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They were all put in shared holding cells

A nearly 90 per cent annual jump in gold and silver imports saw the country’s trade deficit rise to a seven month high of $20.14 billion in May from $17.8 billion in April. The gap was $16.9 billion in May last year.

Finance ministry officials expect measures, including a duty hike announced earlier this month, to dampen the demand for the precious metal and check the gap.

Gold and silver imports during May grew 89 per cent to $8.39 billion, while for April-May, it grew 109 per cent to $15.88 billion. Imports in April grew 138 per cent.

Indian and Chinese buyers have traditionally bought gold as a hedge against inflation and market risks. A fall in global prices had seen a surge in demand from these two mega-retail markets for the glittering metal at the expense of the burgeoning trade deficit.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier wholesale stainless steel earring,

Finance minister P. Chidambaram told a consultative committee meeting here today that “the only way to contain current account deficit is to increase the domestic production of oil and coal and restraining the consumption of gold”.Buy Promotional Anti-scratching PET protective film Products at Phones.

He said, “The government is looking at FDI caps to see if they are indeed serving the purpose.”

Imports during May rose 7 per cent to $44.65 billion mainly on the back of continued demand for gold.Best Buy has low prices on digital photo frames and digital picture frames. Imports of petroleum products were also high at $15 billion, up 3 per cent from last May.

Merchandise exports fell 1.1 per cent to $24.51 billion in May from the year-ago period. Commerce ministry officials said this was mainly because the government suspended gold trading in special economic zones (SEZs). Gold exports from SEZs in May declined to $0.8 billion.

Concerned over the decline from SEZs, the government has allowed exports after a minimum value addition of 3 per cent.

“We have now made it mandatory that even in SEZ, gold units shall comply with the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) notification of minimum value addition of 3 per cent in gold jewellery and 5 per cent in gold and precious stone studded jewellery,” commerce secretary S.R. Rao said.

Niger’s government spokesman said the group was filming illegally, having entered the country with only a visa.

Journalists in Niger are required to also apply for an authorisation from the ministry of communication, said spokesman Marou Amadou, who is also the country’s justice minister.

He denied that the team is being held, saying only that their material was seized and is being inspected.

Hasan Salim Patel, a spokesman in the network’s media relations office, on Monday said that the Al-Jazeera crew had just finished filming a story on refugees who have been flooding across the Niger border from neighbouring Nigeria, where security forces recently launched a military operation to flush out Islamic insurgents.

Patel said the team was detained on Saturday after leaving the Niger town of Goure.

The team – correspondent Yvonne Ndege, camera operator Romuald Luyindula, producer Mohammed Abubakar, as well as their driver Rabiu Abdullahi – were transferred to the district capital of Zinder.

“They were taken to Zinder for questioning by what they believe are intelligence services and interrogated for 10 hours,customized letter logo Soft PVC bottle opener with magnet.” Patel wrote in an email.

“They were again arrested (on) Sunday, charged with espionage. A couple of hours later, denied any rights with passports, gear taken away and all personal belongings including shoes and jewellery. They were all put in shared holding cells, denied food and water.You Can Buy Various Improved PE protective film Products Products.”

Niger’s Justice Minister Marou Amadou told The Associated Press that Al-Jazeera had failed to get the proper accreditation.

Military museum will remain open this year

To those visitors who hadn’t called in advance or checked the web site, the big “Open” flag in front of the Military Museum of Southern New England on Sunday was a welcome sight.

It will stay there, at least until December, said Samuel Johnson,The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that, the museum’s executive director.

Members of the board of directors, still stunned by the sudden death of the facility’s founder and primary benefactor, John Valluzzo, voted Friday to keep the Park Avenue museum open for business through the end of this season, Johnson said.

The hours, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, will remain unchanged.

After looking over the books, board members realized that admission fees would provide sufficient revenue “to keep the lights on,” Johnson said.

What will happen afterward to the museum, home to the largest private collection of military vehicles and tanks in the Northeast, as well displays and artifacts from every major United States conflict from World War I to the present, has yet to be determined.

The museum closed for two weeks after the death of the 75-year-old Valluzzo just before Memorial Day. Valluzzo was shot to death after he failed to drop his gun when ordered to do so by a Ridgefield police officer who responded to a domestic disturbance at Valluzzo’s home on Ridgebury Road.

The shooting remains under investigation by Connecticut State Police.

“We just felt there was no reason not to reopen it,” musuem board member Paul Mangiafico, of Newtown, said. “We’re open for business. It’s a great museum and it’s in a great location. John put his heart and soul into it.”

Jim Crossen, a former Marine from Wilton, was one of its visitors Sunday, along with his wife, Kerry, and their two sons, Caiden, 4 and Jack, 6.

“I always saw the signs and the tanks parked in front when I drove by, and I always wanted to check it out,” Crossen said.

He said he checked the web site to make sure the museum was open before leaving home.

“The kids love the models,” Kerry Crossen said, referring to the numerous, highly detailed dioramas featuring scale models of some of the full-size exhibits that are on display throughout the museum.

“That’s what they play with at home,” she said.

Johnson said the museum, which opened in 1995, attracts more than 8,where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder.000 visitors from April though December. It operates a reduced schedule, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the rest of the year.Click on their website www.smartcardfactory.com for more information.

Attendance always goes up during the monthly “open turret” days, when visitors, especially children, get the opportunity to step inside many of the armored vehicles. The next turret event is scheduled for June 29-30.

Between the admission fees and the stepped-up efforts of many of the museum’s 50 active volunteers, “We’ll see how long we can go,” Johnson said.

In addition to financing, Valluzzo was closely involved in planning displays and other special projects.

Because of his death, an exhibit on atomic warfare, intended to coincide with the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War II,We are always offering best wholesale tungsten jewelry the affordable price. had to be shelved, and the museum’s long-term financial outlook is uncertain, Johnson said.

Historically, the museum has not been successful in obtaining grants, with the money received usually being offset by the costs of applying for them, Johnson said. The last state funding the museum received was in 1995, and that was just a portion of what was promised.

“We’ve filled the gap with sweat,” he said, referring to the efforts of volunteers.

“What we really need is someone with a passion for military history or a philanthropist at heart,High quality plastic card printing for business cards,” Johnson said. “This is the place, this is the time.”

In the guise of helping them remove the gold

Making a mockery of the claims of increased security in the wake of the Dilsukhnagar twin blasts, thieves are striking at will all across the city; that too posing as cops. In the last fortnight,we delivered USB flash drives wholesale to a select group of loyal customers via delivery drivers. pseudo cops struck eight times and escaped with property worth Rs 11 lakh.

The modus operandi of the gangs is simple, although they improvise from case to case. Posing as cops, they approach a passerby wearing gold jewellery and tell him/her that a serious crime has taken place in the area. While at times they say a murder has taken place, at other times they use the ruse of chain-snatching. The ‘cops’ then reprimand the victim for wearing gold in such unsafe circumstances and tell them to remove the jewelley and keep it in a newspaper or polythene bag for safety. In the guise of helping them remove the gold, they slyly exchange the packet containing the gold with another containing fake ornaments. Sometimes, in order to gain the confidence of the intended victim, the gang enacts the same process with one of their team members on the road.

In this manner, pseudo cops struck at eight places, including Marredpally, Rikabgunj, Lalaguda, Amberpet, Abids and Barkatpura during the past fortnight and escaped with gold ornaments worth Rs 11 lakh.Our personalized stainless steel pendant and dog tag necklaces for men, Police suspect that the gangs could be either from Bidar area of Karnataka or from Bihar. A special team of north zone police even went to Bihar but failed to find any useful leads.

“In one of the incidents, we found an abandoned bike belonging to the offenders. But the registration number turned out to be fake and the chassis number too had been erased. We suspect that a certain Irani gang, whose members are staying in Parli & Bhiwandi of Maharashtra and Zaheerabad and Guntakal of AP, could be behind the thefts. Our teams are trying their best to nab the offenders,” additional CP (crimes) Sandeep Shandilya told TOI.Synonyms for custom keychain with free online thesaurus,

Even as the cops scramble to crack the case, they are also left red-faced by a series of attempts to break open ATM machines in the city.It would be ideal if you could set this upCustom NFC tag / sticker or function. In the last two weeks, there were five incidents of gangs trying to break open ATMs of various banks in Shaikpet, Manikonda, Trimulgherry and Barkatpura. Despite having the images of the culprits, police have not been able to make a single arrest.

This year’s awards ceremony will be hosted by the Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore and the awards’ founder Dr Tessa Hartmann.which can be Custom RFID key tag kinds of housing.

Jewellery nominee Georgia Wiseman said of the awards: “I am delighted to be part of this year’s Scottish Fashion Awards. For the first time the ceremony is being held in London and I’m so excited to be part of the Scottish invasion alongside some of Scotland’s best-known names in fashion.

“To be nominated for Accessory/Jewellery Designer of the Year is a fantastic honour, I launched my first ever luxury fashion jewellery collection earlier this year and this is the ultimate compliment”.

Designer Jane Gowans has also been nominated for this year’s awards. She showcased at work during London Fashion Week in February and has also won Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh as a stockist. She said she was thrilled at the announcement.

Designer Catherine Zoraida has also made this year’s list of nominees. Her work recently joined the line-up of jewellers selling through Fortnum & Mason’s jewellery room, while her jewellery has been worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Laura Whitmore.
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The competition at the McManus Gallery

The Dundee dialect offers a unique sound to the city and marks us out from every place else in the world.

And now locals are being asked to share their favourite Dundee words as part of a competition at McManus Gallery.

The art gallery and museum has teamed up with jeweller Bonnie Bling to feature some much-loved Dundee slang in a new range of jewellery.

The Evening Telegraph spoke to experts in the Dundee dialect to see what has made the city’s language stand the test of time.

Dundee musician and poet Gary Robertson writes everything in the language he grew up with.

The 46-year-old,We are always offering best wholesale tungsten bracelet the affordable price. who performs with band The Cundeez, was raised in Fintry and is passionate about promoting the Dundee accent and dialect.

Gary said his favourite Dundee word is “Gochul” — a term often used when someone is clearning their throat of excess phlegm.

He said: “We do everything we can to promote the language. We get told from when we are kids, not to speak like that, but it is our language, it is part of the city. There is nothing wrong with it.

“Everything I write is in Dundee dialect, even if I am texting or on Facebook or Twitter.

“It is really important to keep all the words used for future generations.”

He said the ‘eh’ sound is one which marks the Dundee accent out from others.

Gary added: “Closie is another unique word in Dundee. People put an ie on the end of a lot of words, like lampie.Do travelers need a Custom smart card when exploring Europe?

“And we are probably the only place in the world that calls a roundabout on a road, a circle.

“In the last year or two, there is a sense of pride in the city and people are using the language more.High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale.Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice,”

Neil Kirk who researches dialect at Abertay University, said: “I think how we speak is crucial to our sense of identity and gives us a better understanding of who we are.

“Our dialect can give us a definite sense of character in the way we speak.”

Neil said he liked Dundee words like ‘braw’,The material of it is wholesale tungsten ring gold, ‘scunnered’ and ‘dreich’ as they captured the essence of the feeling.

He added: “The dialect seems to have stood the test of time. It is recognised by people.

“Historically these words have been passed down and have survived.”

The competition at the McManus Gallery will run in two stages during June and the overall winner will get a bespoke piece of jewellery made.

Daniel Gray, retail co-ordinator at the McManus, said: “We want to know which words roll off people’s tongues on a daily basis in Dundee.

“We will be looking for suggestions that are both clever, but popular with the crowd, as the favourite words will be chosen through a public Facebook vote.”

An inside look at the Earth

Huddled inside an inflated bubble painted to look like the Earth,Financing options for a green card holder without Work Card holder. seventh-grade social-studies teacher Sarah Duncan holds up a bottle of 100 colored beads.

Ninety-seven beads represent the percentage of salt water on the planet, she tells her students at Overlook Middle School. A pair of white beads represents the frozen water.

What does the single red bead represent?

A student correctly answers that it is the amount of liquid freshwater on the earth, most of which is in lakes,Shop wholesale Rfid Tag from China RFID tag wholesalers. rivers and streams.

“Only 1 percent of the Earth’s water is drinkable. Isn’t that kind of crazy?” says Duncan.

This week Duncan and sixth-grade social-studies teacher Brett Duncan, who is her husband, are leading students on a tour of the EarthView inflatable globe.This is a Custom passive RFID tag used for presence sensing, This outreach project from Bridgewater State University allows students to step inside the 20-foot-tall globe and see a panoramic view of the Earth.

A fan is used to inflate the globe each time the zippered entrance is opened. Students are warned not to look up when the top fills with air because the sight from the inside can trigger motion sickness in some people. Visitors stand on a flat Antarctica floor and have to keep their hands off the hand-painted sides to avoid harming the $20,000 globe.

The globe is made from strips that are sewn together, creating stitch lines that line up precisely with the time zones of the world. Duncan used a laser pointer to show students where the primemeridian runs through Greenwich, England.

Traditional maps are always slightly inaccurate because they distort the shape of land masses when flattened, but inside the EarthView Globe Duncan is able to demonstrate how Russia is located across 10 international time zones. Geographical locations are flipped when viewed from inside, but she is able to show students exactly how far Hawaii is from the United States and how its equal distance to Japan made Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor U.Cordies Cable Organizers Cable Organizer keeps your cords from sliding into the void behind your desk.S. military base a natural target for Japan in World War II.

The tour is only 15 minutes long,features many fashionable styles of silver rings wholesale stainless steel ring, and the air starts to warm up inside the globe. During one tour, a student started to feel queasy halfway through and was let out. The globe was quickly re-inflated and the tour continued.

The EarthView globe is usually introduced by workers from Bridgewater State University, but the Duncans have both gone through a training course with the university and are able to conduct the tours themselves.

Brett Duncan said eye-opening visuals like the EarthView globe can help motivate students.

Other artwork from previous Second Saturday events

Some of the art that has been featured during Second Saturday on May 11 this year include the Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum and paintings by Abigail VanCannon and Mark Fox. Abigail recently moved to Sacramento from the Bay Area and displays her paintings based on photography at the Sacramento Art Complex. She likes learning about a city’s nostalgia when she visits new places, which is why one of her paintings depicts the sign of the original Tower Records at the Tower Theatre on 16th and Broadway. Mark Fox, whose painting is shown at the top of this article, has lived in Sacramento all his life and is heavily influenced by Appalachian folk art and tribal scenery that expresses community harmony.

Different types of art are included in this archive, such as woodwork by Ted “The Turner” Young, who makes attractive gifts out of recycled wood from the region. Another theme that this gallery section highlights is community spirit, which includes Midtown shops that help raise awareness or funds for the community. PeraDice Cards and Gifts, for example, raised money through a raffle this past Second Saturday for Mustard Seed School, while provides shelter for homeless children. Co-owners Steven Pera and Jim Wagner were interviewed by SacTV explaining that homelessness is not a crime and kids should be given the help they need.

Other artwork from previous Second Saturday events include the vibrant soul healing paintings of John Huerta, the communal farmers market paintings by Robert LaNeau, the car theme paintings by Pete Conine, the happy animal paintings by Karen Dukes, various art at Little Relics and the portraits of legendary African Americans including President Obama by Lawrence Sullivan. The art of photography is showcased in this second with the natural colorful scenery of Yosemite, shot by Jason Branz.

The May 11 Second Saturday was quiet in the early evening but festive later in the evening possibly because of earlier hot temperatures, a contrast with Second Saturday on April 13, which was somewhat quiet due to cold temperatures. Many of these artists, curators and owners display art every Second Saturday with different art each time. According to Mark Fox, he has created over one thousand paintings and has sold about 500 over the past decade at various exhibits throughout the state. Little Relics owner Susan Rabinovitz says she sold some art in April to a visitor who found her video interview on SacTV.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports joined the “Glenn Younes Show” on Monday night to give an update on the owners meetings in Boston. First up was RG3 and fans purchasing wedding gifts for him. “If people want to do that for him god speed, if people want to buy him a set of salt and pepper shakers to make him happy, god speed brother. Nobody is hurt they are all happy, nobody has an issue with it.”

Next up was the possibility of the league shifting the league year and moving the draft and combine back. Jason states that the NFL can do whatever they like with the draft and combine. He believes that the draft will be moved to May 15th.  “The reality is it will probably stay there for a couple of years after that”. Jason even suggests that the NFL can move on to regional combines and make it sort of a reality show.

International Day for Biological Diversity to be a fun-filled day

The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) has lined up a range of fun filled learning activities and public awareness talks to mark International Day for Biological Diversity.

According to a press statement from SBC, the event will be held at its premises at KM20, Jalan Borneo Heights at Semenggoh from May 18 to 19.

Colouring and pottery painting contests for primary school students are among the activities in store.

Representatives of indigenous communities from throughout the state who have been documenting their traditional knowledge will also feature their wares and traditional games.

Visitors will have the opportunity to mingle with these communities and learn about how they have sustainably utilised plants and biodiversity throughout the centuries. SBC will also feature R&D demonstration, face painting, eco-snakes and ladders, paper art and origami activities.

The organisers have even thrown in an element of ‘fear factor’ at one of the booths.

Those who want to try their hands at making scented beads and candles will have a chance to do so on May 18 at 10am and 2pm, while those who would like to have a go at making handmade soaps will have the opportunity to do so the following day at the same times.

A clown will also be making his rounds shaping animal balloons for children during the two days.

A free health screening will also be conducted by a team from the Sarawak Medical Department while officers from the Tarat Agriculture Research Station will feature a tankful of live local freshwater fish.

Meanwhile, a series of public awareness talks have been scheduled on the afternoon of both days with topic ranging from plants in the state to edible mushrooms, orchids, our rivers and biodiversity and wildlife conservation in the state.

Also on May 18, three known experts in their respective fields will be talking about flowering plant species, fungi and also orchids.

The talks will start at 1pm at SBC’s Lecture Theatre with Peter Boyce to speak about flowering plant species found in the state.

Boyce who arrived in the state in 2002 after spending 15 years working at Kew Gardens has been spending his last 12years in Malaysia and Thailand. Boyce’s talk will be followed by a talk entitled ‘Diversity of Macro-Fungi (mushrooms) in Sarawak’ by Prof Dr Sepiah Muid of Unimas whose areas of specialisation is plant pathology and mycology. The series of talks for the day will conclude with a presentation by Prof Dr Maziah Mahmood of University Putra Malaysia on orchids.

Prof Dr Maziah’s field of expertise encompasses plant biochemistry, plant biotechnology and plant tissue culture. She also loves orchids which she finds mesmerising.

After 10 years of research on the plants, she has made a career from learning about them and working on fragrant orchids. She is also a co-founder of Orchid Life, a BioNexus status company that produces horticultural products and services internationally.

On May 19, public talks will start at 2pm with a talk on Wildlife Conservation in Sarawak by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation deputy general manager Oswald Braken Tisen.