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They were all put in shared holding cells

A nearly 90 per cent annual jump in gold and silver imports saw the country’s trade deficit rise to a seven month high of $20.14 billion in May from $17.8 billion in April. The gap was $16.9 billion in May last year.

Finance ministry officials expect measures, including a duty hike announced earlier this month, to dampen the demand for the precious metal and check the gap.

Gold and silver imports during May grew 89 per cent to $8.39 billion, while for April-May, it grew 109 per cent to $15.88 billion. Imports in April grew 138 per cent.

Indian and Chinese buyers have traditionally bought gold as a hedge against inflation and market risks. A fall in global prices had seen a surge in demand from these two mega-retail markets for the glittering metal at the expense of the burgeoning trade deficit.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier wholesale stainless steel earring,

Finance minister P. Chidambaram told a consultative committee meeting here today that “the only way to contain current account deficit is to increase the domestic production of oil and coal and restraining the consumption of gold”.Buy Promotional Anti-scratching PET protective film Products at Phones.

He said, “The government is looking at FDI caps to see if they are indeed serving the purpose.”

Imports during May rose 7 per cent to $44.65 billion mainly on the back of continued demand for gold.Best Buy has low prices on digital photo frames and digital picture frames. Imports of petroleum products were also high at $15 billion, up 3 per cent from last May.

Merchandise exports fell 1.1 per cent to $24.51 billion in May from the year-ago period. Commerce ministry officials said this was mainly because the government suspended gold trading in special economic zones (SEZs). Gold exports from SEZs in May declined to $0.8 billion.

Concerned over the decline from SEZs, the government has allowed exports after a minimum value addition of 3 per cent.

“We have now made it mandatory that even in SEZ, gold units shall comply with the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) notification of minimum value addition of 3 per cent in gold jewellery and 5 per cent in gold and precious stone studded jewellery,” commerce secretary S.R. Rao said.

Niger’s government spokesman said the group was filming illegally, having entered the country with only a visa.

Journalists in Niger are required to also apply for an authorisation from the ministry of communication, said spokesman Marou Amadou, who is also the country’s justice minister.

He denied that the team is being held, saying only that their material was seized and is being inspected.

Hasan Salim Patel, a spokesman in the network’s media relations office, on Monday said that the Al-Jazeera crew had just finished filming a story on refugees who have been flooding across the Niger border from neighbouring Nigeria, where security forces recently launched a military operation to flush out Islamic insurgents.

Patel said the team was detained on Saturday after leaving the Niger town of Goure.

The team – correspondent Yvonne Ndege, camera operator Romuald Luyindula, producer Mohammed Abubakar, as well as their driver Rabiu Abdullahi – were transferred to the district capital of Zinder.

“They were taken to Zinder for questioning by what they believe are intelligence services and interrogated for 10 hours,customized letter logo Soft PVC bottle opener with magnet.” Patel wrote in an email.

“They were again arrested (on) Sunday, charged with espionage. A couple of hours later, denied any rights with passports, gear taken away and all personal belongings including shoes and jewellery. They were all put in shared holding cells, denied food and water.You Can Buy Various Improved PE protective film Products Products.”

Niger’s Justice Minister Marou Amadou told The Associated Press that Al-Jazeera had failed to get the proper accreditation.

The most important thing in the land of Israel

The idea of Palestinians establishing a state in the territory they seek has “reached a dead end,” a senior Israeli official said Monday, in the latest remarks by hard-liners that appear to contradict the country’s official support for a “two-state solution” to its conflict with the Palestinians.

The statements by Naftali Bennett, economics minister and leader of the Jewish Home party, chime with similar sentiments expressed by other officials in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government and come as the United States is trying to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The idea that a Palestinian state will arise inside the land of Israel has reached a dead end,” Bennett said Monday at a meeting of the Yesha settlement group. “Never in the history of Israel have so many people dealt with so much energy with something so pointless,” he said.

Talks collapsed about five years ago over the core issue of Jewish housing in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, territory Israel captured from Jordan in 1967 and which Palestinians envision to use for a future state.

Palestinians are refusing to talk unless construction stops. Israel says settlements and all other issues like security can only be resolved through dialogue and has frequently called for peace talks to resume without preconditions.

“The most important thing in the land of Israel is to build and build and build,” Bennett said Monday. “Israel’s biggest problem regarding Judea and Samaria was and remains the lack of willingness by Israeli leaders to say in a simple way that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel,” Bennett said, referring to the West Bank territory by its biblical names.

Some Israelis cite security, religious and historic reasons for their opposition to a state in territories the Palestinians claim — east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

Last week, Netanyahu’s deputy defense minister and member of his own Likud party, Danny Danon, said “there is certainly no majority” in the Likud for establishing a Palestinian state based on Israel’s borders before the 1967 Mideast war.

“A Palestinian state on the 1967 lines is something dangerous for Israel, and therefore I oppose that idea,” Danon told Channel 2 TV. He said it was possible that the broader coalition government, which includes other hard-line parties, also opposes a return to the 1967 lines.

Last month, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shuttled between Israel and the Palestinians to try to resume talks. His return to the region has been postponed.

The Palestinians’ chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, condemned Benett’s remarks. “These are not isolated events but a reaffirmation of political platforms and radical beliefs. Israel has officially declared the death of the two-state solution.” said.

Reports that the Emir of Qatar, Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, will shortly hand-over power to his son and heir, Shaikh Tamim, are no surprise. Sources close to the family confirmed that this has been known for quite some time by relatives and close friends.

In a region where rulers usually only depart when they die or are ousted, the Emir’s decision is unprecedented. In the grand scheme of things this could well set the stage for others to follow.

At just 61 years of age, Shaikh Hamad is one of the youngest leaders in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) group of countries. By voluntarily stepping down he is, in effect, clearing the way for a younger generation to emerge.

The State of Qatar is ranked by Forbes as the richest per capita country in the world with an estimated gross domestic product of more than $88,000 per head in 2010.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier wholesale stainless steel earring, Sitting on the world’s third largest natural gas reserves, its rulers have used its revenues to invest heavily in everything from construction to commerce to education, health and aviation. In recent years, domestic investments have been matched by similar enterprises in Europe, with Britain being a main beneficiary. In Africa,Introducing the latest in Custom thermal rewritable card technology, there have been substantial investments in Egypt,This Tissue Double sided tissue tape Products is so cool. Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea to name but a few.

However, it was not its fabulous wealth that placed Qatar on the world map. There is an almost universal consensus that this was largely down to one thing: Al Jazeera news network. Today, with a global audience of over 50 million viewers and correspondents from Beijing to Caracas, Al Jazeera now challenges the BBC’s global dominance as a news provider.

Just as the BBC has been closely aligned to and reflective of British foreign policy, Al Jazeera, it could be argued, has played a similar role representing the ambitions and concerns of the State of Qatar. Government officials are reticent about this but the way that the station covered the Arab uprisings and Doha’s support for the political changes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria suggest that the two cannot be totally separated.

Qatar’s foreign policy has been described as enigmatic at best and duplicitous at worse. Qatar’s critics argue that it is odd for Qatar to promote democracy in the Arab world while it maintains an unelected dynasty at home. The Al-Thani family has been ruling the emirate since 1850. However, in the GCC the Qatari leadership has not endeared itself to the other ruling families. By pushing the boundaries of regional politics toward democracy, Qatar has provoked unease in the Gulf. Some believe that its high-profile support for the Arab Spring has stirred the hornet’s nest and it is only a matter of time before changes arrives in the region. In other words, there will soon also be demands for democracy, transparency and accountability in the Gulf countries.

Shaikh Hamad has been the driving force behind Qatar’s diplomacy. His visit to the Gaza Strip late last year, the only one by a regional head of state, speaks volumes. Long after his departure, Palestinians will remember his political and economic support. They are not the only people to have benefited in this way. Qatar carried out airlifts of critical humanitarian relief and established field hospitals in Somalia during the recent famine. Likewise, in Sudan’s Dar Fur region, Qatar has invested and mediated between the Khartoum government and rebel forces.

With the departure of Shaikh Hamad as Emir of Qatar, one vital question remains. Will his young successor continue on the same path? Or, will he abandon the policies which ruffled so many feathers, near and far? At just 33 years old the new Emir will still have the benefit of his father’s experience and offers of advice where necessary. Indeed, he has for some time been handling a number of sensitive and key portfolios. While it is expected that he will pursue the progressive policies of his predecessor,Metal Repair Aluminum foil tape Products is also excellent for metal. Shaikh Tamim will no doubt bring new blood and energy into the system. With the region itself in the throes of realignment and change this development in Qatar could encourage others to follow suit.

With a smaller and more homogenous population than its Gulf neighbours Qatar has, so far,Passive and Custom active RFID tag for cold chain logistics, been spared some of the political turmoil that has challenged the authorities in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Some attribute this to the consummate statecraft of its ruling family. The new ruler will need all the skills of his father to weather future storms and assist the process of historical change underway in the region.

Prosecutors also hit the pair with a confiscation

Twenty-one- year old Patrick Barry, a Northeastern University student, has been charged with assault to intent to rape in connection with a violent attack on a young female that police say happened early Saturday morning.

He’s also suspected in another similar attack less than an hour later according to prosecutors.

Surveillance images from Boston police were distributed following the violent attacks in the Mission Hill area of Boston.

The first attack happened in the area of Huntington Ave. and Vancouver Street around 2 a.m. Saturday. The female victim told police a man jumped out of the bushes and attempted to sexually assault her. Police say she was stabbed in the leg but was able to escape and run to safety.

A second attack, according to Boston police happened at 2:50 a.m. at the intersection of Huntington Ave. and Parker Hill Street. A woman told police she was grabbed from behind and knocked to the ground. She was stabbed in the hand but police say was also able to escape.

Northeastern University confirms Monday that Barry is a student. Skylar Shankman lives along Huntington Ave in the Mission Hill area, in the apartment below Barry. Shankman says, “It’s a weird feeling knowing someone so potentially dangerous has been living above you the whole time.”

According to an online profile, Barry describes himself as a communications major who works as a video producer for the Northeastern Athletic Department.

The university is not commenting on that, but says, “The University is dedicated to the safety of all Boston residents, including our Northeastern community. We are pursuing appropriate action in close coordination with law enforcement authorities.”

No word Monday if Barry made bail. If he does a judge has ordered him to wear a monitoring bracelet. Prosecutors say tips from the surveillance photos led to Barry’s capture.

Elliot Jorgensen and Anthony Boyd planned and executed the robbery of the Rox store in Edinburgh earlier this year.

The court heard Boyd, 26, had become involved in the high profile heist after running up a £1500 drug debt in the city.

Jorgensen, 25, was described as a “highly intelligent individual” who was capable of achieving better things.

Lord Matthews jailed Jorgensen for 12 year, while Boyd was sentenced to two years in prison for the robbery in the city’s George Street on January 15.Passive and Custom active RFID tag for cold chain logistics,

Prosecutors also hit the pair with a confiscation order totalling £1.5m – but will only receive £1 just now as they have no significant assets. The court earlier heard earlier how the robbery was “carefully planned” and “efficiently executed”.

Jorgensen, of Salford, was involved in the raid itself with an unknown accomplice while Boyd, of Manchester, had a central role in the “planning” of the robbery.

Two masked men, including Jorgensen, stormed into the shop armed with an axe and a gun after arriving there on a stolen motorcycle. Rox assistant Samera Afzal, 24, and sales manager Ho Suet So “immediately froze with fear”.We can supply other Custom RFID ticket for any unique application.

Jorgensen brandished a revolver at the women and yelled: “Don’t move.” His accomplice started smashing glass cabinets and quickly filled a rucksack with jewellery, including designer watches made by Hubler, Girard Perregaux and Corum.

The armed robber grabbed Ms Afzal to go with him to another part of the store.You’ll find a number of top quality China RFID tag suppliers. CCTV footage played in court showed her being pushed around and her high heel shoes coming off as a result.

Prosecutor Andrew Brown QC: “The accused then placed the gun into her left side and pulled her forcefully by the arm into an area where cabinets containing the most expensive pieces of jewellery were displayed.”

Jorgensen stole items including a £100,000 diamond collar and another jewel-encrusted bracelet. Rox manager Katy Lawrence – who was in her office – heard the commotion before pressing a panic alarm when she became aware of the robbery.

The pair fled on a motorcycle, which was later found dumped at a car park in Edinburgh’s Northumberland Street with its key still in the ignition.Shop unique Custom paper card with modern style and vibrant colors. The axe and other items such as two helmets and gloves were discovered nearby, while Jorgensen’s DNA was later found on one of the gloves.

The court heard 77 items were taken from the Rox store, which consisted of 43 rings, 24 watches, three pairs of earrings, three necklaces and four bracelets. The raiders caused up to £10,000 of damage to the store.

Jim Keegan QC, defending, said Jorgensen had written a letter of apology to Ms Afzal in an attempt at “restorative justice”. The QC added: “He is a highly intelligent individual and is more than capable of better things. He has been shocked by the effect of his actions. He accepts that someone was affected in such a psychological way and he is truly sorry for that.”

Boyd’s QC John Scott said the accused had run up a £1500 drug debt and due to his links to Edinburgh was roped in to take part. Mr Scott added: “This is extremely out of character for him.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images, It shocks and puzzles his family and partner.”

when I have the urge to indulge

JASON ROBERTS WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEYHere’s the thing, I’m not a fan of the word diet. I prefer the term lifestyle change, especially since weight loss,Promotional keychains keep your company logo on the mind of your custom keychain they go. permanent weight loss, is not about a diet; it’s about a mindset, behavior and lifestyle change. Good nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude will ultimately lead to a healthy mind and body. I’m sharing my own weight loss story in hopes that it will serve as motivation.

My personal weight loss journey started with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. I live in New Jersey and we got hit pretty hard. Many people lost homes and loved ones. Fortunately, most of us were only without the modern conveniences of lights, water, power or a way to get around. Even though many stocked up on food,you will see high Custom 2.45GHz readers competitive price. there was no power to cook.

For a few weeks, I was in survival mode. Not being able to cook at home, I sought out food that was readily available and convenient – pasta, pizza and sweets. Unfortunately, at the same time, I got the winter blues. I was stuck in the New Jersey winter, while friends and family at home in Sydney were in the midst of an Aussie summer…swimming,You’ll find a number of top quality China RFID tag suppliers. surfing and having a great time. So, I turned to food for comfort, but not the right kind of food. I made poor choices, especially since I have an allergy to gluten. I opted for food full of starch and empty calories. It tasted good, but actually made me feel worse.

As a chef,Introducing the latest in Custom thermal rewritable card technology, I know better than most what happens to your body when you put over processed white flour, white sugar, white rice and any other white foods into your system. I was tired and unfocused. I gained weight and my skin turned blotchy.It made me self-conscious and unhappy. The last straw occurred while doing a live show in the Midwest. The big screen captured some heavy looking shots of me, and I lacked the energy that I normally exuded onstage. It was at that point I decided I needed to make a change; a serious change!

Weight loss is a personal journey, which is one of the reasons it’s imperative to realize as individuals we all have different needs. When you commit to losing weight or changing your body’s composition, the rest will come more easily. It’s this initial attitude change that is important.

Some, like me, can be self-motivated. Others need training partners, personal trainers, or the support of family and friends. The key to success begins with the decision to make a lifestyle change.

My decision to get healthy has led to significant changes in my life. With the help of BODYKEY by NUTRILITE, I’ve been able to make healthy choices, lose weight and get fit by using a system that fits into my lifestyle. It offers me meal replacement shakes, appetite control chews for when I have the urge to indulge, aloe shots for digestive health and a great community website that helps monitor my success. It holds me accountable.

But in telling you this, it’s important to note there is no quick, easy way to weight loss. It has to be done gradually and sensibly; starving yourself is not the way to go. Rather, try eating more frequently throughout the day, learning portion control and choosing colorful healthy snacks that aren’t loaded with preservatives and additives. Once you start this journey, you’ll begin to notice changes to your physique and attitude. These victories will leave you wanting more.

To learn more about BODYKEY by NUTRILITE, visit amway.com/bodykey. Together,your business can use Custom wooden card to stand out and make a good impression. we can achieve weight loss for life.

About Jason RobertsBODYKEY by NUTRILITE brand ambassador Jason Roberts is a celebrity chef, who currently serves as a correspondent for ABC’s “The Chew.” He is a regular on various talk shows and makes appearances for events, such as The Fabulous Food Show.

The New Zealand native has published two cookbooks, “Elements” and “Graze: Lots of Little Meals Fast,” and filmed an award-winning cooking show, “Jason Roberts Taste,” in the U.S.

While fracking typically consumes less water

The latest domestic energy boom is sweeping through some of the nation’s driest pockets, drawing millions of gallons of water to unlock oil and gas reserves from beneath the Earth’s surface.

Hydraulic fracturing, or the drilling technique commonly known as fracking, has been used for decades to blast huge volumes of water, fine sand and chemicals into the ground to crack open valuable shale formations.

But now, as energy companies vie to exploit vast reserves west of the Mississippi, fracking’s new frontier is expanding to the same lands where crops have shriveled and waterways have dried up due to severe drought.

In Arkansas,We are always offering best wholesale tungsten jewelry the affordable price. Colorado,We are mainly operating best Leather headbands www.girlstrims.com. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, the vast majority of the counties where fracking is occurring are also suffering from drought, according to an Associated Press analysis of industry-compiled fracking data and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s official drought designations.

While fracking typically consumes less water than farming or residential uses, the exploration method is increasing competition for the precious resource, driving up the price of water and burdening already depleted aquifers and rivers in certain drought-stricken stretches.

Some farmers and city leaders worry that the fracking boom is consuming too much of a scarce resource,Resurrection Egg Paint Yourown figurine Childrens Craft Painting Sunday School in Collectibles, while others see the push for production as an opportunity to make money by selling water while furthering the nation’s goal of energy independence.

Along Colorado’s Front Range, fourth-generation farmer Kent Peppler said he is fallowing some of his corn fields this year because he can’t afford to irrigate the land for the full growing season, in part because deep-pocketed energy companies have driven up the price of water.

“There is a new player for water, which is oil and gas,” said Peppler, of Mead, Colo., who also serves as president of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. “And certainly they are in a position to pay a whole lot more than we are.”

In a normal year, Peppler said he would pay anywhere from $9 to $100 for an acre-foot of water in auctions held by cities with excess supplies. But these days, energy companies are paying some cities $1,200 to $2,900 per acre-foot. The Denver suburb of Aurora made a $9.5 million, five-year deal last summer to provide the oil company Anadarko 2.4 billion gallons of excess treated sewer water.

In South Texas, where drought has forced cotton farmers to scale back, local water officials said drillers are contributing to a drop in the water table in several areas.

For example, as much as 15,000 acre-feet of water are drawn each year from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer to frack wells in the southern half of the Eagle Ford Shale, one of the nation’s most profitable oil and gas fields.

That’s equal to about half of the water recharged annually into the southern portion of the aquifer, which spans five counties that are home to about 330,000 people, said Ron Green, a scientist with the nonprofit Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

The Eagle Ford, extending from the Mexican border into East Texas, began to boom in 2011, just as Texas struggled with the worst one-year drought in its history. While conditions have improved, most of the state is still dealing with some level of drought, and many reservoirs and aquifers have not been fully replenished.

“The oil industry is doing the big fracks and pumping a substantial amount of water around here,Shop unique Custom paper card with modern style and vibrant colors.” said Ed Walker, general manager of the Wintergarden Groundwater Conservation District, which manages an aquifer that serves as the main water source for farmers and about 29,000 people in three counties.

“When you have a big problem like the drought and you add other smaller problems to it like all the fracking, then it only makes things worse,” Walker said.

West Texas cotton farmer Charlie Smith is trying to make the best of the situation. He plans to sell some of the groundwater coursing beneath his fields to drillers, because it isn’t enough to irrigate his lands in Glasscock County. Smith’s fields, like the rest of the county, were declared to be in a drought disaster area this year by the USDA.

“I was going to bed every night and praying to the good Lord that we would get just one rain on the crop,We can supply other Custom RFID ticket for any unique application.” said Smith, who hopes to earn several thousand dollars for each acre-foot of water he can sell. “I realized we’re not making any money farming, so why not sell the water to the oil companies? Every little bit helps.”

The amount of water needed to hydraulically fracture a well varies greatly, depending on how hard it is to extract oil and gas from each geological formation. In Texas, the average well requires up to 6 million gallons of water, while in California each well requires 80,000 to 300,000 gallons, according to estimates by government and trade associations.

Depending on state and local water laws, frackers may draw their water for free from underground aquifers or rivers, or may buy and lease supplies belonging to water districts, cities and farmers. Some of the industry’s largest players are also investing in high-tech water recycling systems to frack with gray or brackish water.