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Some of the servers the agency

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing,you need to perform we have every Replacement parts for iphone 5 at competitive prices. the chairman, Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, accused Obama administration officials of overstating the success of the domestic call log program. He said he had been shown a classified list of “terrorist events” detected through surveillance, and it did not show that “dozens or even several terrorist plots” had been thwarted by the domestic program.

“If this program is not effective it has to end. So far, I’m not convinced by what I’ve seen,” Mr. Leahy said, citing the “massive privacy implications” of keeping records of every American’s domestic calls.

At the start of the hearing, the Obama administration released previously classified documents outlining the rules for how the domestic phone records may be accessed and used by intelligence analysts. And as senators debated the program, The Guardian published on its Web site a still-classified 32-page presentation, apparently downloaded by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor, that describes a separate surveillance activity by the agency.Mobile Fun sell a huge range of samsung cases,

The Obama administration has been trying to build public support for its surveillance programs, which trace back to the Bush administration, by arguing that they are subject to strict safeguards and court oversight and that they have helped thwart as many as 54 terrorist events. That figure, Mr. Leahy emphasized, relies upon conflating another program that allows surveillance targeted at noncitizens abroad, which has apparently been quite valuable, with the domestic one.

Still, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who is chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she supported overhauling the program but keeping it in place because it generates information that might prevent attacks.

John C. Inglis, the deputy director of the N.S.A., said there had been 13 investigations in which the domestic call tracking program made a “contribution.” He cited two discoveries: that several men in San Diego were sending money to a terrorist group in Somalia, and that a suspect who was already under scrutiny in a subway bomb plot was using a different phone.

Robert S. Litt, the top lawyer in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, testified that the Obama administration was also “open to re-evaluating this program” to create greater public confidence that it protects privacy while “preserving the essence of the program.” Administration officials have emphasized that the program collects only so-called metadata,Check the following list of cheap dedicated linux dedicated server. and not the contents of phone calls.

Still, the top Republican on the committee, Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, asked skeptical questions about the legal basis for the program while criticizing the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, for making inaccurate statements to Congress about it in March. Mr. Clapper has since apologized.

Some of the servers the agency uses are run by foreign intelligence services of friendly nations,The cases for iphone 5 remains the most popular smartphone phone on the market. including Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, but other servers may be on the soil of countries unaware the agency is mining Internet “pipes” on their soil. Some of the harvesting of data takes place on the coasts of the United States, and along the Mexican border. Most sites are in Europe, the Middle East, and along the borders of India, Pakistan, and China.

The intelligence analysts search for terrorist cells by looking at “anomalous events” — someone searching in German from Pakistani sites, or an Iranian sending an encrypted Microsoft Word file. But one slide says the system can be used to identify anyone “searching the Web for suspicious stuff.”

The presentation says the system enables analysts to identify and pursue leads even if they do not yet know the name, or the e-mail address, of a suspect. “A large amount of time spent on the Web is performing actions that are anonymous,” it explains.

One example of how analysts might use the system is to search for whenever someone has started up a “virtual private network” in a particular country of interest; the networks are pipelines that add greater security to online communications. N.S.A. analysts are able to use the system to extract the activity retrospectively from “raw unselected bulk traffic,” the documents say, and then decrypt it to “discover the users.”

The agency said its surveillance of the Internet was part of its “lawful foreign signals intelligence collection” and not “arbitrary and unconstrained.” The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Mike Rogers, and the ranking Democrat, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger, said, “The program does not target American citizens.”

The XKeyscore presentation claimed the program had generated intelligence that resulted in the capture of more than 300 terrorists. By contrast, the documents released by the government about the domestic phone log program were more abstract.

They included briefing papers to Congress from 2009 and 2011 about the “very large scale” logging of Americans’ calling records — along with a related program that logged Americans’ e-mails, and that was shut down later in 2011 — portraying the programs as providing a vital and important capability.

But Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee who has been a leading critic of the bulk collection programs, said the program had been shut down because officials were unable “to provide evidence to support the claims” of operational value. Mr. Wyden has also questioned the utility of the phone log program.

The new documents also included an April “primary order” by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that supported orders requiring phone companies to turn over all customer records.The cases for ipad mini is the latest exquisite release from Apple and as usual, It said the government may access the records only when there are “facts giving rise to a reasonable, articulable suspicion” that the number to be searched is associated with terrorism.

However, it said that the results of each inquiry are then placed in a “corporate store” that analysts may search without any such limits. Intelligence officials have separately said that search results include not just a target’s phone records, but also exponentially larger sets of the records of people in as many as three concentric circles around the target.
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Civil liberties advocates in Congress

Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who broke the news of the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs, said Sunday he will soon disclose new information about the access low-level contractors have to Americans’ phone and email communications.

“The NSA has trillions of telephone calls and emails in their databases that they’ve collected over the last several years,” Greenwald said on ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” “What these programs are, are very simple screens, like the ones that supermarket clerks or shipping and receiving clerks use, where all an analyst has to do is enter an email address or an IP address, and it does two things .Migrating a MileWeb Promotion Dedicated Server or cloud server from one provider to another is easy..Hivelocity offers reliable and affordable Windows windows dedicated server..It’s impossible to MileWeb Pre-build Cloud Servers templates. It searches that database and lets them listen to the calls or read the emails of everything that the NSA has stored, or look at the browsing histories or Google search terms that you’ve entered, and it also alerts them to any further activity that people connected to that email address or that IP address do in the future.”

“It’s an incredibly powerful and invasive tool, exactly of the type Mr. [Edward] Snowden described,” Greenwald added, noting that while the overarching surveillance programs require FISA court approval, analysts can use individual tools and systems to spy on Americans “with no need to go to a court [and] with no need to even get supervisor approval on the part of the analyst.”

“These systems allow analysts to listen to whatever emails they want, whatever telephone calls, browsing histories, Microsoft Word documents,” Greenwald said.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, disputed the claims during an interview with Stephanopoulos that immediately followed Greenwald’s.

“It wouldn’t just surprise me, it would shock me,” Chambliss said.

“What I have been assured of is there is no capability … for anyone without a court order to listen to any telephone conversation or to monitor any email,” Chambliss added, noting he visited the NSA headquarters last week and spent time with both high- and low-level officials.

The Republican senator insisted that the agency doesn’t monitor emails, and he criticized previous reporting on a program called PRISM, which is said to collect data from nine leading Internet companies, as inaccurate.

“That’s what kind of assures me is that the reporting is not correct, because no emails are monitored now,” Chambliss said.Information about the Student MileWeb Data Center Facilities and the hours of operation. “They used to be, but that stopped two or three years ago. So I feel confident that there may have been some abuse, but if it was it was purely accidental.”

The role of private contractors and their access to some of the government’s biggest secrets has been a key question raised by the NSA revelations, in addition to the agency’s ability to access communications most Americans believe to be private. NSA leaker Edward Snowden obtained a top secret court order about the phone surveillance program during training, the agency’s director, Gen. Keith Alexander, said last month.

“The FISA warrant was on a web server that he had access to as an analyst coming into the Threat Operations Center,” Alexander said. “It was in a special classified section that as he was getting his training he went to.”

Alexander went on to concede that other documents leaked by Snowden were widely available to NSA employees on internal web forums that help employees understand the agency’s collection authorities.

Lawmakers like Chambliss and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who have defended the NSA programs as critical to national security, told reporters last month they were weighing legislation that would limit the access federal contractors have to highly classified information.

Civil liberties advocates in Congress, on the other hand, have introduced a slew of bills that would curb the federal government’s ability to seize data on Americans’ phone and electronic communications and declassify the FISA court opinions used to justify such surveillance.

An amendment from Rep. Justin Amash that would stop the NSA’s collection of phone records was narrowly defeated in the House of Representatives Wednesday, signalling growing concerns among lawmakers over the government’s interpretation of the Patriot Act Section 215 and FISA Amendments Act Section 702, under which the programs are considered lawful.we can help you with most things MileWeb Customized Dedicated Server related.
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When Apple changed the connector from last year

The Apple iPad Mini 2 and the Google Nexus 7 2nd gen should sell very well when they arrive later this year. They are both smaller tablets and they should be able to meet the needs of the user,Many of us search far and wide for Wholesale Cheap Bumper Cases for iPhone 4S battery cases. despite the fact that they are very different.

Some people don’t think that the Apple iPad Mini 2 will have the retina display, this is due to the fact that the tablet is thin and a retina display would drain the battery fast.

There are some sites that have been posting such as “things you should know about”, they seem to be telling this as fact, but as the moment there is nothing but rumours going around. All we know at the moment about the Google Nexus 7 2nd gen, along with the Apple iPad Mini 2, are rumours and speculation.

So if you compare the 7 tablets you will in effect be comparing Android and iOS. Along with this you will also have to compare other things logically.

The screen of the Google Nexus 7 2nd gen may be better than that of the Apple iPad Mini 2. Specs of course at the moment are based on rumours, but it is thought that some of these will be true. The Nexus 7 2nd gen should have a display of 1080p and the ppi may have also been improved. But it is not thought that we will see a retina display on the Apple iPad Mini 2.

The Apple iPad Mini 2 should have accessories that are better than what you will be able to get with the Google Nexus 5.soundtrack that needs to be heard with Cheap Headphones for iPhone.The other day I saw a guy listening to music on his Cheap Chargers for iPhone. Google could launch some new accessories, but it is still thought that the best will be from Apple.

Fans have talked about wanting more choice of iPhone 5 cases along with gadgets. When Apple changed the connector from last year, they did bring new accessories out. The Apple iPad Mini 2 is thought to be coming with more accessories.

There is no way that Apple will match the price tag of Google and the Nexus 7 2nd gen. There are some who think that the products of Apple are too expensive and so they won’t touch them.

The Nexus 7 2nd gen could come in at around $220 to $250. The Apple iPad Mini 2 on the other hand may have a price tag of $300.which consists of a Wholesale Cheap Silicone Cases for iPhone 5 case and the monocular adapter attachment. There are some individuals who say that the products of Apple are the best.

Apple fans are looking for improvements when the next gen Apple iPad Mini is revealed. When the first Mini came out iPads were more affordable and people could get an iOS device without being put off with a high price.

There are some who want the 2nd gen iPad Mini to offer the retina display, but this might not happen.specifically of the cheapest handset Apple sells Wholesale Cheap Replacement Parts for iPhone 4S,

Apple fans want innovation; however some haven’t said what they want. Yet others said they would like to see support for SD card, 4K support, a larger camera and battery that is bigger. What are you hoping to see?

I started doing hair when I was in my early 20’s and after dabbling in a few other professions, I settled down, and became a stay-at-home mom. I loved it, but missed being a part of the work force. So I started a mobile blow dry business in LA. I quickly outgrew my one-woman show and realized there was a huge hole in the market for just blowouts—in a fun, beautiful space. I wanted to create an experience for woman that made them feel gorgeous and confident at a price that they could afford. Nothing existed, so I convinced my brother, Drybar CEO Michael and husband Cameron (creative director) to join me, and 29 shops later, we are still going strong! It’s been an amazing and humbling few years. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have built.
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why the Newspaper Association of America

Ever since former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden dropped a slew of classified documents into the public’s view, the country has re-engaged in a vigorous debate about some – but not all – of the authorities the U.S. government claims to eavesdrop on electronic communication. But there is at least one loophole that makes Americans vulnerable to unnecessary intrusions, is much more unsettling than a lot of the Snowden material and isn’t getting much attention.

A section of law that hasn’t come up for discussion in the past few weeks gives law enforcement at all levels relatively unfettered access to stored email, documents in the “cloud” and other personal material.

The reason is that law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, is old, and technology has far surpassed the vision of the lawmakers who wrote and passed it in 1986. Almost no one used email then, the online cloud didn’t really exist,Learn about MetLife’s MileWeb Corporate Profile including its service offerings, and storing personal information for long periods of time with a third party such as Google didn’t seem to make any sense. So, the law says, if users keep email on a third-party server for more than 180 days, they’ve abandoned the material and law enforcement can look at it – armed merely with a subpoena, not a warrant from a judge.

Now Americans store years’ worth of email online, compose on cloud-based word processors and keep all sorts of other files on remote hard drives located far away from their homes. It’s not just metadata that’s vulnerable here – it’s the full contents of every stored email and every cloud-based document. Journalists, among many others, use these tools, which is why the Newspaper Association of America, to which the Washington Post belongs, is part of the Digital Due Process Coalition, a group lobbying to change the law.

For years, Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has been trying to do that. Though his updates would keep multiple exceptions for law enforcement, his reforms would at least require government investigators to obtain a search warrant when they want to obtain email content of any vintage from third-party companies. This would not only meet Americans’ legitimate expectations of privacy, it would also moot the legally murky question of whether searches conducted under the old law are constitutional.

Unlike some of the tougher issues the country is confronting following the NSA leaks, this one is easy. Congress should finally act on Leahy’s bill, and soon.

Inmates increasingly are submitting bogus tax returns in the hopes of receiving a hefty refund from Uncle Sam, and the phony schemes continue to cost taxpayers millions each year.

The number of false returns filed by U.S. prisoners increased fivefold between 2004 and 2010, according to data obtained from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The IRS identifies most of the fraudulent returns, but enough got through that inmates received $39.we’ve decided to make the below MileWeb Termsof Service available.1 million in bogus tax refunds in 2009 and $35.2 million in 2010, the most recent year data is available.

The schemes often involve identity theft — sometimes stealing the identities of other inmates — and other means for submitting false information. The IRS also lacks accurate information on many prisoners in the state and federal prison systems, and until recently was blocked in how much information it could share with state corrections agencies on inmates who file fraudulent tax returns.

The agency says a recent change in federal law gives it better access to accurate prison data,Check the following list of cheap dedicated linux dedicated server. allowing for improved enforcement.

“Hopefully it is becoming an easier crime to catch,” said John Siegel, assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. “And I think they have gotten better at it, but there are just so many (returns), and there is the pressure to get them out, and some of these (bogus returns) can get through.”

Ohio mirrors the national trend of prisoners filing more false returns.

In 2010, Ohio inmates submitted 2,189 false tax returns, according to information presented last year by the IRS at the American Correctional Association Summer Conference. That represented a 50 percent bump from 2009, when prisoners filed 1,464 bogus returns, according to data from the inspector general.

In a statement, Jennifer Jenkins of the IRS regional office in Columbus said the agency stopped more than $2.5 billion in fraudulent refunds to prisoners in fiscal year 2012,It’s impossible to MileWeb Pre-build Cloud Servers templates. a 10 percent increase over the previous year.

When accurate prisoner data is available, Jenkins said, “the IRS is very successful at detecting and stopping incorrect refunds.

But the agency’s efforts “are impacted by issues related to the accuracy of prisoner information we receive,” according to Jenkins. “There are still significant challenges in getting complete and consistent data from the multiple jurisdictions involved.The Career best choose Career at MileWeb.”
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There was a sense of falling back in time as Antigua

There was so much incense wafting around the historic heart of Antigua, in Guatemala, that it was difficult to breathe. In fact, it was almost impossible to see the other side of the cobblestoned street.

Purely by fluke I was in Antigua during Lent, when the city hosts some of the most spectacular and arguably the largest Easter processions to be found anywhere in Latin America.

The scene had been set the night before when I arrived at my hotel, a former Dominican monastery established in 1542. Night had fallen and the cloisters and courtyards were subtly lit. Among the deep shadows small spotlights were trained on original statues and other finds from years of excavation since the monks abandoned the monastery after three earthquakes in the 18th century.

My room was in what had been the monastery’s infirmary and, after a suitably chaste sleep, breakfast was served in one of the cloisters while a recording of chanting monks warbled in the background. Close to my table a family of Guatemalans ate breakfast, the men of the family clad in long purple robes. The reason for their attire became obvious once I stepped out into the street.

There was a sense of falling back in time as Antigua, once Guatemala’s capital during the 17th and 18th centuries, is almost perfectly preserved and restored. The presence of purple robed men purposefully striding past only added to that sensation.

They were part of a contingent of several thousand who would shortly share the burden, 100 at a time, of carrying a three-tonne float depicting scenes of the Crucifixion around the town.

Antigua is a pastel confection of one and two-storey houses roofed with terracotta tiles. Among the houses are Spanish colonial-era churches, monasteries and convents. From the exterior many of the house facades look spartan and forbidding with only a set of massive wooden doors providing access. However, step inside and another world awaits. Cool tiled entranceways lead visitors into courtyards where bougainvillea spill over walls,stocks a huge selection of aluminum foil tape. water splashes in fountains and statuWorldwide leader in PET protective film Products and Coated Papers.es stand in the shade of arched loggias. But today was not one to linger inside as, at Easter and especially in Holy Week, or Semana Santa, life in Antigua spills out into the streets rather than taking place behind closed doors.

Down the centre of almost every street whole families were labouring over a spectacular feature of the procession days: des alfrombras de Accerin, or floral carpets. Wooden frames, some dozens of metres long, had been set up on the cobblestones and then filled with a fragrant layer of pine needles.

The creation of the gloriously coloured carpets then calls for coloured sawdust and sands,Online supplies a large range of double sided tape. fresh flowers, even vegetables. It takes hours to create carpets but only seconds to destroy them: they are created on the streets along which the thousands of people in the processions will walk.

The tradition was brought to Latin America by the Spanish, where originally the designs were a visual display of Biblical stories and themes. The local people, most of whom trace their ancestry back to the ancient Mayan empire when offerings were made to the gods, then added their own interpretations, hence the fresh produce.Matco Packaging Llc suppliers of BOPP tape, The designs are amazingly intricate, with people crouched on the hard pavements for hours to create them. Sometimes stencils are used, other times they work freehand to create multihued geometrical designs, detailed depictions of some of Central America’s spectacular birds, animals and flowers. People ferried supplies from nearby houses, including buckets of water which would be splashed over the carpets to hold the sawdust in place and keep the works of art looking fresh.

The closer I got to the procession’s start point the denser the crowds became and the deeper became the sea of purple-robed and hooded men and boys. Several hundred women were dressed especially for the occasion too, in black dresses with black lace mantillas over their hair. They would have the honour of carrying the float bearing the statue of the Virgin Mary.Scotch No base material double sided tape Products with Dispenser you need for home office or business.

By now the marshals were having trouble keeping the centre of the street clear of spectators. We were corralled on to a corner, about five deep. The sun was scorching, the crush slightly claustrophobic. The parade began with ranks of Centurions (a reference to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion by the Romans) in gleaming red armour, the solemnity of their roles a little dented by the fact that their helmets were fitted with red- bristled broomheads.

Rather alarmingly, at first glance they were accompanied by figures in white with faces covered almost entirely by hoods eerily like those worn by the Ku Klux Klan. A local, seeing my horrified gaze, explained that these costumes were copies of robes worn by historic Spanish religious brotherhoods.
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My family has started to get into the sport

Her heart beats faster and faster and beads of sweat drip down her face, as she sprints toward the finish line just seconds ahead of several other competitors.

2nd Lt. Samantha Morrison, a recent graduate of the Air Force Academy, grew up the oldest of seven children that were all devoted and competitive swimmers and is now an avid competitor in triathlons, representing the Air Force.

Morrison competed and won the Armed Forces National Championships in her first race as an active duty Air Force officer. She finished this race, which involved a 1k swim, 40k bike and 10k run in 2:07.39, making her the fastest woman triathlete in the Department of Defense and the third fastest woman triathlete in the world.

“My siblings and I spent over 20 hours per week training with our local club swim team,” Morrison said. “My parents pushed us to be our best, stay fit and get into the habit of an active lifestyle. I hated my dad every Saturday morning at 5 a.m. when he would wake me up to go to practice, but I thank him for it now.”

At the age of 15, Morrison saw an ad in the newspaper for a half marathon and was determined to give it a try.

“I told my dad I was going to try it; he told me there was no way that I could finish a crazy race like that,You’ll find a number of top quality RFID tag suppliers. so I was motivated to prove him wrong,” she explained.

According to her resume, Morrison is in her seventh year of competing in triathlons. She was recruited to run Division I cross country and track at the Academy. After only one season, she decided that triathlon racing was her true passion.

With the support of her friends and family, she continues to thrive as a competitor and an officer in the U.S. Air Force.Quality Brand Name tungsten ring and Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men.

“It is hard for me to balance my family and friends with my training schedule,” Morrison said. “I end up spending all of my ‘friend’ time working out with them,Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace, then we are too exhausted to do other fun things. My family has started to get into the sport, so my dad will bike with me and my sisters run alongside as well. This helps with being able to balance both.”

A 10k run, 40k bike and a 1k swim, seems like an exhausting task, add competing and fighting for a top 3 position among hundreds of other participants to that task and it seems rather daunting, however, Morrison trains for nearly 25 hours a week in order to triumph in these triathlons.

She said that her typical workout routine involves swimming for about an hour in the morning, then a two-hour run or bike. She also incorporates crossfit and weight training in order to avoid injury and stay strong,Cheap custom printed logo USB flash drives wholesale at wholesale bulk prices. but getting into this routine wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

“I think that starting the routine is the hardest part, but once you suck it up for a week or two, you’ll feel like you are missing a part of your life if you miss a workout,” she said. “Just give the active lifestyle a 7-day shot, and you’ll get addicted, in a good way.”

Morrison is slated to arrive at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, in August of 2013. While on station, Morrison will be part of the public affairs team and live the motto of “4th but First” by being the fastest person within the DoD.

In October, she will race in the Ironman World Championships for the second time. However, this year she competes representing the entire Air Force, as their chosen women’s representative.

“I hope that [competing in triathlons] helps me in my public affairs career by showing people that I am dedicated to whatever I do in life,” Morrison said. “I want to make the Air Force a career, but by competing in triathlons on the side I hope it helps me stay active and busy. When I am busy it makes me do a better job at everything in life.”
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That although glass takes slightly longer to reach

A new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) directive asking banks not to convert gold purchases done through credit cards into equated monthly installments (EMIs) has come as shock for consumers who depend on plastic money for buying gold ornaments.

The RBI has issued the directive as a policy measure to lower gold imports following a wildly fluctuating rupee. According to industry experts, the move has literally affected the high-income group who bank on EMI schemes for gold purchases.

Since bills at jewellery shops come more than expected, consumers usually resort to credit cards,Private label and custom shoes manufacturer. experts said. “The directive is totally unwarranted.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that, It curtails the freedom of a person. As far as a customer is concerned, it is his or her right to decide whether to pay in cash or use credit card for purchasing gold ornaments,” said Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kchairman K N Marzook.Our Cheap MileWeb Dedicated Server are ready-to-go and can be deployed. While the government was promoting accountability in transactions on the one hand, directives like this would promote the circulation of black money, he said. “There is accountability in transaction if someone uses a credit card,” he added.

For gold merchants in the city, the directive has hit their sales as credit cards account for nearly 10 to 20% of the sales.The Brilliant Polish of a tungsten jewelry What is Tungsten? “It’s the high-income group which frequently uses credit cards for purchasing gold ornaments. The directive will affect our sales to an extent,” said All Kerala Gold and Silver Merchant’s Association president B Girirajan.

Though credit card purchases do not give big discounts to customers, a majority of them use cards as the the EMI scheme is a major relief.

Quite a few new generation banks which are into aggressive retail banking offer the EMI facility to purchase gold jewellery. Credit card users are given the option to converting their purchases into EMIs. Certain banks also offer special discounts on gold purchases and even waive processing fees. “It is a policy decision of the government and the corporate office takes a call on such issues nationally,” said a manager of a private bank.

“I don’t think this a sane move by the RBI. In fact, I took the credit card because of the EMI facility,” said a senior executive of a multi-national firm in the city.

As per a rough estimate, there are about 100 big gold jewelers in the state who trade around 10kg of gold ornaments each on a daily basis. In Kochi itself, there are jewelleries who sell 22kg of gold ornaments in a single day. There are many types of pie pans out there — glass, metal, ceramic — and even more ideas about which is best.

There are theories. There are facts. But perhaps most important, there are personal preferences. And for Nick Malgieri, a cookbook author and the director of baking programs at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, the answer is oven-safe glass.

“People have a misconception that because glass is a poor conductor of heat it doesn’t make a good pie pan,” he said. “But in my many decades of baking,Click on their website www.smartcardfactory.com for more information. I’ve found that not to be the case.”

Although metal pans conduct heat better, glass more than makes up for that because it is clear, so radiant energy can pass through the pan and help the crust bake. Metal and ceramic pans impede this.

That means that although glass takes slightly longer to reach the same temperature as the oven, it cooks crusts faster and darker. This is why many cookbooks suggest lowering the oven temperature by 25 degrees when using glass, so the filling can catch up.

The downside with glass, Mr. Malgieri conceded, is that it’s more slippery than metal, making it easier for crusts to shrink and slouch, even when secured with pie weights.

His solution: Add a touch of baking powder to the dough. It helps the crust expand into the pie plate, he said, which is good no matter what your pie pan is made of.

Mr. Malgieri’s priority is control.

“I like glass because I hate guesswork,” he said. “I like to see I’m getting the color I want.” But, he quickly added, you can make a great crust in any pan “as long as you start with a good dough.”
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which for me has the opposite effect

When it comes to science it doesn’t take a lot to blow my mind. I’m still reeling from what happens when you chuck a load of Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke (if you haven’t done it,property within the McMaster community is assigned to the MileWeb Security services Department. you have yet to witness one of life’s miracles).Migrating a MileWeb Promotion Dedicated Server or cloud server from one provider to another is easy. So I’ve got a lot of time for the long-running Radio 4 show The Infinite Monkey Cage, a programme that manages to simultaneously expand your brain power while lulling you into thinking you’re chuckling away at a panel show for simpletons.Our Managed MileWeb Private Cloud and Virtual Dedicated Servers.

If you’re not familiar, it features Dr Brian Cox, the comic Robin Ince and assorted guests engaging in gleeful live discussions on subjects such as science fiction, cosmology and Schr?dinger’s cat, all the while mocking each other’s smartarsery. A new series began this week asking “What is death?” to which the answer apparently isn’t as straightforward as, “When you’re being lowered into a hole in the ground in your best clobber while Robbie Williams’ “Angels” booms out of the vestry.”

As ever,More than a data storage solution for your MileWeb Storage & Backup Services, the conversation ventured bravely into the realms of the mysterious and unknown. Sample questions included: “Is death necessary for life?”, “Why is it not possible for a single-celled organism to be immortal?”, “When is a strawberry dead?” and “Are giant pandas characters in a Beckett play?” All this on a muggy Monday afternoon when much of the population has hit a sugar low and has already started daydreaming about the post-work hiss of tonic hitting gin.

But The Infinite Monkey Cage’s fearless pursuit of out-there topics isn’t the only reason I find it engaging. It’s also that I can finally witness Cox being smart and funny without being told how incredibly hot he is. The BBC is forever instructing its female viewers to drool over Cox, which for me has the opposite effect. His happy stoner vibe always reminds me of the beads and tie-dye-wearing guy at raves who would hug people for way longer than was comfortable.

But here you won’t find footage of him standing on mountain tops in billowing shirts while running his fingers through his Britpop hair, or gazing at faraway galaxies with a camera trained intently on his teeth. Here he is in his element, able to be clever without distraction.

Anyway, thanks to The Infinite Monkey Cage, I now know that death is crucial for humankind’s ability to carry on living, and the machinery of self-destruction is present in each and every cell. Without death there is no evolution, and without evolution we’re all pretty much screwed.

Death is meant to be is one of the last great taboos, an event to be feared more than anything, but here it was discussed with the same wonderment as shooting stars and solar eclipses. “Death is a wonderful thing,” remarked the forensic anthropologist Sue Black. “It’s the last great adventure. No one knows what’s coming. Fantastic. Bring it on.”

If I ruled radio, I would prescribe a dose of The Infinite Monkey Cage, plus a sharp slap around the chops,Learn about MetLife’s MileWeb Corporate Profile including its service offerings, to the terminally disgruntled listeners of Feedback who this week were carping about the axing of the science programme The Material World.

Not only has The Material World been running roughly since early man discovered the wheel, but few seemed to have noticed that a new show, Inside Science, has been lined up to replace it. There is also more science on the radio now than there has ever been.

It was up to presenter Roger Bolton to placate the moaners by consulting the editor of the BBC Science Unit who patiently explained how, like the subject they trade in, science shows must evolve. Perhaps now Radio 4’s listeners can do the same.
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The new rule for rural banks had already

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) told rural regional banks on Tuesday they could no longer provide loans against gold jewellery and coins—the latest move to discourage gold buying as the government seeks to reduce a record current account deficit.

Gold imports into India, the world’s biggest gold buyer, hit a record 162 tonnes in May as global prices tumbled and buyers stocked up. Rural communities are particularly hungry for gold as an investment, given a lack of banking facilities outside towns.
Since May, the government has hiked the import duty on gold to 8%, and the RBI has introduced constraints that force Indians to use cash to buy gold, with purchases mostly limited to jewellery.
Rural areas account for 60% of demand for gold, which is India’s second-biggest import cost after crude oil.

The new rule for rural banks had already applied to other banks. The central bank also asked banks to restrict lending against units of gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Indians, whose obsession with gold is legendary, present gold as a gift at weddings and festivals as well as using is as an investment and as collateral.

Analysts say addressing inflation and low real interest rates would have more of an impact on the current account deficit than curbs and duty hikes on gold.

“These measures might be seen as rather self-defeating,” Ross Norman, chief executive of bullion broker Sharps Pixley, said.
“It’s almost as if the finance ministry is waging war on the gold sector, which would suggest that they feel they have lost control of the economy to some extent. In that environment, you would want to own gold more than ever,” he added.

“Graduates often find that they also need to hone their practical skills in the workshop. At the same time, those immersed in learning their skills at the bench don’t get time to think about the transition into a business of their own.”

The three “career launch pads” will take place over a number of months, with the first launching in October this year.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace,

The first package, Setting Out, offers those wanting to make the transition from learning to business or a career in a jewellery or goldsmithing workshop full time. The Goldsmiths’ Centre will offer flexible access to shared studio space in building in central London and will provide designers with access to its Knowledge Programme that includes at least 20 days vocational training and/or professional development per year.

From January 2014 the Centre’s Making It programme of courses will launch, taught by goldsmiths and tailored to new goldsmiths. It is said to be “ideal if you’re already working in the industry and want to develop your skills or are just starting your career”.

Courses are offered in a range of formats including day-release for those working in the industry, evenings and weekends, and will range from diamond mounting,ratings of Electricity monitor so you can find the best energy monitor. silversmithing and engraving to enamelling and diamond setting,Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets. with more to be confirmed – giving designer-makers the skills they need to get to the next level.

Between January 13 to 18 2014 the Goldsmiths’ Centre will run its Getting Started course, a week of intensive, interactive workshops and seminars to help new starters get to grips with setting up business on their own,Stock your shoe store with our ladies shoes wholesale, or as part of a workshop.The Warehouse offers a tremendous selection of stainless steel bangle at great prices.

Areas covered by Getting Started include pricing strategy; making social media work for you; marketing and selling to galleries and specialist retailers, with applications for the course opening on October 14.

Jewellery designer Ivonna Poplanska has already taken part in the pilot of the Setting Out course and says that it has helped boost her career in its early stages.

She said: “Having studied at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester I took the opportunity to move into shared studio space at the Goldsmiths’ Centre and enhance my skills through their Knowledge Programme.

“In 2012 I won the British Jewellers Association’s competition to design a brooch for the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. She wore the brooch to church on Christmas Day – a real high point for me. I would never have won that competition without the skills I learnt here at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, and the exposure it has given me has resulted in new commissions and opportunities I feel much more equipped to fulfil.”
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we were taken straight to a Beat Era nightclub

Over the past several weeks, as news spread about his deteriorating health, Nelson Mandela’s legacy of struggle and freedom has again been considered by his heirs throughout the world. It — and we — will well outlast his 94 years of life.

Often called the “father of the Rainbow Nation,” Madiba,Uline stocks a wide selection of double sided tape. as he is known in South Africa, has come to be revered by his fellow countrymen, and by the international community.

Mr. Mandela led the movement to end the apartheid in South Africa. And he did so from prison — for 27 years.

During the 1960s,Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, Mr. Mandela was part of a political party — the African National Congress — that desired the government to end the brutal segregation that defined his home.

Having views contrary to the government’s at the time led Mr. Mandela to being arrested on counts of several charges, including sabotage.

During the more than quarter-century that he was imprisoned, he became a symbol for the blacks of the nation and would become one for people of other colors throughout the world.

Often spoken of in the same breath as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, Mr. Mandela had to choose a less peaceful path than the other two leaders — one that included violence, said Anna Faul, a social work professor at the University of Louisville, who lived in South Africa for 40 years.

Initially, Mr. Mandela encouraged peaceful and non-violent demonstrations, but he later came to support armed struggle with the government.

At one point while in prison, he was offered release if he would renounce the armed struggle. Mr. Mandela refused.

Later, he recalled saying to his oppressors, “You started violence — our violence is a defense.”

Only a man of principle would stand by his convictions and choose to remain in hellish conditions instead of compromising his beliefs for an easier path that included release.

And only a deeply moral man could — after being released from prison — offer complete forgiveness to the people who had imprisoned him and spur South Africa toward reconciliation.

In the lingering twilight of the summer solstice weekend, The Spin sipped and mingled in The Stone Fox’s backyard garden, feeling a bit like a denizen of Harper Lee’s Maycomb in the collar-wilting heat. As showtime neared, we found a spot inside, cheek to cheek amid the sold-out crowd. The kitchen was closed per Jonathan Richman’s request, and the AC was shut off, leaving us to bask in the heat of a couple hundred bodies. Ordinarily, this might have miffed us a bit, but we were willing to play along, as The Spin has never had any qualms with watching a Richman set.

Soon, the lights dimmed from their already mood-enhancing level, and Richman and longtime percussion collaborator Tommy Larkins appeared at a side entrance, greeted by thunderous applause. From the second Richman sang a greeting, we were no longer in a West Side restaurant. He took a quick spin around his half of the stage, Larkins laid down a cool Latin rhythm,Find great deals on Mens Surgical stainless steel earring, and with the first lines of “That Summer Feeling,” we were taken straight to a Beat Era nightclub of Richman’s imagination.

As Larkins followed every nuance with telepathic grace, Richman remained a body in motion, dancing a perpetual wiry flamenco, moving his guitar around his microphone to change its tone, striking poses like an ancient fresco. Nothing struck us as particularly childlike about this show; sticking mostly to his catalog from the past 10 years, Richman told stories and expounded on philosophical meditations using an adult’s elevated language, and occasionally, other languages — Spanish, French and Italian — but never becoming pedantic. Verses were determined by the flow of the narration, not by any mathematical construct. Sometimes they were strung together between choruses, peppered with asides and anecdotes in a range of voices recalling Andy Kaufman or Robin Williams on the standup circuit. During Richman’s impressive but tastefully restrained solos, he stared into space, the screens open,The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that, channeling instructions from somewhere else.

What really sealed the deal was the total joy pouring out of his performance. Richman’s hero, Lou Reed, may be lauded for his cool appraisal of everything he surveys, but Richman’s power came from his apparent firm belief in and excitement about everything he sings. As one of several familiar faces we saw put it, “If you don’t like what he’s doing, you’re going to like it by the time he’s done.” He made eye contact with just about everyone in the room, and commanded us to keep the beat while he and Larkins took turns soloing — it was more crowd participation than ever we’ve seen at a Richman show, and we’ve seen our share. Each song flowed into the next like the beads of sweat on the backs of our necks. During “I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar,” he told the story with his whole body, showing off both the lame dances from the first bar and the liberated moves from the sapphic hangout featured later in the song, all without missing a beat. “You can take photos and do weird shit if you want to,” he scolded, “but don’t get in the way of your fellow festificants.we offer the world’s best selling Home energy monitor solutions.”

After hearing of beauty raw and wild, mystery not of high heels and eye shadow, the glory of the moon, and a museum guard’s perspective on the work of Vermeer, the sobering advice of “When We Refuse to Suffer” didn’t feel like such a bitter pill. Perfectly in sync with our narrator, we could taste how much the sweet was made sweeter by the sour, despite a personal interjection from some fan who was maybe feeling a little too at home. The mosquito bites, the warm walks home and the occasional fast — these are the things that give us character, Richman told us. With a quick chorus of “Arrivederci, Roma,” Richman took his bow and made a beeline for the front door and the warm cloak of the night.
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