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Benjamin Cleveland Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution recently held its monthly meeting at the Elks Club in downtown Cleveland.

Past State Color Guard Commander James Stone led the Color Guard in the presenting of the colors. Participating in the color guard were Stone, Dave Whaley, Sam Allen and Doug Carpenter in period Continental or militia dress.

Eddie Cartwright gave the invocation, Van Deacon led the pledge to the U.S. flag, Colin Wakefield led the pledge to the Tennessee flag, and Tommy McLain led the SAR flag pledge.

Several guests were in attendance that were introduced and recognized, including Bill Bartle, Chris Herron, George Martin, Steve Crump, Bob Milam,You can get theseData Center FacilitiesFeatures if you reach certain. Glen and Kay Martin, Ed and Vickie Lay and Tennessee Society State President Colin Wakefield, who spoke briefly.

A new regular member, Rufus Morgan Triplett, was inducted into the chapter by Stan Evans, and his membership certificate and Society rosette was presented to him by President Van Deacon and Stan Evans.

A special Memorial member was next inducted into the Col. Benjamin Cleveland Chapter posthumously by former National Vice President General Stan Evans. This special memorial member was Paul B. Huff, Bradley Countys only Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. This is the only Memorial member in the Tennessee Society of the SAR. What this membership means is that Paul B. Huff will be a member of the Col. Benjamin Cleveland Chapter as long as there is a chapter and after all current members have long passed away.

Paul B. Huffs Medal of Honor citation was read by chapter historian, John Conner. President Deacon asked for an acclamation of Paul Huff, with Dave Whaley responding and the chapter voting unanimously making him a new member.

For conspicuous and gallantry and intrepidity at risk above and beyond the call of duty, in action on Feb. 8, near Carano, Italy. Cpl. Huff volunteered to lead a six-man patrol with the mission of determining the location and strength of an enemy unit which was delivering fire on the exposed, right flank of his company.

The terrain over which he had to travel consisted of exposed, rolling ground, affording the enemy excellent visibility. As the patrol advanced, its members were subjected to small arms and machine gun fire, and a concentration of mortar fire, shells bursting within five to ten yards of them and bullets striking the ground at their feet.

Moving ahead of his patrol, Cpl. Huff drew fire from three enemy machineguns and a 20 mm. weapon. Realizing the danger confronting his patrol, he advanced alone under deadly fire through a minefield and arrived at a point within 75 yards of the nearest machine gun position. Under direct fire from the rear machine gun, he crawled the remaining 75 yards to the closest emplacement, killed the crew with his submachine gun and destroyed the gun. During this act he fired from a kneeling position,Explore the benefits of having a fullymanaged dedicated serveras your platform. which drew fire from the other positions, enabling him to estimate correctly the strength and location of the enemy. Still under concentrated fire, he returned to his patrol and led his men to safety.

As a result of the information he gained, a patrol in strength sent out that afternoon, one group under the leadership of Cpl. Huff, 21 others, with a loss of only three patrol members. Cpl. Huffs intrepid leadership and daring combat skill reflect the finest traditions of the American infantryman.

Stan Evans next presented a National Society World War II Corps award posthumously to Paul B. Huff. This award is a certificate which recognizes him as a Medal of honor recipient and is a special memorial Certificate of Patriotism. The certificate is presented for meritorious service during World War II while serving in the United States Armed Forces. This conspicuous performance of duty represents exemplary patriotism in the finest traditions of the United States Armed Forces and reflects great credit upon the recipient, the Military Service, and the Sons of the American Revolution.Protect and connect your Samsung smartphone withsamsung cases.

Then, President Van Deacon presented the NSSAR War Service Medal posthumously to memorial member Paul B. Huff for his service in World War II and in the Vietnam War. This award is presented to any member who served in the armed forces of the United States and fought against common enemy of the United States in a war or action for which a campaign medal and ribbon are authorized.

Members of the Paul Huff family that were present for the ceremony included David May, a nephew and Mrs. Dale Dixon, a niece. None of Paul Huffs children: Paul Jr., Dawn or Dona were able to attend. A memorial membership certificate of Paul Huff was presented to the family, while the framed Memorial membership certificate, the framed World War II Corps certificate, and the War Service Medal and certificate will be added to the permanent Paul Huff exhibit at the Museum Center at Five Points.

Two Liberty Medals were presented for both Eddie Moreland and William May. Both were unable to attend the meeting, so the awards will be taken to them.CustomizedPromotion Dedicated Serveroffer you a wide. The Liberty Medal commemorates the restoration of the statue of Liberty in the late 80s and is presented for recruiting new members into the SAR. This is a National Society award and is presented annually at the National Congress. It is awarded to any member who signed as the top-line signer the membership application of 10 new members.

Also at the National Congress, two chapter members were recognized for their outstanding support of the Center for Advancing Americas Heritage, which is a foundation set up to finance Phases two and three of the new NSSAR Headquarters building in Louisville KY. The two recipients of the Lamplighter Award were James R. May Sr. and Calvin C.This page describes the termreal time Location systemand lists. Williams.
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