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The bell is an important part of Metis history

It looks like a significant piece of Canadian Metis history will soon be returned to public view after disappearing more than 20 years ago.

But one of the country’s top Metis leaders is not excited that the bell of Batoche may finally be brought back to its home in Saskatchewan.

David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Metis Federation, says the historical significance of the bell has been tarnished by those who have held it for the last two decades and tried to sell it to the highest bidder.

“Getting the bell back, what does that mean after it was stolen by thieves and they sold it for us to get it back? It’s really lost its real meaning,” Chartrand said. “It’s about the money. It wasn’t about our people. They’ve taken that poor bell and tainted it with such thievery … Those are robbing thieves, that’s all they are.”

The bell of Batoche hung in the Saskatchewan community of the same name when the Metis were defeated during the Northwest Rebellion in 1885. Federal troops climbed the bell tower, removed the trophy and took it east.

It found a home in a fire hall belltower in Millbrook,These low cost RFID key tags could be Custom RFID key tag. Ont., until the building burned to the ground. The bell was cracked in the flames. It eventually made its way to the Millbrook Royal Canadian Legion hall where it was displayed.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of wholesale tungsten bracelet.

That was until 1991, when the legion was broken into and the bell removed.

Cast as Robin Hood figures by some, its holders have never been publicly outed.

Chartrand said he was once close to securing the bell’s release. He negotiated and agreed to pay a fee and ensure police wouldn’t lay charges. In return, the bell was to be returned to Batoche.

But the bell’s keeper backed out after repeatedly upping the price and Chartrand refusing to pay more.

“It was just a game to them.”

Now a Manitoba Metis group is hinting it has plans to return the bell to the public.

Elder Guy Savoie with the Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba said his group will talk about the fate of the bell at an event in Winnipeg on Friday.

“We’ve got an announcement prepared as to the bell, what’s going to happen to it and where it’s going to go,” said Savoie, who added the group has been negotiating with the bell’s keeper for a long time. “He’s disposed to return the bell and this is what the announcement is.”

The bell is an important part of Metis history and it should be treated accordingly, Savoie said.

“A bell is a living thing. It calls people to weddings. It calls people to baptisms, funerals, mass on Sunday.”

Philippe Mailhot, director of the St. Boniface Museum in Winnipeg, said for the bell for too long represented defeat and humiliation.

“It was sort of an open scar,We carry an assortment of wholesale stainless steel necklace, especially for the Metis of Western Canada,” Mailhot said. “It’s bad enough your resistance is crushed by Canadian authorities, your leader Louis Riel is hanged and for 100 years the Metis are essentially shunted to the sidelines of history — the forgotten people.”

After the Battle of Batoche, Mailhot said, the town was looted and everything down to the candlesticks was carted off as spoils of war. Despite negotiations in the late 1980s, the bell remained where it was — in a display case in the legion.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images,

He said that after it was taken, the bell’s whereabouts were an “open secret” in the Manitoba Metis community. To have it returned to its original home makes it a symbol of hope,Give your logo high visibility on Promotional Luggage Tags! Mailhot suggested.

“It shows how the country has changed,” he said. “What was once a trophy of war 100 years ago, or as recently as 40 years ago, is now hopefully going to become a symbol of reconciliation and a symbol of a better understanding between the people of Canada.”
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While redeployment may be in the future

Sunday’s Freedom Salute ceremony was the recognition all 212 soldiers deserve. And it marked the appreciation that all 212 of their families earned.

The Montana Army National Guard, notably the 484th Military Police Company and the 260th Engineer Company, completed its year-long deployment in the spring.

The soldier’s tour brought them to the frontlines in Afghanistan as they assisted in the continued Operation Enduring Freedom.

After representatives of government officials spoke, soldiers accepted recognition gifts for their call to duty and many say it is their family who is the lynchpin to their service.

“It is nice to have them here to support me. It makes things a lot easier. Especially when you’re deployed to have family and friends who you can count on,” said Sgt. Jessicca Bowman, who returned earlier in 2013 and is now back to work at the job she held prior to deployment.

For some, the day meant something more as many father’s held tight to little ones.

Sgt. Jesse Sutherland has two daughters, who excitedly wished him a happy Father’s Day first thing Sunday morning; “It’s great. I mean just to be home on Father’s Day and my daughters knowing that it is father’s day, giving me that love and that appreciation, is great.”

Soldiers in their first, second, even third deployment may see action again. But for the husband and wife, Paul and Christa Lowery, who deployed just two weeks apart and said goodbye to two young children for 12 months, the ceremony was their chance to say thank you to fellow brother’s in arms.

“Being able to see everybody because you don’t get to see all those guys again… You get to know them so well. They’re your brothers.You’ll find a number of top quality China smart card suppliers. Then you get back and see them again, see how they’re doing and reintegrating,Discover the durable and attractive wholesale tungsten ring. it’s a lot of fun,” said Paul.

Christa echoed the same sentiment; “You really become a family over there so it’s like reuniting with your brothers and sisters. And see how they’re reintergrating into society, making sure they’re doing well.”

While redeployment may be in the future, now is the time for these freedom fighters to cherish family in the comfort of their own homes.

The story never changes. Each year, it is perhaps only a slight stretch to think the largest group of fathers in B.C. on Father’s Day will be gathered on a football field, trying to manage divided loyalties.

The 15th day of training camp will be marked by the B.C.A stainless steel bracelet for every occasion. Lions after they finish another round of meetings, film study and an hour or two hitting each other. But with camp held out of town each year, Father’s Day to a majority of the CFL team brings a hollow reminder of the commitment made to an abnormal lifestyle.

Several players, including quarterback Travis Lulay and receiver Shawn Gore, are first-time fathers on their special day.

Some have plans to bring the family together, even if it is only at a post-practice barbecue organized by the club.

And those who have more family members than anyone else on the Lions’ roster back home know there is a sacrifice involved.

“I think there’s a kind of bond in our organization among fathers,Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double.” said tackle Ben Archibald, who has three daughters and a son with wife Jodi in Langley.

“We’re going to camp and I’m saying to Travis ‘you’re leaving your daughter for the first time, this has to be hard.’

“Training camp is so different now. To have all these guys away from their kids, it’s hard to be here sometimes and Father’s Day will be one of those days.”

Like many dads stretched for time, memories are how you make them, and for Archibald one came last week when the family visited last Sunday for the club’s Fanfest and he took them for a bit of alone time along the Thompson River.

That reinforced Archibald’s belief that those who have it the worst on Father’s Day are the wives and mothers who stay back to nurture their children, especially those just old enough to be inquisitive. Archibald has triplet girls Tessa, Ashlyn and Kylee turning six years old in September, plus a newborn son, Jacob.

“They’re are on the way home (last week) and they’re crying in the car, asking how many more days until daddy comes home. That moment is excruciating,” said Archibald. “My whole life outside football is my family. It makes you more committed to this. You have to realize you’re not leaving just to do something fun. If you’re going to leave, you’re going to be committed, to kind of honour them.”

The same questions have been asked of coach Mike Benevides by his two daughters, Ashley and Sarah.

“It’s like ‘why can’t you come back? Why are you gone? Are you coming back?'” said Benevides, who daily wears a set of beads on one wrist given to him by the girls, who are home in south Surrey with their mother, Judy.

“There’s stress built up. They get confused, sad and emotional. Sarah, my youngest, wakes up thinking I’m not coming back. She’s five (years old). This is extremely difficult to be away.”

It requires perspective,High quality plastic card printing for business cards, Benevi-des said. While those fathers living on the Lower Mainland are away for three weeks, import veterans like Korey Banks and Dante Marsh have been leaving their children in Atlanta for the last 10 years in six-month stretches.

The man was intercepted and arrested at Ballarat

The Titan scrip made a new one-year low of Rs 201.20 intra-day today before closing 13.3 per cent lower at Rs 204.90 versus a 0.53 per cent fall in the Sensex. This takes the stock’s fall to 27 per cent since June 4, when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) came out with new restrictions on gold imports.

While the market had a sense of the implications, today’s fall follows the Titan management’s profit warning issued in an analyst conference call on Tuesday evening. According to the management, RBI’s increasingly stringent norms on gold imports will hit its earnings per share (EPS) and return ratios in the medium term. The company, however, has so far not witnessed any impact on consumer demand for gold jewellery. Most brokerages have downgraded the stock post the call, trimming their EPS estimates (by 13-15 per cent) and target prices.

“We downgrade Titan to ‘hold’ from ‘buy’ as we see its return ratios declining due to higher working capital as it likely funds its gold requirements through direct imports. While we don’t see a risk to Titan’s business model, and remain positive on the growth of branded jewellery, we expect its FY14 and FY15 earnings to be 15 per cent lower (versus earlier estimates) due to higher interest costs on a leveraged balance sheet.features many fashionable styles of silver rings wholesale stainless steel ring, We cut our target price to Rs 225 from Rs 290,” says Gaurang Kakkad, an analyst at Religare Capital Markets.Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double.High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale.

Higher working capital is also estimated to pull down Titan’s return on equity (RoE) from 42 per cent in FY13 to 35 per cent in FY14, say analysts. The key to prospects, consumer demand,you will see high quality Custom active RFID tag products, remains unperturbed, but stringent measures could weigh on demand.

Though Titan is looking to increase the proportion of studded jewellery and other businesses (watches, eye care) to reduce risks further,Shop unique Custom paper card with modern style and vibrant colors. these will fructify over a longer term.

The government and RBI have taken a slew of measures to curb gold imports. The government, for instance, has raised import duty on gold from two per cent in January 2012 to about eight per cent now; the last hike of two percentage points was in early this month. Last week, the central bank also prohibited credit for import of gold for domestic use from suppliers or bullion banks. This means companies such as Titan will have to import gold at prevailing spot market prices and by paying 100 per cent cash. Earlier, the company used the gold-on-lease route to source the yellow metal at about 3.5 per cent interest from banks, MMTC, etc. This shift will impact Titan in two ways.

First, Titan will need additional working capital to buy gold. Analysts estimate the requirement at Rs 2,500 crore in FY14. Religare analysts estimate the funds will stretch Titan’s balance sheet, resulting in a net debt of Rs 1,450 crore in FY14 from a net cash position of Rs 1,140 crore. Hence, while net debt/equity will rise 0.6 times in FY14, the company will also start incurring interest costs.

Second, the company will incur additional costs to hedge risks arising from adverse gold price movements. However, lower letter of credit charges and one per cent value-added tax savings (on utilisation of gold import licence) will offset hedging costs to some extent, believe analysts. Titan is permitted to directly import 10 tonnes of gold under the current licence against its annual requirement of 20-22 tonnes.

The same vehicle was then involved in a fuel drive-off at Linton near Ballarat at 9am Saturday when diesel valued at $70 was stolen.

The man was intercepted and arrested at Ballarat and remanded in custody to appear in the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

He was charged with burglary, theft of a vehicle, theft of diesel and assaulted-related offences which are alleged to have occurred in Coleraine last week.

The man appeared in the Ballarat court where he was released on bail with conditions.

Portland detectives are also investigating the theft of a safe containing jewellery and personal papers valued at a total of $10,000.

Detective Sergeant Brown said thieves entered a home in Tamora Crescent through an unlocked rear door between 4.15pm Saturday and 3.10pm Sunday. A safe was stolen from a rear bedroom wardrobe containing a considerable amount of jewellery, a passport and personal documents.
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Their photographs were displayed to a gallery

So said a federal prosecutor yesterday as he laid out the extraordinary case against James “Whitey” Bulger, 83, the former king of the Boston underworld who went on the run in 1994 and was once the most wanted man in America after Osama bin Laden. He was apprehended in 2011 in California after living a seemingly quiet life under an assumed name.

In response to charges that his client was involved in no fewer than 19 murders,These ear cap feature all of your favorite Disney characters, Mr Bulger’s lawyer appeared to agree that his client was a crook.

“James Bulger was involved in illegal gambling, he was involved in illegal loans, drug trafficking and extortion,” the defence attorney, James Carney, told a jury.

He said his client had made “millions upon millions upon millions of dollars”, but that large chunks of the income were paid to agents at the FBI to ensure that his nefarious activities were not interrupted by anything as inconvenient as a criminal indictment.

“From 1972 to 1995 James Bulger was never once charged with anything by a federal prosecutor,” said Mr Carney.

Both sides offered insights into the dark period in the city’s history when Mr Bulger rose to prominence as the leader of the Winter Hill Gang.

Brian Kelley,Find a wide range of stainless steel necklace Jewellery to buy online. for the prosecution, said the gang had “run amok in the city of Boston for almost 30 years. At the centre of this murder and mayhem was one man, the defendant”.

He recalled a man named Arthur “Bucky” Barrett, “by all accounts a likeable guy”, a seller of stolen jewellery, who was lured to a house in south Boston and “chained to a chair” and told to call his wife and persuade her to leave the house, so that gang members could steal $40,000 Mr Barrett had stashed there. Mr Kelley said Mr Bulger then told his gang: “Bucky’s going downstairs to lie down for a little while.” He added: “As Barrett walked downstairs, this man here killed him.”

He also alleged that Mr Bulger had strangled a gang member’s stepdaughter and machine-gunned a local man who had boasted too openly of working with his gang.

Mr Kelley read out a list of all 19 alleged victims of Mr Bulger’s gang: their photographs were displayed to a gallery that included relatives of the deceased.

Mr Bulger cut a frail figure, flanked by his two defence attorneys.

Mr Carney portrayed a key witness, John Martorano, who has admitted killing 20 people,Plastic Card manufacturers directory trade platform for China plastic card manufacturers. as a “psychopath” who “would kill people as easily as we would order a cup of coffee”. He suggested that Martorano, who served only 12 years in prison, had been willing “to say anything” to cut a deal with prosecutors.The trial continues.

It’s been almost two weeks since eminent filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh passed away and there is now an attempt to preserve his non-cinematic legacy as well.

Rituparno was known for his flamboyance and fine and eclectic taste in art. His residences (a sprawling ancestral home and two other apartments elsewhere) are a treasure trove of books and paintings, jewellery and trinkets, lampshades, watches and sunglasses, crockery, shawls and scarves-valued at a few crores to say the least.

At a memorial service held in Kolkata late on Tuesday, there were discussions about conserving the artefacts the late director had handpicked over the years and Aparna Sen, Rituparno’s senior colleague and mentor, appealed to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to turn his ancestral home into an archive,you will see high Custom 2.45GHz readers competitive price. “to make these accessible to the public, including students researching his works.” Banerjee, who was present at the event,Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice, promptly accepted the proposal.
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Fritsch utilises traditional precious materials

Nestled in between Manchester Art Gallery’s world renowned art collections, stretching from the historic to the contemporary and everything in between, is a jewellery exhibition like no other. Until 23 June, the gallery is playing host to the first UK solo exhibition from internationally acclaimed jewellery designer Karl Fritsch, whose unique and boundary pushing pieces of work are sought after for exhibitions and by collectors across the world.

The unusual (and sometimes quite bizarre) collection features handcrafted pieces of jewellery where every process, from the soldering to the setting, has been completed by Fritsch himself – making each individual piece truly unique,High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale. right down to his fingerprints leaving their mark within the metals as a design feature. His work doesn’t place importance on perfection, but rather on each piece having a different story to tell.

Fritsch utilises traditional precious materials that you would expect to find in fine jewellery, such as gold and gemstones,It would be ideal if you could set this upCustom NFC tag / sticker or function. and uses processes such as oxidisation, where he purposefully tarnishes and distresses these materials and combines them with non-precious objects. Even rusty screws are used to create pieces that are both ornate and ‘decayed’ or ‘neglected’ at the same time. The once bright and polished gold and silver materials are unrecognisable,Shop wholesale Soft PVC Mugs Promotion Cup from cheap. reduced from their former glistening glory to their dull and dark oxidised form. These oxidised bands, often intricate and delicate,the heavily discounted fare for China IC card holders. are juxtaposed with beautifully cut glass stones and gemstones, often piled high on top of each other and within the designs of the manipulated metal.

Some pieces feature nails piercing through gemstones and holding them in place, cut cylinders of gemstones interlocking and protruding through mounds of black metal, and show-stopping miniature sculptures, including a jewel-encrusted bronze cow sitting proudly on top of a ring, which would be considered unwearable by most due to the sculpture’s actual size and weight!

Fritsch’s jewellery completely breaks the boundaries of jewellery design and shows that it is possible to work even non-precious materials into something exquisite. His designs are praised as wearable pieces of avant-garde art, with each piece exciting and intriguing. Over his career, he has never failed to surprise with his lavish, ornamental and often outrageous collections. A jewellery show of this calibre and exclusivity is rarely seen in the UK, and is a must-attend event for anyone interested in design – and many of Fritsch’s pieces are also available to purchase, with prices starting from (a pretty reasonable) £100.

Long is a studio jeweller and says that by accessorising our outfits with pendants and other beautiful objects, we are all curators of art.

An array of hand-wrought pendants crafted by Long is now on display at the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre.

The Wearer as Curator is the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre’s first exhibition of jewellery.

“It’s 25 pendants and one sculpture,” Long said.

“The idea is all about making art more accessible.

“Often art’s a bit removed from the lives of every day people.

“A lot of people don’t realise that when they put on a pendent, almost every day, they’re curating their own art exhibition – that’s why its called Wearer as Creator.

“They make sure they wear the right neckline, the right colours – they’re curating.

“So it’s trying to make that point that art is part of our everyday lives, it’s not something that’s removed.”

Long said the exhibition also highlighted that jewellery was also art.Introducing the latest in Custom thermal rewritable card technology,

“This is not your fashion jewellery, this is art jewellery.

“I refer to myself as a studio jeweller, which means that I design and make all my own work.

“So I see it through from the conception, to making it and selling it.”

Long uses sterling silver as a base for most of his creations and adorns them with various items including Bakelite buttons.

The exhibition also includes a life-sized sculpture designed by Long and constructed by Ian Dell.

“Mankind has been making pendants from the earliest time,” Long said in his artist’s statement.

“Most of these have had specific and practical purposes, including to bring luck and good fortune, to ward off evil spirits, to identify with tribes and kinfolk, to denote status and so on.

“But as societies have evolved and become more sophisticated the practical has gradually become more subjugated to the decorative and ornamental.

“Of all the different types of jewellery, pendants have often been a critical accessory because of their prominent position on the body and their central position on a chain.”

The American Institute of Gemology has handed the Harry

Prestigious jeweller Harry Winston, which was acquired earlier this year by Swatch Group, bought a new colourless, flawless 101.73-carat diamond for a record US$26.7 million at an auction in Geneva on Wednesday, auction house Christie’s said.

Christie’s representative Raul Kadakia told reporters after the sale that Harry Winston was the buyer of the diamond that Wednesday evening smashed the previous auction-price record for a diamond in its category by more than US$10 million.

“Twenty-three million (Swiss) francs! Your last chance! Twenty-three million, sold!” shouted Francois Curiel, the head of Christie’s jewellery division shouted, referring to the US$23.5 million price before tax and commission, and clinching the deal in front of some 150 people gathered for the auction at a luxury Geneva hotel.

As the first ever buyer of the new diamond, Harry Winston had the privilege of naming it and had decided to call it “Harry Legacy,” Kadakia said, pointing out that this was the diamond dealer’s first major purchase since it was snapped up by the world’s leading watchmaker for US$1.0 billion in March.

Switzerland’s Swatch Group, most known for its brightly coloured plastic watches, has been eagerly expanding its luxury offerings, and Wednesday’s sparkling purchase should perhaps especially tickle the group’s chairwoman Nayla Hayek, who was named chief executive of Harry Winston earlier this month.

“Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend,” she said following the January announcement that Swatch would buy the company, referring to the famous Marilyn Monroe song that mentions Harry Winston, from the 1953 musical film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.

The American Institute of Gemology has handed the Harry Legacy the top colourless grade “D” and the best clarity grade, “flawless”, which is characterised by its “absolute symmetry”, according to Christies.

The diamond, sold at the auction by a diamond merchant, was 236 carats in the rough when it was extracted from the Jwaneng mine in Botswana, before it was meticulously sculpted for 21 months, Christie’s said.

Wednesday’s sale marked the highest price ever paid for a flawless colourless diamond at auction, although Christie’s had hoped the new diamond — the largest of its kind to ever go under the hammer — would rake in US$30 million.

The previous auction-price record-holder in the category was the 84.37-carat Chloe round diamond, snapped up at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in 2007 by Guess Jeans founder Georges Marciano for US$16.2 million.

In the “colourless, flawless” category, the reigning world champion in terms of size is meanwhile the Cullinan Diamond, a gem weighing 530.2 carats that is part of the British crown jewels.

Last November, Christie’s sold the 76-carat Archduke Joseph Diamond, in the initially flawless category a notch below flawless, on auction in Geneva for US$21.5 million.

And in May 2011, a heart-shaped 56-carat diamond was auctioned off for US$10.9 million.

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, which is in the same D-colour category but weighs in at only 33.19 carats, was meanwhile sold for US$8.8 million on auction in New York in December 2011.

While Swatch’s low-end plastic watches are perhaps its most recognisable, the Swiss company operates in every price range, from the Flik Flak kid’s watches to prestigious timepieces under for instance the Breguet brand which can cost more than one million Swiss francs a piece.

Free floating Carolina rigged baits behind a sliding sinker

Warmwater fish really respond to changes in water temperature. Lake Powell water temperatures are now ranging from 65-72F meaning that spring fishing responses are on the way out and summer personality traits are setting in.

The most noticeable sign of warming water is the appearance of phytoplankton which gives lake water a green hue. Formerly crystal clear water now has much less visibility. Normally we blame runoff for clouding the water but this year runoff has just barely started and clarity is lessened by plankton.

It is time to say good bye to spawning bass and crappie. There were still some active nests this past week but the bass spawn is concluding now. Bass fishing is not over; it just changes to summer mode. Nest builders are leaving the shallows to go deeper. Wise anglers will adjust and do the same following the bigger bass to 15-25 feet. Crappie will move to open water and suspend making them harder to find but susceptible to slow trolling with small plastic grubs.

Free floating Carolina rigged baits behind a sliding sinker are more effective in the summer. Use the same plastic grubs, tubes and senkos, just rig them differently for more consistent success. Follow the 25-foot depth contour for best success.

Smallmouth bass will be fun and easy to catch in the shallow rocks all along the shore. But if you prefer the bigger fish then the advice just given about fishing deeper should be heeded. Big smallmouth are moving deeper once they leave the nest and will be caught at 25 feet as the water temperature climbs into the upper 70s.

Stripers will continue to hang out on the canyon walls until shad spawn and fry grow large enough to become striper food. For the remainder of the month stripers will continue to be caught like crazy with bait in the southern lake. Right now each shallow ledge extending out to 20 feet then falling into deep water holds a striper school. Stripers are eating plankton in the surface layer and crayfish on the 20 foot ledge while waiting for shad to appear.

Hot fishing spots are found all over Padre Bay. Good camping beaches often have a striper school nearby that can be caught from shore. Locate stripers by slow trolling lures in the upper 30 feet while graphing to find a school. When a striper is caught or a school seen on the graph, toss out a handful of chum and go to work. Stripers will rise to the chum but can be caught on an assortment of lures. Anchovies are a sure thing but everything from fly fishing to bottom bouncing works to catch these hungry fish. Please keep all the stripers you can use or give away to family and friends. It is population adjustment time and the southern lake will benefit from a smaller striper population.

Some stripers are still in the backs of canyons and easy to find and catch. Just work the mudline or color changes from brown to green water. Troll medium to deep divers at the color change where bottom depth is between 20 and 45 feet. Fishing is not as fast as that found on the canyon walls but stripers caught will generally be larger and fatter.

Walleye are enjoying the greener/murkier water and not very patiently waiting for shad to spawn. They are eating anything they can find all day long. Walleye fishing success will be at its peak for the next two weeks. The most effective technique this week was to put a night crawler on a quarter ounce jig head and slowly drag it along the bottom in 12-26 feet of colored water. The technique can be dressed up with worm harnesses, beads, spinners and bottom bouncers but the message here is that walleye are hungry and willing right now. There are more walleye north of Bullfrog than south but many are being caught all over the lake. That will continue for the rest of the month.

The muddy water near White and Farleys Canyon was great for walleye and fat stripers earlier in the month but runoff is now starting which will reduce visibility to zero, cool the water and reduce fishing success. The backs of canyons will provide better fishing than the main channel on the far north end of the lake.

Photo Caption: Triessa Hepworth and daughter Whitni celebrated Mothers Day with their family on Lake Powell catching stripers. Fishing is amazing now in the southern lake with all catching stripers at will. It’s a wonderful time to teach kids how to fish and enjoy that event as a family.