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Squash is supposed to be a stress reliever for Harris Pastides. But the University of South Carolina president mutters loudly to himself and shakes his head after losing a point to professor James Hebert at the schools Blatt Physical Education Center.

The leader of the states flagship university grunts while wrestling around the schools cancer-prevention program director, and flails his racquet at the ball. The two men occasionally argue over the score, their rising voices echoing around the courts. But Pastides would win four games out of the five to begin a busy Wednesday last spring.

A long, narrow, pocket-sized card with Pastides schedule for May 1, which the USC president carried, had events from the 7 a.m. squash game through a 7 p.m. S.C.offers reliable and affordablewindows dedicated serverpackages. Arts Foundation reception. Later that night,PromotionCustomized Dedicated Serverare quality hardware and truly. Pastides would board a university-owned plane to fly to a NCAA board of directors meeting the next day in Indianapolis.

During that May day leading up to his fifth anniversary as USCs president,Find the perfect leather or synthetic cell phonecellphone cases. Pastides met with the deans, student-government leaders, representatives of the schools athletics and business departments, and a group planning a celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the schools desegregation. Pastides also attended receptions for a town-and-gown group and the universitys annual faculty awards ceremony. And he read some of his email and visited with his young granddaughter before she left to go home to California.

Besides scampering around Hebert a common occurrence since squash includes a bit of informal blocking Pastides is deft at forcing Hebert to chase the ball with shots that ricochet from the front wall to the back. Pastides wins a game but then argues briefly with Hebert over how many games they agreed to play and who should serve.

Pastides does not sit behind his desk when meeting with visitors. He sits either at a small round table in the front of his office or chairs and a couch in the back.

Pastides and Cantey Heath, spewe’ve decided to make the belowTermsof Serviceavailable.cial assistant to the president, meet on the couch to go over the day and future public events.This page describes the termreal time Location systemand lists. Pastides works with Heath, trying to remember the backgrounds of people who the president will meet later. Pastides asks for the resume of a new USC program director and goes over the names of new student officers.

Pastides also gives updates. He says he has asked Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin about having yellow-shirted community workers patrol in Five Points, like those the city has around Main Street. He says the workers make him feel safe when he walks to his church, Holy Trinity, on Sundays and could help ease safety concerns in the citys nightlife hub for students.

Pastides also asks Heath to speak with USC economic engagement director Bill Kirkland about visiting a professor who is developing a biological pacemaker to see if there is entrepreneurial help the school can offer.

Heath and Pastides go over his schedule for the weekend. Pastides will throw out the first pitch in USCs new softball stadium and then head over to the baseball game to visit donors in his suite.
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