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This survey was conducted online

PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — IT workers were more optimistic in the second quarter of 2013, according to the Randstad Technologies IT Employee Confidence Index, which increased five points from the previous quarter to 53.6 in the second quarter.Hivelocity offers reliable and affordable Windows windows dedicated server. Despite greater signs of optimism about the workplace and the economy, IT workers’ confidence trailed the national index, which measures confidence of workers across a range of industries. The study was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Randstad Technologies in April, May and June of 2013, among 203 technology industry employees ages 18 and older.

“Given the demand for IT talent, we are not surprised to see an increase in confidence numbers. Information technology teams continue to support organizations in unprecedented ways, and leadership is scrambling to find talent to address important priorities,” said Bob Dickey, Executive Vice President of Technologies at Randstad US. “Companies are seeking candidates with much needed skill sets, such as SuccessFactors, Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server, SAP HANA and Workday. We are also seeing higher demand for candidates with an understanding of service-oriented architecture (SOA), java and data architects. Additionally, when you consider the fact that the big data marketplace is expected to grow to $16.9 billion by 2015 according to the International Data Corporation, the sheer volume of talent needed to address this growth will be huge.”

The Index, released by technology talent and solutions provider Randstad Technologies, showed that though IT employees remain leery in the security of their current position (25 percent say it is likely they will lose their current job in the next 12 months), nearly half (47 percent) are confident in their ability to find a new position if needed.

Dickey added that, “While we are seeing some improvement in confidence and in the desire to find a new job, IT workers are often in precarious situations within organizations, working on temporary projects or jumping in to fix problems. As a result, employees may be feeling a level of insecurity around that. The reality is, we are seeing tremendous opportunity for workers with these highly sought-after skills.”

IT Worker Confidence in the Economy Increases in Second Quarter

Technology professionals’ confidence in the overall economy increased by three percentage points this quarter, with 30 percent believing the economy is getting stronger. Nearly four-in-ten workers say the economy is getting weaker, a notable decrease from last quarter’s 46 percent.

Fewer IT Workers Believe More Jobs are Available this Quarter

Less than a quarter of IT workers say more jobs are available,Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover with the mophie juice pack. compared to 24 percent in the first quarter of 2013. Over four-in-ten workers believe that fewer IT jobs are now available.

Half of Tech Workers Optimistic About Their Employability
Rising nine percentage points this quarter, nearly half (47 percent) of IT workers reported feeling confident in their ability to find a new job, compared to 38 percent the previous quarter. More than one-quarter (27 percent) are not confident in their ability to find a new job this quarter.

Survey Methodology This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Randstad Technologies from April 1-3, May 7-9 and June 4-6, 2013 among 3,626 adults ages 18 and older, of which 203 are employed in IT. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

About Randstad TechnologiesRandstad Technologies has been connecting top companies around the globe with the expert technology talent and solutions that drives their success since 1984. Our deep industry expertise and full-service capabilities–Recruitment, Consulting, Projects and Outsourcing–enable organizations to be agile,The cases for iphone 5 remains the most popular smartphone phone on the market. productive and ahead in the field with their wide network of specialists and flexible solutions. For more information.Mobile Fun sell a huge range of samsung cases,

About Randstad USRandstad US is a wholly owned subsidiary of Randstad Holding nv, a $22.0 billion global provider of HR services. As the third largest staffing organization in the U.S., Randstad holds top positions in permanent placement, office and administrative, IT and accounting and finance. From professional services, commercial staffing, recruitment process outsourcing, to managed services and more, Randstad delivers a comprehensive range of temporary, temporary-to-hire, permanent placement and outsourced placement services. With its 5,660 employment experts, Randstad puts an average of nearly 100,000 people to work in the U.S. each week, through its network of more than 900 branches and client-dedicated locations.

Learn more and access Randstad’s panoramic U.S. thought leadership knowledge center through its Workforce360 site that offers valuable insight into the latest economic indicators and HR trends shaping the world of work.you need to perform we have every Replacement parts for iphone 5 at competitive prices.
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The community controls the direction of the project

Does the OpenStack cloud controller need to support the full set of APIs from Amazon Web Services and other public clouds? Randy Bias,Check the following list of cheap dedicated linux dedicated server. the founder and CTO of OpenStack distie Cloudscaling thinks so.

This week, as OpenStack celebrates its third birthday, Bias issued a call to arms to the OpenStack community to do what rival open source cloud controllers Eucalyptus and CloudStack are doing and embrace the full set of AWS APIs, as well as the ones created largely by Rackspace Hosting at the beginning of the OpenStack project that are not compatible with AWS.

If Amazon Web Services had decided to sell its homegrown server virtualization and cloud controller software as a retail product, like a camera or a bottle of soap, as well as its bespoke servers and storage arrays that make up its compute and storage clouds, then it is very likely that the Eucalyptus, CloudStack, and OpenStack alternatives would have never gotten off the ground, or at the very least might not be flying quite so high.

Despite many of the limitations in the AWS infrastructure cloud, and despite the desire to offer different features in a cloud than those offered by AWS, Bias has passionately argued in a blog post that the OpenStack community has to return to the roots of NASA’s original Nova compute controller – created before the space agency aligned with Rackspace to create OpenStack – and get AWS compatibility back into OpenStack.

And, if that were not enough of a tall order, Bias goes on to argue that OpenStack then has to support the full API stacks of Microsoft’s Windows Azure and Google’s Compute Engine public clouds, too – eventually.

For the moment, getting full support for the AWS APIs – in effect, making an OpenStack public or private cloud look operationally and functionally like the AWS EC2 cloud and its related S3 and EBS storage service – is paramount, and a decision that the community must make regardless of Rackspace’s desire to make OpenStack look essentially like its own public cloud’s Cloud Servers and Cloud Files services.

“The community controls the direction of the project, and it’s time we advocate a public cloud compatibility strategy that is in all our best interests, not just those of a single, albeit substantial, contributor,” writes Bias. “Failing to make this change in strategy could ultimately lead to the project’s irrelevance and death.”

With AWS refusing to let go of its server and storage designs and all of the tweaks it has made to the Xen hypervisor, the Linux operating system, and the other components that make up its infrastructure cloud, the way is open for some alternative to dominate the private cloud.

Windows by far prevails in the corporate data center, and the very good support that VMware had for virtualizing Windows made it a powerhouse in the server virtualization era. But it is not a foregone conclusion that VMware’s vCloud can become the cloud controller of choice in the corporate data center – especially not with Microsoft’s Hyper-V 3.0, Windows Server 2012, and System Center 2012 offering a less expensive and more native alternative to those who might prefer to stick with a Redmond stack.

OpenStack, like CloudStack and Eucalyptus, is more aligned to Linux workloads and increasingly the KVM hypervisor for slicing up servers, but the Xen hypervisor is still getting some love and remains popular on the biggest public clouds. No one knows what Google is using for its Google Compute Engine (GCE) infrastructure cloud, but AWS and Rackspace use variants of Xen.

The open source cloud controllers are also able to support and manage virtualized Windows workloads, however, so they have a chance of taking some share away from either VMware or Microsoft as corporations transform their virtualized server farms into clouds by adding orchestration, billing, metering, disaster recovery, and other functions to their pooled server capacity.

In the opinion of Bias, the need to fully embrace the AWS APIs – to make OpenStack look and operate like AWS – is pretty clear-cut. It’s based on an assumption that AWS will continue to dominate the public cloud market, no matter how hard Rackspace and the likes of Hewlett-Packard and IBM try to fluff up OpenStack-based clouds.

“It is clear that AWS (and quite likely GCE) will utterly dominate the public cloud race,” Bias states emphatically. “But more importantly, who cares? Dominance by AWS and GCE does not mean that OpenStack fails. In fact, OpenStack is clearly on a trajectory to ‘win’ the private cloud race, and a rapid embracing of Amazon will put OpenStack in the pole position to dominate hybrid cloud.”

Two and a half years ago, AWS and Rackspace were basically doubling their cloud businesses, according to Bias, but Rackspace’s growth in the cloud has slowed down as Google has jumped in (and Microsoft as well, which Bias did not mention) and AWS has continued more or less on its trajectory.

Rackspace wanted to “control the innovation curve” like Amazon does with its public cloud, Bias argues, and therefore not only started OpenStack with NASA, but also was able, through the acquisition of ANSO Labs, to pick up the NASA people familiar with the Nova compute controller and get them to essentially shift to Rackspace’s own Cloud Files API set. And now, says Bias, it is time to shift back.

“OpenStack can be in control of the innovation curve in private and hybrid cloud, but doing so requires that we support the services that are leading the innovation curve in public cloud,” Bias writes. “For OpenStack to dominate innovation in private and hybrid, it must embrace the public clouds to which enterprises want to federate.”

This, from a guy who admits that he was not precisely enamored with all this talk of private and hybrid clouds a few years back.
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when Calvero was questioned in a separate

Now celebrating their 10th Anniversary, leading UK streetwear retailer Yukka is pushing the bar once more with newly arrived and bargain stock from high profile LA brand Crooks & Castles.

The brainchild of urban clothing aficionados Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio, Crooks & Castles was first launched in 2002, with the aim of creating a brand that directly reflected the LA street lifestyle. The two designers also wanted to reflect their own take on urban and hip hop clothing, which proved to be immensely popular and has seen them become a mainstay in the arena of cutting-edge urban fashion.when I find that the Wholesale Cheap Hard Cases for iPhone 4S or the beetroot looks beautiful.

Crooks & Castles focussed on being a direct reflection of the LA street lifestyle. Not stopping there, Calvero also moved to New York for a short while to absorb the East Coast urban inspirations. Later designer Emil Soriano joined the team,white leather Wholesale Cheap Rhinestone Cases for iPhone 4S case designed for the iPhone 4, and the brand re-launched in 2004 with key distribution avenues in place. By 2007, Crooks & Castles had established a global fan base that has grown from strength to strength – their clothing is firmly favoured by the likes of hip hop icons Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Calvero previously stated that the brand name and philosophy originates from the concept that “behind every castle there’s a crook”. When asked about their format, he answered: “We originally started out as a small streetwear brand and now what we’re trying to do is solidify Crooks as a brand. Regardless of the category, we just want to be a lifestyle brand.”

In addition, when Calvero was questioned in a separate interview about what he considers to be the essentials of a streetwear brand, he commented: “For us it still remains tees, accessories,There are many note taking apps available for Cheap Styluses for iPhone, and a timeless cut and sew collection… We try to stay active in collaborating with leaders in different categories…”

The Crooks & Castles brand has actively expanded over the years to put their prestigious mark on a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing – from outerwear, sweaters, hoodies, denims, shorts, T-shirts and footwear, to accessories such as headwear, sunglasses,I used it as Cheap Replacement Parts for iPhone 3G replacement in my reporter duties, key rings and even iPhone cases.

With their famous Bandito and Toy Gun graphics now the stuff of legend, Crooks & Castles continue to stay ahead of the game with regular fresh collections and designs.You can filter photos in the Camera app on the Wholesale Cheap Cases Package for iPhone 4/4S iPod Touch, Just some of their must-have stock newly arrived at Yukka includes a host of edgy caps (from adjustable to snapback), tanktops and T-shirts – just in time from the blazing British summer.

Yukka’s website also makes it easier than ever before to bag a hot item or three by allowing shoppers to browse by size, category item, price range, colour, Bestsellers and Newest.

Founder of urban clothing retailer Yukka, Robby Sur, commented on their exciting new merchandise: “Without a doubt, Crooks & Castles are one of THE major players when it comes to cutting-edge streetwear – their reputation is nothing less than stellar for anyone in-the-know when it comes to hip hop fashion, so people will want to jump online and visit our store before the freshest stock flies off the virtual shelves.”

Seth Godin tells a great story, the kind of story that changes the way you see the world around you. In this classic post, he blogs about how author Amanda Hocking made a million dollars a year publishing her own work because she chose to “pick herself.”

“Pick Yourself,” Godin recommends. “It’s cultural instinct to wait to get picked, to seek out the permission and authority that comes from a publisher, talk show host, or blogger saying ‘I pick you.’ Once you reject that, you can actually get to work.”
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While higher buildings would be one of the most obvious

After a tough financial year for Tuality Healthcare, the largest health care provider in western Washington County — for another month at least — has submitted a plan to quadruple the size of its Forest Grove hospital and double the staff.

As Kaiser Permanente gets set to open its westside medical center in Hillsboro Aug. 6, the city of Forest Grove’s planning commission will review Tuality Healthcare’s master plan July 15. If approved,Hivelocity offers reliable and affordable Windows windows dedicated server. the whole block on which Tuality’s Forest Grove branch sits could be completely renovated.

An approved master plan gives Tuality permission to make any changes agreed upon in the plan without hassle from the city in the future.

Tuality’s primary hospital, Tuality Community Hospital, is located in Hillsboro. The Forest Grove branch is mainly for day and emergency visits, acute care, and lab and X-ray services. The only patients staying overnight live in the 22-bed geriatric psychiatry unit. All these services would get new facilities, according to the master plan.

Tuality officials say they created the master plan to prepare for a potentially massive growth in population. Forest Grove’s population has spiked 19 percent in the last 10 years, and experts say it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Other than on the Pacific University campus, a four-story building is unheard of in Forest Grove. This master plan would allow building structures up to a maximum of four stories tall in the appropriate zone. The south portion of the master plan zone, near Maple Street and 18th Avenue, has a height maximum of 85 feet, which is fitting since hospital ceilings are generally taller than in normal buildings.

Tuality Forest Grove is conveniently located on the same block as the Maple Street Clinic, a family medicine center, three private practices, the Marquis Care center and Marquis Forest Grove Assisted Living. The master plan proposes to include every business on the block, giving them the option to opt-in to the hospital’s proposed changes.

“Maple Street Clinic has agreed to join the master plan zones,” Krautscheid explained. “They’d have the option to have taller buildings. We are keeping our options open and it gives them more options.”

While higher buildings would be one of the most obvious changes, nearly everything about the current hospital and surrounding area would be completely redone, with an eye to promoting preventative care.

Now 42,800 square feet, the hospital would more than quadruple in size to 179,600 square feet, including 107,600 square feet for inpatient and outpatient hospital services such as radiology, surgery, emergency, respiratory therapy and inpatient rooms.

The second largest area of the hospital would be outpatient medical offices: 30,000 square feet would be dedicated to dialysis, physical and occupational therapy, lab services, a sleep lab and support functions.

Gerry Ewing, director of corporate communications for Tuality, said similar space for facilities in Hillsboro has had positive results.

“Changes in the master plan make it more convenient to provide preventive care,” said Ewing. “We want to provide education and classes to not clog up the ER.”

With nearly 39,000 emergency room visits between both ERs in 2011 alone, preventive care seems to be the answer.

Currently, Tuality Forest Grove has 114 parking spaces, but would add a four-story parking structure with 150 spaces — the first of its kind in Forest Grove. The parking structure would use motion-activated lighting and would be designed to minimize headlights shining onto other structures.

A focus in building would be on sustainability. The possibility of garden roofs, drip irrigation and harvesting rainwater are all detailed in the plan. The hospital would include a heliport. Currently, helicopters use the back field.

“This service supports not only the hospital but the entire community, providing an adequate landing pad for sending patients out quickly for critical medical conditions,” said Krautscheid.

The number of employees would increase from 173 to 400. The staff would allow for an increase in classes, support groups and health care fairs. Related outpatient facilities on Tuality-owned property would employ an additional 75 to 100 people as well.

Krautscheid said the potential changes are not an attempt to compete with Kaiser’s new facility.

“We supported Kaiser’s presence in the community so members have local options,” he said, noting the two hospitals’ customer bases don’t overlap.

Generally, only those enrolled in Kaiser health plans can go to Kaiser hospitals, while Tuality serves people on Blue Cross Blue Shield and other health plans.

The success of Tuality’s Forest Grove expansion depends on the hospital’s financial picture — which has been rocky recently.

Tuality’s Forest Grove and Hillsboro facilities had a rough year financially in 2011, the last year in which data was available. The Lund Report, an online news source focused on health care systems, has kept track of many hospitals’ finances, including Tuality’s.

Tuality hopes to get more patients next year, Ewing said, with the start of Obamacare, which highlights preventive care and gives many more people access to health insurance.
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which is the difference between the outflow

BURGLARS made off with more than £5,000 of jewellery after breaking into a house in Westcliff.

Thieves got away with the haul, which also included a tablet computer, after breaking into a house in Southborough Drive through a back door on Friday morning.

Police have called on the public to watch out for distinctive items and appealed for witnesses who saw anything suspicious between 8.30am and 9,30am to come forward.

Investigating officer DC Samantha Boyd said: “We’re appealing for anyone who saw any suspicious activity on this street during the school run on Friday morning.

“We would also highlight a couple of key items that were stolen.

“A compass, the size of a pocket watch, on a gold chain was taken. It is a nine-carat gold and the surround on the compass is very ornate.

“There was also a Southern Railway silver titanium watch in it box that was stolen.

“The owner states that it is quite plain-looking as a watch, but is only one of four ever made. It has a logo on it and hopefully this will attract the attention of anyone who is offered it illegally.”

A forensic examination of the property was carried out as were house-to-house enquiries.

Gold imports are estimated to fall by around 24 per cent to about 38 tonnes in June following restrictions on imports and jeweller associations banning sale of coins and bars, an industry body said.

The country imported about 50 tonnes of gold in June 2012,All the latest Releasing film Products in small size and in resumable. according to official data.

which is the difference between the outflow and inflow of foreign currency, is estimated to be around 5 per cent of the GDP in 2012-13 fiscal.Our offered BOPP Tapes are in compliance with the BOPP tape Products. CAD had touched a record high of 6.7 per cent during October-December quarter.

The central bank had said the trade deficit has widened during April-May due to surge in festival related or seasonal gold imports.

To curb demand, the government hiked the import duty on gold three times in a year and raised it by 2 per cent to 8 per cent. Besides, RBI too has put restrictions on banks on importing gold.

Meanwhile, All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) has taken steps to help curb gold imports by issuing a circular to its members requesting them to stop selling bars and coins.

“We have requested our members and affiliated members to help the government to reduce gold import by not selling bars and coins. We are getting positive response from our members and this step will help bringing down the imports to some extent,” GJF Chairman Haresh Soni told PTI.

GJF has also submitted a representation to the Finance Ministry, which suggests at way in which imports can be curbed without jeopardising the jewellery industry, he said.manufacturers and Double sided PET industry tape Products suppliers Directory.Products from Global Silicon protctive film Products Suppliers.

“We have listed number of ways that will help the government to curb imports. Our representation includes gold deposit scheme that will encourage people to deposit idle gold lying with them with the government in lieu of some interest for a few years. This gold then can be used for jewellery purpose by the industry and can later be given back to the source,” Soni added.

He said there are about 25,000 tonne gold laying idle in the country and if 5-10 per cent of it used the issue will be resolved. “The government has asked us to structure this gold deposit scheme. We are working on it and will present it this week,” he added.
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If opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood dream of glory

For income tax and GST purposes,Stock your shoe store with our ladies shoes wholesale, just when an activity constitutes a ‘business’ is critical to claiming tax deductions, and also for claiming tax credits under the GST system. The GST issue came up for consideration in a recent decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

In that case, the AAT has found that two taxpayers were not carrying on an enterprise (or a business) and were therefore not entitled to claim input tax credits.

The taxpayers were registered for GST and claimed input tax credits on a number of purchases made following the acquisition of a rural property in northern NSW in 2003.We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price. They claimed they were in a partnership (as evidenced by a partnership agreement) and were in the process of establishing a business focused on eco-tourism in connection with the property.

One of the taxpayers conducted market research and prepared a business plan which featured several components such as: accommodation for visitors, which would be constructed on the property; tours; and the production of bush foods.

The land of Pharaohs,You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers. magic and fantasy appears to be intermingled with in-house fireballs generated conflicts of hopes and expectations. The Generals are becoming restless with Tahrir Square’s shouting matches, crumbling economic affairs, emotional outbursts of the emotionally charged people and their aspirations, domestic strife and people wanting overnight results of their long political struggle.

This paints an unimaginative and short-sighted picture that politically responsible government under President Morsi could deliver unthinkable goods and amenities of life out of the besieged Egyptian socio-economic context. Society at best becomes productive when there is peace, freedom of thoughts and movement and collaborative endeavors for change and development. Egypt faces complex and critical situations. What was destroyed by over half of the century of continued authoritarian rule, political insanity and societal destruction cannot be restructured and rebuild in a year or two. Suspicious and paranoid army Generals need not to jump into a volatile political affairs. No Generals can understand what is good for the public conscience and aspirations.

In an emerging democracy, people enjoin passion to demonstrate and to shout at one another that is not abnormal.
There is no political emergency in need of military dictates or intervention. The Generals are not equipped with the capacity to politically reason the unreason.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. They are not the political entity to pursue peaceful dialogue for human change.Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, President Mohammad Morsi was elected through a fair political system and he must have time and opportunities to devise new thinking, plan and take concerted actions to deliver goods and services to the embittered pubic.

Today’s Egypt seems more standing and moving on a rational path of change and development than the Hosni Mubarak’s era of dictatorial rule by one party against all. It will be unwise and unwarranted if the military Generals intervene in the political process for societal change and future-making. Such an intervention could block all avenues of peaceful political transformation for the good of the people.

There were no political dialogues in Mubarak’s authoritarian rule but President Morsi facilitated so many to talk with the opponents. Egypt needed new political imagination and political institutions to undo the paradox of history, President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are articulating some and more to come with the consensus of the people over certain period of time. Being one year in office is just a dot on the screen for change. Political Change moves on its own pace, not what some external forces should dictate or determine it.

If opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood dream of glory and triumph and think they enjoin some magic solutions to the 50 years old economic-political mismanagement, they are disconnected to the real world of change. What happening in Egypt is the test case for short and long terms political development process. If it is stopped, it will ruin Egypt’s lifelines for freedom and democracy. There is no quick fix of any socio-economic ills perpetuated by so many against all Egyptians. People enjoy the freedom to stand for their rights and dignity without any coercive and secretive police actions. Tahrir Square has become a symbol of the continued essence of freedom and collective will of the people of Egypt. It should retain its historic identity and value.
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The meeting in Brussels took place against

A delegation of CIBJO members from European countries met in Brussels on Friday, June 28, with representatives of the European Commission, to discuss EU policy concerning precious mineral imports from conflict areas and the regulation of nickel used in jewellery production.

CIBJO’s EU Committee was established in May at the organisation’s annual congress, with the express purpose of liaising with the European Union about policies concerning the jewellery industry. It represents the interests of the jewellery sector from 12 European countries.

Led by Thilo Brückner of Germany, the group in Brussels included Christine Boquet, of France; Michael Allchin, Simon Rainer, Michael Rawlinson and James Riley of the United Kingdom; Giuseppe Aquilino, Steven Tranquilli and Marisa Ameli, of Italy; and Karina Ratzlaff of Germany.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that, They were joined in Brussels by CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri, who also chairs the EU Committee, and met with a team from the European Commission led by Tung-Lai Margue,The Brilliant Polish of a tungsten jewelry What is Tungsten? the head of the body’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments, and Joris Heeren, the leader of the Sanctions Team in the EC’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments.

The meeting in Brussels took place against the backdrop of a new supply chain initiative by the European Commission aimed at responsible sourcing of minerals originating in conflict-affected and high-risk areas. The initiative builds on the OECD due diligence guidance for responsible supply chains, which covers minerals such as tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold.

During the meeting the CIBJO EU Committee called on the European Commission to acknowledge and accept the various voluntary initiatives and ethical standards developed and led by the jewellery and precious metals sectors. The competitiveness of the European jewellery sector must be protected, they said, and this may not be possible if additional certification procedures are imposed without any expected benefit. Above all, it was stressed, the fight against the illegal financing of conflicts would never be successful without a diplomatic approach and a political solution.

The CIBJO EU Committee suggested that the European Commission considers the unintended consequences of the Dodd Frank Act from the United States, which has resulted in many companies selecting to source gold outside of Africa’s Great Lakes Region, in order to avoid having to deal with the stringent provenance requirements. The CIBJO members described this as a “de facto embargo,” and they said that the primary victims have been legitimate gold producers and members of the local populations, who have seen employment and economic opportunities in the region tumble.

The CIBJO EU Committee also raised the subject of the European Union’s REACH Regulations, which concern the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. In particular, it referred to EN 1811:1998, which is the revised legal standard for testing articles for compliance with nickel release limits, which became effective in the EU from March 31, 2013, replacing the earlier standard from 1998.

EN 1811:2011 is applicable to articles intended to come into prolonged and direct contact with the skin. It therefore applies to most articles of jewellery and watches. Ear-rings and other types of jewellery used in body piercings have even lower permitted release limits than articles worn against the skin.

The REACH regulation, Annex XVII restricts the nickel release to 5.00 micrograms per centimetre squared per week for articles intended to come into with prolonged and direct contact with the skin,Private label and custom shoes manufacturer. and 2.00 micrograms for post assemblies inserted into the skin.Our Cheap MileWeb Dedicated Server are ready-to-go and can be deployed. The new standard changed the way in which test results from the approved method were interpreted, doing away with the old correction factor of 0.1 and instead applying a measurement of uncertainty.
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who have optimized their solutions on a complete

A Siemens Business today announced it has completed a 50 million meter benchmark test, meaning its EnergyIP Smart Grid Application Platform can provide utilities of any size with the energy consumption analytics they require for risk-free growth.Below is our MileWeb Privacy Policy which incorporates these goals. As part of the benchmarking process, eMeter achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), demonstrating that EnergyIP has been tested and tuned with Oracle Exadata Database Machine to deliver speed, scalability and reliability to energy and water utility customers.

eMeter, A Siemens Business was acquired by Siemens in January 2012 and is one of Siemens’ Smart Grid strategic cornerstones and the software powerhouse responsible for the Siemens Grid Application Platform. EnergyIP is in use by electric, gas and water utilities in over 16 countries. eMeter, A Siemens Business is a Gold level member in Oracle PartnerNetwork.

“In our testing, we achieved a sustained meter read processing of over 400 million intervals per hour, completing processing in under six hours, exceeding the daily handling criteria to scale to 50 million meters while utilizing under 60% of Oracle Exadata resources,” said Lisa Caswell, President, eMeter, A Siemens Business. “These results demonstrate that EnergyIP, working with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, can provide industry leading scalability and deliver billing quality energy consumption data ready for use by multiple applications, including analytics. Factors like mergers and the growth of shared services mean many utilities have to manage a rapidly growing amount of data. The ability to scale to 50 million meter ensures our customers predictable and stable performance with a risk-free growth and scaling path.”

“eMeter, A Siemens Business, worked with Oracle to test the scalability of our Smart Grid Application Platform, EnergyIP, with the Oracle Exadata. The outstanding results proved that Oracle Exadata Database Machine can support the demanding requirements of mega utilities and cloud service providers, with proven performance well into the 50 million meter range,” said Shannon Amerman, VP Alliances, eMeter, A Siemens Business.

Testing EnergyIP 7.comprehensive MileWeb Operating System Software helps you integrate and optimize physical and virtual environments,6 with Oracle Exadata was based on multiple real world scenarios requiring estimation of missing data, computing and delivering time-of-use billing values, and updating database records related to high-volume smart meter installations and normal daily customer changes. Combined with the meter read processing, these “day in the life” scenarios required less than nine hours processing time and averaged less than 50% of Oracle Exadata capacity.

Oracle Exadata Optimized is part of the Oracle Exastack Optimized program which allows partners, such as eMeter, A Siemens Business, to leverage OPN enablement resources and dedicated lab environments to help develop, test and tune their applications on OrYou can get these MileWeb Exclusive Features if you reach certain.acle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster engineered systems.we’ve decided to make the below MileWeb Termsof Service available. Oracle Exadata delivers extreme performance and is the ideal database platform for OLTP applications, data warehouses as well as the varied and unpredictable workloads of cloud computing. It is a complete package of servers, storage, networking, and software that is massively scalable, secure and redundant.

By achieving Oracle Exadata Optimized status, Oracle recognizes eMeter, A Siemens Business for developing, testing and tuning EnergyIP 7.6 on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Customers can be confident when selecting EnergyIP 7.6 that it has been tested and tuned with the goal of achieving optimal performance, scalability and reliability.

“Oracle Exastack Optimized recognizes partners who have optimized their solutions on a complete, integrated and cloud-ready infrastructure in order to help them accelerate innovation, unlock new features and functionality, and deliver superior value to users,” said Chris Baker, Senior Vice President, Worldwide ISV and OEM Sales,We have PET protective film which coated on silicone. Oracle. “By achieving Oracle Exadata Optimized status, eMeter, A Siemens Business has demonstrated its Smart Grid Application Platform, EnergyIP is tested and tuned to work with Oracle Exadata Database Machine to help deliver optimum performance, scalability, and reliability to their customers.”
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When it comes to their personal data

The social media was yesterday inundated with questions of how two separate fire outbreaks could occur in Accra and Kumasi at the dawn of yesterday if Ghanaians were to take as the gospel truth, the claim by the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress government that it had arrested suspected arsonists who are behind the recent fire outbreaks in the country.

“They want us to believe that they have arrested so-called arsonists responsible for the fire outbreaks; the suspects are in police custody but the fire outbreaks continue to strike. Who then is responsible for the latest fire outbreaks that have occurred in Accra and Kumasi?” one Sadia Amina posted on her facebook wall.

Both Accra and Kumasi recorded fire outbreaks yesterday, coming weeks after major markets in the two largest cities in the country had been gutted.

Eight shops, a corn mill and four vehicles were burnt at Suame Magazine in Kumasi in the latest fire outbreak in the Ashanti regional capital that started at about 2am.

Reports indicate that the fire started just when power which had been cut from the area the previous night was restored.The Warehouse offers a tremendous selection of stainless steel bangle at great prices. Although the cause of the fire was yet to be determined at the time of going to press, some people who had been present at the scene said they suspected the fire might have started from the corn mill.

The latest Kumasi fire outbreak occurred just about an hour before a similar disaster hit Accra. In the latest fire outbreak in the capital, portions of a two-storey building, housing a jewellery shop belonging to LETAP Pharmaceuticals at the Graphic Road, was gutted.

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the flames started about 3am and it took the fire service personnel close to five hours to extinguish the fire.

The nation has been hit by many fire disasters in recent times, with many occurring at market centres, prompting the government to engage the services of fire experts from the United States of America to help curb the phenomena.Stock your shoe store with our ladies shoes wholesale,

President John Mahama had said he suspected the fire outbreaks were being orchestrated by arsonists to make his government unpopular.

Subsequently, a deputy Minister for Information and Media Relations, Murtala Mohammed, last week announced the police had arrested seven people suspected to be the brain behind the recent fire outbreaks in the country.

Information available to the New Statesman indicates that four of the suspects believed to be members of the National Democratic Congress were released after screening while the rest, confirmed to be members of the New Patriotic Party, were kept in police custody for further investigation and prosecution.

Meanwhile, the Adjabeng District Magistrate Court in Accra yesterday refused to hear the case involving the three suspected arsonists when it was brought before the court, explaining that it lacked the jurisdiction in the matter because it relates to a second degree felony.

More than half of Australia’s digitally savvy shoppers say they are willing to have their online or mobile behaviour shared with retailers in exchange for targeted promotions, a new study has found.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace,

According to the global Digital Consumer Study by business consulting organisation, Infosys, 83 per cent of local shoppers revealed they would be more likely to purchase again from a retailer that provided them with tailored promotional offers.

But retailers appear to be missing this digital opportunity, with most consumers saying current ads and promotions don’t speak to them. Advertisements received on mobile devices (77 per cent), online (74 per cent), and email (71 per cent) deemed the least relevant.

The study polled 5000 consumers aged 18 to 69 in five countries (including 1000 consumers in Australia)via an online survey about how they trade personal data in the retail, banking, and healthcare sectors.

Key Australian findings included that 78 per cent of local consumers would make a repeat purchase if they received offers targeted to their location, 68 per cent would shop with a retailer again based on social media interactions, and although Aussies are willing to share email addresses (81 per cent) and postcodes (67 per cent) in exchange for more customised experiences or offers, less than a third would share their date of birth,Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets. while only nine per cent would divulge their income.

Sumit Madan, retail client manager at Infosys said on the findings; “Australians are clearly willing to trade some useful personal information with retailers if they can extract real value from it. When it comes to their personal data, there’s a line shoppers are willing to cross. Smart retailers must figure out how to persuade them to cross it to leverage the wave of opportunity that the online shopping revolution and big data present”.
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when a loose pass from Blues fullback Brett Hodgson

There’s nothing quite like an Origin decider and the 2006 series produced one of the most dramatic and consequential tie-breaks of them all. With New South Wales having established a three-year stranglehold on the series it all came down to the wire in game three.

In game one New South Wales had won 17-16 following a field goal from Brett Finch, a man who had been the last on a long list of halfbacks the Blues hierarchy tried to call upon. In response, Queensland came out with merciless intent in game two, storming to a 30-6 victory in front of their home crowd on the back of Darren Lockyer’s man of the match efforts. For the first time in Origin history the decider was to be played on neutral territory at the Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

With the Maroons staring down the barrel of their fourth straight series loss, there was more than state pride at stake for Queensland, whose efforts in the preceding years had brought them pain and humiliation at the hands of their arch-rivals. Following a string of contentious video referral decisions, the Maroons found themselves down 14-4, hopelessly out of contention and looking like being the first team in Origin history to lose four series in a row.

But at the 71st minute mark Queensland halfback Johnathan Thurston dished off to Brent Tate who crossed for an ice-breaking try that breathed new life into the game. New South Wales would still look to control the closing minutes, but at least Queensland were in with a shot following Clinton Schifcofske’s conversion. Then the unthinkable occurred when a loose pass from Blues fullback Brett Hodgson was intercepted by Lockyer who burst across the line to Ray Warren’s cries of “They won’t take that off him,we offer the world’s best selling Home energy monitor solutions. they can’t take that off him!”. With Schifcofske’s conversion on target from dead in front, the Maroons were home in thrilling fashion.
In the aftermath of the loss the Blues were bereft. Prop Willie Mason concluded,Uline stocks a wide selection of double sided tape.Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, “I’m absolutely gutted. It’s unbelievable. That’s Origin. That’s Queensland. It’s ridiculous.”

It would prove to be a Sliding Doors moment, replayed over and over in the heads of New South Wales players and supporters alike. Lockyer’s moment of inspiration set the wheels in motion for a period of Queensland success unheard of in Origin history; a moment of madness that has led to over half a decade of dominance.

A wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn ended with a spectacular fireworks display, with the approval of the Ventura County Fire Department and Ojai City Council. But some residents were caught off guard.

“You don’t really expect a fireworks show in Ojai unless it’s the Fourth of July,” said Hall, who thought a shed full of fireworks for next week’s holiday was accidentally set off. Not until he climbed on his roof did he figure out what was happening about 10 miles away.

He said the fireworks started about 9:30 p.m. and lasted for 10 minutes.

“I didn’t hear that anybody knew about it,” Hall said. “I just know people in Ojai that were not pleased.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that,”

He said the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office could have sent out an alert to warn residents about the loud noises.

Ojai City Manager Robert Clark said the city received at least two complaints about the surprise display.

“Didn’t realize it would cause such outside commotion,” Clark said. “We thought it would be a smaller event.”

He said the inn did not have to tell residents about its first fireworks event but that there may be a requirement in the future.

“We probably should have (notified residents), but we didn’t,” Clark said. “I don’t think there is going to be a next time,Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, so I think we learned a lesson.”

Capt. Mike Lindbery, a spokesman for the Ventura County Fire Department, said the interested party must file a temporary-use permit with the city where the event is scheduled. The Fire Department then has to approve the event providing that the area is free of fire danger.
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