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A new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) directive asking banks not to convert gold purchases done through credit cards into equated monthly installments (EMIs) has come as shock for consumers who depend on plastic money for buying gold ornaments.

The RBI has issued the directive as a policy measure to lower gold imports following a wildly fluctuating rupee. According to industry experts, the move has literally affected the high-income group who bank on EMI schemes for gold purchases.

Since bills at jewellery shops come more than expected, consumers usually resort to credit cards,Private label and custom shoes manufacturer. experts said. “The directive is totally unwarranted.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that, It curtails the freedom of a person. As far as a customer is concerned, it is his or her right to decide whether to pay in cash or use credit card for purchasing gold ornaments,” said Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kchairman K N Marzook.Our Cheap MileWeb Dedicated Server are ready-to-go and can be deployed. While the government was promoting accountability in transactions on the one hand, directives like this would promote the circulation of black money, he said. “There is accountability in transaction if someone uses a credit card,” he added.

For gold merchants in the city, the directive has hit their sales as credit cards account for nearly 10 to 20% of the sales.The Brilliant Polish of a tungsten jewelry What is Tungsten? “It’s the high-income group which frequently uses credit cards for purchasing gold ornaments. The directive will affect our sales to an extent,” said All Kerala Gold and Silver Merchant’s Association president B Girirajan.

Though credit card purchases do not give big discounts to customers, a majority of them use cards as the the EMI scheme is a major relief.

Quite a few new generation banks which are into aggressive retail banking offer the EMI facility to purchase gold jewellery. Credit card users are given the option to converting their purchases into EMIs. Certain banks also offer special discounts on gold purchases and even waive processing fees. “It is a policy decision of the government and the corporate office takes a call on such issues nationally,” said a manager of a private bank.

“I don’t think this a sane move by the RBI. In fact, I took the credit card because of the EMI facility,” said a senior executive of a multi-national firm in the city.

As per a rough estimate, there are about 100 big gold jewelers in the state who trade around 10kg of gold ornaments each on a daily basis. In Kochi itself, there are jewelleries who sell 22kg of gold ornaments in a single day. There are many types of pie pans out there β€” glass, metal, ceramic β€” and even more ideas about which is best.

There are theories. There are facts. But perhaps most important, there are personal preferences. And for Nick Malgieri, a cookbook author and the director of baking programs at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, the answer is oven-safe glass.

β€œPeople have a misconception that because glass is a poor conductor of heat it doesn’t make a good pie pan,” he said. β€œBut in my many decades of baking,Click on their website for more information. I’ve found that not to be the case.”

Although metal pans conduct heat better, glass more than makes up for that because it is clear, so radiant energy can pass through the pan and help the crust bake. Metal and ceramic pans impede this.

That means that although glass takes slightly longer to reach the same temperature as the oven, it cooks crusts faster and darker. This is why many cookbooks suggest lowering the oven temperature by 25 degrees when using glass, so the filling can catch up.

The downside with glass, Mr. Malgieri conceded, is that it’s more slippery than metal, making it easier for crusts to shrink and slouch, even when secured with pie weights.

His solution: Add a touch of baking powder to the dough. It helps the crust expand into the pie plate, he said, which is good no matter what your pie pan is made of.

Mr. Malgieri’s priority is control.

β€œI like glass because I hate guesswork,” he said. β€œI like to see I’m getting the color I want.” But, he quickly added, you can make a great crust in any pan β€œas long as you start with a good dough.”
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