Some cases involve suspects flashing guns

A former Westmoreland police officer was arrested on charges of statutory rape after being accused of having sex at least twice with an underage girl.

John Edwin Puckett, 49, was arrested by the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday and charged with aggravated statutory rape and soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to an affidavit filed in a Sumner County Court, Puckett admitted to Westmoreland Police Chief Kenneth Smith that he had sex with the unidentified girl.expensive version of Replacement parts for iphone 5 screen Supply Store. Puckett then resigned his commission.

Smith confirmed the affidavit’s account in an interview Wednesday,Series cases for iphone 5 protects against drops and dust. saying he went to the Puckett’s house on Tuesday morning when the officer failed to show up for work.

Smith said Puckett told him that he had gotten himself into major trouble and needed to resign.

β€œThat threw me for a loop,” Smith said. β€œI was speechless at first.”

The affidavit also stated a sheriff’s deputy found nude photos of Puckett on the victim’s cell phone, as well as a video of him performing a sex act. The former officer declined to talk with investigators, the document said.

Authorities were alerted to the case when the girl’s mother was told of the allegations. The mother then β€œconfronted the defendant who had admitted he had sex with her daughter” on two occasions, the affidavit said.

Smith said he and other officers in Westmoreland, a town of 2,200 people about 18 miles northeast of Gallatin, are still shocked at the charges against Puckett, a man they say was regarded highly since he was hired two months ago. Puckett also is a former longtime Sumner County Sheriff’s deputy.

Nevertheless, the chief said he has no issue with how the investigation has been handled into the officer he once supervised.

β€œWhen a police officer crosses a line like this, it needs to be dealt with and he needs to be charged,” Smith said.

Westmoreland Mayor Mike Carter said Wednesday that he was also caught off guard when he learned of Puckett’s arrest.

β€œWhen I was made aware of it, it came as a shock because we like to think our police department is as professional as any police department,” he said. β€œIt’s very unfortunate for the city, our police department and everybody involved, families and so on.”

Puckett passed all of his background checks before he was hired, Carter said.

Over a period of about five hours, a man was shot and two people reported being beaten early Wednesday in what police say is part of an alarming surge in street robberies across the city.Check out our daily specials on Cheap Dedicated Server!

Over a period of about five hours,Find the perfect leather or synthetic cell phone cellphone cases. a man was shot and two people were beaten early Wednesday in what police say is part of a surge in street robberies across the city.

A wave of these street robberies over the last few weeks fit similar patterns of young adults or juveniles targeting distracted people and stealing their cellphones, wallets and other valuables and fleeing in cars, police said. Some cases involve suspects flashing guns, making threats or assaulting or shooting victims, according to victims and police reports.

Overall robberies are flat across the city this year, compared with the same time last year, but street robberies are up 6 percent, the latest crime statistics show. Shootings are also up 14 percent.

News reports about beatings, robberies and related arrests this summer have been circulated among neighborhood associations, but at least one victim in Wednesday’s attacks didn’t think it would happen to him.

“I was talking to people in our neighborhood who had read about some of these incidents, and then to have one of them happen β€” it’s scary,Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own!” said Richard Gilmore, who was out for a run in his Remington neighborhood in North Baltimore when he was beaten and robbed.

Police say they have no evidence showing that the robberies are run by an organized group, but they did say that the crimes are well-planned. Young adults or juveniles accost victims while accomplices wait in nearby cars as getaways. The groups are targeting “distracted” people running, talking on cellphones or listening to music with headphones, Deputy Commissioner John Skinner said.

While he stressed that the street robberies are not concentrated in a part of the city, Skinner acknowledged that “there are several of those incidents that resemble that pattern” over the past week in the Roland Avenue corridor that straddles the neighborhoods of Hampden and Roland Park.

In the 4000 block of Roland Ave. at 1:42 a.m. Wednesday, police said, two persons approached a man walking a friend to her car and shot him during a robbery attempt. The victim was taken to an area hospital, where he was listed in stable condition, police said.
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