown and fellow students paused for a quick lunch break.

Slown was in charge of brushing the loosened dirt and plant life out of the dig line. Eventually, she would like to apply her firefighter experience to a job working with wildlife. But for now, she’s mentally preparing for fire season.

“It was hard work digging the line, but it helped with all of us working together,” she said.Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double. “I’m definitely nervous about fire season coming up, but I’m also excited.“

The council says that there is a lack of data

They are chatting in their native Pitjantjatjara language, shooing away the flies and the scrawny-looking dogs pawing the dust at their feet.

All are on welfare and most submit to some form of income control. It’s either Centrepay, which helps to manage bill payments,High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale. or the new BasicsCard, which crossed the border from the Northern Territory last year.

Conversation turns to why so many Anangu women have eagerly taken up the BasicsCard, but not the men.

“The men – they spend all the money on drugs and drink,” an older woman says. She speaks quietly while screwing up her nose and putting her thumb to her lips,Do travelers need a Custom smart card when exploring Europe? in the shape of a drug-smoking implement.

“Or gambling,” another pipes up. “On Friday night there was big gambling here.”

Card gambling rings are a popular pastime for both sexes in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands.

On the previous Friday,Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice, $18,000 had been withdrawn from the community ATM, but only $10,The material of it is wholesale tungsten ring gold,000 spent in the store.

The rest was most likely lost in the card game – a variation of 21, in which players bet on cards adding up to 10.

“If it doesn’t come back the same day or the next day, we can see how much is leaving the community,” store manager Megan Taylor says.

“Sometimes it stays here if someone in the community wins, then the money comes through because the family all have to share it.We are always offering best wholesale tungsten bracelet the affordable price.”

But there is a risk that the winnings will find their way to drugs or alcohol in the gritty towns adjacent to the lands, such as Mintabie and Coober Pedy.

Substance abuse remains a big problem in the APY Lands, which cover 100,000sq km of remote northwestern South Australia.

The lands are officially dry, with many residents non-drinkers, but according to the region’s women’s council, substance abuse involving alcohol and marijuana remains a significant problem.

The council says that there is a lack of data, but it is “most likely” that cannabis use is now a bigger problem than alcohol across the remote communities of central Australia.

Substance abuse in turn feeds other social problems.

Federal government community baseline profiles for APY Lands communities have reported residents’ concerns about marijuana use leading to depression, psychosis, suicide, fighting (especially when supplies run out), domestic and family violence and food stealing by hungry, stoned users.

“They rob their mothers, grandmothers for marijuana,” one community member says. “There are lots of dealers running around everywhere on the APY Lands.”

With a largely welfare-dependent community, money is in short supply, particularly if a lot of it is being spent on addictions.

When money runs out, people turn to relatives for more by way of “humbugging”, a term that describes the relentless harassment of family members for money.

This becomes a vicious cycle of substance abuse and domestic violence, with women often subjected to physical abuse if they don’t hand over money.

The competition at the McManus Gallery

The Dundee dialect offers a unique sound to the city and marks us out from every place else in the world.

And now locals are being asked to share their favourite Dundee words as part of a competition at McManus Gallery.

The art gallery and museum has teamed up with jeweller Bonnie Bling to feature some much-loved Dundee slang in a new range of jewellery.

The Evening Telegraph spoke to experts in the Dundee dialect to see what has made the city’s language stand the test of time.

Dundee musician and poet Gary Robertson writes everything in the language he grew up with.

The 46-year-old,We are always offering best wholesale tungsten bracelet the affordable price. who performs with band The Cundeez, was raised in Fintry and is passionate about promoting the Dundee accent and dialect.

Gary said his favourite Dundee word is “Gochul” — a term often used when someone is clearning their throat of excess phlegm.

He said: “We do everything we can to promote the language. We get told from when we are kids, not to speak like that, but it is our language, it is part of the city. There is nothing wrong with it.

“Everything I write is in Dundee dialect, even if I am texting or on Facebook or Twitter.

“It is really important to keep all the words used for future generations.”

He said the ‘eh’ sound is one which marks the Dundee accent out from others.

Gary added: “Closie is another unique word in Dundee. People put an ie on the end of a lot of words, like lampie.Do travelers need a Custom smart card when exploring Europe?

“And we are probably the only place in the world that calls a roundabout on a road, a circle.

“In the last year or two, there is a sense of pride in the city and people are using the language more.High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale.Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice,”

Neil Kirk who researches dialect at Abertay University, said: “I think how we speak is crucial to our sense of identity and gives us a better understanding of who we are.

“Our dialect can give us a definite sense of character in the way we speak.”

Neil said he liked Dundee words like ‘braw’,The material of it is wholesale tungsten ring gold, ‘scunnered’ and ‘dreich’ as they captured the essence of the feeling.

He added: “The dialect seems to have stood the test of time. It is recognised by people.

“Historically these words have been passed down and have survived.”

The competition at the McManus Gallery will run in two stages during June and the overall winner will get a bespoke piece of jewellery made.

Daniel Gray, retail co-ordinator at the McManus, said: “We want to know which words roll off people’s tongues on a daily basis in Dundee.

“We will be looking for suggestions that are both clever, but popular with the crowd, as the favourite words will be chosen through a public Facebook vote.”