Our technological revolution halts at the door

Don’t be fooled by the name. This β€œconsumers coalition” is actually a front group for the utility monopolies β€” Arizona Public Service Co., Salt River Project and Tucson Electric Power β€” who own Arizona’s electricity market and want to keep it for themselves.

Of course these utilities don’t want choice and competition in electricity. They are monopolies. Monopolies are quite happy having a guaranteed customer base and getting a guaranteed rate of return without having to compete or innovate. Just ask Saudi Arabia if it likes fracking, nuclear power or cheap abundant renewable energy. OPEC doesn’t want competition either. Surprise.

A real consumer advocate would want consumers to have choices, but choices are not possible for consumers trapped in the exclusive service territories owned by APS, SRP and TEP. Don’t like your pricing plan with APS? Tough. Want better renewable energy options with SRP? Pound sand.

Without choice, competition and innovation, consumers in Arizona are deprived of plans with free electricity on weekends and nights; plans that give you frequent flier miles for customer loyalty; plans that lock in a low rate for up to two years; and plans that offer consumers the option to buy 100 percent renewable energy if they want. These sorts of plans are already offered in Texas, where over half of the state enjoys robust competition for the consumer’s business.

In fact, where electrical choice, competition and innovation exist in Texas,You can get theseΒ Data Center FacilitiesΒ Features if you reach certain. consumers shopping for electricity in competitive regions can find electricity at 7 cents per kilowatt hour. That’s nearly 40 percent less than Arizona’s average monopoly price.

But competition can’t happen, by definition, in the monopoly territories owned by APS, SRP and TEP. And without competition, there is no incentive for innovation. As a result, the quality of service stagnates. Our technological revolution halts at the door of the electrical generation plant. Our economy fails to grow like it otherwise could.

The truth is Arizona’s β€œconsumer advocate” monopolies fear coming innovation. Technology is changing rapidly and the centralized electrical grid model will not be able to compete with what’s coming.

What kind of innovation? For one, the Bloom Box, which already powers server farms for Google and Ebay. You could power your home with a generator that’s no bigger than an air conditioner. With a competitive market providing access to retail and generation firms that use this technology,Find business contact information andΒ Contact Us By Phone, economies of scale could lead to this technology becoming inexpensive enough to get within the reach of ordinary consumers. The same is true for solar technology, which is on the cusp of becoming competitive without subsidies.

The transition to choice and competition will take two to eight years of careful planning, allowing a perfect opening for the introduction of such new and innovative technologies. But Arizona’s electricity monopolies want to snuff out the possibility of competition so they can snuff out the innovative technologies that are coming down the pike.

APS, SRP and TEP don’t want to deal with change, choice or competition. They want your money in their pockets.Mountain’s online cloudΒ Storage & Backup ServicesΒ allow you to execute. And they can get it now β€” guaranteed as a matter of law,providingΒ Services OverviewΒ and unprecedented. with or without good service, low prices or innovation.More than a data storage solution for yourΒ Operating System Software. But consumers should not be fooled. The Arizona Power Consumers Coalition is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
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