who is recuperating in Lal Bahadur

Meet Groomzilla, a new breed of modern groom who refuses to simply collect a rented suit and show up at the church.

Older,manufacturers and Double sided PET industry tape Products suppliers Directory. more cashed-up and interested in fashion and food, grooms are increasingly putting their stamp on the wedding, Bride To Be magazine’s Cost of Love research has found.

“Bridal designers tell us more and more about grooms turning up at dress fittings or coming to see the dress before the wedding, which is a real break from tradition,” Bride To Be editor Sarah Stevens said.

“Couples are now often paying for the wedding themselves and that is a big part of it. Men are putting money in and want a say in what is happening with the wedding.”

Men are splashing out 40 per cent more on their wedding outfits than grooms of a decade ago, with 14 per cent now ordering custom-made suits.

Just over half choose the engagement ring – and splash out more than $1000 on jewellery and accessories for themselves as well, the research found.

Celebrating the end of their bachelor days is another big event for the modern groom, with men spending 35 per cent more than their fiancee’s hen’s night on a bonding trip with their mates.All the latest Releasing film Products in small size and in resumable.

Groom-to-be Matt Clark, 28, is helping his fiancee Morgan Downs, 25, write their vows.

He has chosen the outfits for the groomsmen, selected the wine and is using his graphic design skills to create the invitations for their November wedding. “It is a marriage so you don’t want it to reflect just one side or part of the relationship,” Mr Clark said.

“It is good for both to have an equal say.Products from Global Silicon protctive film Products Suppliers.”

Ms Downs said her gown would be a surprise but Matt has approved the veil and bridesmaid dresses.

“It has been a very good journey with Matt,” she said.

“We want to make it our day rather than just mine or his, so it is great to have him so involved in the planning.”

Ms Stevens said Groomzillas are not nightmare grooms.Our offered BOPP Tapes are in compliance with the BOPP tape Products.

“Guys realise it is their big day too and so much emphasis has been put on the bride in the past that they are taking ownership of it,Visit us to find a company offering a flexible Protective film Products.” she said.

“Bridezilla gets thrown at women who are not nasty or mean or horrible, they just want it all to be right. And I think the same now goes for grooms.”

Sources said Navi, who is recuperating in Lal Bahadur Shashtri Hospital, had come to India to meet relatives who live in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. He landed at the IGI airport around 6pm on Monday but missed his relatives there. Navi then took a bus and reached the Kashmere Gate bus stand.

A man advised Navi to go to the Anand Vihar terminus to get a direct bus for Moradabad. The man also offered to come along as he had to go to Anand Vihar and called for an auto. They decided to share the fare.

On the way, the driver gave lift to another man. Soon, Navi was asked if he wanted anything to drink. They stopped the auto at a shop and bought water, plastic glasses and cold drinks.

Soon after having the drink, perhaps laced with heavy doses of sedatives, Navi started feeling drowsy. The accused then robbed him of Rs 40,000, 3,000 in Pakistani currency and three bags containing jewellery and clothes for his relatives. The robbers also took away his wallet and cards and dumped him. A passerby informed copsand Navi was taken to the hospital.
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