The prosecutor stated the teens discussed

That’s how Chief Deputy Prosecutor, Vicki Becker kicked off the trial in her opening statement. She went on to detail how the day progressed, painting a vivid picture for everyone in the courthouse of what the defendants were doing before they broke into the home.

β€œFive individuals” the prosecutor explained, β€œcame together and they were just hanging on the porch of Jose Quiroz.” Quiroz lives directly across the street from 1919 Frances,Check out our daily specials onΒ Cheap Dedicated Server! the home hit by the break-in. The prosecutor stated the teens discussed β€˜robbing’ the guy across the street and planned how it was going to happen.

β€œRobbery” later became a term of contention referenced by Blake Layman’s attorney,desirableΒ Cases for HTC OneΒ create an air of sophistication with an extra helping of protection for your flagship smartphone. Mark Doty. According to Doty, β€œrobbery” incorrectly implies that the teens intentionally applied force to take possessions from Rodney Scott, the homeowner at 1919 Frances,Extend the power on yourΒ iphone 5 back coverΒ juice pack. as opposed to burglarizing a supposedly empty home.Fun sell a huge range ofΒ Cases for iPad 4,

Prosecution continued establishing the scene by explaining how one of the five perpetrators, Levi Sparks, stayed behind with a cell phone to look out in case something might happen. Then, the prosecutor said the remaining teens knocked on the door of Scott’s home before going around back to an area that was β€œa little more secluded” for the break-in.

β€œIt was at that point,” said the prosecutor, β€œthat Danzele Johnson used significant effortβ€”he was a big guy” and kicked in the back door and an interior door of Scott’s home. Leading the way Johnson and the three others went inside and proceeded to rummage through Scott’s possessions. Referencing Jose Quiroz’s testimony before and during his plea agreement, the prosecutor told the courtroom the defendants actively searched and tore through the rooms and drawers β€œbecause Mr. Scott was old school” and kept his money inside his house.

As the four intruders were downstairs, Scott awakened from a nap, β€œfelt a β€˜boom’ and it startled him.’” When Scott heard a second loud noise, the prosecutor stated he grabbed not just his cell phone but a hand gun as well.

β€œIt wasn’t his first thought, but it was enough to provoke him to get his handgun,” explained the prosecutor. She said it isn’t one of Scott’s β€œfond” possessions but rather a β€œwhat if” possession.

The details of what happened next, we may never fully know explained the prosecutor. Scott said he loudly made his way down the stairs, armed with a pistol, and saw two individuals standing in the doorway to his spare bedroom, one in his kitchen and another in front of him. She said that at that point in time all Scott remembers is firing his gun.

β€œWe will not know how Danzele Johnson was struck with a bullet right above his sternum,” Becker added.

The prosecution went on to state how Johnson was one of the two individuals standing in the doorway, and once shots were fired the two made their way into a closet with Jose Quiroz.

β€œWhile they were in that closet they were hiding as Rodney Scott was holding them at gunpoint as he called police…no other shots were fired,” Becker claimed. It was then, prosecution argued, that Sparks came over to aid his friends. Becker stated Quiroz dialed the cell phone that was left behind with Sparks while he was inside the closet, and asked Sparks to create a distraction.Browse and searchΒ wholesale fashion shoesΒ images.

Sparks saw Scott inside the home with a gun and took off, stated the prosecutor. After calling police, she noted how Scott recognized Quiroz as his neighbor from across the street. Quiroz denied the familiarity and, in a β€œdesperate attempt” to get out of there, the prosecutor explained that he knocked over an entertainment center and dove through a window into the alleyway.

Witness statements from later on in the trial covered the chase and arrest of Quiroz in greater detail, and the prosecution refocused its attention on wrapping up its account of the day’s events.

β€œWhen you break into somebody’s home, you violate their sanctity and security,” the prosecutor added before turning over to the defense.
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