Cloud computing has revolutionized and streamlined

Late Wednesday afternoon at their Virginia data center, ITX Design CEO and co-founder Doug Davis announced to staff and management that the international hosting provider would be adding several key upgrades to the companies arsenal of digital products and services, including the popular bulletin board platform bbPress. ITX Design is a world renowned hosting provider and domain registrar providing VPS and dedicated hosting to small businesses all over the world.

This latest addition to their arsenal of services is certain to solidify ITX Design as a real contender in an extremely competitive industry landscape.

bbPress is forum software with a few added perks introduced by the innovators who originally designed WordPress. bbPress is user-friendly forum software that is simple to use, easy to administrate, and lightning fast. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; underneath the glitz, it has some powerhouse features and is one of the top 5 most customizable forum platforms available today.

CEO Doug Davis added, “Our staff is very excited that ITX Design will be now offering bbPress to our clients. It’s a cutting edge bulletin board CMS that really allows the end user to be creative, without being bogged down with technical hurdles or coding challenges. Even the most inexperienced novice just needs a few quick tutorials, and they will be navigate the difficult waters of forum design like a pro.”

bbPress hosting packages with ITX Design start for as little as $4.95 per month if the customer only plan to host a single website. Other shared hosting packages provide the ability to host literally dozens of websites. All packages with ITX Design come fully equipped with endless disk space and infinite bandwidth, making it so simple to launch a complete bbPress forum in a matter of hours.Video StreamingDedicated Server Frequently Asked QuestionFrequently Asked Question.

Cloud computing is the latest stage in the Internets evolution. As a scalable and virtualised form of web hosting, the Cloud offers a range of benefits over conventional hosting.we’ve decided to make the belowTermsof Serviceavailable. The Cloud itself is a pool of resources the hardware, networks and storage that combine together to deliver the end user with a service that they require.

As a method of outsourcing IT systems, Cloud computing enables users to access services over the Internet whenever,Find business contact information andContact Us By Phone, and wherever they need it. Essentially Cloud computing means that instead of your IT system being the equipment and software that you buy and own, it becomes a service that you pay for monthly and access via the Internet.

Cloud computing has revolutionized and streamlined thousands of businesses. Users place the running and maintenance of their servers in the hands of the service provider, therefore businesses no longer need to maintain IT systems in-house.

Cost-effectiveness is an overriding benefit of the Cloud,OurPopular Dedicated Serverare among the best on the market , with users paying on a subscription basis to their service provider. This also means that businesses will have access to the latest and most up-to-date equipment and technology, as opposed to financing upgrades to hardware and software themselves.

The Cloud also offers a great deal of flexibility and adaptability; it grows with your business. RAM and memory can be upgraded instantly with the Cloud, meaning that users can scale up their server capabilities as and when they require.

The Cloud beats dedicated servers in performance as it uses fast virtual servers with optimum responsiveness, meaning that no costly downtime will occur. Additionally, with virtualisation software such as market leader VMware, users are guaranteed unbeatable performance and reliability, which can be a major pitfall of running your own hardware in-house.

The Clouds versatility is most useful for businesses in its ease of access, particularly with data sharing. Documents and files can be stored in the Cloud and accessed via an Internet connection, which is ideal solution for businesses. Also in terms of data backup, the Cloud provides peace of mind with securing valuable data.PromotionCustomized Dedicated Serverare quality hardware and truly.
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