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Now celebrating their 10th Anniversary, leading UK streetwear retailer Yukka is pushing the bar once more with newly arrived and bargain stock from high profile LA brand Crooks & Castles.

The brainchild of urban clothing aficionados Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio, Crooks & Castles was first launched in 2002, with the aim of creating a brand that directly reflected the LA street lifestyle. The two designers also wanted to reflect their own take on urban and hip hop clothing, which proved to be immensely popular and has seen them become a mainstay in the arena of cutting-edge urban fashion.when I find that the Wholesale Cheap Hard Cases for iPhone 4S or the beetroot looks beautiful.

Crooks & Castles focussed on being a direct reflection of the LA street lifestyle. Not stopping there, Calvero also moved to New York for a short while to absorb the East Coast urban inspirations. Later designer Emil Soriano joined the team,white leather Wholesale Cheap Rhinestone Cases for iPhone 4S case designed for the iPhone 4, and the brand re-launched in 2004 with key distribution avenues in place. By 2007, Crooks & Castles had established a global fan base that has grown from strength to strength – their clothing is firmly favoured by the likes of hip hop icons Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Calvero previously stated that the brand name and philosophy originates from the concept that β€œbehind every castle there’s a crook”. When asked about their format, he answered: β€œWe originally started out as a small streetwear brand and now what we’re trying to do is solidify Crooks as a brand. Regardless of the category, we just want to be a lifestyle brand.”

In addition, when Calvero was questioned in a separate interview about what he considers to be the essentials of a streetwear brand, he commented: β€œFor us it still remains tees, accessories,There are many note taking apps available for Cheap Styluses for iPhone, and a timeless cut and sew collection… We try to stay active in collaborating with leaders in different categories…”

The Crooks & Castles brand has actively expanded over the years to put their prestigious mark on a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing – from outerwear, sweaters, hoodies, denims, shorts, T-shirts and footwear, to accessories such as headwear, sunglasses,I used it as Cheap Replacement Parts for iPhone 3G replacement in my reporter duties, key rings and even iPhone cases.

With their famous Bandito and Toy Gun graphics now the stuff of legend, Crooks & Castles continue to stay ahead of the game with regular fresh collections and designs.You can filter photos in the Camera app on the Wholesale Cheap Cases Package for iPhone 4/4S iPod Touch, Just some of their must-have stock newly arrived at Yukka includes a host of edgy caps (from adjustable to snapback), tanktops and T-shirts – just in time from the blazing British summer.

Yukka’s website also makes it easier than ever before to bag a hot item or three by allowing shoppers to browse by size, category item, price range, colour, Bestsellers and Newest.

Founder of urban clothing retailer Yukka, Robby Sur, commented on their exciting new merchandise: β€œWithout a doubt, Crooks & Castles are one of THE major players when it comes to cutting-edge streetwear – their reputation is nothing less than stellar for anyone in-the-know when it comes to hip hop fashion, so people will want to jump online and visit our store before the freshest stock flies off the virtual shelves.”

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