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The sharing part of Boise Glass Works is key

Helping women and female children become literate and self-sustaining is as easy as buying a purse. Or a bracelet. Or a shawl.

But not just any purse, bracelet or shawl, but one made by a woman in India, Afghanistan or other Third World countries and sold by Eternal Threads. A non-profit organization, Eternal Threads buys the items for a fair wage from the women who make them and sells them worldwide, offering rural women in poverty a chance to earn some money to send their children to school, purchase cooking stoves or open their first bank account.

Prices are more than reasonable – bracelets start at $3, purses at $20 – and the purchase means more than owning a unique item.

Proceeds from a brightly colored tote bag or jewelry also go toward vocational training for young women exploited by prostitution, provides funding for border surveillance that have rescued thousands of girls from a life of sex slavery or to send girls to school in Afghanistan.

Each item, unique to its geographical location, is made by a woman who used skills usually passed down for generations and is inherent in the community, whether it’s embroidery, jewelry making, or weaving.

“I believe in this mission and helping women,” Lytle said. She hosted an Eternal Thread show four years ago and sold out. “How many times can you buy something beautiful and make a difference in someone’s life?”

And what a difference. The purchase of one tote bag from Eternal Threads doubles the family income of a women for nearly a week and educates a girl for two months.

Handmade items that will be available for sale on Saturday include the tote bags; cards with pressed flowers and gift bags; silk shawls from Madagascar; woven bowls from Uganda; bracelets made of beads created from newspapers and magazines, made by orphans in the Philippines; hand-loomed raffia place mats; sling purses from Nepal, made from sari’s and many items for kids, such as woven animals, finger puppets and purses.

Lytle has met Linda Egle, a Palisade, Nebraska, native who started this ministry as a way to help women in rural Third World countries find a way out of poverty. In April, Egle, now of Abiline, Texas, the headquarters of Eternal Threads, was named a co-recipient of the 2012 Norman Borlaug Humanitarian Award.

The fact that it’s legit speaks volumes to Lytle.These low cost RFID key tags could be Custom RFID key tag. For each item purchased, the money is “going where it’s suppose to go, not into anyone’s pocket,” she explained.

And those who want to help women halfway across the world can do so, without even leaving town, Lytle said.

“You can make a huge difference to these women, just by buying something they made,” she said.

Given his sunny disposition,Give your logo high visibility on Promotional Luggage Tags! it’s not hard to see him as a guy whose glass is always half-full. And it’s very likely a glass he made himself, in a workspace that is equal parts studio, gallery and classroom. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My studio is all about sharing with the community,” he says with utter sincerity. “The community has helped keep the lights on, so for that I am grateful.”

The sharing part of Boise Glass Works is key,With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images, because there was no place like this when Vogelpohl started out, nearly twenty years ago, wanting to learn every detail about the art of blowing glass.

He says the few glassblowers he happened upon in Boise were reluctant to share what they knew. So he turned to one of the preeminent glass-blowing regions in the world, the island of Murano, a whisper away from the city of Venice.

Glassmaking is the lifeblood of the place and has been since at least the 12th century.

Vogelpohl offers, “From what I understand, they moved all the glassblowers onto the island of Murano so that nothing would burn in town, so that all the glassblowing secrets stay in Italy.”

And after 17 years perfecting his craft, Vogelpohl has developed a few techniques of his own. Still, he’s open to demonstrating the art of glassmaking, if for no other reason than he wants to introduce it to a wider community.
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The Super Bowl ring is on display in the Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is denying insinuations that he stole New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring that’s on display in the Kremlin, but says he’s ready to buy him another ring as a gift.

Putin was reacting Sunday through a spokesman to a New York Post story quoting remarks made by Kraft at an awards gala at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel last Thursday.

“I took out the ring and showed it to (Putin). And he put it on and he goes, `I can kill someone with this ring,'” Kraft said, as quoted by the Post. “I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket,your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized. and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.”

The diamond-encrusted Super Bowl ring worth about $25,000 changed hands while Kraft was visiting St.You’ll find a number of top quality China smart card suppliers. Petersburg, Russia, in 2005 with an American business delegation that met Putin. At the time, Kraft had said he gave the ring to Putin as a gift.

But the Post story quoted Kraft as saying at Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence gala that he had an “emotional tie to the ring” and wanted it back, but the White House intervened and said it would be in the interest of U.A stainless steel bracelet for every occasion.S.-Russian relations to claim it was a gift.

Putin arrived in London on Sunday to meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was asked about the Post story.

“Back in 2005 I stood behind the president’s back and I saw how that ring was presented to him. All that talk about some kind of pressure that was exerted on him (Kraft) should be the subject of a detailed talk with psychoanalysts, I think,” Peskov told The Associated Press.

“At the same time, I am aware that this gentleman (Kraft) is feeling such a horrible pain about the 2005 loss,” Peskov said. “The president will be ready to send him another ring as a gift, which he (Putin) can buy with his own money.”

Stacey James, a spokesperson for the Kraft Group, the holding company for Kraft’s business ventures,Discover the durable and attractive wholesale tungsten ring. including the Patriots, said Sunday that the Post article shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“It’s a humorous, anecdotal story that Robert retells for laughs,” James said in a statement. “He loves that his ring is at the Kremlin, and, as he stated back in 2005, he continues to have great respect for Russia and the leadership of President Putin. In particular, he credits President Putin for modernizing the Russian economy.your business can use Custom wooden card to stand out and make a good impression. ”

The statement said “an added benefit from the attention this story gathered eight years ago was the creation of some Patriots fan clubs in Russia.”

The Super Bowl ring is on display in the Kremlin library along with other gifts to the Russian leader, according to Peskov.

Kraft can take some consolation because he has two other Super Bowl rings given to him for his team’s other NFL championships.

The only person with a level head was Karen

WITH military precision, we planned our offensive. Suffice to say, none of us had ever built a sand sculpture before,we delivered USB flash drives wholesale to a select group of loyal customers via delivery drivers. let alone been in the army, but we were ready.

Always up for a good challenge, my friends — Karen Ho, Suziana Masrom, Hanzam Hairus — and I were piqued by the announcement of a sand sculpture competition to be held at Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa Cherating in Pahang recently.

Ok, not everyone was “aroused” instantly but with a prize money of RM2,000 dangled as carrot,which can be Custom RFID key tag kinds of housing. and a 3D/2N stay at Diwangkara Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Sanur, Bali for the grand prize winner — AND faced with the fact that half of us had bills to pay — it wasn’t difficult to sway the pessimists.

How difficult could it be to build sandcastles, I asked the group. Child’s play, right? Buy some kiddy moulds from some toy shop, dump in some sand and hey presto, we get a castle. Build a few more, and we get a complete city. Throw in the water feature, and hey, Bali here we come!

The theme for this 23rd sand sculpture competition, an annual event organised by the resort and open to hotel guests and resort visitors, was Fantasy Island.

Talks of creating something akin to Smurf land cropped up, courtesy of Suziana, who seemed to have a disturbing penchant for those little blue creatures.
Meanwhile,Synonyms for custom keychain with free online thesaurus, I was keen to recreate SpongeBob’s underwater world. Not because I fancied SpongeBob but I thought having a ready template to copy would make our lives easier.

Hanzam, Suziana’s husband and the unofficial team leader (as none had been selected at that point), wasn’t fussed about what we built as long as he could, by hook or by crook, have his helicopter and helipad carved somewhere on the structure.

Eh? “People need to leave the island somehow”,Our personalized stainless steel pendant and dog tag necklaces for men, was his lame reasoning. I thought he just wanted to indulge his childhood fantasy. Or was trying to find a way to get his Transformers in there too.

The only person with a level head was Karen,It would be ideal if you could set this upCustom NFC tag / sticker or function. who, at every opportune moment of madness would holler: “You all boleh buat ke?”
In the end, after various searches on Google images, stacks of sketches drawn onto every scrap piece of paper we could lay our hands on, we were united in the decision to re-create our version of the Lost City of Atlantis… complete with a helicopter landing pad!

SMSes were exchanged, late night meetings were held as we sketched and pored over our designs and refined parts which seemed out of place.

For the few days before our trip to Cherating, there was only talk of sand. Even our teh tarik sessions at the local mamak were reduced to sand-talk, much to my husband’s chagrin.

The night before we were to depart for the resort, Suziana came home bearing a huge plastic bag from Mister DIY and an equally large one from Toys ‘r’ Us.

Eyes sparkling under her glasses, she looked just like Father Christmas, complete with trowels and spades. With a flourish, she emptied out the contents onto her dining room floor. Out tumbled a colourful array of kiddies’ moulds in the shape of an Inca structure, castles, bridges, plastic buckets and spades.

From another corner of the house, she dragged out a bag filled with all her children’s toys that she’d gathered. Miniature cars, trucks, coconut tree… and yes, a lone red and white helicopter were all packed up to be used as our secret weapons on the big day.

A final discussion on logistics and designation of roles and tasks over copious amounts of tea, and by midnight, we were ready to go to battle.
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The council says that there is a lack of data

They are chatting in their native Pitjantjatjara language, shooing away the flies and the scrawny-looking dogs pawing the dust at their feet.

All are on welfare and most submit to some form of income control. It’s either Centrepay, which helps to manage bill payments,High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale. or the new BasicsCard, which crossed the border from the Northern Territory last year.

Conversation turns to why so many Anangu women have eagerly taken up the BasicsCard, but not the men.

“The men – they spend all the money on drugs and drink,” an older woman says. She speaks quietly while screwing up her nose and putting her thumb to her lips,Do travelers need a Custom smart card when exploring Europe? in the shape of a drug-smoking implement.

“Or gambling,” another pipes up. “On Friday night there was big gambling here.”

Card gambling rings are a popular pastime for both sexes in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands.

On the previous Friday,Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice, $18,000 had been withdrawn from the community ATM, but only $10,The material of it is wholesale tungsten ring gold,000 spent in the store.

The rest was most likely lost in the card game – a variation of 21, in which players bet on cards adding up to 10.

“If it doesn’t come back the same day or the next day, we can see how much is leaving the community,” store manager Megan Taylor says.

“Sometimes it stays here if someone in the community wins, then the money comes through because the family all have to share it.We are always offering best wholesale tungsten bracelet the affordable price.”

But there is a risk that the winnings will find their way to drugs or alcohol in the gritty towns adjacent to the lands, such as Mintabie and Coober Pedy.

Substance abuse remains a big problem in the APY Lands, which cover 100,000sq km of remote northwestern South Australia.

The lands are officially dry, with many residents non-drinkers, but according to the region’s women’s council, substance abuse involving alcohol and marijuana remains a significant problem.

The council says that there is a lack of data, but it is “most likely” that cannabis use is now a bigger problem than alcohol across the remote communities of central Australia.

Substance abuse in turn feeds other social problems.

Federal government community baseline profiles for APY Lands communities have reported residents’ concerns about marijuana use leading to depression, psychosis, suicide, fighting (especially when supplies run out), domestic and family violence and food stealing by hungry, stoned users.

“They rob their mothers, grandmothers for marijuana,” one community member says. “There are lots of dealers running around everywhere on the APY Lands.”

With a largely welfare-dependent community, money is in short supply, particularly if a lot of it is being spent on addictions.

When money runs out, people turn to relatives for more by way of “humbugging”, a term that describes the relentless harassment of family members for money.

This becomes a vicious cycle of substance abuse and domestic violence, with women often subjected to physical abuse if they don’t hand over money.

Centrepunch will offer a range of programmes

A majority of organised jewellery traders in India are keen on adopting modern practices in manufacturing as it would bring down the wastage involved during the making process, said an official from the industry.

Industry sources say their margins stand in the range of 2-10 per cent and is directly proportional to in-house modern technology. Modern practices would help in improving both retail sales and margins.

In line with these issues, the city is hosting a three-day business to business Jewellery & Gem Fair (HJF) 2013 from June 7. The event, which is being organised by UBM India, would witness 125 major jewellers from across the country.

Kranti Nagvekar, group director, UBM India, said: “The platform will help both jewellers and traders to know the latest trends in styles, industry practices and exporters demand. The major attraction during the current edition would be light-weight jewellery and we’re expecting big order placements both from local and overseas traders. Customers here in India prefer Jaipur-studded and Hyderabad precious stone jewellery.”

She said the recent fall in gold prices would help exporters improve their revenues and remain competitive in the overseas markets. India exports jewellery to Singapore, West Asia, Istanbul, Russia, Germany, China and Taiwan.

Brooks said of the launch: “We are providing an affordable platform from which young designer-makers can fulfil their aspirations, work on commissions and develop collections without the burden of huge start-up costs. Studio rent and the purchase of equipment can be a real stumbling block to gaining a foothold in the industry, so our facility with its a range of essential equipment offers a solution to these problems faced by graduates and established professionals alike.”

The space will house 20 work benches initially, with plan to add 12 more in the near future.

Centrepunch will offer a range of programmes from entry level through to advanced, as well as drop-in mentoring sessions with well-known jewellers, practitioners and tutors to help assist graduates and new businesses. Advice sessions will also be given on topics such as how to run a successful studio-practice, how to work with clients and marketing strategies.

Brooks says the jewellery hub has already received a volume of enquiries via social media and has so far built a mailing list exceeding 300 names.

Brooks will act as a tutor alongside three other crafts persons: fine jeweller and stone setter Antonion De Geatani, master polisher Stephen Goldsmith and illustrator Mark Lewis.

Tajudeen “Squilla” Durosinimi-Etti, of Cambria Avenue, was accused of burgling a house in Shipwrights Avenue, Chatham, with others on February 1, as well as kidnapping Sandip Madan on the same date.

The 28-year-old was due to stand trial at Maidstone Crown Court on August 5, but the Crown Prosecution Service said there was not a realistic likelihood of conviction and offered no evidence to both charges.

Prosecutor Martin Yale told the court the only evidence of identification came from the alleged victim, but he had provided two “very different” statements to police during the course of the investigation.

Mr Yale said he later admitted lying in his first statement because he feared reprisals to both him and his family.

The prosecutor added that accounts given by others also “directly undermine” the most recent statement given by the complainant.

Formal not guilty verdicts were entered by Judge Charles Macdonald QC and Durosinimi-Etti, who has been in custody on remand, was expected to be released from the court cells.

who had completed the race stopped to take photos

Tens of thousands of runners and revelers took part in the 102nd Bay to Breakers race Sunday, under clear skies and the watchful eyes of an expanded police presence.

From elite Ethiopian distance runners to people dressed as hot dogs, nearly 30,000 registered participants and many other unofficial entrants took off from Howard and Main streets, heading 7.46 miles to a fog-free Ocean Beach.

The first competitor to cross the finish line was 23-year-old Tolossa Gedefa Fufi of Ethiopia, with a time of 35:01 – the slowest winning time since 2003, and only the second time since 1984 that a winner took longer than 35 minutes to finish. Ryan Hall, 30, who was trying to be the first American to win the race since 1986, finished second in 35:40.

The winner of the women’s race was Diane Nukuri-Johnson, 28, of Burundi. She crossed the line in 40:12, a scant two seconds in front of 27-year-old Adrienne Herzog of the Netherlands.

Some elite runners blamed this year’s slower pace on a change in the course, which required more turns in Golden Gate Park toward the end. But Nukuri-Johnson, running the race for the second time, said the alteration didn’t lessen her enjoyment.

“I love it. I’m definitely more relaxed when I come here,” she said of the wacky race. “It’s fun to meet the (non-elites), too – all the people in costumes. But at the same time, we’re here to compete.”

As always, though, the Breakers was less about the race than the party.

Alcohol was officially banned, but that didn’t stop Sean Afshar, 21, of Berkeley, who paused at the corner of Howard and New Montgomery Street with three friends to mix Smirnoff vodka with orange juice.

“You know, they say that every year,” Afshar said. “But you can say that Sean Afshar says go for it!”

On the dreaded Hayes Street Hill, Jimi Paschal, 50, and her friends eased the pain of aching calves by blasting DJ music, flipping burgers and handing out free Jell-O shots to passersby. A crowd of at least 100 swirled around the house.

The crew spent almost $1,000 this year on their party – including $400 on food and nearly as much on Mardi Gras beads to toss on runners. Their bash is now a 12-year tradition.

“When we first started this we had to beg people to come. Now we’re turning them away,” said Renee James, another organizer.

David Minor stood outside his house on the hill, spraying water over the heads of the revelers. He’s done it for the last nine races.

“I don’t do it for the serious runners since I don’t want to distract them, but I turn it on right after they go by,” Minor said. “It cools everyone down as they’re climbing this big hill.”

Even authorities got in on the fun.

One American Medical Response paramedic broke company rules and rigged his ambulance to blast Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” from the vehicle’s PA system.

“You know, sometimes you just gotta keep the people happy,” the paramedic said as revelers whooped, hollered and danced around him.

A larger-than-usual police force also stood guard throughout the route, extra-vigilant after the April 15 bombing of the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured more than 260.

Large backpacks were banned for the first time this year. Police were taking no chances – even the elite runners had their belongings checked, and officers on the police scanner were heard looking for “someone in a gorilla suit” who had abandoned a pack near the start of the race.

The race announcer asked runners at the starting line to be just as vigilant: “Remember: If you see something, say something. And please, use the 1,000 Porta Potties along the route.”

Meanwhile, a seemingly endless flow of racers continued to pour through city streets, though the number of registered runners was down slightly from last year.

Michael Costa, 53, sipped his Starbucks coffee downtown and watched the costumed runners trot by.

Peter Weir came from even farther away. The 50-year-old Australian marveled at the diversity of San Francisco as he leaned on a railing near Moscone Center, where his wife was participating in the American Psychiatric Association conference.

Miles to the west, runners who had completed the race stopped to take photos. Some made a right turn into Golden Gate Park, while others brought the party to the beach.

Down at the breakers, where temperatures were in the 60s, the beach was packed. More than one naked runner further communed with nature by dipping their feet in the surf.

Along the Great Highway were lines for bathrooms and T-shirts. By far the longest was the ID check for a 21-and-over wrist band.

You cross the finish line, get your free coconut water, and walk a few more steps and voila – you’re drinking beer in the middle of the Great Highway beside decorative shrubs and potted palms.

The place was packed by midmorning – but quickly thinned out as the party moved to Golden Gate Park, or back home for a hot bath.

Free floating Carolina rigged baits behind a sliding sinker

Warmwater fish really respond to changes in water temperature. Lake Powell water temperatures are now ranging from 65-72F meaning that spring fishing responses are on the way out and summer personality traits are setting in.

The most noticeable sign of warming water is the appearance of phytoplankton which gives lake water a green hue. Formerly crystal clear water now has much less visibility. Normally we blame runoff for clouding the water but this year runoff has just barely started and clarity is lessened by plankton.

It is time to say good bye to spawning bass and crappie. There were still some active nests this past week but the bass spawn is concluding now. Bass fishing is not over; it just changes to summer mode. Nest builders are leaving the shallows to go deeper. Wise anglers will adjust and do the same following the bigger bass to 15-25 feet. Crappie will move to open water and suspend making them harder to find but susceptible to slow trolling with small plastic grubs.

Free floating Carolina rigged baits behind a sliding sinker are more effective in the summer. Use the same plastic grubs, tubes and senkos, just rig them differently for more consistent success. Follow the 25-foot depth contour for best success.

Smallmouth bass will be fun and easy to catch in the shallow rocks all along the shore. But if you prefer the bigger fish then the advice just given about fishing deeper should be heeded. Big smallmouth are moving deeper once they leave the nest and will be caught at 25 feet as the water temperature climbs into the upper 70s.

Stripers will continue to hang out on the canyon walls until shad spawn and fry grow large enough to become striper food. For the remainder of the month stripers will continue to be caught like crazy with bait in the southern lake. Right now each shallow ledge extending out to 20 feet then falling into deep water holds a striper school. Stripers are eating plankton in the surface layer and crayfish on the 20 foot ledge while waiting for shad to appear.

Hot fishing spots are found all over Padre Bay. Good camping beaches often have a striper school nearby that can be caught from shore. Locate stripers by slow trolling lures in the upper 30 feet while graphing to find a school. When a striper is caught or a school seen on the graph, toss out a handful of chum and go to work. Stripers will rise to the chum but can be caught on an assortment of lures. Anchovies are a sure thing but everything from fly fishing to bottom bouncing works to catch these hungry fish. Please keep all the stripers you can use or give away to family and friends. It is population adjustment time and the southern lake will benefit from a smaller striper population.

Some stripers are still in the backs of canyons and easy to find and catch. Just work the mudline or color changes from brown to green water. Troll medium to deep divers at the color change where bottom depth is between 20 and 45 feet. Fishing is not as fast as that found on the canyon walls but stripers caught will generally be larger and fatter.

Walleye are enjoying the greener/murkier water and not very patiently waiting for shad to spawn. They are eating anything they can find all day long. Walleye fishing success will be at its peak for the next two weeks. The most effective technique this week was to put a night crawler on a quarter ounce jig head and slowly drag it along the bottom in 12-26 feet of colored water. The technique can be dressed up with worm harnesses, beads, spinners and bottom bouncers but the message here is that walleye are hungry and willing right now. There are more walleye north of Bullfrog than south but many are being caught all over the lake. That will continue for the rest of the month.

The muddy water near White and Farleys Canyon was great for walleye and fat stripers earlier in the month but runoff is now starting which will reduce visibility to zero, cool the water and reduce fishing success. The backs of canyons will provide better fishing than the main channel on the far north end of the lake.

Photo Caption: Triessa Hepworth and daughter Whitni celebrated Mothers Day with their family on Lake Powell catching stripers. Fishing is amazing now in the southern lake with all catching stripers at will. It’s a wonderful time to teach kids how to fish and enjoy that event as a family.