Desperate young mum raises deposit to buy her first home

Fran, of Bath, Somerset, said she was delighted to buy the house – but is now living in an β€œempty shell” after selling everything.

She said: β€œIt came to that time when I needed to buy my own house, I’ve always wanted to own a home, I want to provide a bit of stability.

β€œBut I realised I couldn’t really afford it unless I sold my own stuff for a deposit. I’m one of those people that once I set my mind to it I will do whatever it takes to get there.

β€œIf I have to sacrifice those things then I will. I sold everything I owned, from my motorbike, sofa, clothes and shoes. I even sold creams and oils I haven’t used.

β€œI have sold whatever there is you can sell, you wouldn’t believe it. I had friends messaging me asking if I was selling my whole life.

β€œI’m over the moon to have finally done it, but I’ve been left in a bit of an empty shell now. I’ve got a mattress on the floor and my daughter’s got her bed and that’s about it.”

Fran decided to sell her possessions in January this year after she worked out she could halve her monthly outgoings if she bought a house.

She currently pays οΏ900-a-month in rent, with bills on top, and calculated that mortgage payments would be much less.

The enterprising mum used free internet sites such as Facebook and Gumtree, as well as car boot sales, to advertise her stuff.

She sold many of her items to complete strangers and managed to negotiate prices with fellow tenants for white goods like her fridge-freezer and dishwasher.

Fran also parted with many of her prized possessions, including precious jewellery and ornaments, and sold most of her vast collection of shoes.

She sold each of her 30 pairs for οΏ10,Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring. and raised οΏ300 towards her total.

Fran, a software engineer, even retrained as a beautician so she could work evenings and weekends.

She said: β€œThe way I see it is I pay οΏ900 a month on rent with bills on top and if I move into a house my mortgage would be half of that.

β€œAt the moment things are really tight because we are paying and saving, when we move into our new house we will have so much more money.

β€œI can start enjoying days out and holidays and stuff. I can start enjoying life with my daughter again. She has sacrificed so much.

β€œI sold my clothes, stuff I don’t wear anymore. For years I haven’t changed size so I sold what I didn’t wear. I got quite a lot for them and I’m still selling some.

β€œSame with my shoes. I was just hoarding stuff I didn’t really need.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.

β€œThe only downside is that I didn’t get half as much as what they were worth but you just want to make sure you can get what you can.”

Fran recently queued up with her mum for 20 hours at Silcox Son and Wicks, in Bath, during a recent sale, to buy some new furniture.

She managed to buy a bed, worth οΏ750, for just οΏ200, and a sofa, worth οΏ1,000, for a mere οΏ500.

Fran added: β€œI have managed to still save money, I sold my sofa for οΏ700 and bought another one for οΏ500, I’ve got οΏ200 in my pocket still.

β€œI have sold everything,Our Home power monitor and energy saving devices help reduce energy. but I’ve worked it all out, I know what will fit where and what I needed to get rid of.”
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