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The Dedicated Server versus Cloud Computing debate is ongoing in the Information Technology industry. For advanced administrators and engineers, the core issue is β€œDo I completely own and control resources strictly committed to me and my applications?” Using someone else’s infrastructure for your applications other than β€œping, power and pipe” is a business risk that depends on what level one is willing to assume risk. Hardware costs, scaling, failover, redundancy, processing power, disk space, bandwidth, amperage, usage based metering and scaling are the same in either environment. The key difference is how it is managed respectively in each environment and what the impacts are on customers.

AIT has studied this issue and noted several short comings within the Cloud Computing environment that could put customers at risk and that is why we have launched a Dedicated Server suite. β€œIf you want high performance, customization and guaranteed resources you go with dedicated servers. When competing in the β€œCloud” environment, you may not have the resources necessary such as the case with AWS, Google or Microsoft’s Office 365. The truth is that Clouds have been very unreliable in the recent past,” said Mike Roberts,The Cases for HTC One to keep your aluminium clad device free of scratches. COO of AIT.” β€œIf you are a start up with an uncertain future, Cloud may be the solution as the initial cost barrier may be of concern to you. There is nothing dedicated, not even an instance, in a Cloud environment and it is almost always oversold. But the marketing pitch is that it is relatively inexpensive and you only pay for what you use. Well, that’s not entirely true – the initial costs may be low but you will pay more as you use more,” added Roberts.

β€œAIT has focused on developing their Dedicated Server suite to deliver reliable resources and provide scalability for our customers to grow.Provision and deploy cloud MileWeb Public Cloud Servers in minutes. The claim that Dedicated Servers entail high up-front purchase costs is a myth. In fact, with AIT’s customer loyalty program,Hivelocity offers reliable and affordable Windows windows dedicated server. the cost of our dedicated servers drops 50% after six months over the lifetime of the server,” said Mike Noble, Business Development Manager. β€œWe deploy dedicated hardware for each customer at no up-front cost to the customer. And as long as the IT architecture is properly designed up front, it will scale as well or better than any Cloud environment, the primary difference is that Dedicated Server Hosting is just that – Dedicated. We have seen the difference in response by our customers on the cost savings and the knowledge that the resources are there with a Dedicated Server,” added Noble.

AIT maintains a 93,000 Square Foot data center in our Corporate Headquarters in Fayetteville, NC. AIT’s core business is web hosting, domain registration and dedicated servers. AIT is a privately-owned company and is one of the longest standing web hosting companies in the industry. AIT has a consistent track record of unblemished profitability, a major reason why AIT is the only hosting provider to have earned a place on the Inc 500 list two times.

Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc., (AIT) is a privately-held North Carolina based firm specializing in Internet-based products and services. Founded as a garage enterprise in 1995 by Clarence Briggs, a service disabled veteran businessman, AIT is one of the largest web hosting firms in the world with customers ranging from small to medium sized companies to Fortune 500 businesses, state and federal government entities.

Micro servers are an emerging form factor of servers designed to process low intensive workloads like lightweight web serving; simple content delivery nodes and low end dedicated hosting. They are basically low power servers consisting of several nodes that share a common architecture. Increasing demand for servers in data center due to the explosive growth of data usage among customers and the power usage of the traditional servers even when they are in idle mode makes them ineffective cost-wise. However the stringent requirement of maintaining 99.99% uptime of the websites or data availability makes these costs necessary. Micro servers were developed as a cost effective solution to this dilemma faced by servers industry. Micro servers have an extraordinary dense and power saving design in which fans and power supply are shared by tens or potentially, hundreds of server nodes. This efficiency leads to the elimination of space and power consumption of redundant components. The micro servers presently costs up to 63 percent less than the conventional servers.

Media storage application covers the largest share of the market presently as compared to other applications. However it is forecasted that data centers application will surpass it by 2018. The reason behind this is the growing online business and increasing requirement of security, storage, resilience in corporate. Analytics and cloud computing are the other promising applications of micro servers. Cloud computing application will grow at a phenomenal CAGR of 62.3% from 2013 to 2018.

North America has the largest market for micro servers presently. Media storage and data centers application are growing an extraordinary rate in these regions. As these applications hold the largest share among other applications, their growth will supplement the growth of micro servers. The prime reason behind this is the emergence of China and Japan. As cloud computing is getting popular in this region, new players have been entering into the internet datacenter services market. These new players have brought more Internet datacenter resources to meet the end users’ fast-growing requirements.Our handcrafted Cases for iPad 4 is inspired by the journals of our favorite artists. Thus as the internet datacenters market is growing,Find the perfect leather or synthetic cellphone cases for your phone. there is a huge need of setting up infrastructure to meet this demand. It is predicted that green field projects will be set up in these regions to compensate for this growth and this would give great opportunity for micro servers industry to install their solutions in these regions.

This report deals with all the driving factors, restraints, and opportunities with respect to the micro servers market, which are helpful in identifying trends and key success factors for the industry. It also profiles companies active in the micro servers industry. The report provides the competitive landscape of the players, which covers key growth strategies followed by all the major players. It also highlights the winning imperatives and burning issues pertaining to the PIC industry. It does analyze the micro servers market with the help of Porter’s five-force model.
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