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Miami Shores Police Chief Kevin Lystad

“I was right there talking on the phone when they jumped out from behind that tree,” he said pointing near bushes down the street from his Miami Shores home.

“I was looking down, and I was telling him, you know? I was trying to relate to him, ‘look, man, everything’s gonna be cool.'”

The pair tailed Ortiz home, where one thief held a gun to his wife’s back as she lied on the floor, while the other forced Ortiz around his own home searching for valuables to steal. The pair didn’t make off with much,providing Services Overview and unprecedented. but Ortiz believes, it was enough.You can get these Data Center Facilities Features if you reach certain.

Miami Shores Police said a couple was in their car in their drive way, when two suspects matching the previous description held them up for their wallet,Find business contact information and Contact Us By Phone, cell phone, cash and credit cards.

Credit card records traced the card to a purchase at a Caraf Oil gas station several blocks west of the robbery on the 9500 block of NW 7th Ave. Police said surveillance video inside that store may help them track down a person of interest.

Miami Shores Police Chief Kevin Lystad said his staff are working with nearby El Portal Police on a similar case where two men forced pillowcases on the heads of a family of three, and then robbed them over three hours.

“With these particular subjects, they are armed and extremely dangerous, and you really don’t want to have a confrontation with them,Mountain’s online cloud Storage & Backup Services allow you to execute.” Lystad said.More than a data storage solution for your Operating System Software.

Nearby Biscayne Park Police are working with their peers in Miami Shores and El Portal as well.

On Monday, Biscayne Park detectives announced an arrest in a similar robbery Monday. It is not yet known if he is linked to the other heists.

That evidence dominated the proceedings Tuesday, the first day of Willard’s week-long trial for alleged election law violations. Prosecutor Brent Kempema laid out a chain of reports and expert witnesses, demonstrating that Willard’s credit card bought the phone at a Sioux Falls Walmart and that an internet address connected to the phone was assigned to Willard’s household.

But Willard’s attorney R. Shawn Tornow tried to poke holes in those connections. Willard’s credit card bought the phone – but there’s no evidence Willard used the credit card. And internet addresses like the one connected to Willard can change and be used by anyone in the same household.

He’s accused of sending out robocalls attacking Republican leaders last year. Prosecutors say those robocalls were illegal because they didn’t include required disclosures about who paid for those calls and how they could be contacted.

The first day of the trial was largely technical, with long discussions about the finer points of cell phone records, bank statements and internet addresses. Things could heat up on Wednesday, when the prosecution calls Gary Dykstra, who allegedly conspired with Willard to send out the calls. Dykstra isn’t being charged, having instead agreed to testify for the state.

And depending on how Dykstra’s testimony goes, Kempema might call to the stand an alleged third conspirator in the robocalls with a much higher profile – Stace Nelson. Nelson is a state legislator who is currently running for U.S. Senate.

The charges all stem from several robocalls sent in September of 2012, attacking Republican leaders in the state legislature for allegedly not supporting veterans. One of those legislative leaders who was attacked, Sen. Russell Olson, testified Tuesday about the calls. His complaint sparked the investigation that led to Willard being charged.
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while improving customer service by partnering with Apple

Following the successful releases of the Casemachine Berlinetta case for Apple iPhone 5 and the i5 Slimline v2, Casemachine announced earlier last month that a new composite case series will be released which will be called the Evolution case series. The Evolution case series will comprise of different slip-on TPU-Polycarbonate hybrids designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 5, the HTC One, the iPad Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4.Our Popular Dedicated Server are among the best on the market ,

For Samsung’s latest flagship,Our unique Private Cloud allow you to control your resources, Casemachine codenamed its Evolution composite case the Casemachine G4 Evolution case for Samsung Galaxy S4. The case will have a racecar inspired design exuded with a interchangeable snap-on polycarbonate outer shell and TPU chassis. Casemachine states only the most durable TPU will be used on the new G4 Evolution composite case.Customized Promotion Dedicated Server offer you a wide.

Casemachine’s chief mechanical designer was heard to have said that the purpose of the new composite case was to provide something durable and premium for Galaxy S4 users. While Samsung has gone “green” with its strategy and has produced the S4 with recyclable polymers, Casemachine has now tried to create a phone case which can provide a much more exotic feel to the touch without taking away the phone’s inherent beauty.

The company is set to release the whole new Evolution composite case series for different flagship smartphones, though Casemachine’s president and chief mechanical designer have stated that the Casemachine G4 Evolution case for Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released for a pre-order batch soon.

As of now, extensive drop and scratch resistance testing is being performed on the new Evolution composite cases at Casemachine’s headquarters in Miami, FL and the company is assuring that a tighter grab on smartphone is provided by the introduction of premium TPU and polycarbonate polymers in the Evolution case series.

The Casemachine G4 Evolution case for Samsung Galaxy S4 will have an interchangeable polycarbonate outer shell which could easily be taken off and put on by users without the use of adhesives. The outer shell will be to provide a more robust and hard feel of the case in contrast with the touch-friendly TPU body of the case. Casemachine will also use high line automotive PPG coating on the outer shells for an everlasting gloss and brilliant finishing.

The polycarbonate outer shell will be made available in different shades taken off of various official paint codes of some of the most exotic racecars on Earth. Casemachine is determined to officially launch the whole Evolution case series later this year and anticipates a warm reception for it by smartphone users all around the world.

The advantage of doing retail online is that the merchant doesn’t have to pay for the upkeep of stores or pay as many sales people. When Amazon came on the scene it was able to undercut so called “big box” retailers for two reasons. First, they didn’t have to pay state sales tax. Second Amazon had lower costs and a shareholder base that didn’t really care if the company ever made money.

What’s exciting about Bed, Bath & Beyond is less about the company itself and more about what it says about the retail industry as a whole. They have taken the price wars a step further by compressing margins enough to beat Amazon without gimmicks. The company is seeing margins shrink as it drives prices lower but it’s still quite profitable.Center Facilities MileWeb Privacy Policy Privacy Policy. Bed, Bath & Beyond is a glimpse into the post-eCommerce revolution where the best retailers thrive by becoming more efficient.

Best Buy is the most radical example of a retailer getting smarter about the way it does business.Learn about MetLife’s Corporate Profile including its service offerings, In one year on the job CEO Hubert Joly has managed to reduce costs while improving customer service by partnering with Apple, Samsung and Microsoft to create in “stores-within-a-store.” As the smartphone wars heat up, Best Buy has vendors fighting to fill floor space that’s been empty since the death of DVDs. It’s better retail you can see at first glance.

Walmart and Target have been grinding out earnings growth for years despite moribund U.S. economic growth and disastrous international expansion efforts. The weird part is they did it by expanding into groceries, one of the few segments of retail with lower margins than their core business of discounting. The move has resulted in lower net margins but much higher revenues. In the last three years Walmart has grown revenues by $50-billion but only grown net income by around $500 million.
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I would like to have complete information

Jose and Priscilla Rodriguez’s cellphones started shrieking just before 11 p.m. Monday along with mobile phones across California, and the noise not only woke them up, but their 2-month-old son as well.

Jose Rodriguez, a second lieutenant stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, said he wasn’t pleased the messages woke the whole family up. However, he supports the reason behind the alerts.

The text messages that went out Monday to cellphones in California were part of an Amber Alert, informing people of a pair of siblings who had gone missing from San Diego County, and were suspected of being abducted.You can get these Data Center Facilities Features if you reach certain. The texts were accompanied by a shrill alarm sound.

Amber Alerts have long been issued in certain urgent missing person cases across the United States,Customized Promotion Dedicated Server offer you a wide. but Monday’s text message marked the first one sent out in California as an effort of the new Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) program, operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Starting Jan. 1 of this year, Amber Alerts are sent automatically through the WEA program to millions of cellphone users in the U.S, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The messages, which do not cost any money to receive, are transmitted simultaneously to all mobile devices in range of cellular carrier towers in the affected area.

Those with WEA-enabled phones are automatically signed up to receive three notices — president, imminent threat and Amber Alerts in their region.

Cellphone users are able to opt out of the alerts, if they choose, with the exception of the president’s messages.

Alert preferences can either be adjusted on a cellphone through the notification settings, or by calling your cellphone service provider.

Christine Page, who also lives on Vandenberg Air Force Base, said her husband’s phone received the Amber Alert on Monday.

“We didn’t know what it was to begin with,The whole orientation management of Network Services and infrastructure.” she said.

After looking at his cell, Page’s husband told her it was an Amber Alert.

“He turned it off and went back to bed.Provision and deploy cloud Public Cloud Servers in minutes. Obviously, we weren’t out where we could help anybody,” she said.

Despite the minor annoyance, Page supports the texts. Although, she’d like to see them more localized to specific areas.

“I suppose it’s a good way to communicate an Amber Alert,” Page said.

Susan Verres, who lives in Germany but is on a tour of the West Coast, also received the text.

She thinks the mobile message program is well-conceived.

Local law enforcement officers received the Amber Alerts along with everyone else.

Santa Maria police Lt. Kim Graham said the text she received was somewhat limited, and she would have liked to know more about the children missing and the suspect, along with other details.

“As a police officer, of course, I would like to have complete information,” she added.

“It was good. It got my attention. I looked at the phone. However, I just wish there would have been additional information,” Graham said.

Brian Josef, assistant vice president of regulatory affairs for The Wireless Association, which is a partner in the WEA program, said nearly ever major brand of cellphone has the capability to receive Wireless Emergency Alerts.

“We would hope people don’t opt out. We can understand the surprise,” he said.

Josef said the emergency alerts are being sent out sparingly, and are important.

“It is designed to get people’s attention, but if it’s an important enough issue in threat situations, we want to make sure that the public doesn’t miss those alerts.”
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These tiny tastes can push the casual

Since then, local restaurants have emerged with “wine bar” in their names, either explicitly, as in Burlington’s Blue Cat Café & Wine Bar; or implicitly, as in White River Junction’s Elixir. Other establishments have sophisticated wine-by-the-glass lists (such as Pistou in Burlington and the Pitcher Inn in Warren).Below is our MileWeb Privacy Policy which incorporates these goals. But, until this past year, no establishment in northern Vermont but Wine Works had branded itself solely as a wine bar — that is, a place to sample wines along with complementary small plates.we are committed to providing wireless MileWeb Services Overview.

In Middlebury, former chemist Nancy Weber-Curth led the charge in spring 2012 by opening the aptly named Sparkling, dedicated to Champagne and sparkling wines. This past spring, L’Amante chef Kevin Cleary amped up his passion for wines by transforming an empty space — just two doors down from his College Street restaurant — into Vin Bar & Shop. About a month later, one half of Montpelier’s long-empty Chittenden Bank building found new life as the North Branch Cafe, a wine and tea spot opened by Lauren, Wes and Becky Parker.

None of these places offers full meals; instead, each focuses on the pours, from Barbaresco to sparkling Gruner Veltliner. The bars diverge mainly in personality, a reflection of their owners’ tastes,comprehensive MileWeb Operating System Software helps you integrate and optimize physical and virtual environments, which shows in the decor and wine selection. I recently visited all three to gauge their vibe.
The aesthete: Vin Bar & Shop

Anyone familiar with Burlington’s L’Amante won’t be surprised by the polished, minimalist new space created by owners Kevin and Kathi Cleary for their wine bar. Its scale is surprising at first: To the left of the entrance, a shop is stocked neatly with wine bottles and a cold case offering cheeses and charcuterie.Find business contact information and media MileWeb Contact Us By Phone, To the right is a curved, sleek, walnut bar with a cherry-red meat slicer sitting on one end. Toward the back, behind a glass wall, a wine classroom holds dark wood tables set with sextets of waiting glasses. Light spills in from Vin’s floor-to-ceiling windows, but it doesn’t dilute the dim, sexy ambiance.

For much of his cooking life, Kevin Cleary has had a love affair with wine, studying it intently and traveling to Italy’s wine regions every year. In 2011, he opened his own wine school inside L’Amante, where he spends his only day off of the week teaching students (including me) about the finer points of vinification and the Guyot pruning system. That educational component is integral to Vin — hence the classroom — and a spirit of serious experimentation permeates the place, starting with the raft of 2-ounce pours you can order from the wine list.

These tiny tastes can push the casual, curious drinker to full-on wine geekdom. Ten minutes after I arrived with two friends, our corner of the bar was lined with seven glasses, each filled with samples such as a brisk Bodegas Valdesil Godello and spicy Numanthia Fermes.

Though Cleary’s focus has long been Italian wines — which make up the bulk of L’Amante’s wine list — Vin allows him to draw more heavily from other regions. Even so, the emphasis is definitely on the Old World: Bottles from France’s up-and-coming Languedoc-Roussillon region, a selection of Champagnes and numerous reds from Spain outnumber wines from Italy. Our bartender was decidedly hands off, but when one of the wines we tasted was faulty,Our Cheap Dedicated Server are ready-to-go and can be deployed. he replaced it with no questions asked.

Vin is not a place to come for dinner: Cheeses and meats — and the occasional lobster roll or other special — constitute the entire menu. But they’re exquisitely presented. Rich Vermont Butter & Cheese Cremont, fennel-spiked finocchio sausage and a hefty pile of paper-thin prosciutto di parma came artfully arranged on a plate with quince paste, fig jam and roasted peppers. A basket of crusty Red Hen bread rounded out the course.

If you like what you’re drinking at the bar — and, with seven wines in a suite, there’s a good chance you will — you can pick up a bottle in the shop on your way out. Just don’t try to cross from the bar into the shop with a glass in your hand — that’s a legal no-no.
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what is its second best kept secret?

It’s just about two minutes down a little laneway from the large brick West Street storefront facing the Green she rented for 30 years, which, in fact, was around the corner from the South Street shop she ran earlier for 13 years after taking the big step of setting up in business before she even turned 21.

Ms. Nelson is thrilled about being able to buy 10 Cobble Court and the potential the space offered.

“It’s probably a bit smaller, but it’s all ‘A’ space,” she said during an interview at the store. “Everything I stock seems to look even better here.”

She credited Allen Lord Creations of New Milford with creating the well-appointed one-story retail area that reflects her attention to detail and a suitable layout to showcase the quality, stylish merchandise she carries.

“The first thing I thought of when I bought the space was calling Allen Lord,” Ms. Nelson said. “He did all the display units for the West Street shop when I moved in there, and he re-did them and added more for my new space. We saved all the chestnut flooring here and had it restored, and he designed the staircase going to my second floor, which is where my office is.”

Ms. Nelson’s business formula is simple and focused.

“I do appreciate good quality, and I’ve always shopped for all sizes and all ages and certainly keep in mind particular customers,” she said.

Sizing is not constant from brand to brand or year to year, or even within a brand, the retailer noted, which is why she and her sales assistants are ready to help customers find what they want, whether it is something for themselves or a gift for others.If the social teachings of the Catholic Church are sometimes considered its best kept secret, meaning that most Catholics do not know about them, or Church leaders have not made them known enough for members to live by them, what is its second best kept secret?

Not the scandals—sexual, financial or political—for these have occupied enough media space and air time. Not the hidden saintly lives worth emulating, for they come into the light sooner or later and gain following. Not the enormous wealth of the institution vis à vis the chosen poverty of those who wish to follow Jesus to the letter, for these sharp contrasts are obvious.

The Church’s “second best kept secret”—as those who wish to see it popularized and practiced impatiently call it—is the natural family planning (NFP) method. Second best kept secret because in spite of its supposed efficacy, not many know about it.You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers. Second best kept secret because those who should be advocating it (those fulminating against the recently passed Reproductive Health Law) are spending their energy badmouthing the RH advocates instead of buckling down to work to promote NFP. They are losing by default.

NFP is one of many means to plan family sizes or space births that the Catholic Church approves of, all the rest—contraceptives, abortion, vasectomy and tubal ligation—being anathema.

Two weeks ago I attended the daylong “Orientation to Population and Development” which tackled “challenges to the Filipino family today.” Among the event’s objectives was for participants to gain insight from the experiences in NFP of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro (CDO) and to engage Church people in a dialogue of faith on population and development issues. Also on the agenda was to explore areas of collaboration among Church and people’s groups in working for the wellbeing of Filipino families.

The organizers were from the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (Urban Missionaries, Women and Gender Concerns, and Center for Migrant Concerns) in partnership with the Philippine Center for Population and Development (PCPD). The gathering was an exercise in listening.

I came because I wanted to listen to CDO’s Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, the main speaker, who tackled pastoral perspectives on population and development and also shared his archdiocese’s experience in working with the PCPD. Yes, the PCPD, which does not hew to the Church’s blanket policy against artificial contraception but which includes NFP among the methods it supports—thus the PCPD-CDO archdiocese collaboration on NFP. Strange bedfellows? Not at all.

Just as enlightening was the talk of San Carlos University’s Dr. Socorro Gultiano who showed whether or not a country’s population is related to development. Felicitas C. Rixhon, executive director of PCPD, assured its support for NFP, as proven in the CDO archdiocese’s experience, but not NFP alone.

“Yes” to something. This is what Ledesma stressed in his talk, a departure from the nonstop “no” from anti-RH Law advocates who should be loudly saying “yes” to NFP.

Ledesma presented the three felt needs of couples in his archdiocese: They want family planning for family size and spacing; they prefer NFP plus adequate information on fertility awareness and NFP; they want to choose from among NFP methods to suit their own preferences.

In his paper titled “Promoting Natural Family Planning—Whose Move?” Ledesma said his pastoral experience included links with local government units and national government agencies over the past six years. Based on this, he has come up with recommendations for the government’s RH program.

These are: 1) The government, in promoting informed choice, should include NFP in its RH program. 2) In any government orientation on family planning, the first topic should be fertility awareness. 3) The government should provide information on all modern, scientifically tested NFP methods, including the simplified methods. 4) NFP requires values formation. 5) In its concern for maternal health, the government should give adequate information regarding the health risks of various kinds of contraceptives. 6) The government could set up a separate track for NFP promotion and provide support for faith-based organizations and their affiliated groups in promoting the values and methods of NFP.

On No. 2,Quality Brand Name tungsten ring and Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men. Ledesma explained that fertility awareness entailed an understanding of human sexuality and nature’s way of regulating births through the fertility cycle of the human body.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace, After the fertility awareness module, couples may be able to decide whether to go natural or use contraceptives. NFP methods are also called fertility-awareness-based methods, he said.

Many family life workers have told Ledesma that women who attended NFP seminars for the first time were not even aware that they had a natural cycle of fertile and infertile periods.

NFP is propoor, Ledesma stressed. “Once learned, there is no cost involved; it is sustainable across generations, with mothers passing on the method to their daughters.We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price.”

While speaking, Ledesma would often hold up a string of beads used in the Standard Days Method, supposedly the simplest. I asked if I could take a photo of him holding the beads and he said, sure.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring. I said women would learn the method easily if they strung the beads themselves.
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The bell is an important part of Metis history

It looks like a significant piece of Canadian Metis history will soon be returned to public view after disappearing more than 20 years ago.

But one of the country’s top Metis leaders is not excited that the bell of Batoche may finally be brought back to its home in Saskatchewan.

David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Metis Federation, says the historical significance of the bell has been tarnished by those who have held it for the last two decades and tried to sell it to the highest bidder.

“Getting the bell back, what does that mean after it was stolen by thieves and they sold it for us to get it back? It’s really lost its real meaning,” Chartrand said. “It’s about the money. It wasn’t about our people. They’ve taken that poor bell and tainted it with such thievery … Those are robbing thieves, that’s all they are.”

The bell of Batoche hung in the Saskatchewan community of the same name when the Metis were defeated during the Northwest Rebellion in 1885. Federal troops climbed the bell tower, removed the trophy and took it east.

It found a home in a fire hall belltower in Millbrook,These low cost RFID key tags could be Custom RFID key tag. Ont., until the building burned to the ground. The bell was cracked in the flames. It eventually made its way to the Millbrook Royal Canadian Legion hall where it was displayed.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of wholesale tungsten bracelet.

That was until 1991, when the legion was broken into and the bell removed.

Cast as Robin Hood figures by some, its holders have never been publicly outed.

Chartrand said he was once close to securing the bell’s release. He negotiated and agreed to pay a fee and ensure police wouldn’t lay charges. In return, the bell was to be returned to Batoche.

But the bell’s keeper backed out after repeatedly upping the price and Chartrand refusing to pay more.

“It was just a game to them.”

Now a Manitoba Metis group is hinting it has plans to return the bell to the public.

Elder Guy Savoie with the Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba said his group will talk about the fate of the bell at an event in Winnipeg on Friday.

“We’ve got an announcement prepared as to the bell, what’s going to happen to it and where it’s going to go,” said Savoie, who added the group has been negotiating with the bell’s keeper for a long time. “He’s disposed to return the bell and this is what the announcement is.”

The bell is an important part of Metis history and it should be treated accordingly, Savoie said.

“A bell is a living thing. It calls people to weddings. It calls people to baptisms, funerals, mass on Sunday.”

Philippe Mailhot, director of the St. Boniface Museum in Winnipeg, said for the bell for too long represented defeat and humiliation.

“It was sort of an open scar,We carry an assortment of wholesale stainless steel necklace, especially for the Metis of Western Canada,” Mailhot said. “It’s bad enough your resistance is crushed by Canadian authorities, your leader Louis Riel is hanged and for 100 years the Metis are essentially shunted to the sidelines of history — the forgotten people.”

After the Battle of Batoche, Mailhot said, the town was looted and everything down to the candlesticks was carted off as spoils of war. Despite negotiations in the late 1980s, the bell remained where it was — in a display case in the legion.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images,

He said that after it was taken, the bell’s whereabouts were an “open secret” in the Manitoba Metis community. To have it returned to its original home makes it a symbol of hope,Give your logo high visibility on Promotional Luggage Tags! Mailhot suggested.

“It shows how the country has changed,” he said. “What was once a trophy of war 100 years ago, or as recently as 40 years ago, is now hopefully going to become a symbol of reconciliation and a symbol of a better understanding between the people of Canada.”
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Many of the employees came down dressed in Bruins

Shopping locally and supporting small businesses can happen in your jammies while you feed the dog, even if you’re taking a trip to the bead store.

“I feel like it’s an extension of what we already do here,Plastic Card manufacturers directory trade platform for China plastic card manufacturers.Find a wide range of stainless steel necklace Jewellery to buy online. and in a way what we’ll be doing from our warehouse and office space,” DeSimone said. “It’s like, I can be typical store merchant that when someone walks into my store I greet them, and ask them how their daughter is doing. I think if you’re a good small business store owner, that’s what you do.”

Heather says the transition from a storefront on Main Street in Freeport to a mostly online business took time to develop. If you’re considering making this change for your own business, it’s important to slowly incorporate an online presence before making the big switch.

What do you do when your company chairman just happens to own one of the two Stanley Cup finalists?

You hold a mid-afternnon rally party at the company’s downtown Buffalo headquarters – just a few hours before the Boston Bruins face off against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Bruins have been owned by Jeremy Jacobs, Delaware North’s chairman,These ear cap feature all of your favorite Disney characters, since 1975.

Following a pattern set two years ago when the Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks to win the 2011 Stanley Cup, Delaware North threw a “good luck” rally for its employees at its Key Center headquarters. Shortly before 2 p.m., more than 100 Delaware North workers – from secretaries to executive-level, senior management types crowded into a seventh floor meeting area to cheer the Bruins on, even it was from afar.

To set the mood, Delaware North had specially-made cupcakes, frosted with black, gold and white toppings – the Bruins colors – and each with the signature Bruins “B” insignia. Besides the cupcakes, employees were given popcorn, beads and soft drinks along with yellow Bruins “rally” towels that will be given out at the TD Banknorth Garden before Games 3 and 4, and Game 6, if necessary.

Many of the employees came down dressed in Bruins sweaters and t-shirts. A Stanley Cup final run allows for a strategic loosening of Delaware North’s normal business attire dress code.

Acting as MC was Dan Zimmer, the Kenmore native and longtime Delaware North employee who spent four years working as the Bruins vice president of business operations and is now the company’s vice president of finance and development.

The original Krewe of Freret paraded for more than 40 years and lined up on Freret Street.

Hjortsberg says the new krewe celebrates the revitalization of Freret, but can’t parade there because police will already be busy on the Uptown route handling four other parades rolling the same day.

He said the new Freret will add fresh technology to the fun.

“We’re currently in the process of creating iPhone applications so to where you’ll be able to determine where your friends are on the float,” he said.

And the krewe wants to move away from throwing Mardi Gras beads.

“We’re not saying that we’re going to completely ban beads,” he said.

But Freret’s co captain says they do want to try phase out beads and rely more on locally made throws that people might find more appealing.

“There’s a lot of artists in the Freret Market that we’ve been discussing things with who make all kinds of different trinkets that people would love to have,” Hjortsberg will see high Custom 2.45GHz readers competitive price.

Hjortsberg said the krewe is looking for any suggestion that goes along with its mission.Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice,
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