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It has asked banks not to convert gold purchases

TOURISM is a lucrative industry. Countries create historical and cultural havens as well as promote natural ecosystems, leisure activities and shopping to attract foreign and domestic visitors. Whatever the gimmick, the idea is to create attractions. Not unnaturally, once those attractions are in place,where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. every effort is made to preserve them for their commercial value as well as sentimental attachment. Pasar Kedai Payang in Kuala Terengganu and Jonker Walk in Malacca are two such tourist destinations that are now mired in controversy. The former is threatened by re-development, thus potentially capable of changing it completely, and the latter by near-extinction because the area has not been designated for tourism.We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price.

Jonker Walk is located right in the middle of the country’s most historic real estate, hence Malaysia’s premium tourist destination. However, it remains a residential area, too. The residents, for want of a normal existence, have found the designation of the area as a pedestrian walk irksome because they have to park their cars some distance away from their homes. Being politically savvy, they forced the authorities to rescind a 13-year-old enforcement.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. Now, cars may enter the street again, and traders have been relegated to the five-foot ways. A change in ambience means Jonker Walk, for all its intents and purposes, no longer exists. Obviously, if it has been designated as a tourist zone in the first place, this problem would have been averted.

Pasar Kedai Payang, meanwhile, has a long history built on the commerce of old, many now considered traditional handicrafts such as songket, batik, jewellery and local delicacies. The building earmarked for modernisation is merely 45 years old. Nevertheless, transforming it into a three-storey, air-conditioned facility, it is argued, would fundamentally change its character and drive away tourists, who are its mainstay. But, the reverse may also be true — an enhanced shopping experience. For, Pasar Kedai Payang’s redevelopment would allow for improvements in modern conveniences, resulting in, say, better hygiene and communication. Jonker Walk, though, cannot but be retained as it is because of its uniqueness.

Indeed, preservation, wherever feasible, is preferable to destruction and is the ideal solution as Kuala Lumpur’s Central Market has proved. Transforming it from a wet market into a cultural centre is a stroke of genius. Unfortunately, in some cases, sacrifices in the name of development had been necessary, such as Pasar Bulat in Ipoh. For all its sentimental value, however, the parking lot that it is now is no less of service to Ipoh’s dynamic and vibrant commercial life.

It has asked banks not to convert gold purchases done through credit cards into equated monthly instalments (EMIs), besides mandating that cards should not be accepted for purchase of gold coins at branches.

Many banks, especially the ones aggressive in the credit card business, offer EMI facility on purchase of air tickets, mobile phones and gold jewellery. Normally, on any transaction of more than Rs 10,Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace,000 value, customers are offered the option of converting the dues into EMIs. Some banks also have tie-ups with merchant establishments for offering more facilities like full or partial waiver of processing fees and interest.

“The central bank does not want banks to encourage gold buy. This has been communicated to us in several interactions. So, we have stopped offering the EMI facility on gold purchases,” said retail head of a large foreign bank.

Besides, while the central bank has asked banks not to push gold coin sales aggressively, the finance ministry wants public-sector banks to completely stop such sales. The state-run banks have already implemented it.

Bankers said RBI had held discussions on EMIs offered on outstanding credit card bills for all kinds of purchases and would soon come out with specific guidelines on this. Banks might have to make more disclosures. It was still at the discussion stage, said a senior banker.

Earlier, RBI had also moved to curb loans against gold coins. It had asked banks not to lend against gold coins weighing over 50 g.

These actions, besides the recent increase in import duty on gold, are part of the drive of RBI and the government to lower the demand for the yellow metal so that its import can be brought down.

The norms for gold imports had also been tightened through restrictions on nominated banks & agencies and premier & star trading houses. Under these, RBI had said, import of gold on a consignment basis would only be for meeting genuine needs of jewellery exporters.The Brilliant Polish of a tungsten jewelry What is Tungsten?
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The shirts have two tiny vertical rows

In the 1980s,where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. when he wanted to study diplomacy,where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace, it wasn’t taught at the universities in the Dominican Republic, so he went to Madrid, Spain. There, he learnt that he had to become a lawyer first, so he returned home and studied law. His specification? International law.The Brilliant Polish of a tungsten jewelry What is Tungsten? He then moved on to his master’s and then doctorate in diplomatic relations.

But while the good ambassador long ago planned his professional career, he didn’t plan on becoming a jewellery maker with an insatiable love for cufflinks.

And these are not just any ordinary cufflinks. About 10 years ago, Dr Ares asked his wife, Sheila, who makes jewellery, to make him some.

“My wife loves to make everything. She was making some jewellery and I asked her to make some cufflinks for me. I wanted something different and unique. I don’t like the regular ones you can buy in a store; they don’t make the ones I like. I prefer large, colourful links.”
His customised cufflinks are made from amber, pearl, volcanic rocks, or any precious or semi-precious stones he can get his hands on. The stones he loves to use the most? Amber and larimar, “Because they are from my country”.

After watching his wife, the ambassador tried his hand at it, and now it takes him just a few minutes to assemble his gems. “It’s my hobby,We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price.” he told Outlook, his hands busy assembling a link made with African Tiger Eye.

Whatever stone strikes his fancy, he has a jeweller cut it to his specifications and the rest is all up to him. He has lost count of how many he currently has, as most of his collection is at home in the Dominican Republic. The ambassador is very generous with his designs and is known to take off the cuffs he is wearing and give to fellow ambassadors on the spot.

But the Ares family is very creative. His wife makes gorgeous earrings out of Swarovski crystals and various stones. She has been doing them since she was a child and can have one done in six hours, sewing on each crystal one at a time. She also makes clothes. “When I was younger, I used to say she was my superwoman – she makes everything,” piped in her son, Alsredo.

Other staples in the ambassador’s wardrobe are his chacabana shirts. The shirts have two tiny vertical rows on both the front and back, and four large pockets on the front. They are popular in Latin American countries, and Dr Ares has them in every colour, and they are perfect for every occasion, unless the dress code is black tie or business suit. Hand-made in Santo Domingo, Dr Ares’ chacabanas are made of cotton or linen with his initials embroidered on the cuff.

“I like being well put together and I love chacabanas because it’s our culture.” As coordinator of the GRULAC (name given to Caribbean and Latin American group by the United Nations), he insists that members wear them to cultural events.

The 17-year diplomat who speaks English, a little French and Italian, has chacabanas in a variety of colours and loves to wear them with his bow ties. So, next time you see the goodly ambassador, take a look at his cufflinks. I guarantee you, they are one of a kind.
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who has battled off-field problems in recent months

The most important match in Rugby union’s recent history takes place on Saturday night when the Wallabies take on the British and Irish Lions at ANZ Stadium.

James O’Connor and Kurtley Beale’s late-night shenanigans in Melbourne must not be repeated and The Daily Telegraph is calling on all fast food workers to join our Whopper Stopper campaign.

Whether you sell kebabs, burgers or pies, if you spot Beale or O’Connor out late at night – or any other Wallaby for that matter – refuse them service and order them back to their hotel room immediately.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder.

For all the goodness of a late-night lamb sandwich, the pride of our great sporting nation means more.

And nothing, not even a pie and mushy peas from Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, should come between our Wallabies and the chance to send the arrogant Lions home in defeat.

O’Connor and Beale fronted the media yesterday to express contrition for staying out until 4am last Wednesday. The star duo were out with Rebels teammates, though not drinking, and were snapped with a Lions fan in Hungry Jack’s.

“We have spoken to Robbie (Deans), and we have spoken to the players in our team. Although we didn’t break team protocol or anything like that, it is a lack of judgment on our behalf. It is not ideal preparation during a Test week,The Brilliant Polish of a tungsten jewelry What is Tungsten?” O’Connor said.

“It won’t happen again, and we’ll be better for it. As far as we are concerned it is a closed issue now.”

O’Connor denied it had affected team preparations but conceded the lesson was “to be smarter”.

Beale, who has battled off-field problems in recent months, said he never feared he would be dropped.We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price. “I didn’t break any protocol or anything like that, maybe with the nutritionist, but yeah I was fine. I continued on with preparation,” he said.

O’Connor said the matter was now “finished” but fed-up senior players are considering imposing a curfew on Tuesday nights, the evening before the Wallabies’ day off.

Asked if he was confident trouble wouldn’t find the pair again, Deans said: “Who knows? It’s how you respond,we know the value of kapton tape. it’s like the game.”

The coach indicated O’Connor and Beale had run out of last chances.

“I would be reasonably confident it won’t happen again. It wouldn’t be a good scene for these blokes if it did, or the team,” Deans said.

“That’s the nature of a team game. You are only as good as your weakest link. Opposition prey on those opportunities.”

In fairness to O’Connor, despite the midweek drama he ultimately helped the Wallabies secure their win by preying on weakness in the Lions’ baculine late in the game.

Though again turning in a far from commanding display, O’Connor kicked well and stuck at it in attack, and ended up putting Adam Ashley-Cooper into a hole in the last five minutes for the matchwinning try.

“There has been a lot raised about the position of myself. My mindset has always been, especially in this team, it doesn’t matter what number you have on your back,Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace,” O’Connor said.

“There are a lot of heads and ballplayers, all over the field. As a team we are improving and I am improving, game by game.”

Deans said O’Connor, Beale and a new baculine division containing Christian Lealiifano (two caps), Israel Folau (two) and Joe Tomane (two) would get better after a rusty first outing together at Etihad Stadium.

“That was the first occasion they’ve all played together. They worked their way through it last night, and they looked much better for it,” he said.
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Local chef revives restored Linden hotel

From sack lunches to soufflés, executive chef Michael Grauer has come a long way to find his calling running a small restaurant down the road in Linden.

From private clubs to chain restaurants and hotels like Red Lobster and the Marriott, Grauer has learned the restaurant business from every angle. From server to bartender to chef, his new challenge is to “make his mark” by showcasing his signature style and getting back to his rural roots in Middle Tennessee.

Grauer discovered an ad for head chef at the Commodore Hotel & Cafe in Linden.

“I read the ad and thought, this could be good,” said Grauer. “I showed it to my wife, and she said, ‘You gotta go there.’”

After meeting the owners Michael and Kathy Dumont, Grauer was impressed. Their dedication, commitment and tenacity in restoring and renewing a dilapidated, downtown landmark building and in striving to make it a successful business were inspiring.

“I wanted to be part of that,” says Grauer. “I wanted to share in a more intimate venue.”

After 12 years between Embassy Suites and the Marriott Hotel in Franklin,Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace, Grauer knows how to feed a crowd — up to 1,600 in one day, in fact. And feed them very well. From gourmet to country favorites, Grauer has a flair that made a recent customer remark, “from Maine to Spain, those are the best crab cakes I have ever tasted!”

Grauer’s path started with a heart attack. His father traveled a lot for his job, and his mother cared for Grauer and his four brothers and sisters. When Grauer was 12, “Mom had a heart attack, and survived, but was severely limited in what she could do,” says Grauer. “I was the second oldest (child).We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price. My older brother — to this day – can’t boil water, so I was in the kitchen, making sack lunches for my brothers and sisters.”

Grauer was also cooking family dinners “with Mom’s coaching” when he was in junior high.

When he entered the workforce, he was a server and bartender. Then he was hit with the cooking bug again when he watched Chef Kevin Ocella at a private club put dishes together with such ease and a deft touch that it left a lasting impression. As time went on, he started gravitating toward the back of the house.

“When I met Jarod Hutto, it took off like a freight train,” says Grauer. “Hutto’s degrees in biology and culinary arts challenged my imagination and skills like never before.The Brilliant Polish of a tungsten jewelry What is Tungsten?where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. One day he came in the kitchen and threw a bag of marshmallows and some ahi tuna on the counter. The challenge was: how do they fit together in the same dish? I passed the test.”

It wasn’t without a lot of hard work and continuing education.

Grauer comments on being a chef, “It takes self-discipline. It has to be in your blood. Chefs have an enormous amount of passion and pride in what we do, and we never take shortcuts.” Where does this passion come from? “It comes from my dad. Dad, known to his buddies as “Honest John,” always said, ‘If you’re gonna do something, do it right, and the right way. No matter if anyone’s looking or not.’”

A resident of Columbia, Grauer’s family has been in Tennessee since 1803. His distant cousin was Conf. Gen. Benjamin Jefferson Hill, Commanding Officer of the 35th Tennessee,we know the value of kapton tape. Warren County – McMinnville. Gen. Hill was actually the last general to surrender in the Civil War.

After only a few weeks, Grauer has transformed the Commodore’s menu and staff with an emphasis on superior service, value and local ingredients. Local farm cheeses: Sweetwater Farms White Cheddar and Bonnie Blue Goat Cheese are featured on the menu. Grauer’s service was a big hit on Mother’s Day, with his tableside preparation of Bananas Foster. In addition, the same weekend, Grauer and his staff served 300 people at a community event, showcasing his group banquet experience.

Hotel owner Kathy Dumont is wearing a bigger smile these days, since Grauer came on board. She says, “Stay tuned — you’re in for a special treat whenever you visit the Commodore. We’ll keep restoring, renovating and improving here — we are dedicated to making it work in Linden. We strive to be an establishment the whole area can be proud of.”

The Commodore is named for Perry County’s namesake: Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who carried the flag “Don’t Give Up the Ship” in his victory over the British in the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie.
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