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while stating reasons for the long interval

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has assured that persons who have registered for the National Identity Management System (NIMS) project would be issued their new smart national identity cards between July and October 2013.

The Director-General of NIMC, Mr. Chris Onyemenam, in an interview with THISDAY, also disclosed that over 500,000 persons have so far enrolled for the NIMS project and have received their National Identification Number (NIN), a set of unintelligent numbers unique to each person.

Onyemenam, while stating reasons for the long interval, explained that before a card can be introduced into the market, a process must be followed to determine if the cards can withstand its parameters.
He further noted that the cards were being subjected to global standards and certifications.

He said: “Before a card type can be introduced into the market, a process must be followed to ensure the card can withstand its parameters. If the card is a ten year card; it must be able to withstand the environment for that long.”

Onyemenam also stated that there are some requirements specifications that go along with card constructions in addition to the quality of the materials used for the card especially the chip and how it has being designed.You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers.

He said it was not enough to just award a contract, hence “the card samples must be subjected to tests to ensure that certifications are obtained; we are using master cards and must get master card certifications before the cards can be issued.”

Furthermore, he said “the outlets inside the chip must meet the standards set for those outlets and it must all pass through the quality check before it will be assembled and tested as one unit.”

“Although the 36 states of the federation have an enrolment centre with at least 10 enrolment units, the commission hopes to open local government enrolment centres in all local government areas and government agencies before the year ends to further quicken the process of enrolment,” he added.

The enrollment of Nigerians and two year legal residents of Nigeria, he explained is a continuous process and has no timeline.

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday signaled its intention to permit generic drug makers to make changes to their safety labels,where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. a move that could open the door to lawsuits against generic drug companies for the first time since a Supreme Court decision barred such suits two years ago.

Consumer advocates applauded the development, calling it a necessary fix for a system that they say is unfair to patients who take generic medicines.

“It’s common sense,” said Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, a senior adviser to the Health Research Group at Public Citizen, which in 2011 petitioned the F.D.A. to pass just such a rule.Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, “It will obviously end this situation where people are being harmed physically and yet, although they are harmed,We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price. they have no right to go into court and get redress for serious damages.”

Dozens of lawsuits against generic drug manufacturers have been dismissed since 2011, when the Supreme Court ruled that because the generic companies must, by law, use the same label warnings as their brand name counterparts they cannot be sued for failing to alert patients about the risks of taking their drugs. Last month, the Supreme Court ruled — on similar grounds — that patients also may not sue generic drug makers by claiming that the drug was defectively designed.

The F.D.A.’s intentions came in the form of a bureaucratic step in which the agency must notify the Office of Management and Budget of its plans to publish a proposed new rule. In a summary posted Wednesday on the budget office’s Web site, the F.Stock your shoe store with our ladies shoes wholesale,D.A. said the proposed rule would “create parity” between generic and brand-name drug makers with respect to how they update their labels — the lengthy list of a drug’s uses, dosages and risks.

Under the current system, brand-name manufacturers can change the label if they receive important new information about their drug. If the F.D.A. agrees that the label change is necessary, the generic manufacturers of the drug must also change their labels. The rule change could also allow generic manufacturers to change their labels if they became aware of safety concerns, which could make them liable if a court were to find they failed to warn patients about potential harms.

“It is a first step toward acknowledging that there is a problem with the current system,” said Michael Johnson, a lawyer who represented Gladys Mensing, one of the patients who sued generic drug companies in the 2011 Supreme Court case, Pliva v. Mensing. “It doesn’t make sense to have one set of rules for the name brand and another set of rules for the generics.”

The Generic Pharmaceutical Association, an industry group, declined to comment on Wednesday. In the past, generic drug companies have argued against such a change, saying that it could create a chaotic situation in which several different labels existed for the same drug.

Jay Lefkowitz, the lawyer who represented the generic drug makers in both Supreme Court cases, said in an e-mail, “We will obviously look very carefully at whatever the F.D.A. proposes, if in fact it ends up proposing any change at all.”

The notice posted Wednesday indicates the agency’s intent to publish a proposed rule by September, when the public would be asked to comment.
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If opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood dream of glory

For income tax and GST purposes,Stock your shoe store with our ladies shoes wholesale, just when an activity constitutes a ‘business’ is critical to claiming tax deductions, and also for claiming tax credits under the GST system. The GST issue came up for consideration in a recent decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

In that case, the AAT has found that two taxpayers were not carrying on an enterprise (or a business) and were therefore not entitled to claim input tax credits.

The taxpayers were registered for GST and claimed input tax credits on a number of purchases made following the acquisition of a rural property in northern NSW in 2003.We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price. They claimed they were in a partnership (as evidenced by a partnership agreement) and were in the process of establishing a business focused on eco-tourism in connection with the property.

One of the taxpayers conducted market research and prepared a business plan which featured several components such as: accommodation for visitors, which would be constructed on the property; tours; and the production of bush foods.

The land of Pharaohs,You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers. magic and fantasy appears to be intermingled with in-house fireballs generated conflicts of hopes and expectations. The Generals are becoming restless with Tahrir Square’s shouting matches, crumbling economic affairs, emotional outbursts of the emotionally charged people and their aspirations, domestic strife and people wanting overnight results of their long political struggle.

This paints an unimaginative and short-sighted picture that politically responsible government under President Morsi could deliver unthinkable goods and amenities of life out of the besieged Egyptian socio-economic context. Society at best becomes productive when there is peace, freedom of thoughts and movement and collaborative endeavors for change and development. Egypt faces complex and critical situations. What was destroyed by over half of the century of continued authoritarian rule, political insanity and societal destruction cannot be restructured and rebuild in a year or two. Suspicious and paranoid army Generals need not to jump into a volatile political affairs. No Generals can understand what is good for the public conscience and aspirations.

In an emerging democracy, people enjoin passion to demonstrate and to shout at one another that is not abnormal.
There is no political emergency in need of military dictates or intervention. The Generals are not equipped with the capacity to politically reason the unreason.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. They are not the political entity to pursue peaceful dialogue for human change.Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, President Mohammad Morsi was elected through a fair political system and he must have time and opportunities to devise new thinking, plan and take concerted actions to deliver goods and services to the embittered pubic.

Today’s Egypt seems more standing and moving on a rational path of change and development than the Hosni Mubarak’s era of dictatorial rule by one party against all. It will be unwise and unwarranted if the military Generals intervene in the political process for societal change and future-making. Such an intervention could block all avenues of peaceful political transformation for the good of the people.

There were no political dialogues in Mubarak’s authoritarian rule but President Morsi facilitated so many to talk with the opponents. Egypt needed new political imagination and political institutions to undo the paradox of history, President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are articulating some and more to come with the consensus of the people over certain period of time. Being one year in office is just a dot on the screen for change. Political Change moves on its own pace, not what some external forces should dictate or determine it.

If opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood dream of glory and triumph and think they enjoin some magic solutions to the 50 years old economic-political mismanagement, they are disconnected to the real world of change. What happening in Egypt is the test case for short and long terms political development process. If it is stopped, it will ruin Egypt’s lifelines for freedom and democracy. There is no quick fix of any socio-economic ills perpetuated by so many against all Egyptians. People enjoy the freedom to stand for their rights and dignity without any coercive and secretive police actions. Tahrir Square has become a symbol of the continued essence of freedom and collective will of the people of Egypt. It should retain its historic identity and value.
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what is its second best kept secret?

It’s just about two minutes down a little laneway from the large brick West Street storefront facing the Green she rented for 30 years, which, in fact, was around the corner from the South Street shop she ran earlier for 13 years after taking the big step of setting up in business before she even turned 21.

Ms. Nelson is thrilled about being able to buy 10 Cobble Court and the potential the space offered.

“It’s probably a bit smaller, but it’s all ‘A’ space,” she said during an interview at the store. “Everything I stock seems to look even better here.”

She credited Allen Lord Creations of New Milford with creating the well-appointed one-story retail area that reflects her attention to detail and a suitable layout to showcase the quality, stylish merchandise she carries.

“The first thing I thought of when I bought the space was calling Allen Lord,” Ms. Nelson said. “He did all the display units for the West Street shop when I moved in there, and he re-did them and added more for my new space. We saved all the chestnut flooring here and had it restored, and he designed the staircase going to my second floor, which is where my office is.”

Ms. Nelson’s business formula is simple and focused.

“I do appreciate good quality, and I’ve always shopped for all sizes and all ages and certainly keep in mind particular customers,” she said.

Sizing is not constant from brand to brand or year to year, or even within a brand, the retailer noted, which is why she and her sales assistants are ready to help customers find what they want, whether it is something for themselves or a gift for others.If the social teachings of the Catholic Church are sometimes considered its best kept secret, meaning that most Catholics do not know about them, or Church leaders have not made them known enough for members to live by them, what is its second best kept secret?

Not the scandals—sexual, financial or political—for these have occupied enough media space and air time. Not the hidden saintly lives worth emulating, for they come into the light sooner or later and gain following. Not the enormous wealth of the institution vis à vis the chosen poverty of those who wish to follow Jesus to the letter, for these sharp contrasts are obvious.

The Church’s “second best kept secret”—as those who wish to see it popularized and practiced impatiently call it—is the natural family planning (NFP) method. Second best kept secret because in spite of its supposed efficacy, not many know about it.You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers. Second best kept secret because those who should be advocating it (those fulminating against the recently passed Reproductive Health Law) are spending their energy badmouthing the RH advocates instead of buckling down to work to promote NFP. They are losing by default.

NFP is one of many means to plan family sizes or space births that the Catholic Church approves of, all the rest—contraceptives, abortion, vasectomy and tubal ligation—being anathema.

Two weeks ago I attended the daylong “Orientation to Population and Development” which tackled “challenges to the Filipino family today.” Among the event’s objectives was for participants to gain insight from the experiences in NFP of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro (CDO) and to engage Church people in a dialogue of faith on population and development issues. Also on the agenda was to explore areas of collaboration among Church and people’s groups in working for the wellbeing of Filipino families.

The organizers were from the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (Urban Missionaries, Women and Gender Concerns, and Center for Migrant Concerns) in partnership with the Philippine Center for Population and Development (PCPD). The gathering was an exercise in listening.

I came because I wanted to listen to CDO’s Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, the main speaker, who tackled pastoral perspectives on population and development and also shared his archdiocese’s experience in working with the PCPD. Yes, the PCPD, which does not hew to the Church’s blanket policy against artificial contraception but which includes NFP among the methods it supports—thus the PCPD-CDO archdiocese collaboration on NFP. Strange bedfellows? Not at all.

Just as enlightening was the talk of San Carlos University’s Dr. Socorro Gultiano who showed whether or not a country’s population is related to development. Felicitas C. Rixhon, executive director of PCPD, assured its support for NFP, as proven in the CDO archdiocese’s experience, but not NFP alone.

“Yes” to something. This is what Ledesma stressed in his talk, a departure from the nonstop “no” from anti-RH Law advocates who should be loudly saying “yes” to NFP.

Ledesma presented the three felt needs of couples in his archdiocese: They want family planning for family size and spacing; they prefer NFP plus adequate information on fertility awareness and NFP; they want to choose from among NFP methods to suit their own preferences.

In his paper titled “Promoting Natural Family Planning—Whose Move?” Ledesma said his pastoral experience included links with local government units and national government agencies over the past six years. Based on this, he has come up with recommendations for the government’s RH program.

These are: 1) The government, in promoting informed choice, should include NFP in its RH program. 2) In any government orientation on family planning, the first topic should be fertility awareness. 3) The government should provide information on all modern, scientifically tested NFP methods, including the simplified methods. 4) NFP requires values formation. 5) In its concern for maternal health, the government should give adequate information regarding the health risks of various kinds of contraceptives. 6) The government could set up a separate track for NFP promotion and provide support for faith-based organizations and their affiliated groups in promoting the values and methods of NFP.

On No. 2,Quality Brand Name tungsten ring and Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men. Ledesma explained that fertility awareness entailed an understanding of human sexuality and nature’s way of regulating births through the fertility cycle of the human body.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace, After the fertility awareness module, couples may be able to decide whether to go natural or use contraceptives. NFP methods are also called fertility-awareness-based methods, he said.

Many family life workers have told Ledesma that women who attended NFP seminars for the first time were not even aware that they had a natural cycle of fertile and infertile periods.

NFP is propoor, Ledesma stressed. “Once learned, there is no cost involved; it is sustainable across generations, with mothers passing on the method to their daughters.We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price.”

While speaking, Ledesma would often hold up a string of beads used in the Standard Days Method, supposedly the simplest. I asked if I could take a photo of him holding the beads and he said, sure.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring. I said women would learn the method easily if they strung the beads themselves.
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The founders of the new Buffalo Chapter will be required to host

“When we launched SingleHop,We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price. we thought that the IaaS industry had become too opaque,” said Zak Boca, Co-founder and CEO of SingleHop. “Customers never really knew what they were getting. So our goal at SingleHop was nothing less than a complete paradigm shift. We’ve modeled our entire business around providing total system transparency to the customer backed by enforceable accountability.”

Over the past 5 years, SingleHop has expanded from its Midwest base to a total of 4 data centers in Chicago, Phoenix, AZ, and most recently Amsterdam. Throughout the expansion, SingleHop has rolled out an extraordinary variety of solutions for hosting providers, software-as-a-service providers, design and development firms, value added resellers, academic organizations, e-commerce vendors, and marketing services companies.

“From the beginning, our strategy was to use automation to deliver infrastructure,Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring. any infrastructure from bare metal to cloud, in a more effective and predictable way. This recognition further validates that our unique single pane-of-glass approach to hosted infrastructure is resonating with businesses,” said Dan Ushman, Co-founder and CMO of SingleHop.

With services ranging from managed web hosting to white label VMware Enterprise Private Clouds, SingleHop’s offering covers the full gamut of IT infrastructure needs while providing best-in-class management tools. Clients across industries have come to appreciate SingleHop’s dedicated technical support teams, real-time system monitoring, extensive automation, and exclusive LEAP control panel, which lets clients monitor their systems from both computers and mobile devices.

SingleHop’s famous service level agreement (SLA), the Customer Bill of Rights, has raised the bar for transparency and accountability throughout the IT industry. The revolutionary SLA tells clients exactly how long it will take for SingleHop to deploy servers, replace hardware, respond to support tickets,Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace, and complete other vital tasks. Clients are automatically compensated for any downtime or failure to meet the SLA terms.

Local PASS chapters are communities of dedicated SQL Server and Business Intelligence professionals that meet regularly in person to connect, share, and learn in cities and towns around the world. The Buffalo Chapter was recently formed after members of Algonquin Studios’ software development team attended a one-day SQLSaturday event in Rochester, NY.

“We all really enjoyed the SQLSaturday event we went to last month,” says Dan Griggs, a Senior Developer at Algonquin Studios and President of Buffalo’s new Chapter. “None of us are SQL experts—we’re developers who use SQL— but the SQL family is open, engaging, and willing to help out and the free training that PASS events provide really made an impression on us. Once we realized the value offered by PASS and SQLSaturday, the idea of starting a Buffalo Chapter became very appealing to a number of us who’d attended the event.”

The idea of a local Chapter of PASS in Buffalo also appealed to the management team at Algonquin Studios. “Algonquin Studios is thrilled to sponsor a group that so many of our team members are involved in,” says Donald F. Lee III, Director of Software Development at Algonquin Studios. “SQL Server is at the heart of every system we build at Algonquin and this group will help to strengthen our developers’ skills. Even more important than that, we’re excited that they’ll be getting out in the Buffalo Tech community, networking, and helping to build a stronger technology base in downtown Buffalo.”

“In addition to our immediate goals of building interest and membership, we’d love to bring a SQLSaturday event to downtown Buffalo in 2014,” says Griggs. “Hosting an annual event like that obviously requires the support of excellent community and corporate sponsors, which is why we’re so glad to have Algonquin Studios on our team.”

The founders of the new Buffalo Chapter will be required to host monthly meetings or “user groups” that offer educational and networking opportunities to their membership. They’re currently looking for additional corporate sponsors, event locations, and speakers to present at their meetings, either in person or via the web. If you’d like more information about joining the group, becoming a sponsor, or presenting at a meeting, please visit the Chapter’s web site.

About PASS – PASS is run by and for the community, made up of database administrators and developers, application developers, Business Intelligence and IT professionals, executives,You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers. consultants, educators, instructors, students, vendors, and many others who work with or use Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence technologies.

With a global membership of more than 100,000 PASS facilitates member networking and the exchange of information through its local and virtual Chapters, free web events, local and regional events, and the annual PASS Summit – the largest gathering of SQL Server professionals in the world. PASS delivers high-quality, up-to-date,Quality Brand Name tungsten ring and Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men. technical content, presentations, and other educational material for in-depth learning and professional development and works with Microsoft to influence the evolution of SQL Server technologies.
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My family has started to get into the sport

Her heart beats faster and faster and beads of sweat drip down her face, as she sprints toward the finish line just seconds ahead of several other competitors.

2nd Lt. Samantha Morrison, a recent graduate of the Air Force Academy, grew up the oldest of seven children that were all devoted and competitive swimmers and is now an avid competitor in triathlons, representing the Air Force.

Morrison competed and won the Armed Forces National Championships in her first race as an active duty Air Force officer. She finished this race, which involved a 1k swim, 40k bike and 10k run in 2:07.39, making her the fastest woman triathlete in the Department of Defense and the third fastest woman triathlete in the world.

“My siblings and I spent over 20 hours per week training with our local club swim team,” Morrison said. “My parents pushed us to be our best, stay fit and get into the habit of an active lifestyle. I hated my dad every Saturday morning at 5 a.m. when he would wake me up to go to practice, but I thank him for it now.”

At the age of 15, Morrison saw an ad in the newspaper for a half marathon and was determined to give it a try.

“I told my dad I was going to try it; he told me there was no way that I could finish a crazy race like that,You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers. so I was motivated to prove him wrong,” she explained.

According to her resume, Morrison is in her seventh year of competing in triathlons. She was recruited to run Division I cross country and track at the Academy. After only one season, she decided that triathlon racing was her true passion.

With the support of her friends and family, she continues to thrive as a competitor and an officer in the U.S. Air Force.Quality Brand Name tungsten ring and Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men.

“It is hard for me to balance my family and friends with my training schedule,” Morrison said. “I end up spending all of my ‘friend’ time working out with them,Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace, then we are too exhausted to do other fun things. My family has started to get into the sport, so my dad will bike with me and my sisters run alongside as well. This helps with being able to balance both.”

A 10k run, 40k bike and a 1k swim, seems like an exhausting task, add competing and fighting for a top 3 position among hundreds of other participants to that task and it seems rather daunting, however, Morrison trains for nearly 25 hours a week in order to triumph in these triathlons.

She said that her typical workout routine involves swimming for about an hour in the morning, then a two-hour run or bike. She also incorporates crossfit and weight training in order to avoid injury and stay strong,Cheap custom printed logo USB flash drives wholesale at wholesale bulk prices. but getting into this routine wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

“I think that starting the routine is the hardest part, but once you suck it up for a week or two, you’ll feel like you are missing a part of your life if you miss a workout,” she said. “Just give the active lifestyle a 7-day shot, and you’ll get addicted, in a good way.”

Morrison is slated to arrive at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, in August of 2013. While on station, Morrison will be part of the public affairs team and live the motto of “4th but First” by being the fastest person within the DoD.

In October, she will race in the Ironman World Championships for the second time. However, this year she competes representing the entire Air Force, as their chosen women’s representative.

“I hope that [competing in triathlons] helps me in my public affairs career by showing people that I am dedicated to whatever I do in life,” Morrison said. “I want to make the Air Force a career, but by competing in triathlons on the side I hope it helps me stay active and busy. When I am busy it makes me do a better job at everything in life.”
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