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The condition affects an estimated

As a primary school teacher working long hours,Protect and connect your Samsung smartphone with samsung cases. Bethan Goodhew put her headaches and dizziness down to fatigue and stress caused by her busy job.

Working with four and five year olds she would spend much of her day crouching or sitting on little chairs with her young pupils.

“Then when I stood up, everything went black and I saw stars.offers reliable and affordable windows dedicated server packages. I couldn’t see and I felt completely -off balance.

“I had to stand still so I didn’t bump into the children,” says Bethan, from Old Colwyn, Clwyd, North Wales.desirable Cases for HTC One create an air of sophistication with an extra helping of protection for your flagship smartphone.

Bethan tried to blame her symptoms on the fact she was rundown after a series of colds, and thought the dizziness was down to her blood pressure.

But soon her eyesight started to suffer and she struggled to focus on the computer or the books she was marking.

The 26 year old knew her weight was an issue – she weighed 25st and was a size 28 – but she had no idea this was the cause of her problems.

Eventually, she sought help – first from her optician thinking she needed glasses, then from a neurologist who discovered she was suffering from benign intracranial hypertension.

This rare condition is when fluid pressure builds up in the skull, -squashing the optical nerve, which carries vital messages to the brain, behind the eye.

It was putting Bethan’s sight – and -possibly her life – at risk.

The condition affects an estimated 1,750 people in the UK every year, most of whom are obese women of child-bearing age, though it -occasionally strikes men and children.

Although the condition is linked to weight, the exact cause is unknown.

Bethan says: “It was terrifying.expensive version of Replacement parts for iphone 5 screen Supply Store. I went to the opticians thinking I might end up getting some new glasses, then I was told it could be cancer and sent for scans.Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover juice pack. That freaked me out.

“When someone is telling you there is -something wrong with your brain, it’s the scariest thing you can hear.

“When I went to see the neurologist, he told me I could lose my vision – intrcranial hypertension could be deadly,” she says.

When Bethan was sent to a brain specialist, her -family were so worried they paid to go private rather than wait 16 weeks for an appointment on the NHS.

The neurologist explained that if the condition went untreated, it could permanently damage her nerve and even leave her blind.
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The time is now for the Legislature

Concerns about climate issues have resulted in a serious effort to change the way we generate electric power, here in New Hampshire and across the United States. Advances in energy generation using solar,Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover juice pack. wind, biomass and hydro technologies have created opportunities for consumers and energy suppliers to use cleaner, renewable energy sources to power our homes, offices and industries. Generation is only half of the story, however.

No matter how the power is generated, it must be moved to the consumer. How should it be moved? Given the growing renewable energy sector, the existing transmission network is inadequate. Its capacity is insufficient, its technology is antique and it is constructed of aging materials. Any new generating plant or power source, whether biomass, wind, solar or hydro, must connect to the power grid with a new transmission line. The potential for an ever-growing network of overhead transmission lines looms over New Hampshire as we look ahead to a renewable energy future.

Much has been made of the Northern Pass transmission project, its plan to string more than 1,500 antique-style transmission towers through New Hampshire, and the objections to its degradation of the landscape. Northern Pass illustrates the transmission issues raised by new energy sources, but it is just a taste of what is to come. Other power generators, from north of our border,desirable Cases for HTC One create an air of sophistication with an extra helping of protection for your flagship smartphone. from here in New Hampshire or from neighboring states, will soon seek ways to move their product to market, either through New Hampshire or within it. Northern Pass is just the tip of the iceberg.

Traditionally, high voltage electricity has been transmitted using tall metal lattice towers. This design was invented in the mid-20th century and until recently was the only practical way to move high-voltage power over long distances.

While it has performed well in the absence of an alternative, tower technology comes with certain drawbacks. Overhead lines are vulnerable to wind, snow, ice and fire. We regularly see service interrupted by storms – underground lines would be unaffected. Just last month, forest fires in northern Quebec nearly shut down the New England grid. Overhead lines are also vulnerable to those who would seek to disrupt the flow of electricity for political or other purposes.Protect and connect your Samsung smartphone with samsung cases. Securely buried lines are far less available to those who would attack them. Overhead lines degrade the landscape. Underground lines are Fun sell a huge range of Cases for iPad 4,invisible.

Overhead transmission was acceptable when it was the only means available. Today we have an alternative: HVDC Light, a modern cable technology that can be placed underground with reasonable effort and cost. This newer technology renders antique overhead transmission lines obsolete and unnecessary. While there may be a somewhat higher initial cost, there are important savings as well – expensive storm damage repairs, for one.

HVDC Light is used around the globe.Right next door, Maine has created an underground utility corridor along state-owned roads and rail beds, for which it will collect substantial leasing fees. Northeast Energy Link, a private, for-profit venture, plans to use the Maine corridor to move power south underground from northern Maine.

New Hampshire has a similar network of state-owned roads and rail beds – why not use it to move more than cars and trucks? Why not use the rights-of-way to move power as well? Why not bring revenue to the state from this taxpayer asset?

New Hampshire stands at a crossroads. We can determine our own fate, or we can leave it to others, who may not share our goals and priorities, to determine it for us. We can leave our children a legacy of clear blue skies or a maze of overhead wires. We can accept antique transmission methods that will forest our state in metal, or we can insist on newer technologies. We can believe claims that underground lines are impractical or too costly, or we can look at what is going on around us in Maine, Vermont and New York and ask, “Why not in New Hampshire?”

The time is now for New Hampshire to require our energy transmission system to be just as green as our energy generating system. The time is now for the Legislature, the governor, conservation groups, private citizens and the energy industry to come together and embrace the change that modern technology offers.

The House Science, Technology and Energy Committee is studying several bills that would move New Hampshire forward toward a future of green energy transmission. These bills merit serious consideration.offers reliable and affordable windows dedicated server packages. If we have the will to work together, we really can move the power without the towers.
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The millennial generation is increasingly spending

Around the same time as the market crash, Leonard says Wall Street and investment groups pushed retailers to expand. This expansion caused companies to lose sight of strategic planning. Many put too many stores in certain markets, which Leonard says, caused them to go from “exclusive” to “a commodity.”

“You become a little more ho-hum. If you take a national retailer that’s in every mall and every project, they’re not really perceived in the same light as somebody like Tiffany’s, as an example where they only have a few locations in top markets,” Leonard says.

In an effort to correct the expansion, many remaining brands are pulling back their retail locations — some by 50 percent. At a national brand level, there are fewer retailers to put in these shopping environments, creating available spaces in malls, Leonard says.

Arlington resident Ann Bloome says she shops at the Ballston mall somewhat frequently, mostly for Macy’s and the building’s restaurants, which include Rock Bottom Brewery and Panera Bread. However, she says if the mall retained more big- brand stores, she would frequent it more often.

“We were just recently at the Macy’s and Nordstrom in Tysons Corner because I was looking for a dress for a wedding and I knew they would have something. If I knew that this mall would have something, I would come here,” Bloome says.

Instead, the millennial generation is increasingly spending its income in the food, beverage and entertainment sectors. Neighborhood-based developments and revitalization projects at Union Market, Bethesda Row, H Street and Barracks Row are products of this trend in the D.C. area.

Now, development companies are looking more along the lines of creating spaces adaptable to “experiences,” such as condos or apartments with retail and food on the ground floor.Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own!

“When come home, they don’t want to drive far. They really want to come out of their building and have it all for them,” Leonard says.

According to Kaid Benfield, director of sustainable communities at the Natural Resources Defense Council and author of “Even teenagers don’t want to go to the mall anymore,” published in The Atlantic Cities, fewer people are showing interest in driving and obtaining a driver’s license.

“More and more people these days are not driving.They really can’t access those places at all,Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover juice pack. or they have to get there through means that are somewhat difficult. And then when they get there,Our linux dedicated server plans feature lightning-fast processors, they find the inventories aren’t what they used to be because of the other factors.”

Public transportation is one reason why local malls that have retained big-brand stores,Fun sell a huge range of Cases for iPad 4, such as Pentagon City Mall and City Place Mall in downtown Silver Spring, Md.,Series cases for iphone 5 protects against drops and dust. continue to do better than other malls in the region.
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The two have worked together for years

Snyder has lived in Florida since he was 2, and Oviedo since he was 8. He used to be a store manager at Albertson’s, but he was always drawn to the thrill of stopping crimes.Series cases for iphone 5 protects against drops and dust.

Today, his patrol starts on Mitchell Hammock Road, where the new 60-acre town center Oviedo on the Park is being built.

It’s a positive addition to the community, yet it reminds him of one of the tougher aspects of his profession.

“A guy drove back there in his pickup, put a bag over his head, and suffocated himself with carbon dioxide,” Snyder said.

He rolled up on the lonely scene.Our linux dedicated server plans feature lightning-fast processors,

“His wife called and wanted to meet at the spot with me. She told me his brother killed himself the same way.”

“It’s not fun,” his voice lowered. “You know, people have their demons.”

As he drove, it seemed hard for him to go a couple moments without observing things out loud. He’s always looking around for something that doesn’t seem normal.

He cruised around the sleepy Lake Charm, where homes as old as 125 years stand, and waved to the residents mowing their lawns or walking their dogs.Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own! The next turn was onto De Leon Street, a two-lane, 35 mph speed-limit road, which had a substantial amount of traffic for a Friday morning.

Dispatch spoke on the radio. There’s an exchange of words and codes, and within seconds the Impala is speeding down the middle of De Leon Street, sirens screaming.

Upon arriving at the otherwise empty Macy’s parking lot, Snyder found an elderly woman shaking so violently that she might fall out of her wheelchair.

More squad cars came, and fire rescue showed up moments later putting her on a stretcher and en route to the hospital. The woman suffered from Parkinson’s and earlier fell out of her chair while shopping.

Snyder took off for a quick lunch with off-duty officer John Yi at a local Vietnamese restaurant they frequent. The two have worked together for years, and have the habit of eating their meals quickly.

“You know that you could be called in at any moment,” Yi said.Fun sell a huge range of Cases for iPad 4, “We don’t like making other people do our job.”

Having the opportunity to help people is Snyder’s favorite part what he does.

“Seeing that smile on someone’s face makes all the bad parts worth it,” he said. “When you know you made that person’s day better, that’s a pretty cool feeling.”

And while being a police officer has its rewards, there is no doubt a dark side of it all. Child abuse and death notification calls are the worst and most emotional affairs, Snyder said.

“It’s sad and unfortunate, but the sun will come up the next day,” he said, as he lowered his sunglasses from his forehead. “So that’s that.”

Some typical 911 calls in the area are for bank fraud, theft from cars,Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover juice pack. homes, or construction sites, noise complaints, and deer that get struck by cars.

But there’s an exception to that on Harrison Street, which lies toward the northern city limit. It’s a poverty stricken neighborhood where crime is more heavily concentrated.

Snyder cracked his car windows and left to take a stroll down the street. Children sat on their doorsteps racing R/C cars in the summer heat. Men hunched over on the porch of a notorious crack house, cigars behind their ears. The officer waved to all of them.
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The Society has a large collection

You don’t have to be introduced to Lord and Lady Grantham of “Downton Abbey” in order to know they are part of early 20th century Britain’s version of the 1 percent, the wealthy class. You can tell just by looking, by noticing how they behave, how they speak and, more importantly, how they dress.

In that era, more so than our own, you were what you wore. For most, clothes were expensive items limiting your choices. If you had a wardrobe large enough that you could change during the day, that was a clear signal of an exalted status. Such people, notes Heather Leavell,Series cases for iphone 5 protects against drops and dust. curator of the Peabody Historical Society, “dressed for dinner.”

The producers of “Downton Abbey,” well aware of the significance of clothes, spared little expense in creating fabulous costumes for the cast, particularly the female members, to wear. But then, these are indeed costumes, re-creations.

If you’d rather look at the real thing, you needn’t head for England. Instead, go downtown to the Historical Society’s General Gideon Foster House and Cassidy Art Museum on Washington Street, which are offering a new summer exhibit, “Downton Abbey Style, 1900 to 1925, Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Wear.”

“Each gallery represents a different era,” says Leavell. So, the togs, artfully mounted on mannequins, match the styles seen on the popular television show,Our linux dedicated server plans feature lightning-fast processors,Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover juice pack. which covers a period from 1914 to the 1920s, as well as on “Mr. Selfridge,” another PBS program about the American tycoon who founded Selfridge’s department store in London in 1909, and the new film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”

“The Society has a large collection,” says Leavell. All of the historical clothing was donated by local residents. She salutes volunteer Bonnie DeLorenzo for helping to keep them intact, stored and cataloged.

Thus, the exhibit reveals the evolution of styles reflecting a world moving from the frivolity of the Edwardian era, through the brutality of World War I to the freedom and rebellion of the Jazz Age. The outfits also signal the bonds of class with the elaborate dresses of well-to-do Peabody matrons contrasted with a maid’s uniform. Also displayed are work clothes, wedding gowns, kids’ outfits, hats and the ultimate Victorian secret,Fun sell a huge range of Cases for iPad 4, underwear.

In the early 20th century, notes curator Lyn FitzGerald, “the undergarment shaped the body.” It wasn’t always comfortable, but it could look fabulous. Somewhere beneath all those layers of clothes were women who, at various times, saw their bottoms pushed back and tops pushed forward, fronts transformed into “monobosoms”and “dropped waists” revealing the slinky figure of the flapper.

It’s not an accident that clothes once worn in Peabody reflect what’s seen on “Downton Abbey.” Both American and British styles of that era were heavily influenced by fashions developed in Paris, according to the curators.

A lady’s duster, on the other hand, marks technological change; the coverall was worn by those driving newfangled automobiles over dirt roads on the outskirts of Peabody, their horseless carriages barreling past pig farms and forests. As the name indicates, it’s an outfit designed to protect the wearer from all the dust.

In the aftermath of the war, when women were often introduced to what had been strictly men’s work, their styles are decidedly freer,Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own! enabling them to play tennis, swim and ride bicycles.

Programs like “Downton Abbey” are admired as much for their settings — including costumes — as the stories they tell. Leavell expects a lot of people would like to know more.
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