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who is recuperating in Lal Bahadur

Meet Groomzilla, a new breed of modern groom who refuses to simply collect a rented suit and show up at the church.

Older,manufacturers and Double sided PET industry tape Products suppliers Directory. more cashed-up and interested in fashion and food, grooms are increasingly putting their stamp on the wedding, Bride To Be magazine’s Cost of Love research has found.

“Bridal designers tell us more and more about grooms turning up at dress fittings or coming to see the dress before the wedding, which is a real break from tradition,” Bride To Be editor Sarah Stevens said.

“Couples are now often paying for the wedding themselves and that is a big part of it. Men are putting money in and want a say in what is happening with the wedding.”

Men are splashing out 40 per cent more on their wedding outfits than grooms of a decade ago, with 14 per cent now ordering custom-made suits.

Just over half choose the engagement ring – and splash out more than $1000 on jewellery and accessories for themselves as well, the research found.

Celebrating the end of their bachelor days is another big event for the modern groom, with men spending 35 per cent more than their fiancee’s hen’s night on a bonding trip with their mates.All the latest Releasing film Products in small size and in resumable.

Groom-to-be Matt Clark, 28, is helping his fiancee Morgan Downs, 25, write their vows.

He has chosen the outfits for the groomsmen, selected the wine and is using his graphic design skills to create the invitations for their November wedding. “It is a marriage so you don’t want it to reflect just one side or part of the relationship,” Mr Clark said.

“It is good for both to have an equal say.Products from Global Silicon protctive film Products Suppliers.”

Ms Downs said her gown would be a surprise but Matt has approved the veil and bridesmaid dresses.

“It has been a very good journey with Matt,” she said.

“We want to make it our day rather than just mine or his, so it is great to have him so involved in the planning.”

Ms Stevens said Groomzillas are not nightmare grooms.Our offered BOPP Tapes are in compliance with the BOPP tape Products.

“Guys realise it is their big day too and so much emphasis has been put on the bride in the past that they are taking ownership of it,Visit us to find a company offering a flexible Protective film Products.” she said.

“Bridezilla gets thrown at women who are not nasty or mean or horrible, they just want it all to be right. And I think the same now goes for grooms.”

Sources said Navi, who is recuperating in Lal Bahadur Shashtri Hospital, had come to India to meet relatives who live in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. He landed at the IGI airport around 6pm on Monday but missed his relatives there. Navi then took a bus and reached the Kashmere Gate bus stand.

A man advised Navi to go to the Anand Vihar terminus to get a direct bus for Moradabad. The man also offered to come along as he had to go to Anand Vihar and called for an auto. They decided to share the fare.

On the way, the driver gave lift to another man. Soon, Navi was asked if he wanted anything to drink. They stopped the auto at a shop and bought water, plastic glasses and cold drinks.

Soon after having the drink, perhaps laced with heavy doses of sedatives, Navi started feeling drowsy. The accused then robbed him of Rs 40,000, 3,000 in Pakistani currency and three bags containing jewellery and clothes for his relatives. The robbers also took away his wallet and cards and dumped him. A passerby informed copsand Navi was taken to the hospital.
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which is the difference between the outflow

BURGLARS made off with more than £5,000 of jewellery after breaking into a house in Westcliff.

Thieves got away with the haul, which also included a tablet computer, after breaking into a house in Southborough Drive through a back door on Friday morning.

Police have called on the public to watch out for distinctive items and appealed for witnesses who saw anything suspicious between 8.30am and 9,30am to come forward.

Investigating officer DC Samantha Boyd said: “We’re appealing for anyone who saw any suspicious activity on this street during the school run on Friday morning.

“We would also highlight a couple of key items that were stolen.

“A compass, the size of a pocket watch, on a gold chain was taken. It is a nine-carat gold and the surround on the compass is very ornate.

“There was also a Southern Railway silver titanium watch in it box that was stolen.

“The owner states that it is quite plain-looking as a watch, but is only one of four ever made. It has a logo on it and hopefully this will attract the attention of anyone who is offered it illegally.”

A forensic examination of the property was carried out as were house-to-house enquiries.

Gold imports are estimated to fall by around 24 per cent to about 38 tonnes in June following restrictions on imports and jeweller associations banning sale of coins and bars, an industry body said.

The country imported about 50 tonnes of gold in June 2012,All the latest Releasing film Products in small size and in resumable. according to official data.

which is the difference between the outflow and inflow of foreign currency, is estimated to be around 5 per cent of the GDP in 2012-13 fiscal.Our offered BOPP Tapes are in compliance with the BOPP tape Products. CAD had touched a record high of 6.7 per cent during October-December quarter.

The central bank had said the trade deficit has widened during April-May due to surge in festival related or seasonal gold imports.

To curb demand, the government hiked the import duty on gold three times in a year and raised it by 2 per cent to 8 per cent. Besides, RBI too has put restrictions on banks on importing gold.

Meanwhile, All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) has taken steps to help curb gold imports by issuing a circular to its members requesting them to stop selling bars and coins.

“We have requested our members and affiliated members to help the government to reduce gold import by not selling bars and coins. We are getting positive response from our members and this step will help bringing down the imports to some extent,” GJF Chairman Haresh Soni told PTI.

GJF has also submitted a representation to the Finance Ministry, which suggests at way in which imports can be curbed without jeopardising the jewellery industry, he said.manufacturers and Double sided PET industry tape Products suppliers Directory.Products from Global Silicon protctive film Products Suppliers.

“We have listed number of ways that will help the government to curb imports. Our representation includes gold deposit scheme that will encourage people to deposit idle gold lying with them with the government in lieu of some interest for a few years. This gold then can be used for jewellery purpose by the industry and can later be given back to the source,” Soni added.

He said there are about 25,000 tonne gold laying idle in the country and if 5-10 per cent of it used the issue will be resolved. “The government has asked us to structure this gold deposit scheme. We are working on it and will present it this week,” he added.
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There was a sense of falling back in time as Antigua

There was so much incense wafting around the historic heart of Antigua, in Guatemala, that it was difficult to breathe. In fact, it was almost impossible to see the other side of the cobblestoned street.

Purely by fluke I was in Antigua during Lent, when the city hosts some of the most spectacular and arguably the largest Easter processions to be found anywhere in Latin America.

The scene had been set the night before when I arrived at my hotel, a former Dominican monastery established in 1542. Night had fallen and the cloisters and courtyards were subtly lit. Among the deep shadows small spotlights were trained on original statues and other finds from years of excavation since the monks abandoned the monastery after three earthquakes in the 18th century.

My room was in what had been the monastery’s infirmary and, after a suitably chaste sleep, breakfast was served in one of the cloisters while a recording of chanting monks warbled in the background. Close to my table a family of Guatemalans ate breakfast, the men of the family clad in long purple robes. The reason for their attire became obvious once I stepped out into the street.

There was a sense of falling back in time as Antigua, once Guatemala’s capital during the 17th and 18th centuries, is almost perfectly preserved and restored. The presence of purple robed men purposefully striding past only added to that sensation.

They were part of a contingent of several thousand who would shortly share the burden, 100 at a time, of carrying a three-tonne float depicting scenes of the Crucifixion around the town.

Antigua is a pastel confection of one and two-storey houses roofed with terracotta tiles. Among the houses are Spanish colonial-era churches, monasteries and convents. From the exterior many of the house facades look spartan and forbidding with only a set of massive wooden doors providing access. However, step inside and another world awaits. Cool tiled entranceways lead visitors into courtyards where bougainvillea spill over walls,stocks a huge selection of aluminum foil tape. water splashes in fountains and statuWorldwide leader in PET protective film Products and Coated Papers.es stand in the shade of arched loggias. But today was not one to linger inside as, at Easter and especially in Holy Week, or Semana Santa, life in Antigua spills out into the streets rather than taking place behind closed doors.

Down the centre of almost every street whole families were labouring over a spectacular feature of the procession days: des alfrombras de Accerin, or floral carpets. Wooden frames, some dozens of metres long, had been set up on the cobblestones and then filled with a fragrant layer of pine needles.

The creation of the gloriously coloured carpets then calls for coloured sawdust and sands,Online supplies a large range of double sided tape. fresh flowers, even vegetables. It takes hours to create carpets but only seconds to destroy them: they are created on the streets along which the thousands of people in the processions will walk.

The tradition was brought to Latin America by the Spanish, where originally the designs were a visual display of Biblical stories and themes. The local people, most of whom trace their ancestry back to the ancient Mayan empire when offerings were made to the gods, then added their own interpretations, hence the fresh produce.Matco Packaging Llc suppliers of BOPP tape, The designs are amazingly intricate, with people crouched on the hard pavements for hours to create them. Sometimes stencils are used, other times they work freehand to create multihued geometrical designs, detailed depictions of some of Central America’s spectacular birds, animals and flowers. People ferried supplies from nearby houses, including buckets of water which would be splashed over the carpets to hold the sawdust in place and keep the works of art looking fresh.

The closer I got to the procession’s start point the denser the crowds became and the deeper became the sea of purple-robed and hooded men and boys. Several hundred women were dressed especially for the occasion too, in black dresses with black lace mantillas over their hair. They would have the honour of carrying the float bearing the statue of the Virgin Mary.Scotch No base material double sided tape Products with Dispenser you need for home office or business.

By now the marshals were having trouble keeping the centre of the street clear of spectators. We were corralled on to a corner, about five deep. The sun was scorching, the crush slightly claustrophobic. The parade began with ranks of Centurions (a reference to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion by the Romans) in gleaming red armour, the solemnity of their roles a little dented by the fact that their helmets were fitted with red- bristled broomheads.

Rather alarmingly, at first glance they were accompanied by figures in white with faces covered almost entirely by hoods eerily like those worn by the Ku Klux Klan. A local, seeing my horrified gaze, explained that these costumes were copies of robes worn by historic Spanish religious brotherhoods.
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I am going to go through brain surgery

Fans of Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan are praying for the actor, who underwent a brain surgery in Mumbai.

Their prayers have been heard and the actor is doing fine after the surgery.

It has been confirmed on his upcoming film, ‘Krrish 3’s’, official Twitter account that the surgery is taking place at Hinduja Hospital.Scotch No base material double sided tape Products with Dispenser you need for home office or business.

It states: “Hrithik is spotted at Hinduja Hospital. The surgery is happening through scopy method right now [sic].Matco Packaging Llc suppliers of BOPP tape,”

According to reports, the endoscopy is already underway.

Media reports are quoting father Rakesh Roshan as confirming his son has a clot in brain membrane and is suffering from a skull subdural haematoma.

In layman terms,Online supplies a large range of double sided tape. a haematoma occurs when blood clots collected in the subdural space between two of the meninges that form the protective lining around the brain.

A haematoma can occur due to a serious head injury. But if the condition is minor, surgical patients are known to make a full recovery.

The actor, who has been out of the news of late, despite his superhero film ‘Krrish 3’ readying for release in a few months, broke the silence over his condition in a cryptic, yet emotional message on his official Facebook account in the early hours.

Roshan said: “We all know that we create a life of joy using the power of our mind. I’ve had the privilege of creating wonders with this amazing gift given to us called the brain.Worldwide leader in PET protective film Products and Coated Papers.

“Occasionally one must look within and realise its value. It gives us the power to see, hear, touch, smell and taste, it allows us to conquer fear and create courage to do things we never imagined.

“Maybe it’s time for me to feel the power literally.

“I am going to go through brain surgery today and want you to know that I am going in with absolute power to recover fast.

“My thanks to all of you for using the power of your mind to contribute to my life. Love you all.”

His parents and wife Sussanne Roshan are apparently by the actor’s side.

Roshan’s health is also the reason being cited for his inability to attend Saturday’s International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards.

Over the weekend, Roshan had taken to his official Twitter account to complain about spasms in his back, writing: “Spasm in my back. Long day in front.stocks a huge selection of aluminum foil tape. The bed on my left, gym on my mind.”
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