The new rule for rural banks had already

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) told rural regional banks on Tuesday they could no longer provide loans against gold jewellery and coinsβ€”the latest move to discourage gold buying as the government seeks to reduce a record current account deficit.

Gold imports into India, the world’s biggest gold buyer, hit a record 162 tonnes in May as global prices tumbled and buyers stocked up. Rural communities are particularly hungry for gold as an investment, given a lack of banking facilities outside towns.
Since May, the government has hiked the import duty on gold to 8%, and the RBI has introduced constraints that force Indians to use cash to buy gold, with purchases mostly limited to jewellery.
Rural areas account for 60% of demand for gold, which is India’s second-biggest import cost after crude oil.

The new rule for rural banks had already applied to other banks. The central bank also asked banks to restrict lending against units of gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Indians, whose obsession with gold is legendary, present gold as a gift at weddings and festivals as well as using is as an investment and as collateral.

Analysts say addressing inflation and low real interest rates would have more of an impact on the current account deficit than curbs and duty hikes on gold.

β€œThese measures might be seen as rather self-defeating,” Ross Norman, chief executive of bullion broker Sharps Pixley, said.
β€œIt’s almost as if the finance ministry is waging war on the gold sector, which would suggest that they feel they have lost control of the economy to some extent. In that environment, you would want to own gold more than ever,” he added.

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Areas covered by Getting Started include pricing strategy; making social media work for you; marketing and selling to galleries and specialist retailers, with applications for the course opening on October 14.

Jewellery designer Ivonna Poplanska has already taken part in the pilot of the Setting Out course and says that it has helped boost her career in its early stages.

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