The German network specialist SEH today

Would you expect Microsoft to offer enterprise-class storage?The storage industry behemoths offer plenty of innovative products. But the fact is Windows Server 2012 includes quite a repertoire of storage features, from deduplication to thin provisioning, including the product I’m focusing on here: Storage Spaces.

I don’t often focus on a particular vendor in this column, but Storage Spaces is worth covering for two reasons: because Microsoft is an integrated part of the “IT furniture,” and because of the view this product gives to a new storage approach.

The German network specialist SEH today announces the new myUTN-50a USB Device Server.Find the perfect leather or synthetic cell phonecellphone cases. This device replaces the previous model myUTN-50 and provides for a significantly faster data transfer of up to 15 Megabyte per second.As it automatically gathers data from millions ofrtlsand radio frequency identification, myUTN-50a is Gigabit Ethernet-enabled and is equipped with all of the functions of its predecessor.

The increasing interconnectedness of enterprise networks leads to networks that are distributed across several locations, often using centralized management, desktop virtualization, and the latest security measures. When it comes to the utilization of USB devices in such environments, there is often either a shortage of available USB ports, or security policies restrict their operation.

The myUTN-50a USB Device Server efficiently closes this gap. Its Gigabit Ethernet interface and two USB High Speed ports makes USB devices directly available via the network. With a separate USB hub up to five devices can be connected. A secure point-to-point connection provides a safe connection, which can be encrypted for even more security. Users access USB devices completely independent from the location of their work station, even across the Internet.

Sharing USB devices is easy with myUTN-50a, subject to the condition that only one user at a time connects to a certain USB device. The UTN Manager client software and the Web Control Center allow for easy and fast installation, configuration, and management of the device server and all connected USB devices. With a markedly increased speed of up to 15 MB/s the new myUTN-50a offers fast data transfer, so users need not go without the convenience of a locally connected USB device.Explore the benefits of having a fullymanaged dedicated serveras your platform. In case of encrypted data transfer, myUTN-50a reaches a data transfer rate of about six MB per second. A broad security package with 802.1X authentication, access control,This page describes the termreal time Location systemand lists. password protection, and certificate management completes the feature list of the new device.

Stare at the ceiling much? At Sausalito’s Barrel House Tavern, the curved ceiling dates to 1935 when it was built by then-owner Purity Market. Registered as a national historic landmark, the building that now contains Barrel House Tavern was restored with integrity by owner Chris Henry, who incorporated many modern design elements.

“We enhanced the original architecture,” Henry says.

At sunset, the view from the deck or through the tall windows of San Francisco Bay and the city beyond is incomparable, and yet my eye wandered ever inward.

The curvaceous ceiling enhances the three-dimensional ripple effect endemic to curly maple, used, speaking metaphorically, as the barrel’s staves. Wine racks seem to arch along the wall. Pacific blue brick walls and banquettes replicate the colors of the water view and the natural stone floor is designed to mimic sand or a walk on the beach. And tables? They are made with reclaimed American walnut, a beautiful hardwood rarely used in restaurant tables.
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