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While Baker had already been sent to the dumper

District Judge Dana Christensen on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation objecting to a 6-foot-tall statue of Jesus located on federal land leased to Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain.

Christensen ruled the statue does not violate church-state separation. The Flathead National Forest, he said, can reissue a 10-year permit for the nearly 60-year-old statue that was installed on the ski hill in the 1950s by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s organization.

The statue honors World War II veterans and members of the U.S.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant. Army’s 10th Mountain Division.

By permitting the statue, Christensen said, the U.S. Forest Service is not reflecting government endorsement of a religious sect, or a preference for religion over non-religion.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring.

“The government neither owns the statue nor exercises control over the property on which it is located,” Christensen wrote. “Big Mountain Jesus constitutes private speech reflecting the personal views of its private owners and therefore cannot be seen by the reasonable observer as reflecting government promotion of religion.”

Attorneys for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, who successfully argued on behalf of the Knights of Columbus and four Kalispell residents who intervened in the Wisconsin group’s lawsuit against the U.Our Home power monitor and energy saving devices help reduce energy.S. Forest Service, hailed Christensen’s ruling as a “common-sense decision.”

For those watching erstwhile Brighton and Hove Albion manager Gus Poyet being told he was being given the ol’ heave ho from the club while live on air on Sunday evening, the first comparison was a yellow one.

Namely the immortal scene in The Simpsons’ episode “I Love Lisa” when Lisa dumps Ralph Wiggum live on TV and Bart pauses the video to show her that you “can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half”.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant. Soon, Gus had been cut with Ralph and on YouTube.Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets.

It wasn’t quite that bad with Poyet – he was handed a note during Spain versus Nigeria – and handled being asked about it at half-time (he was a pundit) with notable (or resigned) restraint.

Others haven’t responded to an on-air ditching with quite the same sentiment. National treasure Danny Baker famously responded to being told in November, minutes before going on air, that his much-loved BBC London show was being canned with two hours of furious raging. Baker fumed at the BBC’s management: “I hope whoever was responsible, their abacus comes undone and they choke on the beads.”

While Baker had already been sent to the dumper before going on air, no such luck for Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. Having strained every sinew to get Chelsea into the 2012 Champions’ League final, Sky Sports’ Geoff Shreeves informed him that a booking meant he’d be suspended for the final. Cheers Geoff.

Best of all the live sackings, perhaps, was the September 2010 defenestration of mixed martial arts agent Malki Kawa by his client Matt “Meathead” Mitrione, which took place in the middle of the UFC ring. After beating Joey Beltran, Mitrione ended his victory speech by yelling: “Malki, you’re fired.”

In an interview a few minutes later, the fighter explained that his agent had only earned him £5,000 for the fight and accused Kawa of insulting his wife. Mitrione ended their partnership with a Sir Alan-like eye for the grand termination: “He was out of line in a lot of ways, so I think it’s appropriate that I fire you on live TV. You’re fired.” Which is how you do it, Brighton.
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Desperate young mum raises deposit to buy her first home

Fran, of Bath, Somerset, said she was delighted to buy the house – but is now living in an “empty shell” after selling everything.

She said: “It came to that time when I needed to buy my own house, I’ve always wanted to own a home, I want to provide a bit of stability.

“But I realised I couldn’t really afford it unless I sold my own stuff for a deposit. I’m one of those people that once I set my mind to it I will do whatever it takes to get there.

“If I have to sacrifice those things then I will. I sold everything I owned, from my motorbike, sofa, clothes and shoes. I even sold creams and oils I haven’t used.

“I have sold whatever there is you can sell, you wouldn’t believe it. I had friends messaging me asking if I was selling my whole life.

“I’m over the moon to have finally done it, but I’ve been left in a bit of an empty shell now. I’ve got a mattress on the floor and my daughter’s got her bed and that’s about it.”

Fran decided to sell her possessions in January this year after she worked out she could halve her monthly outgoings if she bought a house.

She currently pays £900-a-month in rent, with bills on top, and calculated that mortgage payments would be much less.

The enterprising mum used free internet sites such as Facebook and Gumtree, as well as car boot sales, to advertise her stuff.

She sold many of her items to complete strangers and managed to negotiate prices with fellow tenants for white goods like her fridge-freezer and dishwasher.

Fran also parted with many of her prized possessions, including precious jewellery and ornaments, and sold most of her vast collection of shoes.

She sold each of her 30 pairs for £10,Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring. and raised £300 towards her total.

Fran, a software engineer, even retrained as a beautician so she could work evenings and weekends.

She said: “The way I see it is I pay £900 a month on rent with bills on top and if I move into a house my mortgage would be half of that.

“At the moment things are really tight because we are paying and saving, when we move into our new house we will have so much more money.

“I can start enjoying days out and holidays and stuff. I can start enjoying life with my daughter again. She has sacrificed so much.

“I sold my clothes, stuff I don’t wear anymore. For years I haven’t changed size so I sold what I didn’t wear. I got quite a lot for them and I’m still selling some.

“Same with my shoes. I was just hoarding stuff I didn’t really need.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.

“The only downside is that I didn’t get half as much as what they were worth but you just want to make sure you can get what you can.”

Fran recently queued up with her mum for 20 hours at Silcox Son and Wicks, in Bath, during a recent sale, to buy some new furniture.

She managed to buy a bed, worth £750, for just £200, and a sofa, worth £1,000, for a mere £500.

Fran added: “I have managed to still save money, I sold my sofa for £700 and bought another one for £500, I’ve got £200 in my pocket still.

“I have sold everything,Our Home power monitor and energy saving devices help reduce energy. but I’ve worked it all out, I know what will fit where and what I needed to get rid of.”
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In an interview with Current Archaeology

Archaeologist Mick Aston, who played a key role in developing the Time Team series for British television, has died.

The death of the 66-year-old professor, recognisable by his brightly striped jumpers,Our Home power monitor and energy saving devices help reduce energy. was announced on Time Team’s official Facebook page today (NZ time).

“It is with a very heavy heart that we have been informed this evening that our dear friend and colleague Mick Aston has passed away,” the entry said.

First aired in 1994, the series uncovered some remarkable finds, including skeletons of monks beneath Westminster Abbey and gold jewellery from Anglo-Saxon times.

Its last regular programme screened this year, with Channel 4 axing the show after ratings fell.Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets.

Aston quit last year, describing an attempt to revamp the show as “dumbing down”.

Time Team was praised for boosting the popularity of archaeology in Britain, but some academics and professionals had misgivings, suggesting the series presented an inaccurate picture of field archaeology.

In an interview with Current Archaeology last year, Aston said he had seen the development of Time Team as an extension of his work as an extramural tutor, with a much bigger audience.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring.

“Archaeology is not essential. It isn’t something that we need … We need to make people realise how interesting it is, and we succeeded,” he said.

Despite the size of Time Team’s audience, the archaeological world never really ran with it, Aston said.

He feared he had not left a legacy. “There’ll be no legacy because the profession never picked up on it – cashed in, if you like – and developed what we did with Time Team.” DELHI – tudents at Our Lady of LaSalette were recently recognized for their writing skills by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association.

“We enjoy putting on a contest each year to encourage children to get involved in writing,Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.” said Len McDonald, unit president of the Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk OECTA. “It is a real bonus that a few of the students met some success.”

A number of students at the school entered into OECTA’s Young Authors competition and four students won at the local level for Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk. Taylor Opersko, Grade 4, and Zachary Mels, Grade 6, were recognized locally for their poems about horses and a cross in a battle field while Carter Dwornikiewicz, Grade 2, and Abby Springham, Grade 4, won at both the local and provincial levels.

Dwornikiewicz said he was “happy” he won and thought his poem was picked because, “I had a lot of good rhymes in it and I didn’t really hurt my sisters feelings because of the ending,” he said.

Springham won for her non-fiction piece about the London Children’s Hospital.

“I wrote about it because my brother has cancer,” she said. “I wrote about the different programs at the hospital and what they do, so people are aware of what cancer is and what the hospital does.”

Springham tells the reader about a clown named Ollie who makes children laugh, and once trapped her mom in the bathroom. She also talks about some of the programs at the hospital including the Child Life program, Bravery Beads and art therapy.

Springham said she was happy her essay won and also happy because her brother is doing much better now.

Dwornikiewicz and Springham’s work was published in a booklet with the other provincial winners.
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Independent Service Manager at Merlin

The Celestine Home Adaptations Centre in Yate, is a joint initiative between Merlin Housing Society, whose property the new centre is in, and West of England Care & Repair, with funding provided by South Gloucestershire Council.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring. It features a wet room, adapted kitchen and stair lift, all within a normal three-bedroomed home.

Karen Butler said: “I know that many people want to be able to stay living in their own home, and the right adaptations can make all the difference. I hope that this new centre will give people the help and support they need to maintain their independence.”

The Celestine Centre is designed to allow older visitors, and disabled people of all ages, to try out and choose bathroom, kitchen and sleeping equipment which meets their individual needs. The garden also includes a children’s play area with anti-climb fencing, safe play rubber chippings and raised flower beds – both house and garden are fully wheelchair accessible.

Darryl Smith, Independent Service Manager at Merlin, said: “We’re committed to helping residents remain independent in their home and by adapting one of our properties we hope to demonstrate how you can make your own home easier and safer to live in. The Celestine Centre provides residents with more information about what adaptations might benefit them in their home.”

Craig Wilson, WE Care & Repair’s Chief Executive explained: “The centre features a number of tried and tested and innovative products including a Pollock wheelchair accessible through-floor lift,Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant. a working Clos-o-mat automatic toilet, a Stannah straight flight stair lift and a fully wheelchair accessible kitchen with a powered rise and fall sink unit.”

Installations illustrating a number of bathing and showering solutions are also on display some, such as the wet room wheelchair accessible bathroom are fully functional. Other displays feature some of the best products available from leading suppliers in accessible bathing equipment such as AKW Medicare, Impey Showers, Phlexicare and Mira and will help to illustrate alternative and attractive bathing and toileting solutions.

There is plenty of state of the art gadgetry to see including a motorised remote controlled window sash opener and curtain and roller blind operators. The front entrance door is fitted with a ‘SmartBell’ door bell which allows the occupant to communicate with callers using their mobile phone and can be opened using a remote control or a key pad.

A wireless alarm control system has also been installed and provides protection against burglary, fire and tampering. In addition it can be used to control lights and electrical appliances within the house and to monitor the activity of disabled or elderly people left at home. Information is presented visually or verbally and voice prompts can help the user to take the correct actions. Wireless add-ons include cameras, emergency pendant alarms, smoke detectors, temperature detectors, motion detectors, flood and gas detectors and more. All this is accessible via the internet to a laptop or smart phone.

The centre is open by appointment only via Merlin’s aids and adaptations team, WE Care & Repair or from local occupational therapists.

Palestinians oppose Jewish worship at the vast stone plaza overlooking Judaism’s Western Wall as a potential threat to access for Muslims.

Aware of the volatile mix of politics and religion, Israel has largely stymied such prayer for 46 years by having its police prevent Jewish worship at the site on grounds it could cause a public disturbance.

Palestinian concerns have been heightened, however, by the fact that allies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are among the most vocal advocates of Jewish prayer at the 35-acre site that is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount and by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

This month alone, Israeli police have hauled away half a dozen Israelis from the site. A Jewish Israeli and an Arab citizen were held in connection with a brawl that injured a Muslim official and four other Jewish men were detained for prostrating themselves on the holy ground.Our Home power monitor and energy saving devices help reduce energy.Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets.

Several other Israelis have been questioned in the past two months for trying to pray at the compound during police-escorted sightseeing tours. A lamb was seized from another Israeli who had plans to slaughter it in ritual sacrifice.

Israeli police accompany most visitors to the compound, where escorted tours are held frequently. They cross a wooden bridge to a gate where plastic police shields and other riot-control gear are stored, a ready display of how quickly the otherwise serene atmosphere can sometimes go awry.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.

Visitors are closely watched by both the police and the Muslim religious officials of the Waqf who administer the compound and keep an eye out to make sure no Jewish worship takes place. Anyone wearing Jewish religious garb is generally kept away from the Islamic holy tract.

At the compound, one group of visitors walked past al-Aqsa, drawing shouting from Muslim women sitting in the shade of tree and from Palestinian children attending a day camp. They ignored the catcalls and continued deeper into the plaza.
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we were taken straight to a Beat Era nightclub

Over the past several weeks, as news spread about his deteriorating health, Nelson Mandela’s legacy of struggle and freedom has again been considered by his heirs throughout the world. It — and we — will well outlast his 94 years of life.

Often called the “father of the Rainbow Nation,” Madiba,Uline stocks a wide selection of double sided tape. as he is known in South Africa, has come to be revered by his fellow countrymen, and by the international community.

Mr. Mandela led the movement to end the apartheid in South Africa. And he did so from prison — for 27 years.

During the 1960s,Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, Mr. Mandela was part of a political party — the African National Congress — that desired the government to end the brutal segregation that defined his home.

Having views contrary to the government’s at the time led Mr. Mandela to being arrested on counts of several charges, including sabotage.

During the more than quarter-century that he was imprisoned, he became a symbol for the blacks of the nation and would become one for people of other colors throughout the world.

Often spoken of in the same breath as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, Mr. Mandela had to choose a less peaceful path than the other two leaders — one that included violence, said Anna Faul, a social work professor at the University of Louisville, who lived in South Africa for 40 years.

Initially, Mr. Mandela encouraged peaceful and non-violent demonstrations, but he later came to support armed struggle with the government.

At one point while in prison, he was offered release if he would renounce the armed struggle. Mr. Mandela refused.

Later, he recalled saying to his oppressors, “You started violence — our violence is a defense.”

Only a man of principle would stand by his convictions and choose to remain in hellish conditions instead of compromising his beliefs for an easier path that included release.

And only a deeply moral man could — after being released from prison — offer complete forgiveness to the people who had imprisoned him and spur South Africa toward reconciliation.

In the lingering twilight of the summer solstice weekend, The Spin sipped and mingled in The Stone Fox’s backyard garden, feeling a bit like a denizen of Harper Lee’s Maycomb in the collar-wilting heat. As showtime neared, we found a spot inside, cheek to cheek amid the sold-out crowd. The kitchen was closed per Jonathan Richman’s request, and the AC was shut off, leaving us to bask in the heat of a couple hundred bodies. Ordinarily, this might have miffed us a bit, but we were willing to play along, as The Spin has never had any qualms with watching a Richman set.

Soon, the lights dimmed from their already mood-enhancing level, and Richman and longtime percussion collaborator Tommy Larkins appeared at a side entrance, greeted by thunderous applause. From the second Richman sang a greeting, we were no longer in a West Side restaurant. He took a quick spin around his half of the stage, Larkins laid down a cool Latin rhythm,Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, and with the first lines of “That Summer Feeling,” we were taken straight to a Beat Era nightclub of Richman’s imagination.

As Larkins followed every nuance with telepathic grace, Richman remained a body in motion, dancing a perpetual wiry flamenco, moving his guitar around his microphone to change its tone, striking poses like an ancient fresco. Nothing struck us as particularly childlike about this show; sticking mostly to his catalog from the past 10 years, Richman told stories and expounded on philosophical meditations using an adult’s elevated language, and occasionally, other languages — Spanish, French and Italian — but never becoming pedantic. Verses were determined by the flow of the narration, not by any mathematical construct. Sometimes they were strung together between choruses, peppered with asides and anecdotes in a range of voices recalling Andy Kaufman or Robin Williams on the standup circuit. During Richman’s impressive but tastefully restrained solos, he stared into space, the screens open,The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that, channeling instructions from somewhere else.

What really sealed the deal was the total joy pouring out of his performance. Richman’s hero, Lou Reed, may be lauded for his cool appraisal of everything he surveys, but Richman’s power came from his apparent firm belief in and excitement about everything he sings. As one of several familiar faces we saw put it, “If you don’t like what he’s doing, you’re going to like it by the time he’s done.” He made eye contact with just about everyone in the room, and commanded us to keep the beat while he and Larkins took turns soloing — it was more crowd participation than ever we’ve seen at a Richman show, and we’ve seen our share. Each song flowed into the next like the beads of sweat on the backs of our necks. During “I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar,” he told the story with his whole body, showing off both the lame dances from the first bar and the liberated moves from the sapphic hangout featured later in the song, all without missing a beat. “You can take photos and do weird shit if you want to,” he scolded, “but don’t get in the way of your fellow festificants.we offer the world’s best selling Home energy monitor solutions.”

After hearing of beauty raw and wild, mystery not of high heels and eye shadow, the glory of the moon, and a museum guard’s perspective on the work of Vermeer, the sobering advice of “When We Refuse to Suffer” didn’t feel like such a bitter pill. Perfectly in sync with our narrator, we could taste how much the sweet was made sweeter by the sour, despite a personal interjection from some fan who was maybe feeling a little too at home. The mosquito bites, the warm walks home and the occasional fast — these are the things that give us character, Richman told us. With a quick chorus of “Arrivederci, Roma,” Richman took his bow and made a beeline for the front door and the warm cloak of the night.
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when a loose pass from Blues fullback Brett Hodgson

There’s nothing quite like an Origin decider and the 2006 series produced one of the most dramatic and consequential tie-breaks of them all. With New South Wales having established a three-year stranglehold on the series it all came down to the wire in game three.

In game one New South Wales had won 17-16 following a field goal from Brett Finch, a man who had been the last on a long list of halfbacks the Blues hierarchy tried to call upon. In response, Queensland came out with merciless intent in game two, storming to a 30-6 victory in front of their home crowd on the back of Darren Lockyer’s man of the match efforts. For the first time in Origin history the decider was to be played on neutral territory at the Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

With the Maroons staring down the barrel of their fourth straight series loss, there was more than state pride at stake for Queensland, whose efforts in the preceding years had brought them pain and humiliation at the hands of their arch-rivals. Following a string of contentious video referral decisions, the Maroons found themselves down 14-4, hopelessly out of contention and looking like being the first team in Origin history to lose four series in a row.

But at the 71st minute mark Queensland halfback Johnathan Thurston dished off to Brent Tate who crossed for an ice-breaking try that breathed new life into the game. New South Wales would still look to control the closing minutes, but at least Queensland were in with a shot following Clinton Schifcofske’s conversion. Then the unthinkable occurred when a loose pass from Blues fullback Brett Hodgson was intercepted by Lockyer who burst across the line to Ray Warren’s cries of “They won’t take that off him,we offer the world’s best selling Home energy monitor solutions. they can’t take that off him!”. With Schifcofske’s conversion on target from dead in front, the Maroons were home in thrilling fashion.
In the aftermath of the loss the Blues were bereft. Prop Willie Mason concluded,Uline stocks a wide selection of double sided tape.Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, “I’m absolutely gutted. It’s unbelievable. That’s Origin. That’s Queensland. It’s ridiculous.”

It would prove to be a Sliding Doors moment, replayed over and over in the heads of New South Wales players and supporters alike. Lockyer’s moment of inspiration set the wheels in motion for a period of Queensland success unheard of in Origin history; a moment of madness that has led to over half a decade of dominance.

A wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn ended with a spectacular fireworks display, with the approval of the Ventura County Fire Department and Ojai City Council. But some residents were caught off guard.

“You don’t really expect a fireworks show in Ojai unless it’s the Fourth of July,” said Hall, who thought a shed full of fireworks for next week’s holiday was accidentally set off. Not until he climbed on his roof did he figure out what was happening about 10 miles away.

He said the fireworks started about 9:30 p.m. and lasted for 10 minutes.

“I didn’t hear that anybody knew about it,” Hall said. “I just know people in Ojai that were not pleased.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that,”

He said the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office could have sent out an alert to warn residents about the loud noises.

Ojai City Manager Robert Clark said the city received at least two complaints about the surprise display.

“Didn’t realize it would cause such outside commotion,” Clark said. “We thought it would be a smaller event.”

He said the inn did not have to tell residents about its first fireworks event but that there may be a requirement in the future.

“We probably should have (notified residents), but we didn’t,” Clark said. “I don’t think there is going to be a next time,Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, so I think we learned a lesson.”

Capt. Mike Lindbery, a spokesman for the Ventura County Fire Department, said the interested party must file a temporary-use permit with the city where the event is scheduled. The Fire Department then has to approve the event providing that the area is free of fire danger.
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Anniston man with crazy hats had big heart

For the first time ever, one ancient, Idaho-based shark is coming to the Idaho Museum of Natural History in Pocatello.

On Saturday, the doors to the museum will open into what curators are saying is the only exhibit in the world to bring the Helicoprion back to life.

Idaho State University’s associate professor of Geosciences and the museum’s head research curator of Earth sciences Dr. Leif Tapanila said everyone working on bringing this display to the museum is excited to be putting Pocatello on the map.

“We are really, really pumped about this because for the very first time we’re going to be showing some of the unique fossils that come from the very ground here in southeast Idaho,” Tapanila said.

Tapanila mentioned the fact that more than 270 million years ago, the entire state of Idaho was submerged shallow, warm water, making the state actually part of the Pacific Ocean.

Now, millions of years later, scientists such as Tapanila and his crew are discovering the fossils of these Helicoprion that had once inhabited this area Idahoans call home.

“So, there was this mystery and it turns out here at ISU, we are uniquely capable of answering that question because we have the best material since that animal comes from this part of the world,Introducing the latest in Custom thermal rewritable card technology,” Tapanila said.

Artist Ray Troll has been interested in the ancient creature ever since he stumped on some fossils in a Los Angeles museum 20 years ago that were tossed aside in the museum’s basement.

“Nobody has ever understood this,Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice,” Troll said. “It has blown paleontologists minds for over 100 years and nobody has ever figured it out. So, that’s when the little worm got in my brain.Resurrection Egg Paint Yourown figurine Childrens Craft Painting Sunday School in Collectibles,”

Three years ago, Troll got in touch with Tapanila after one of his undergraduate students similarly found Helicoprion fossils tossed in among one of ISU’s fossil storage rooms. Until they were rediscovered in that basement three years ago,We provide the latest advances in security enhanced products such as Custom passive RFID tag, they had just sat there for more than 50 years.

Now, thanks to Tapanila’s research and Troll’s artwork,Promotional keychains keep your company logo on the mind of your custom keychain they go. they are bringing the creatures back to life, giving the Helicoprion the most accurate features that have never been seen before now.

One of the displays shows a 15-foot fiberglass Helicoprion hanging from the ceiling. However, the more life-size model is the gargantuan head of another one bursting through a living room wall. Tapanila said these creatures were actually between 25-to-30 feet long, making them the largest known creatures to have roamed the sea during that time and also making them larger than the biggest great white shark known to man.

These creatures are unique because they did not lose their teeth. Meaning, they held onto their baby teeth, and their jaw grew in a spiral with the teeth still attached.

“This is the one animal that cheated the tooth fairy,” Tapanila said.

Some scientists studying the Helicoprion still debate whether or not this animal’s unique jawline made this a threatening predator or not. Some say it was only able to eat soft seafood such as squid. Others believe the Helicoprion attacked from beneath and chomped its prey in half.
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They referred to their lesson about the solar

Martians made from color-changing beads sat in the sun in front of The Art Underground in Louisville on Tuesday afternoon as a group of local middle schoolers stared in awe of their handmade projects.

Thirteen girls ages 9 to 11,We provide the latest advances in security enhanced products such as Custom passive RFID tag, from the St. Vrain Valley School District and surrounding areas, learned about the difference between Earth and Mars by creating Martians from ultra violet beads during the first STEMgirls summer camp.Resurrection Egg Paint Yourown figurine Childrens Craft Painting Sunday School in Collectibles,

“The girls got these ultra violet beads, like mood rings, that change color from UV rays,” said camp director Karen Alfino. “While they were watching the beads change color, we talkeMemory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice,d about the atmosphere around Earth versus Mars and how we’re protected from the UV rays because Earth has an atmospheric layer that protects us.We are mainly operating best Leather headbands”

Finding creative ways to teach girls about science, technology, engineering and math is the objective of the weeklong camp that was inspired by an afterschool program called STEMgirls.

The afterschool program was launched in the fall of 2010 through SVVSD’s Community Schools child care program as a way to get students interested in and excited about math and science,your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized. Alfino said.

STEMgirls was modeled after an annual day program offered to local middle school girls at the University of Colorado, said Alfino, who founded the program.

“They would come and get so excited and then leave and have nothing to keep that going until next year,” she said.

This week, Alfino is combining the hour-long afterschool projects and a few new lessons for a STEMgirls summer camp.

The students spend about four hours per day doing hands-on activities with mentors ranging from high school students to adult women, who teach them about the STEM fields.

On Monday, Boulder resident Moe Rose helped the students make jewelry shaped like stars and planets while they learned about the solar system.

The girls created meteorite earrings and a solar system necklace from polymer clay but Rose said they also taught each other about the planets during the project.

“They referred to their lesson about the solar system to figure out what colors to make the planets and talked about the weather conditions and other facts they remembered,” Rose said. “It got them to dig deeper into the subject matter while they were having fun and doing something that most girls would really like to do.”

On Tuesday the students had a discussion about emerging technology before they made the multi-colored Martians and then created a pretend assembly line while learning about engineering.

Later this week, the students will be taking apart computer monitors, building a Mars Rover from household items and creating a collage to teach the girls about news literacy.

The STEMgirls after school program will continue this fall and Alfino said she hopes to expand the frequency of the program during the school year and over the summer after seeing a strong response from the students so far.

“You can tell they’re excited because some of the girls have already pulled me aside to tell me that they want to be a scientist,” Alfino said. “And isn’t that the point? Mission accomplished.”
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The bell is an important part of Metis history

It looks like a significant piece of Canadian Metis history will soon be returned to public view after disappearing more than 20 years ago.

But one of the country’s top Metis leaders is not excited that the bell of Batoche may finally be brought back to its home in Saskatchewan.

David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Metis Federation, says the historical significance of the bell has been tarnished by those who have held it for the last two decades and tried to sell it to the highest bidder.

“Getting the bell back, what does that mean after it was stolen by thieves and they sold it for us to get it back? It’s really lost its real meaning,” Chartrand said. “It’s about the money. It wasn’t about our people. They’ve taken that poor bell and tainted it with such thievery … Those are robbing thieves, that’s all they are.”

The bell of Batoche hung in the Saskatchewan community of the same name when the Metis were defeated during the Northwest Rebellion in 1885. Federal troops climbed the bell tower, removed the trophy and took it east.

It found a home in a fire hall belltower in Millbrook,These low cost RFID key tags could be Custom RFID key tag. Ont., until the building burned to the ground. The bell was cracked in the flames. It eventually made its way to the Millbrook Royal Canadian Legion hall where it was displayed.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of wholesale tungsten bracelet.

That was until 1991, when the legion was broken into and the bell removed.

Cast as Robin Hood figures by some, its holders have never been publicly outed.

Chartrand said he was once close to securing the bell’s release. He negotiated and agreed to pay a fee and ensure police wouldn’t lay charges. In return, the bell was to be returned to Batoche.

But the bell’s keeper backed out after repeatedly upping the price and Chartrand refusing to pay more.

“It was just a game to them.”

Now a Manitoba Metis group is hinting it has plans to return the bell to the public.

Elder Guy Savoie with the Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba said his group will talk about the fate of the bell at an event in Winnipeg on Friday.

“We’ve got an announcement prepared as to the bell, what’s going to happen to it and where it’s going to go,” said Savoie, who added the group has been negotiating with the bell’s keeper for a long time. “He’s disposed to return the bell and this is what the announcement is.”

The bell is an important part of Metis history and it should be treated accordingly, Savoie said.

“A bell is a living thing. It calls people to weddings. It calls people to baptisms, funerals, mass on Sunday.”

Philippe Mailhot, director of the St. Boniface Museum in Winnipeg, said for the bell for too long represented defeat and humiliation.

“It was sort of an open scar,We carry an assortment of wholesale stainless steel necklace, especially for the Metis of Western Canada,” Mailhot said. “It’s bad enough your resistance is crushed by Canadian authorities, your leader Louis Riel is hanged and for 100 years the Metis are essentially shunted to the sidelines of history — the forgotten people.”

After the Battle of Batoche, Mailhot said, the town was looted and everything down to the candlesticks was carted off as spoils of war. Despite negotiations in the late 1980s, the bell remained where it was — in a display case in the legion.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images,

He said that after it was taken, the bell’s whereabouts were an “open secret” in the Manitoba Metis community. To have it returned to its original home makes it a symbol of hope,Give your logo high visibility on Promotional Luggage Tags! Mailhot suggested.

“It shows how the country has changed,” he said. “What was once a trophy of war 100 years ago, or as recently as 40 years ago, is now hopefully going to become a symbol of reconciliation and a symbol of a better understanding between the people of Canada.”
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The sharing part of Boise Glass Works is key

Helping women and female children become literate and self-sustaining is as easy as buying a purse. Or a bracelet. Or a shawl.

But not just any purse, bracelet or shawl, but one made by a woman in India, Afghanistan or other Third World countries and sold by Eternal Threads. A non-profit organization, Eternal Threads buys the items for a fair wage from the women who make them and sells them worldwide, offering rural women in poverty a chance to earn some money to send their children to school, purchase cooking stoves or open their first bank account.

Prices are more than reasonable – bracelets start at $3, purses at $20 – and the purchase means more than owning a unique item.

Proceeds from a brightly colored tote bag or jewelry also go toward vocational training for young women exploited by prostitution, provides funding for border surveillance that have rescued thousands of girls from a life of sex slavery or to send girls to school in Afghanistan.

Each item, unique to its geographical location, is made by a woman who used skills usually passed down for generations and is inherent in the community, whether it’s embroidery, jewelry making, or weaving.

“I believe in this mission and helping women,” Lytle said. She hosted an Eternal Thread show four years ago and sold out. “How many times can you buy something beautiful and make a difference in someone’s life?”

And what a difference. The purchase of one tote bag from Eternal Threads doubles the family income of a women for nearly a week and educates a girl for two months.

Handmade items that will be available for sale on Saturday include the tote bags; cards with pressed flowers and gift bags; silk shawls from Madagascar; woven bowls from Uganda; bracelets made of beads created from newspapers and magazines, made by orphans in the Philippines; hand-loomed raffia place mats; sling purses from Nepal, made from sari’s and many items for kids, such as woven animals, finger puppets and purses.

Lytle has met Linda Egle, a Palisade, Nebraska, native who started this ministry as a way to help women in rural Third World countries find a way out of poverty. In April, Egle, now of Abiline, Texas, the headquarters of Eternal Threads, was named a co-recipient of the 2012 Norman Borlaug Humanitarian Award.

The fact that it’s legit speaks volumes to Lytle.These low cost RFID key tags could be Custom RFID key tag. For each item purchased, the money is “going where it’s suppose to go, not into anyone’s pocket,” she explained.

And those who want to help women halfway across the world can do so, without even leaving town, Lytle said.

“You can make a huge difference to these women, just by buying something they made,” she said.

Given his sunny disposition,Give your logo high visibility on Promotional Luggage Tags! it’s not hard to see him as a guy whose glass is always half-full. And it’s very likely a glass he made himself, in a workspace that is equal parts studio, gallery and classroom. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My studio is all about sharing with the community,” he says with utter sincerity. “The community has helped keep the lights on, so for that I am grateful.”

The sharing part of Boise Glass Works is key,With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images, because there was no place like this when Vogelpohl started out, nearly twenty years ago, wanting to learn every detail about the art of blowing glass.

He says the few glassblowers he happened upon in Boise were reluctant to share what they knew. So he turned to one of the preeminent glass-blowing regions in the world, the island of Murano, a whisper away from the city of Venice.

Glassmaking is the lifeblood of the place and has been since at least the 12th century.

Vogelpohl offers, “From what I understand, they moved all the glassblowers onto the island of Murano so that nothing would burn in town, so that all the glassblowing secrets stay in Italy.”

And after 17 years perfecting his craft, Vogelpohl has developed a few techniques of his own. Still, he’s open to demonstrating the art of glassmaking, if for no other reason than he wants to introduce it to a wider community.
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