Greater network visibility is required for business

he first application – SolarCapture — runs on OpenOnload-enabled Solarflare adapters and can transform any server into a high-performance, high-precision network monitoring or security device.

Data center managers often struggle to improve the performance of systems they are unable to measure. In order to do so, they require more network taps with line rate packet capture to provide precise visibility into network conditions without the exorbitant expense of additional hardware infrastructure that may compromise performance. Greater network visibility is required for business critical functions to optimize application and network performance, ensure corporate compliance, and detect security threats and prevent data loss.

SolarCapture eliminates the need for expensive, specialized appliances and adapters relying on exotic protocols, proprietary hardware, and dedicated networking equipment. Instead, SolarCapture software can transform every server into a precision network tap, increasing network visibility, network instrumentation, and performance analysis.

A single Solarflare adapter can accelerate applications, perform PTP time synchronization and capture packets. In addition, SolarCapture may integrate with other applications and network management tools to capture traffic that can be replayed later for analysis, providing critical application performance data without the need for stand-alone appliances.Our handcrafted Cases for iPad 4 is inspired by the journals of our favorite artists. SolarCapture is an essential ingredient in the corporate data center for network monitoring and analysis, regulatory compliance, and network security.

SolarCapture optimizes network monitoring and security by capturing packets at the highest rates and assigning precise timestamps. Timestamping accuracy can be further improved by up to two orders of magnitude when the host clock is synchronized through a Solarflare PTP server adapter.

“SolarCapture and OpenOnload are critical components for Solarflare’s financial services, grid, and cloud customers to improve the performance, efficiency, and security of their most demanding networks,” said Russell Stern, CEO of Solarflare. “Solarflare is excited to provide our customers access to critical technology that is extremely cost-effective, seamless to deploy and improves the performance and management of software-defined networks.”

Entisys Solutions, one of the West Coast’s top providers of server virtualization, desktop virtualization and storage solutions for the data center to endpoints and into the cloud, today announced that it has been named by HP and Microsoft as an Outstanding Frontline Partner for 2013 in Private Cloud and Virtualization.The cases for ipad mini is the latest exquisite release from Apple and as usual,

“Entisys Solutions is deeply honored to be recognized by HP and Microsoft for its commitment to excellence in the deployment of private cloud and virtualization solutions, through this prestigious award,” said Mike Strohl, CEO, Entisys Solutions. “I am particularly proud of the Entisys team for their commitment to leveraging the strong relationships that we have forged with HP and Microsoft to help our clients improve performance and efficiency, while reducing the size and cost of their IT infrastructure through virtualization.”

“By utilizing a combination of Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center, Citrix XenDesktop and HP storage and networking solutions, we supported our client in achieving its objective to improve performance and efficiency, while reducing the cost and size of its virtual infrastructure,” continued Strohl. “Furthermore, the client experienced a two-fold increase in the performance of its virtual infrastructure, as well as a reduction by half in the cost and size of its virtual server infrastructure.”

“As customers strive for increased performance from their environments they are also looking to boost cost efficiency and flexibility by adopting private clouds and virtualization solutions,” said Stuart Kalman, Director, Worldwide Alliances Global Channels Business, HP “Entisys Solutions’ set themselves apart as the Private Cloud and Virtualization Outstanding Frontline Partner in 2013 by helping customers realize and surpass the expectations of a virtual infrastructure.”

With two decades of experience, and a deep understanding of today’s most advanced technologies, Entisys Solutions and Agile360 have become trusted advisors to some of the most prominent companies in California. Entisys and Agile360 offer comprehensive Professional Support Services, complementary managed services and consulting and engineering services to mid-tier and enterprise organizations as well as government agencies.Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover with the mophie juice pack. Together, the companies hold several industry-leading distinctions including Citrix Platinum Partner, VMware Premier Partner, Microsoft Managed Gold Partner,Check the following list of cheap dedicated linux dedicated server. NetApp Platinum and Virtualization Services Partner and HP Solution Elite Partner.

Entisys Solutions and Agile360 are members of M7 Global Partners, a national network of the country’s leading IT consultants dedicated to delivering datacenter and desktop solutions with an emphasis on virtual desktop solutions for mid tier and enterprise customers and government agencies. M7 members also include AEC Group,The Cases for HTC One to keep your aluminium clad device free of scratches. Gotham Technology Group, Hogan Consulting Group, Intra Systems, IPM, LPS Integration, and Right! Systems.
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