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Cloud computing has revolutionized and streamlined

Late Wednesday afternoon at their Virginia data center, ITX Design CEO and co-founder Doug Davis announced to staff and management that the international hosting provider would be adding several key upgrades to the companies arsenal of digital products and services, including the popular bulletin board platform bbPress. ITX Design is a world renowned hosting provider and domain registrar providing VPS and dedicated hosting to small businesses all over the world.

This latest addition to their arsenal of services is certain to solidify ITX Design as a real contender in an extremely competitive industry landscape.

bbPress is forum software with a few added perks introduced by the innovators who originally designed WordPress. bbPress is user-friendly forum software that is simple to use, easy to administrate, and lightning fast. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; underneath the glitz, it has some powerhouse features and is one of the top 5 most customizable forum platforms available today.

CEO Doug Davis added, “Our staff is very excited that ITX Design will be now offering bbPress to our clients. It’s a cutting edge bulletin board CMS that really allows the end user to be creative, without being bogged down with technical hurdles or coding challenges. Even the most inexperienced novice just needs a few quick tutorials, and they will be navigate the difficult waters of forum design like a pro.”

bbPress hosting packages with ITX Design start for as little as $4.95 per month if the customer only plan to host a single website. Other shared hosting packages provide the ability to host literally dozens of websites. All packages with ITX Design come fully equipped with endless disk space and infinite bandwidth, making it so simple to launch a complete bbPress forum in a matter of hours.Video Streaming Dedicated Server Frequently Asked Question Frequently Asked Question.

Cloud computing is the latest stage in the Internet’s evolution. As a scalable and virtualised form of web hosting, the Cloud offers a range of benefits over conventional hosting.we’ve decided to make the below Termsof Service available. The ‘Cloud’ itself is a pool of resources – the hardware, networks and storage that combine together to deliver the end user with a service that they require.

As a method of outsourcing IT systems, Cloud computing enables users to access services over the Internet whenever,Find business contact information and Contact Us By Phone, and wherever they need it. Essentially Cloud computing means that instead of your IT system being the equipment and software that you buy and own, it becomes a service that you pay for monthly and access via the Internet.

Cloud computing has revolutionized and streamlined thousands of businesses. Users place the running and maintenance of their servers in the hands of the service provider, therefore businesses no longer need to maintain IT systems in-house.

Cost-effectiveness is an overriding benefit of the Cloud,Our Popular Dedicated Server are among the best on the market , with users paying on a subscription basis to their service provider. This also means that businesses will have access to the latest and most up-to-date equipment and technology, as opposed to financing upgrades to hardware and software themselves.

The Cloud also offers a great deal of flexibility and adaptability; it grows with your business. RAM and memory can be upgraded instantly with the Cloud, meaning that users can scale up their server capabilities as and when they require.

The Cloud beats dedicated servers in performance as it uses fast virtual servers with optimum responsiveness, meaning that no costly downtime will occur. Additionally, with virtualisation software such as market leader VMware, users are guaranteed unbeatable performance and reliability, which can be a major pitfall of running your own hardware in-house.

The Cloud’s versatility is most useful for businesses in its ease of access, particularly with data sharing. Documents and files can be stored in the Cloud and accessed via an Internet connection, which is ideal solution for businesses. Also in terms of data backup, the Cloud provides peace of mind with securing valuable data.Promotion Customized Dedicated Server are quality hardware and truly.
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Their global client base can be assured

The certification is based upon an external validation of the company’s environmental performance with regard to the design, implementation and support of their hosting solutions in it’s Isle of Man Datacentre and office operations.

The ISO14001 certification maps out a framework for setting up an effective environmental management system for organisations that want to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs. Certification to the standard requires companies to identify and control the environmental impacts of their activities, products and services.Our unique Private Cloud allow you to control your resources, ISO14001 also requires companies to continually improve their environmental performance and implement a systematic approach to setting and achieving environmental targets and objective.

Netcetera has a commitment to environmental stewardship and accountability, and has worked very hard to achieve the ISO14001 certification. Their global client base can be assured that Netcetera are committed to help drive improvements in their environmental impact and in the technology solutions and services they recommend to them.Center Facilities MileWeb Privacy Policy Privacy Policy.

“We work in an industry with its own particular energy challenges and as the world increasingly turns to hosted cloud solutions to meet its computing requirements, we have a heightened responsibility to ensure our solutions are architected,Learn about MetLife’s Corporate Profile including its service offerings, built and maintained in an environmentally responsible manner from the start,” said Tim Cass, Netcetera CTO, “Achieving this standard helps to underpin our Global Sustainability Programme and focus the business on achieving our targets and objectives, not just in terms of energy but wherever we have an environmental impact.”

A continuous cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the processes and actions that are performed to meet business and environmental goals, provide Netcetera’s clients and partners the assurance that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

Adam Jorgensen, President of Pragmatic Works Consulting, was recently elected as Executive Vice President for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) at its Board meeting in Kansas City, Kansas. Among the positions open for election were President, Executive Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Marketing. Each newly elected official will serve on the board for two years in terms that will officially begin on Jan. 1, 2014.

After eight years of service to PASS, Adam Jorgensen joined the PASS Board in 2012. Adam is a SQL Server MVP and a thought leader for SQL Server and Business Intelligence organizations. Adam holds MBAs in Finance and Strategy, and he has authored a variety of articles and books on SQL Server, SharePoint, Analytics and Big Data. Adam’s previous PASS service includes serving as a PASS Regional Mentor, a member of the Regional Mentor Committee, and co-chair of the PASS BI Virtual Chapter.

“PASS continues to reinvent ways we connect, share and learn about the topics passionate to so many. I’m honored to serve our membership in this new and exciting capacity, helping the rest of the board drive the innovation, engagement and transparency that our community has come to expect. Our goals continue to motivate us and I’m looking forward to seeing our membership, volunteers and partners grow with us,” said Adam Jorgensen, President of Pragmatic Works Consulting.Provision and deploy cloud Public Cloud Servers in minutes.

The Professional Association for SQL Server is an independent,Internet infrastructure and Cloud Cloud Hosting for companies building for Internet Scale. not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting, educating, and promoting the global Microsoft SQL Server community. With a global membership of more than 100,000, PASS is one of the most diverse and thriving technology communities in the world.
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when we decided to go with Allure

In our dedicated d-cinema section this month, Film Journal International is pleased to provide several examples of how smaller-sized and independently minded members of the theatrical exhibition business have fully committed to digital cinema as well. With 20 locations in Iowa and two in Nebraska, offering a total of 91 screens, Des Moines-based R. L. Fridley Theatres certainly fits the bill. Founded in 1974 by the namesake Robert Fridley, who still guides the company as president with his son and vice president, Brian, the company focuses on commitment to the communities their theatres serve.

All of these Fridley Theatres were upgraded with NEC projectors of various capacities, including six with 4K DLP Cinema and 68 with RealD 3D add-ons (70%), as well as with servers from GDC throughout. Taking advantage of the full NEC Displays portfolio, Fridley also added four different models of NEC’s professional-grade flat-panel displays for box-office and auditorium signage as well as for its concession menu boards. All are powered by Global Allure software. In key spots across several locations, Fridley also installed video walls with four panels bundled together in NEC’s trademarked “TileMatrix” display to show coming attractions, to announce specials and feature other promotional messages.

“We loved the idea of showing our customers these offerings in a digital, state-of-the-art way,” explains Russell Vannorsdel,powered solutions offer incredible flexibility Security services, director of operations at Fridley. “It aligned perfectly with the digital upgrade we were already investing in.” Additionally, “we were looking to grab people’s attention and also to better and more effectively communicate with our customers about available offers.” These displays also made going digital more tangible to the public. “We spent a lot of money and a lot of work on our auditoriums, but guests don’t really see a digital projector,This page describes the term real time Location systemand lists. they don’t see a digital sound system,” he opines.Mountain’s online cloud Storage & Backup Services allow you to execute. “But we definitely created a ‘wow’ factor with the digital menu boards.”

Fridley Theatres began its retrofit with “the basic software solution from NEC that allows you to create content and place it on the menu boards.” The circuit added digital signage in more of its locations, and “after going to the trade shows, we realized how much more one can do,” Vannorsdel continues. “That’s when we decided to go with Allure. For our point-of-sale we have been with Ready Theatre Systems for quite some time,” he notes, anticipating our next question. “They have always been able to effectively meet our needs. Here, too, they were able to interface with Allure to post our box-office showtimes automatically and to integrate further with the software that Allure offers.”

For a variety of reasons, the rollout of the digital projection system took time and several considerations. “We began looking at converting long before distribution sent out these letters with hard-set deadlines for switching over, due to the lack of availability of 35mm prints.” Vannorsdel delineates the timeline further. “Our very first entry into digital cinema was with an NEC unit in one of our Des Moines suburb locations.” Back in September 2007, “we began testing that unit to see how it all works and how we would move into the conversion.

Afterwards, we actually converted back to 35mm and started putting together a plan. Although there were VPF programs out there at the time, the waters were still kind of murky, as deals were being refined and worked out. Also, as a mid-level exhibitor, it was difficult for us to fully commit to some of those earlier deals. Until we figured out what would be the best deal for Fridley Theatres, we didn’t feel it was right to sign a contract.”

Nonetheless, Fridley started the deployment “in some of our locations with higher foot traffic and larger population bases.” Vannorsdel names the Metro Des Moines area, “as well as converting our larger screens first.” Without the added security from VPF payments, how did Fridley manage to move forward? “We were fortunate enough to generate some of the financing from cash flow,” Vannorsdel responds. “We could also count on our local banks that we have worked with regularly. They have helped us as we built new theatres and remodeled others. They were willing to work with us again, especially since there were VPF deals around the corner—once we’d finished negotiating and working on them.” Throughout this initial phase, deploying 3D systems was a strong contributing factor, he confirms. “I think we’re seeing a little bit of backlash on 3D now, but, obviously, a couple of years ago some of the numbers were fairly undeniable. They were huge, in fact. And if you didn’t have 3D, you were losing business.”

In addition to going without VPFs initially, the technology team had selected a different projector manufacturer for that rollout beginning in February 2009. “We were working with Ballantyne Strong at the time and they had a relationship with another company.” After installing 12 to 15 screens, “we ran into a couple of issues [mainly, difficulty getting parts, he reveals.] We had a screen that was dark, unfortunately, probably eight to ten days. Obviously, if you are on the exhibition side of things, that’s unacceptable. You don’t want to be down at all—even losing one show,You can get these Exclusive Features Features if you reach certain. you’re disappointed.” By that point, Ballantyne Strong had established a new relationship with NEC, he continues, “and we received assurance that there would be no problems with parts. When we decided to do the full digital conversion, NEC was as aggressive in pricing as anyone else. Fortunately, they have backed that up with their service thus far too. It’s been a very good relationship.”

Having worked well with GDC on the server side throughout the various stages of deployment, “it seemed like the waters were getting a bit less murky,” Vannorsdel says in retrospect. “GDC was working on a VPF deal which became a large and important part of the process. We were probably into installing 30 to 35 screens already before we settled into a VPF agreement with them [during the third quarter of last year]. We wanted to be able to control the product that we were going to book into our theatres and how,” he emphasizes.The whole orientation management of Network Services and infrastructure. “Without being confined, if you will, in our abilities by the studios and VPF restrictions.”
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We are thrilled that CRN has recognized

“Any technology vendor can claim to offer innovative products and groundbreaking technology, but only a select group can truly impact the marketplace with their offerings,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, UBM Tech Channel.offers reliable and affordable windows dedicated server packages. “The companies named to the 2013 Emerging Vendor list offer solutions that deliver as promised while creating the high margins that solution providers demand.This page describes the term real time Location system and lists. We congratulate all the vendors for their commitment to delivering technological innovations that map to the needs of the dynamic channel market.”

PernixData is led by industry veterans with strong experience in virtualization and storage,Customized Promotion Dedicated Server offer you a wide.You can get these Data Center Facilities Features if you reach certain. as well as extensive experience building world class channel programs. PernixData FVP is available now and sold exclusively through channels worldwide. As the first and only hypervisor for server side flash, this revolutionary software virtualizes all server side flash into a clustered acceleration tier that enables IT administrators to quickly, easily and cost-effectively scale-out storage performance completely independent of storage capacity. The result is unprecedented read and write performance for all virtual machines (VMs), without the need to change existing server and storage infrastructure. With flash storage virtualization, PernixData fundamentally changes how storage is designed and operated in virtual data centers.

“PernixData is committed to helping our partners design and deploy innovative solutions that address storage performance challenges in virtualized environments,” said Jeff Aaron, VP of marketing at PernixData. “Because PernixData FVP provides immediate and substantive benefits in a completely non-disruptive manner, it is perfect fit for solutions providers the world over. We are thrilled that CRN has recognized PernixData for being innovative and channel-friendly, and we are honored to be on their list of 2013 Emerging Vendors.”

Cargile brings more than 20 years of industry experience to Netlist’s Board of Directors. He has an extensive background in strategic development, capital structures and international operations. He currently serves as Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Newport Corporation a publicly-traded global supplier of advanced-technology products and systems. Cargile has been the Chief Financial Officer at Newport for 13 years and has been responsible for all aspects of finance, accounting, information technology and strategic planning, including mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Newport, Cargile held a number of executive positions at York International Corporation and Flowserve Corporation.

“We are very pleased to have Chuck join our Board of Directors,” said C.K. Hong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Netlist. “With his extensive financial and strategic planning expertise, Chuck is well-suited to help guide Netlist as we execute on our financial and business strategies.”

Cargile holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Oklahoma State University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.
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Engates gives the example of marketing software providers

A survey from Rackspace Hosting suggests that the hybrid cloud future is so bright it has to wear shades. The survey of US and UK enterprises finds that the limitations of one-size-fits-all solutions like large public clouds are becoming more apparent, and these limitations are driving organizations to hybrid cloud: public, private cloud and dedicated servers working together in any combination.Protect and connect your Samsung smartphone with samsung cases.

The survey illustrates growing recognition of the value proposition of hybrid cloud. In sponsoring the research, Rackspace is building upon its efforts to define itself as a major player in hybrid infrastructure, rather than just public clouds. This is a potential differentiator for Rackspace (RAX), which for years has managed physical servers for customers, a service not offered by public cloud rivals like Amazon and Google.

The survey results show that the majority (60 per cent) of IT decision-makers see hybrid cloud as the culmination of their cloud journey,offers reliable and affordable windows dedicated server packages. rather than a stepping stone to using the public cloud alone for all their cloud needs. 60 per cent of respondents have moved or are considering moving certain applications or workloads either partially (41 per cent) or completely (19 per cent) off the public cloud because of its limitations or the potential benefits of other platforms, such as the hybrid cloud.

“Hybrid cloud is a better model in the long term,” said Rackspace CTO John Engates. “I think it’s the end state. A lot of people start on the public cloud but reach a point where they find they can have better efficiencies with hybrid.More than a data storage solution for your Operating System Software.”

The top reasons respondents gave for why their organization is using hybrid cloud instead of a public cloud only approach for certain applications or workloads are better security (52 per cent), more control (42 per cent), and better performance or reliability (37 per cent).As it automatically gathers data from millions of rtls and radio frequency identification,

According to Engates, companies typically begin with a public cloud, a private cloud or dedicated servers but then come to realize they need the benefits of the multiple cloud hybrid environment. He notes the survey findings mirror what Rackspace is seeing among its’ own enterprise customers.

Engates gives the example of marketing software providers HubSpot, a company that moved from pure Amazon public cloud to a Rackspace setup, and achieved a 4x performance boost. The company uses tools like Hadoop, which works better on dedicated hardware, while other workloads belong in the cloud.

“The findings of our study indicate that the hybrid cloud is the next cloud for many organizations,” said Engates. “They may have started with a public cloud-only architecture, but have come to realize the limitations of this approach as they’ve continued on their cloud journey. They turn to the hybrid cloud because it can combine the best of public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers, delivering a common architecture that can be tailored to create the best fit for their specific needs. For example, instead of trying to run a big database in the public cloud on its own,This page describes the term real time Location system and lists. which can be very problematic, businesses can leverage the hybrid cloud to run that database much more efficiently on a dedicated server that can burst into the public cloud when needed.”

There’s no exact figure as to when this turning point is reached, but roughly $25,000 in spend a month is one rough benchmark the company is seeing at the point of customer transition.
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if Internet access is unavailable

Per AppleInsider and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, an Apple patent application was published on Thursday for a system that allows users to “gift” media content from iTunes and their own library to other iOS device owners,Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own! with the transaction facilitated by near-field communication.

The lengthy patent filing, titled “Media gifting devices and methods,” is a fairly straightforward invention that could may have greater implications as to how iOS device users purchase and consume digital content.

At the heart of the invention is gifting, or the simple idea of purchasing a song, e-book or video to give to another person. The document describes two main modes of giving gifts: purchasing media directly from the iTunes store, or sending a copy of already owned media to another device.

Apple already has systems in place for gifting digital media with the iTunes store app, while Passbook-redeemable gift cards can be purchased with the Apple Store app.

Currently, there is no way to gift a piece of owned media directly from one device to another through iTunes.

Thursday’s patent application outlines a number of techniques that iOS device owners can use to give gifts provided by iTunes, all of which involve digital rights management (DRM) and authentication keys. The system is similar to Apple’s established giving methods in that one user purchases a gift and sends it to another person, but instead of using email, a gifter can transfer the purchase to the giftee over NFC.

The first step of a transaction originating from the iTunes Store occurs when the gifter selects an item they want to give away, such as a song. In one embodiment, the next step authorizes a gift charge to be placed on the gifter’s iTunes account, which the recipient will redeem for the associated file.

Downloads in this scenario are handled by the iTunes server, which checks the recipient’s authorization key before pushing out a gift.Protect and connect your Samsung smartphone with samsung cases. In some cases, the download will begin automatically, though the invention allows for recipients to retrieve the file at a later time.

The second, and arguably more interesting, of the two scenarios is the gifting of an already-owned media file.

Here,As it automatically gathers data from millions of rtls and radio frequency identification, Apple again employs a method of authentication via a central server to determine what can and can’t be downloaded by a recipient device. For example, a gifter can send a copy of a song currently playing on their device by tapping a user interface button. The operations performed after the gift purchase fork into two separate actions.

In one instance, the gifter’s device sends a request to the server for a charge to be placed on their account for a given song. The giftee transfers an authentication notification to the recipient’s phone, which then has permission to download the song from iTunes.offers reliable and affordable windows dedicated server packages.

Alternatively, if Internet access is unavailable, the gifter can send a locked version of the media file via NFC to a giftee’s device, along with a DRM or authentication code to be redeemed when network access is reestablished. Both devices will communicate with the server, and the purchase will be deducted from the gifter’s account, while the recipient will have the media file unlocked. Another option when offline is to send just the key without the associated file, which can later be used to download the song.

Also noted are various operations to ensure proper transmission of authorization and DRM keys, including checks with a central server for both gifter and giftee, purchase acceptance codes sent via NFC, and other safeguards.

Finally, the patent filing adds that a number of attachments, such as photos and audio messages, can be sent along with the gift.
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