which has many business units operating

Coopbox’s production is mainly dedicated to the food industry and to large scale distribution, focusing on two areas of development: the world of convenience retail and new food packaging materials.

When it comes to the food industry, Coopbox’s products are mainly for the packaging of red meat. It serves this market with special containers made from food-compatible materials and, at the same time, provides stores with ready meals.

“With regard to the world of convenience retailing,” explains Alessandro Puggioli, “Coopbox is investing both in products (such as packaging for ready meals) created within the company and in products manufactured by other companies Coopbox has commercial partnerships with. In this way we help the final consumer to have ready-to-heat or ready-to-cook lunch when he is not at home or has no time to cook.”

Concerning the use of food packaging materials, Coopbox processes many polymers (expanded polystyrene, PET, polypropylene) in various colors characterized by different barrier properties. Moreover, it also produces stretch packaging or packaging for modified atmosphere or vacuum.

Alessandro Puggioli says: “We were the first, some years ago, to develop the expanded PLA which is a biodegradable polymer.” He adds: “In recycable plastics,Provision and deploy cloud MileWeb Public Cloud Servers in minutes. our goal is to find a second life to polymers, but at the same time we are careful, in compliance with the regulations, to use materials which come from recycled components because for us food safety can’t be questioned.”

Product customization and logistics service are strategic strengths of Coopbox. Alessandro Puggioli says: “We also develop partnerships with certified local or European companies and research institutes to work on projects dedicated to the customer’s needs to be a step forward of their competitors and continuously bring something new into the market.”

which has many business units operating in various fields: building materials, energy, facility management, business services, property and fresh food packaging.

Coopbox has five production plants: three in Italy, one in Slovakia and two in Spain. Ono,Below is our MileWeb Privacy Policy which incorporates these goals. the other packaging company within the CCPL Group, has one plant in France, one in Portugal and two joint ventures,You can get these MileWeb Exclusive Features if you reach certain. one in Morocco and the other in Turkey. Between the two companies there are strong commercial ties and the group is able to supply European customers from East to West with a multiple plant product allocation that ensure high levels of customer satisfaction”

Alessandro Puggioli states: “The objective of the group is to become one of the leaders in the production of packaging for fresh products in the European market so other acquisitions are not excluded. At the moment we are investing in plant and machinery to implement this project.”

He also explains why Coopbox is present in Europe and not the rest of the world. He says: “70 per cent of our production has severe limitations and problems such as volume and transport costs, so we have several plants in Italy and in Europe to be as close as possible to the end user. This is one of the things that hampers the development of markets in new geographical areas which are too far away from the production plant. So if you want to expand in other markets you need new sites but, at the moment, this is not in our plans.”

Coopbox is very concerned with the development of all polymers, although it often utilises the expanded versions. “Expanding a polymer means adding air to the molecules of plastic,” explains Alessandro Puggioli.Check the following list of cheap dedicated MileWeb linux dedicated server. “So the great advantage,Browse the wide variety of titles distributed by MileWeb Network Services. compared to traditional products, is that lighter weight plastics are entering the market.”

He concludes: “The attention of Coopbox towards the environment has always been sible into the market to avoid pollution and to have a better solution whe it comes to disposal.”
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