Army and with the 82nd Airborne Division

After running in these shoes for nearly a year, I figured it was about time for me to review them. These shoes are the Free 5. 0 and they are made by Nike.

Nike got it right with this shoe.
nike free kaufen The Nike Free 5. 0 is without a doubt the best running shoe that I have ever worn since I began hardcore running almost 10 years ago when I joined the Army. These shoes are extremely lightweight, so much in fact that you feel as though you are barefoot but without the pain of running barefoot.
nike free 3.0 These shoes provide just enough cushion to keep your feet supported but are lightweight enough to where you hardly notice they are there. The mesh material that the Nike Free 5. 0 has allows for your feet to breath while also keeping them cool on the hot days and warm on the cold days.

Being in the Army and with the 82nd Airborne Division, we do a lot of running. I run 3-4 times per week and usually average around 3. 5 miles per run. Since having these shoes, I have participated in three 5 mile runs, two 7 mile runs, and even a half marathon.
nike free 5.0 damen My feet were thanking me for wearing these shoes. I have tried them all from Adidas to Reebok to even other Nike Shoes and these are by far the best running shoes I have ever worn. I give them a 9. 8 out of 10 stars. If you are a serious runner or are just looking for some new, comfortable shoes,

Nike Free Run is a unique way of transformation for your feet. It was developed when the people at Nike realized that their runners are running barefoot despite their advanced shoes. nike free run 2 damen So they invented Nike Free Run to get the advantage of Barefoot running with the shoes on.

It gives full stretch to the feet while running and it is light-weight, only 7-10 oz. This type of light shoes make you feel the steps and your body can adjust to avoid injuries while running. The shoes will give you the benefits of running with a natural stride with its no-sew mesh & synthetic upper which gives you a feeling of coolness. It is a fact that you can wear these shoes without socks because socks will increase the heat caused by the friction of the cloth and the insoles of a regular shoe.

Although there is that barely-there effect, this spectacular barefoot trainer has a foam arch support and a strategically positioned toe bumper that offers the ideal support for your whole feet.
free run 3 damen This shoe gives multi-directional support that simulates barefoot running.

The number of people turning their feet over to Nike Free Run is increasing because of the comfort it offers even for weight training. The shoes apparently do not rub sore spots on the feet which make your feet feel nice after every workout.

The shoes come in different colors and are quite elegant. The shoes are great for running and for any activity every day. This makes these shoes the perfect support for your active and unique lifestyle. It is the best running shoes that you can find for yourself.

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