The condition affects an estimated

As a primary school teacher working long hours,Protect and connect your Samsung smartphone withΒ samsung cases. Bethan Goodhew put her headaches and dizziness down to fatigue and stress caused by her busy job.

Working with four and five year olds she would spend much of her day crouching or sitting on little chairs with her young pupils.

β€œThen when I stood up, everything went black and I saw stars.offers reliable and affordableΒ windows dedicated serverΒ packages. I couldn’t see and I felt completely -off balance.

“I had to stand still so I didn’t bump into the children,” says Bethan, from Old Colwyn, Clwyd, North Wales.desirableΒ Cases for HTC OneΒ create an air of sophistication with an extra helping of protection for your flagship smartphone.

Bethan tried to blame her symptoms on the fact she was rundown after a series of colds, and thought the dizziness was down to her blood pressure.

But soon her eyesight started to suffer and she struggled to focus on the computer or the books she was marking.

The 26 year old knew her weight was an issue – she weighed 25st and was a size 28 – but she had no idea this was the cause of her problems.

Eventually, she sought help – first from her optician thinking she needed glasses, then from a neurologist who discovered she was suffering from benign intracranial hypertension.

This rare condition is when fluid pressure builds up in the skull, -squashing the optical nerve, which carries vital messages to the brain, behind the eye.

It was putting Bethan’s sight – and -possibly her life – at risk.

The condition affects an estimated 1,750 people in the UK every year, most of whom are obese women of child-bearing age, though it -occasionally strikes men and children.

Although the condition is linked to weight, the exact cause is unknown.

Bethan says: β€œIt was terrifying.expensive version ofΒ Replacement parts for iphone 5Β screen Supply Store. I went to the opticians thinking I might end up getting some new glasses, then I was told it could be cancer and sent for scans.Extend the power on yourΒ iphone 5 back coverΒ juice pack. That freaked me out.

β€œWhen someone is telling you there is -something wrong with your brain, it’s the scariest thing you can hear.

β€œWhen I went to see the neurologist, he told me I could lose my vision – intrcranial hypertension could be deadly,” she says.

When Bethan was sent to a brain specialist, her -family were so worried they paid to go private rather than wait 16 weeks for an appointment on the NHS.

The neurologist explained that if the condition went untreated, it could permanently damage her nerve and even leave her blind.
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