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Jose and Priscilla Rodriguez’s cellphones started shrieking just before 11 p.m. Monday along with mobile phones across California, and the noise not only woke them up, but their 2-month-old son as well.

Jose Rodriguez, a second lieutenant stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, said he wasn’t pleased the messages woke the whole family up. However, he supports the reason behind the alerts.

The text messages that went out Monday to cellphones in California were part of an Amber Alert, informing people of a pair of siblings who had gone missing from San Diego County, and were suspected of being abducted.You can get these Data Center Facilities Features if you reach certain. The texts were accompanied by a shrill alarm sound.

Amber Alerts have long been issued in certain urgent missing person cases across the United States,Customized Promotion Dedicated Server offer you a wide. but Monday’s text message marked the first one sent out in California as an effort of the new Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) program, operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Starting Jan. 1 of this year, Amber Alerts are sent automatically through the WEA program to millions of cellphone users in the U.S, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The messages, which do not cost any money to receive, are transmitted simultaneously to all mobile devices in range of cellular carrier towers in the affected area.

Those with WEA-enabled phones are automatically signed up to receive three notices β€” president, imminent threat and Amber Alerts in their region.

Cellphone users are able to opt out of the alerts, if they choose, with the exception of the president’s messages.

Alert preferences can either be adjusted on a cellphone through the notification settings, or by calling your cellphone service provider.

Christine Page, who also lives on Vandenberg Air Force Base, said her husband’s phone received the Amber Alert on Monday.

β€œWe didn’t know what it was to begin with,The whole orientation management of Network Services and infrastructure.” she said.

After looking at his cell, Page’s husband told her it was an Amber Alert.

β€œHe turned it off and went back to bed.Provision and deploy cloud Public Cloud Servers in minutes. Obviously, we weren’t out where we could help anybody,” she said.

Despite the minor annoyance, Page supports the texts. Although, she’d like to see them more localized to specific areas.

β€œI suppose it’s a good way to communicate an Amber Alert,” Page said.

Susan Verres, who lives in Germany but is on a tour of the West Coast, also received the text.

She thinks the mobile message program is well-conceived.

Local law enforcement officers received the Amber Alerts along with everyone else.

Santa Maria police Lt. Kim Graham said the text she received was somewhat limited, and she would have liked to know more about the children missing and the suspect, along with other details.

β€œAs a police officer, of course, I would like to have complete information,” she added.

β€œIt was good. It got my attention. I looked at the phone. However, I just wish there would have been additional information,” Graham said.

Brian Josef, assistant vice president of regulatory affairs for The Wireless Association, which is a partner in the WEA program, said nearly ever major brand of cellphone has the capability to receive Wireless Emergency Alerts.

β€œWe would hope people don’t opt out. We can understand the surprise,” he said.

Josef said the emergency alerts are being sent out sparingly, and are important.

β€œIt is designed to get people’s attention, but if it’s an important enough issue in threat situations, we want to make sure that the public doesn’t miss those alerts.”
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