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The Super Bowl ring is on display in the Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is denying insinuations that he stole New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring that’s on display in the Kremlin, but says he’s ready to buy him another ring as a gift.

Putin was reacting Sunday through a spokesman to a New York Post story quoting remarks made by Kraft at an awards gala at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel last Thursday.

“I took out the ring and showed it to (Putin). And he put it on and he goes, `I can kill someone with this ring,'” Kraft said, as quoted by the Post. “I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket,your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized. and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.”

The diamond-encrusted Super Bowl ring worth about $25,000 changed hands while Kraft was visiting St.You’ll find a number of top quality China smart card suppliers. Petersburg, Russia, in 2005 with an American business delegation that met Putin. At the time, Kraft had said he gave the ring to Putin as a gift.

But the Post story quoted Kraft as saying at Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence gala that he had an “emotional tie to the ring” and wanted it back, but the White House intervened and said it would be in the interest of U.A stainless steel bracelet for every occasion.S.-Russian relations to claim it was a gift.

Putin arrived in London on Sunday to meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was asked about the Post story.

“Back in 2005 I stood behind the president’s back and I saw how that ring was presented to him. All that talk about some kind of pressure that was exerted on him (Kraft) should be the subject of a detailed talk with psychoanalysts, I think,” Peskov told The Associated Press.

“At the same time, I am aware that this gentleman (Kraft) is feeling such a horrible pain about the 2005 loss,” Peskov said. “The president will be ready to send him another ring as a gift, which he (Putin) can buy with his own money.”

Stacey James, a spokesperson for the Kraft Group, the holding company for Kraft’s business ventures,Discover the durable and attractive wholesale tungsten ring. including the Patriots, said Sunday that the Post article shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“It’s a humorous, anecdotal story that Robert retells for laughs,” James said in a statement. “He loves that his ring is at the Kremlin, and, as he stated back in 2005, he continues to have great respect for Russia and the leadership of President Putin. In particular, he credits President Putin for modernizing the Russian economy.your business can use Custom wooden card to stand out and make a good impression. ”

The statement said “an added benefit from the attention this story gathered eight years ago was the creation of some Patriots fan clubs in Russia.”

The Super Bowl ring is on display in the Kremlin library along with other gifts to the Russian leader, according to Peskov.

Kraft can take some consolation because he has two other Super Bowl rings given to him for his team’s other NFL championships.

While redeployment may be in the future

Sunday’s Freedom Salute ceremony was the recognition all 212 soldiers deserve. And it marked the appreciation that all 212 of their families earned.

The Montana Army National Guard, notably the 484th Military Police Company and the 260th Engineer Company, completed its year-long deployment in the spring.

The soldier’s tour brought them to the frontlines in Afghanistan as they assisted in the continued Operation Enduring Freedom.

After representatives of government officials spoke, soldiers accepted recognition gifts for their call to duty and many say it is their family who is the lynchpin to their service.

“It is nice to have them here to support me. It makes things a lot easier. Especially when you’re deployed to have family and friends who you can count on,” said Sgt. Jessicca Bowman, who returned earlier in 2013 and is now back to work at the job she held prior to deployment.

For some, the day meant something more as many father’s held tight to little ones.

Sgt. Jesse Sutherland has two daughters, who excitedly wished him a happy Father’s Day first thing Sunday morning; “It’s great. I mean just to be home on Father’s Day and my daughters knowing that it is father’s day, giving me that love and that appreciation, is great.”

Soldiers in their first, second, even third deployment may see action again. But for the husband and wife, Paul and Christa Lowery, who deployed just two weeks apart and said goodbye to two young children for 12 months, the ceremony was their chance to say thank you to fellow brother’s in arms.

“Being able to see everybody because you don’t get to see all those guys again… You get to know them so well. They’re your brothers.You’ll find a number of top quality China smart card suppliers. Then you get back and see them again, see how they’re doing and reintegrating,Discover the durable and attractive wholesale tungsten ring. it’s a lot of fun,” said Paul.

Christa echoed the same sentiment; “You really become a family over there so it’s like reuniting with your brothers and sisters. And see how they’re reintergrating into society, making sure they’re doing well.”

While redeployment may be in the future, now is the time for these freedom fighters to cherish family in the comfort of their own homes.

The story never changes. Each year, it is perhaps only a slight stretch to think the largest group of fathers in B.C. on Father’s Day will be gathered on a football field, trying to manage divided loyalties.

The 15th day of training camp will be marked by the B.C.A stainless steel bracelet for every occasion. Lions after they finish another round of meetings, film study and an hour or two hitting each other. But with camp held out of town each year, Father’s Day to a majority of the CFL team brings a hollow reminder of the commitment made to an abnormal lifestyle.

Several players, including quarterback Travis Lulay and receiver Shawn Gore, are first-time fathers on their special day.

Some have plans to bring the family together, even if it is only at a post-practice barbecue organized by the club.

And those who have more family members than anyone else on the Lions’ roster back home know there is a sacrifice involved.

“I think there’s a kind of bond in our organization among fathers,Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double.” said tackle Ben Archibald, who has three daughters and a son with wife Jodi in Langley.

“We’re going to camp and I’m saying to Travis ‘you’re leaving your daughter for the first time, this has to be hard.’

“Training camp is so different now. To have all these guys away from their kids, it’s hard to be here sometimes and Father’s Day will be one of those days.”

Like many dads stretched for time, memories are how you make them, and for Archibald one came last week when the family visited last Sunday for the club’s Fanfest and he took them for a bit of alone time along the Thompson River.

That reinforced Archibald’s belief that those who have it the worst on Father’s Day are the wives and mothers who stay back to nurture their children, especially those just old enough to be inquisitive. Archibald has triplet girls Tessa, Ashlyn and Kylee turning six years old in September, plus a newborn son, Jacob.

“They’re are on the way home (last week) and they’re crying in the car, asking how many more days until daddy comes home. That moment is excruciating,” said Archibald. “My whole life outside football is my family. It makes you more committed to this. You have to realize you’re not leaving just to do something fun. If you’re going to leave, you’re going to be committed, to kind of honour them.”

The same questions have been asked of coach Mike Benevides by his two daughters, Ashley and Sarah.

“It’s like ‘why can’t you come back? Why are you gone? Are you coming back?'” said Benevides, who daily wears a set of beads on one wrist given to him by the girls, who are home in south Surrey with their mother, Judy.

“There’s stress built up. They get confused, sad and emotional. Sarah, my youngest, wakes up thinking I’m not coming back. She’s five (years old). This is extremely difficult to be away.”

It requires perspective,High quality plastic card printing for business cards, Benevi-des said. While those fathers living on the Lower Mainland are away for three weeks, import veterans like Korey Banks and Dante Marsh have been leaving their children in Atlanta for the last 10 years in six-month stretches.

Military museum will remain open this year

To those visitors who hadn’t called in advance or checked the web site, the big “Open” flag in front of the Military Museum of Southern New England on Sunday was a welcome sight.

It will stay there, at least until December, said Samuel Johnson,The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that, the museum’s executive director.

Members of the board of directors, still stunned by the sudden death of the facility’s founder and primary benefactor, John Valluzzo, voted Friday to keep the Park Avenue museum open for business through the end of this season, Johnson said.

The hours, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, will remain unchanged.

After looking over the books, board members realized that admission fees would provide sufficient revenue “to keep the lights on,” Johnson said.

What will happen afterward to the museum, home to the largest private collection of military vehicles and tanks in the Northeast, as well displays and artifacts from every major United States conflict from World War I to the present, has yet to be determined.

The museum closed for two weeks after the death of the 75-year-old Valluzzo just before Memorial Day. Valluzzo was shot to death after he failed to drop his gun when ordered to do so by a Ridgefield police officer who responded to a domestic disturbance at Valluzzo’s home on Ridgebury Road.

The shooting remains under investigation by Connecticut State Police.

“We just felt there was no reason not to reopen it,” musuem board member Paul Mangiafico, of Newtown, said. “We’re open for business. It’s a great museum and it’s in a great location. John put his heart and soul into it.”

Jim Crossen, a former Marine from Wilton, was one of its visitors Sunday, along with his wife, Kerry, and their two sons, Caiden, 4 and Jack, 6.

“I always saw the signs and the tanks parked in front when I drove by, and I always wanted to check it out,” Crossen said.

He said he checked the web site to make sure the museum was open before leaving home.

“The kids love the models,” Kerry Crossen said, referring to the numerous, highly detailed dioramas featuring scale models of some of the full-size exhibits that are on display throughout the museum.

“That’s what they play with at home,” she said.

Johnson said the museum, which opened in 1995, attracts more than 8,where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder.000 visitors from April though December. It operates a reduced schedule, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the rest of the year.Click on their website www.smartcardfactory.com for more information.

Attendance always goes up during the monthly “open turret” days, when visitors, especially children, get the opportunity to step inside many of the armored vehicles. The next turret event is scheduled for June 29-30.

Between the admission fees and the stepped-up efforts of many of the museum’s 50 active volunteers, “We’ll see how long we can go,” Johnson said.

In addition to financing, Valluzzo was closely involved in planning displays and other special projects.

Because of his death, an exhibit on atomic warfare, intended to coincide with the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War II,We are always offering best wholesale tungsten jewelry the affordable price. had to be shelved, and the museum’s long-term financial outlook is uncertain, Johnson said.

Historically, the museum has not been successful in obtaining grants, with the money received usually being offset by the costs of applying for them, Johnson said. The last state funding the museum received was in 1995, and that was just a portion of what was promised.

“We’ve filled the gap with sweat,” he said, referring to the efforts of volunteers.

“What we really need is someone with a passion for military history or a philanthropist at heart,High quality plastic card printing for business cards,” Johnson said. “This is the place, this is the time.”

They booked into a motel and in the evening

A Whangarei man who was part of an elaborate plan that robbed a tavern and later targeted Asian families in Auckland has been sentenced to nearly 10 years in jail.

Arena Duff, 25, appeared in the Whangarei District Court yesterday, flanked by a large contingent of family members, for sentencing on three charges of aggravated robbery, four of kidnapping and one of theft of a motor vehicle.

His accomplices, Patarika Apiata and Andrei Panapa, earlier received prison terms of nine-and-a-half years and eight years respectively for their roles in the crimes.

Duff’s crime spree began with the stealing of a car from the Kensington Tavern on October 6, 2011.Click on their website www.smartcardfactory.com for more information.

After stealing the Subaru motor vehicle,High quality plastic card printing for business cards, the three men robbed the Onerahi Tavern of about $300 cash, threatening staff and patrons with two firearms and a metal bar.

The stolen car was found burnt out in Wrack Rd, Parua Bay, on October 8.

Judge Keith de Ridder said the trio then headed to Auckland with the intention of robbing Asians.

They booked into a motel and in the evening, drove around North Shore looking for a suitable house and came across a property on Pine Hill where two Asians lived.

The house was broken into at around 1am. In the robbery about $190 cash, a mobile phone, a laptop, a TV, and a gold necklace were stolen after the couple was threatened with a shotgun and a screwdriver.

On October 12, the three followed an Asian man from the Sky City casino to his East Tamaki home and entered the property armed with two shotguns and a knife.

All at the home, except a woman and her two children, were tied up and four cellphones, keys, two laptops, necklaces, jewellery, about $2800 in cash, pearl earrings, rings, a bag and a pair of running shoes were stolen.

During the ordeal, a man was placed on the bathroom floor after his hands were tied and a sock put in his mouth.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that,

He was told not to call police or else the robbers would come back and shoot him.

Crown prosecutor Catherine Anderson said the victims, particularly the occupants at the Auckland homes, were vulnerable and seriously feared for their lives.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder.

Duff’s lawyer John Watson said his client accepted his involvement in the serious offending, was deeply remorseful and extremely sorry for the distress his actions have caused to the victims.We are always offering best wholesale tungsten jewelry the affordable price.

Judge de Ridder imposed a term of nine years and six months on the three aggravated robbery charges and concurrent terms of two years for kidnapping and one year for the theft of the motor vehicle.

It averages retail gasoline prices for regions

When Bruce Becker leaves his barn-style home in Westport each morning, he starts what some consider the commute of the future.

He unhooks his BMW ActiveE from the charger wired to solar panels on his roof.sometimes refered to as a smartcardfactory. Settling into the driver’s seat, he taps a button that makes his car purr about as loud as a tiny kitten. Finally, he steers the quick-to-accelerate, easy-to-handle sedan 10 miles to his architecture firm in Fairfield, where he plugs it back in to a public charger.

“It’s as much fun to drive as any car I’ve ever had,” he said.

It’s also as cheap to drive a car as he’s ever had. That became more apparent last week, when the U.S. Department of Energy unveiled its “eGallon” calculator, an online tool that compares the price of powering electric cars to fueling similar models that are gasoline powered.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that,

Across the nation, it costs an average of $1.14 to bring an electric vehicle the same distance that $3.65 of gasoline brings a standard model, according to the calculator. In Connecticut, where electricity is more expensive, the electric vehicles use about $1.70 worth of energy to go as far as a $3.58 gallon of gasoline takes a regular car.

Electric-car enthusiasts say this new tool could help convince consumers of the potential savings of switching over.

“Most people know what they’re paying for gasoline and they have reactions to it when the price goes up and down,High quality plastic card printing for business cards,” said Patrick Davis, director of vehicle technologies for the U.S. Department of Energy. “But they don’t have that same feeling about what electricity costs and how that translates to fueling a vehicle.”

To be sure, the eGallon metric isn’t perfect. It averages retail gasoline prices for regions as wide as New England. It then averages the number of miles that five popular plug-in cars — the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, Ford Focus EV and the BMW ActiveE — get per kilowatt hour of charge. Finally, it factors in miles-per-gallon data from gasoline-burning cars.Cheap custom printed logo USB flash drives wholesale at wholesale bulk prices.

Of course, gasoline prices can vary within regions or states.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. What’s more, utilities sometimes offer different electricity rates — for certain times of day, for instance, or special rates for electric car drivers. Meanwhile, drivers like Becker — who charge up at public stations and from renewable sources — rarely encounter energy costs.

That said, the eGallon initiative reflects a broader push by local, state and federal government officials to beef up the market appeal of cleaner, more energy-efficient vehicles. Other programs already target electric cars’ two main drawbacks: higher upfront costs and limited driving ranges.

For one thing, electric cars typically cost about $10,000 to $12,000 more than similar gasoline-powered cars.

For another, most electric cars can’t go beyond 100 miles without recharging. In Connecticut, however, there are now some 100 public charging stations, said Daniel Esty, commissioner of the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. That figure should double over the coming year.

“I’ve made a commitment to build out a network of charging stations within a 10 or 15 minute drive of everyone in the state,” Esty said. “We need 100 more to eliminate what’s known as `range anxiety.’ ” In Connecticut now, there are about 190 purely electric vehicles registered, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.