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when we decided to go with Allure

In our dedicated d-cinema section this month, Film Journal International is pleased to provide several examples of how smaller-sized and independently minded members of the theatrical exhibition business have fully committed to digital cinema as well. With 20 locations in Iowa and two in Nebraska, offering a total of 91 screens, Des Moines-based R. L. Fridley Theatres certainly fits the bill. Founded in 1974 by the namesake Robert Fridley, who still guides the company as president with his son and vice president, Brian, the company focuses on commitment to the communities their theatres serve.

All of these Fridley Theatres were upgraded with NEC projectors of various capacities, including six with 4K DLP Cinema and 68 with RealD 3D add-ons (70%), as well as with servers from GDC throughout. Taking advantage of the full NEC Displays portfolio, Fridley also added four different models of NEC’s professional-grade flat-panel displays for box-office and auditorium signage as well as for its concession menu boards. All are powered by Global Allure software. In key spots across several locations, Fridley also installed video walls with four panels bundled together in NEC’s trademarked “TileMatrix” display to show coming attractions, to announce specials and feature other promotional messages.

“We loved the idea of showing our customers these offerings in a digital, state-of-the-art way,” explains Russell Vannorsdel,powered solutions offer incredible flexibility Security services, director of operations at Fridley. “It aligned perfectly with the digital upgrade we were already investing in.” Additionally, “we were looking to grab people’s attention and also to better and more effectively communicate with our customers about available offers.” These displays also made going digital more tangible to the public. “We spent a lot of money and a lot of work on our auditoriums, but guests don’t really see a digital projector,This page describes the term real time Location systemand lists. they don’t see a digital sound system,” he opines.Mountain’s online cloud Storage & Backup Services allow you to execute. “But we definitely created a ‘wow’ factor with the digital menu boards.”

Fridley Theatres began its retrofit with “the basic software solution from NEC that allows you to create content and place it on the menu boards.” The circuit added digital signage in more of its locations, and “after going to the trade shows, we realized how much more one can do,” Vannorsdel continues. “That’s when we decided to go with Allure. For our point-of-sale we have been with Ready Theatre Systems for quite some time,” he notes, anticipating our next question. “They have always been able to effectively meet our needs. Here, too, they were able to interface with Allure to post our box-office showtimes automatically and to integrate further with the software that Allure offers.”

For a variety of reasons, the rollout of the digital projection system took time and several considerations. “We began looking at converting long before distribution sent out these letters with hard-set deadlines for switching over, due to the lack of availability of 35mm prints.” Vannorsdel delineates the timeline further. “Our very first entry into digital cinema was with an NEC unit in one of our Des Moines suburb locations.” Back in September 2007, “we began testing that unit to see how it all works and how we would move into the conversion.

Afterwards, we actually converted back to 35mm and started putting together a plan. Although there were VPF programs out there at the time, the waters were still kind of murky, as deals were being refined and worked out. Also, as a mid-level exhibitor, it was difficult for us to fully commit to some of those earlier deals. Until we figured out what would be the best deal for Fridley Theatres, we didn’t feel it was right to sign a contract.”

Nonetheless, Fridley started the deployment “in some of our locations with higher foot traffic and larger population bases.” Vannorsdel names the Metro Des Moines area, “as well as converting our larger screens first.” Without the added security from VPF payments, how did Fridley manage to move forward? “We were fortunate enough to generate some of the financing from cash flow,” Vannorsdel responds. “We could also count on our local banks that we have worked with regularly. They have helped us as we built new theatres and remodeled others. They were willing to work with us again, especially since there were VPF deals around the corner—once we’d finished negotiating and working on them.” Throughout this initial phase, deploying 3D systems was a strong contributing factor, he confirms. “I think we’re seeing a little bit of backlash on 3D now, but, obviously, a couple of years ago some of the numbers were fairly undeniable. They were huge, in fact. And if you didn’t have 3D, you were losing business.”

In addition to going without VPFs initially, the technology team had selected a different projector manufacturer for that rollout beginning in February 2009. “We were working with Ballantyne Strong at the time and they had a relationship with another company.” After installing 12 to 15 screens, “we ran into a couple of issues [mainly, difficulty getting parts, he reveals.] We had a screen that was dark, unfortunately, probably eight to ten days. Obviously, if you are on the exhibition side of things, that’s unacceptable. You don’t want to be down at all—even losing one show,You can get these Exclusive Features Features if you reach certain. you’re disappointed.” By that point, Ballantyne Strong had established a new relationship with NEC, he continues, “and we received assurance that there would be no problems with parts. When we decided to do the full digital conversion, NEC was as aggressive in pricing as anyone else. Fortunately, they have backed that up with their service thus far too. It’s been a very good relationship.”

Having worked well with GDC on the server side throughout the various stages of deployment, “it seemed like the waters were getting a bit less murky,” Vannorsdel says in retrospect. “GDC was working on a VPF deal which became a large and important part of the process. We were probably into installing 30 to 35 screens already before we settled into a VPF agreement with them [during the third quarter of last year]. We wanted to be able to control the product that we were going to book into our theatres and how,” he emphasizes.The whole orientation management of Network Services and infrastructure. “Without being confined, if you will, in our abilities by the studios and VPF restrictions.”
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if Internet access is unavailable

Per AppleInsider and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, an Apple patent application was published on Thursday for a system that allows users to “gift” media content from iTunes and their own library to other iOS device owners,Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own! with the transaction facilitated by near-field communication.

The lengthy patent filing, titled “Media gifting devices and methods,” is a fairly straightforward invention that could may have greater implications as to how iOS device users purchase and consume digital content.

At the heart of the invention is gifting, or the simple idea of purchasing a song, e-book or video to give to another person. The document describes two main modes of giving gifts: purchasing media directly from the iTunes store, or sending a copy of already owned media to another device.

Apple already has systems in place for gifting digital media with the iTunes store app, while Passbook-redeemable gift cards can be purchased with the Apple Store app.

Currently, there is no way to gift a piece of owned media directly from one device to another through iTunes.

Thursday’s patent application outlines a number of techniques that iOS device owners can use to give gifts provided by iTunes, all of which involve digital rights management (DRM) and authentication keys. The system is similar to Apple’s established giving methods in that one user purchases a gift and sends it to another person, but instead of using email, a gifter can transfer the purchase to the giftee over NFC.

The first step of a transaction originating from the iTunes Store occurs when the gifter selects an item they want to give away, such as a song. In one embodiment, the next step authorizes a gift charge to be placed on the gifter’s iTunes account, which the recipient will redeem for the associated file.

Downloads in this scenario are handled by the iTunes server, which checks the recipient’s authorization key before pushing out a gift.Protect and connect your Samsung smartphone with samsung cases. In some cases, the download will begin automatically, though the invention allows for recipients to retrieve the file at a later time.

The second, and arguably more interesting, of the two scenarios is the gifting of an already-owned media file.

Here,As it automatically gathers data from millions of rtls and radio frequency identification, Apple again employs a method of authentication via a central server to determine what can and can’t be downloaded by a recipient device. For example, a gifter can send a copy of a song currently playing on their device by tapping a user interface button. The operations performed after the gift purchase fork into two separate actions.

In one instance, the gifter’s device sends a request to the server for a charge to be placed on their account for a given song. The giftee transfers an authentication notification to the recipient’s phone, which then has permission to download the song from iTunes.offers reliable and affordable windows dedicated server packages.

Alternatively, if Internet access is unavailable, the gifter can send a locked version of the media file via NFC to a giftee’s device, along with a DRM or authentication code to be redeemed when network access is reestablished. Both devices will communicate with the server, and the purchase will be deducted from the gifter’s account, while the recipient will have the media file unlocked. Another option when offline is to send just the key without the associated file, which can later be used to download the song.

Also noted are various operations to ensure proper transmission of authorization and DRM keys, including checks with a central server for both gifter and giftee, purchase acceptance codes sent via NFC, and other safeguards.

Finally, the patent filing adds that a number of attachments, such as photos and audio messages, can be sent along with the gift.
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wholesalers and retailers by delivering

Dell is the new Wang. That’s right, Wang Laboratories. Remember them? Wang was on top of the computing world in the late 20th century before a couple of guys named Bill (Gates) and Steve (Jobs) and their engineering whiz-kid pals, such as Apple’s Steve Wozniak,Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own! began to rock Wang’s world.Series cases for iphone 5 protects against drops and dust.

Massachusetts-based Wang was a pioneer in mini-computing, which was a better mousetrap than mainframe computing. The rise of the mini-computer dominated the tech landscape until something called “client-server computing” emerged in the late 1980s.

The client-server generation is another name for the “personal computer era” — a time when PCs were connected to central server computers via a network. The upshot: Mini-computers were quickly supplanted by faster, cheaper client-server networks, making the likes of Wang relatively obsolete.Explore the benefits of having a fully managed dedicated server as your platform.

Most folks point to the initial public offering of Microsoft Relevant Products/Services in 1985 as the beginning of the client-server era as the software maker’s Windows operating system fueled the rise of personal computers.Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover juice pack. Windows was so dominatingly successful that the federal courts deemed it a monopoly. Michael Dell’s personal computer outfit was a big beneficiary of the Windows ecosystem, along with Intel Relevant Products/Services, whose computer chips were designed to power personal computers using Windows.

Dell was to client-server computing as Wang was to mini-computing. Yet all good things must come to an end, and for technology behemoths,Browse and search wholesale fashion shoes images. the end seems to come sooner rather than later. The shelf lives of hugely successful tech giants tend to run shorter than other industrial giants because the velocity of change in information technology simply is more intensified than, say, the soap or steel businesses.

Critics and pundits have wrongly accused Dell founder, Michael Dell, of not being an innovator; he was solely a brilliant marketer that built personal computers cheaply. Yes, he was all that. But he did innovate. Dell created one of the greatest manufacturing and distribution models in the history of business. His build-to-order personal computer operation, which bypassed wholesalers and retailers by delivering custom-built machines directly to consumers and companies, was a masterstroke.
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The restaurant was named after founder Joseph DuPuis

Maureen McDonald wanted to leave the legacy of Dupuis Restaurant to someone who loved it as much as she did.

McDonald, owner of the landmark eatery halfway between Port Angeles and Sequim, died July 30 after a battle with cancer and emphysema. She was 66.Series cases for iphone 5 protects against drops and dust.

But before she died, McDonald sold her beloved establishment to a friend and longtime employee, Toni Rieger, who is determined to keep the restaurant going strong.

“She always said I loved it as much as she did,” said Rieger, who started working for McDonald as a server and manager in 1998.

“I’ll continue to bake wild blackberry pies and cinnamon carrots. People know all about those.”

Rieger,Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own! 39, plans to expand the menu and hours of operation but maintain the ambiance of the ornate interior.

“I’m never going to change the inside of it,” she said.

Dupuis specializes in steaks and local seafood.

The restaurant at 256861 U.S. Highway 101, about halfway between Sequim and Port Angeles, dates back to about 1930, McDonald had told the Peninsula Daily News back in January.

The restaurant was named after founder Joseph DuPuis, who came to Port Angeles around 1918 and worked at the Port Angeles Pulp and Paper Mill, now the Nippon paper mill.

“There should be a book written about this place,” Rieger said.

McDonald’s sister, Molly Cox of Bothell, said the restaurant was sold to Rieger shortly before she died. The transaction has not been finalized.

“Maureen wanted Toni to take it over,” Cox said.

“They worked out a reasonable arrangement.”

McDonald began working as a manager at the restaurant about 20 years ago for then-owners Jack and Margaret Plaskett.

She became the owner five years later.

Rieger, who described McDonald as more of a friend than a co-worker, said Dupuis developed a loyal customer base under McDonald’s watch.

“It’s hugs through the door and a martini on the table,” Rieger said of the regulars.

McDonald begrudgingly put the restaurant up for sale late last year because of health issues and a stagnant economy.

By that time,Explore the benefits of having a fully managed dedicated server as your platform. Rieger had moved to North Dakota to be with family. She returned to the Peninsula in early June to help McDonald run the restaurant.

Cox described her sister as an ambitious woman of many interests who was quick to lend a helping hand to people who were down on their luck by paying them for yard work or finding them a place to stay.

“She did that a lot,” Cox said.

“That was one of the qualities about her that very few people knew about.”

McDonald was an avid gardener and an amateur geologist who loved to collect rocks.

She also collected antiques and oddities through the years, many of which adorn the restaurant.

Cox said her sister was loved “by all sorts of people from all walks of life,” and had a steady stream of visitors at her house.

“People just stopped by,” Cox said. “Her house was always full. It was never quiet there.”

McDonald’s father was a log truck driver who trained thoroughbred horses and raced them at Longacres Racetrack south of Seattle, which was replaced in the 1990s by Emerald Downs.Browse and search wholesale fashion shoes images.

“All the kids worked at the race track,” Cox recalled.

McDonald was an entrepreneur as a kid, Cox said. She sold worms to fishermen from a store on U.S. Highway 101 west of Port Angeles.

“She picked wild blackberries and sold them to restaurants to be used in pies,” Cox added.

Of all the people who worked with McDonald through the years, Rieger “was the one who understood Maureen’s vision,” Cox said.

Rieger knew exactly how McDonald wanted things done, Cox said, including the proper way to mix a “really good, stiff drink.”

“Toni understood Maureen’s ideas and was able to implement them,” she said, adding, “Everybody in town knows her.”

McDonald is survived by a daughter, Angeline Mangano-Little of Port Angeles; sister Molly Cox of Bothell; brothers Frank McDonald of Marysville and Owen McDonald of Port Angeles; and two nieces and two nephews.
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While initial funds have been made available

A three-year matching grant totaling $78,558 was recently awarded to Community Missions of Niagara Frontier Inc. by The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation as a part of its annual technology initiative.

CMI was founded in 1925 and, since that time, has developed a wide range of programs to help those in need throughout the Niagara community. Today, the agency operates 18 programs across its four divisions, employing more than 130 full- and part-time workers.

“We are thrilled that the agency has received this wonderful gift from The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation,” said Robyn L. Krueger, executive director of Community Missions. “As a nonprofit service organization, our day-to-day focus has been, and will always continue to be, helping those in need. This gift will allow us to address an important area of our own agency’s infrastructure in a comprehensive way that will allow all of our staff to work more efficiently,Select from a variety of cases for ipad mini or create your own! and effectively, with each other and those we partner with to support those in need.”

Don Matteson, the Tower Foundation’s chief program officer, said, “Technology infrastructure is becoming more important for all providers, and the Tower Foundation believes that investing in that infrastructure is an important part of helping our partners do their best work. We’re happy to be working with Community Missions to help them serve the community.”

The Tower Foundation’s technology initiative is a two-step process that funds both assessment and implementation phases. Community Missions was awarded an assessment grant in 2012 and, after reviewing the findings,Series cases for iphone 5 protects against drops and dust.was invited to apply for the implementation grant earlier this year. The comprehensive plan submitted to the foundation was then approved earlier this summer, allowing funds to be made available to begin the process.

The upgrade includes six major areas relating to the agency’s technology structure.Explore the benefits of having a fully managed dedicated server as your platform. The first steps of the plan include the reconditioning of the existing information technology office into a server room, the building of a new agency website, and the installation of a wireless access system.Extend the power on your iphone 5 back cover juice pack.Further steps in the process will include the purchase of two ESXi servers, a vCenter server, VMWare, XenApp software and thin-client workstations.

“Community Missions operates a number of different facilities throughout Niagara County, and providing comprehensive technology solutions to each of them have proven difficult,” said Grant Babcock, Community Missions director of operations. “A key component of our funding comes through Medicaid billing, which is generated through a software program. Providing more reliable solutions for our staff to address these needs will help us ensure funding so our clients get the best possible care now, and in the future.”

While initial funds have been made available, further funds will be awarded once matching donations are secured. The implementation is structured to take place over a three-year period. The timetable,Browse and search wholesale fashion shoes images. however, can be adjusted as needed.
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how to leave home without it?

Many of my holiday rites now centre around my IT toys. They are the last things I pack into my bag, because I use them to the very last minute. Also, I must ensure they’re all charged up, so I don’t have to suffer the agony of a juiceless phone during my journey. I’m extra careful not to forget all relevant cables and wires — I can think of no greater nightmare than being cordless in Cornwall. On my train ride to Penzance I checked my mobile scores of times, sometimes just to see if it was there. Nestled in my rucksack among coiled cables that resembled mouse tails, my phone seemed like a family pet.

As for the internet — how to leave home without it? The places I venture to and stay in are influenced by TripAdvisor. My tickets and reservations are made online, with barcodes and booking numbers that I show to various receptionists by waving my more-vivid-than-life high-pixel-density mobile screen in their faces. At my holiday spot I spend a lot of time bent over Google Maps, sometimes first glimpsing a street on StreetView while actually already walking on that street. I get about with the help of blinking virtual arrows rather than engaging with a local, or taking the risk of losing my way and coming across something unexpected. The joys of getting lost are lost forever.

Perhaps next time I’ll just check into the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel, Sol Wave House in Majorca, where guests are urged to communicate with the staff and each other with tweets. Chirrup!

The summer makes our year-round obsession with technology especially obvious. It’s OK to be reliant on gadgets when you’re at the office, but when you’re lying on a beach in your bathers and you feel an unbearable urge to check your Twitter feed, it feels far weirder. Walking along the beach in Cornwall it was astonishing how many people were stooped over their iPhones, cyber-surfing when they could be surfing, scrolling when they could stroll.we’ve decided to make the below Termsof Service available.

The fact is, our beings are now split in two — one occupies the physical world,Learn about MetLife’s Corporate Profile including its service offerings, the other the world wide web, and while the real-world self may be on holiday, the web-self is not. Or at least not until the holiday photos are posted online.

This is true of all of us these days,providing Services Overview and unprecedented. but it is especially true of our children and their children, the ones who grew up online, ‘digital natives’. It’s no longer enough to be somewhere lovely: it’s not quite real until the photos have been thumbsed-up, retweeted or liked. It’s as though if nobody online witnesses us next to the Empire State Building or the leaning tower of Pisa, then we weren’t really there.

Why are we so hooked? A cognitive scientist called Tom Stafford at the University of Sheffield has a convincing explanation. He reckons we’re hardwired to like low-risk activities with unpredictable payoffs. We refresh our email inboxes, our Twitter and Facebook feeds every few minutes the same way we keep pulling on the lever of a -casino slot machine: something fantastic may land in our laps, if not a heap of coins then a hyperlink to an interesting article, or a text from that bloke you rather fancy, or a poke from a friend we haven’t met in years.

And on the bright side, this particular addiction isn’t likely to destroy our minds, in fact it might even enhance them. There’s evidence to suggest that all the flicking to and from different devices and conversations helps you think faster, more flexibly and more creatively. While your teenager seems inert on her beach towel, staring at a touchscreen, she is in fact teaching her brain to multi-task.

On the dark side, a few natives may, well, go wild. In South Korea, where 65 per cent of teens have smartphones (up from 21 per cent two years ago), there have been cases of ‘digital dementia’ — early-onset dementia due to intense exposure to the internet. In China there are addiction camps for children and teens, where attendees are weaned off their digital obsession, sometimes in drastic ways such as being forced to do push-ups. There’s a nightmare holiday for you.
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push to abolish discriminatory barriers

The unusual act of defiance by the advocate, Xu Zhiyong, was available for viewing on a number of Web sites Thursday, including YouTube and Voice of America, after being disseminated by his supporters.

Handcuffed and wearing a neon orange jail vest, Mr. Xu, 40, spoke in the video for just over a minute to an unidentified visitor.

“I propose that we all act as citizens, upstanding citizens, and exercise the rights of citizens under the Constitution,” he said.The Career best choose Career at Career at. “No matter what becomes of this society, however crushed or absurd, this country needs a group of brave citizens to stand up and abide by their convictions, turning their rights, responsibility and dreams into reality.”

A Chinese journalist, Chen Min, who has led efforts to secure Mr. Xu’s release, said the video was made on Aug. 1 but declined to say who made it. Mr.Our unique Private Cloud allow you to control your resources, Xu’s lawyer, Liu Weiguo, did not answer calls to his cellphone.

A lawyer with a decade-long record of using litigation, petitions and publicity to seek broader political rights, Mr. Xu was among a number of dissidents whose cases were raised by the State Department at the annual United States-China Human Rights Dialogue held in China last week.

After three days of talks, the acting assistant secretary for human rights, Uzra Zeya, said that the United States believed there was “a deterioration in the overall human rights situation in China,” including a pattern of arrests and extralegal detentions of public-interest lawyers like Mr. Xu. Mr. Xu was the first name on a list of eight people that Ms. Zeya said she had discussed with the Chinese authorities.

Mr. Xu was arrested on July 16 on charges of “assembling a crowd to disrupt order in a public place.” He had been under informal house detention for more than three months.

Mr. Liu, his lawyer, has said the charges are a baseless effort to silence Mr. Xu, who had been encouraging people to join the New Citizens’ Movement, a newly formed group that has demanded that government officials publicly declare their assets.

The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, started an anticorruption campaign after assuming office in November. But Mr. Xu’s push to organize citizens around corruption, a sensitive issue for the Communist Party, appears to have pushed the government’s limits. His detention has made him the focus of a deepening confrontation between activists and the Communist Party authorities.

Under Chinese law, the government has a little more than a month after Mr. Xu’s arrest to formally charge him. Another legal advocate, Teng Biao,Internet infrastructure and Cloud Cloud Hosting for companies building for Internet Scale. a friend of Mr. Xu, said it was likely that Mr. Xu would be convicted, which could result in a prison sentence of up to seven years.

“Xu Zhiyong has many supporters across the country,” Mr. Teng said in a telephone interview from northeast China, where he was traveling. “If he is convicted, that will be a huge blow” to activists.

Appearing tired and haggard but speaking with steady conviction, Mr. Xu said in the video that the charges against him were really about his push to abolish discriminatory barriers against schoolchildren from rural areas and calling for public disclosure of officials’ wealth.

In the video, Mr. Xu suggested that he was willing to face imprisonment.

“Social progress always demands that someone pays a price,” he said. “I am willing to pay all it takes for freedom, the public good, love and faith.”

The video of Mr. Xu was largely blocked in China, where censors heavily monitor Web sites and people are prevented from seeing banned sites based abroad unless they have access to technology that can outsmart censorship barriers. The footage appeared, at least briefly, on Youku, a Chinese video-sharing site.

Officials at the detention center in Beijing where Mr. Xu’s lawyer and friends earlier said he was being held refused to say whether he remained there.

Mr. Xu won nationwide attention in 2003 as an advocate for the family of Sun Zhigang, a young man beaten to death in a detention center for vagrants and rural migrants without the right official documents. The case provoked an outcry against arbitrary detention in those centers, which the government soon abolished.

In his statement from the detention center, Mr. Xu renewed his call for ciMore than a data storage solution for your Operating System Software.tizen activism.

“I am proud to have the word citizen put before my name,Center Facilities MileWeb Privacy Policy Privacy Policy. and I hope that everyone will do the same and put citizen before their names,” he said. “We will certainly be able to build a free, public-spirited, loving and beautiful China, as long as we are united and strive together, and make real our rights as citizens.”
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Sam Bryan and Dave Koppenaal of Pacific Northwest

Taylor has been selected as the chief operating officer for the National Security Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She most recently served as the deputy associate director of the Chemistry, Life, and Earth Sciences Directorate at Los Alamos National Laboratory,Products from Global Silicon protctive film Products Suppliers. where she was responsible for leading and managing three divisions — Chemistry, Biosciences, and Earth and Environmental Sciences — with about 1,000 staff members and an annual budget of $280 million.

Darrell Fisher has joined Dade Moeller as a principal medical dosimetrist after a career of almost 35 years at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. There he led the Isotope Sciences Program, a national nuclear technology resource. Fisher will provide senior leadership in Dade Moeller’s medical physics practice,Although Double sided nonwoven tape Products carriers are generally quite thin, evaluating the internal dosimetry and health effects of exposures to radiological treatments for cancer. He also will support the growth of the company’s new subsidiary, Dade Moeller Health Group, providing dosimetry support for clinical trials of compounds labeled with radioactive elements. He will continue to serve as an affiliate associate professor at University of Washington School of Medicine and adjunct faculty member at Washington State University.

Three new practitioners recently joined James Rasey at Clinical and Wellness Massage in Prosser. Breanna Harting, Stanlyn Nelson and Jacqueline Lyczewski have joined the group. While each of the practitioners will be operating their own business, all four will work in the same office at 705 Seventh St. Rasey is a massage practitioner who specializes in orthopedic massage, sports injuries, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, nueromuscular therapy and soft tissue restoration.

Chris Sanchez has joined Con-over Insurance as an account executive in the commercial lines division. He’ll focus on general commercial accounts, a news release said. A Texas native, Sanchez moved to the Tri-Cities in 2007. He’s licensed in Washington as a property and casualty and a life and disability agent. He’s fluent in English and Spanish, has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and plans to join the United Way’s Young Leaders Society, the news release said. The release also said Sanchez is a member of the Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Mark Engelhard, a senior research scientist at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory on the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory campus, has been named a fellow of the AVS Science and Technology Society, formerly known as the American Vacuum Society. Engelhard specializes in the use of surface-sensitive techniques to study surface and interphase chemistry at EMSL’s Interface Spectroscopy and Diffraction Facility.manufacturers and Double sided PET industry tape Products suppliers Directory. He was recognized by AVS for “sustained creative application and novel adaptation of surface analytical tools to address a wide range of energy and environmental problems.”

Craig Forman of New York Life Insurance Company recently was named Manager of the Year for Washington by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.Visit us to find a company offering a flexible Protective film Products. Forman is the managing partner for the company’s Eastern Washington general office in Kennewick.

Michael Griswold, a Washington State University professor, recently received the Society for the Study of Reproduction’s Carl G. Hartman Award. Griswold, who teaches molecular biosciences at the university, was honored for his research and scholarly activities. He is known for his work in the development and nourishment of Sertoli cells.

Dorothy and Doyle Hunter, owners of Paw’s Natural Pet Emporium stores in Richland and Kennewick, recently were honored at the National Show for Pet Retailers in Las Vegas. They received the Pet Product News International Pet Retailer of the Year award for marketing strategies for 2013-14. While at the show, Dorothy Hunter participated in the Pet Industry Executive Summit, a series of panel discussions. The Tri-City stores also were named Best Overall Independent Pet Store of the Year for 2013 and Independent Pet Store Best Customer Service in the Nation for 2012 by the Global Pet Expo World Pet Association.

Meier Architecture Engineering of Kennewick and Yost Grube Hall Architecture of Portland have been selected by Washington State University to serve as its Tri-City campus architect for the next two years. Projects included under this contract will range from smaller-scale tasks up to larger feasibility studies.

Sam Bryan and Dave Koppenaal of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have been selected as fellows of the American Chemical Society. Bryan is an internationally recognized expert on environmental contamination monitoring processes and controls. His research focuses on the development of methods to identify radioactive and other components in flowing liquids, resulting in the development of new sensors, as well as the adaptation of existing technologies for use in monitoring highly radioactive environments, such as underground waste tanks at Hanford.All the latest Releasing film Products in small size and in resumable. He also has been recognized for significant educational outreach. Koppenaal is a PNNL fellow and the chief technology officer for the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory at PNNL.

He is responsible for directing the development and scientific application of new, transformational instruments and tools for EMSL. His research has focused on low-level, ultra-trace detection and analysis of metals and radionuclides for environmental or nonproliferation purposes. He also is active in the new field of metallomics, which details the collective role and function of metal and metalloid species in biological systems.
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The usual mainstays such as heirloom tomatoes

Farmers markets are an ever-growing link between the consumer and farm. The United States Department of Agriculture listed 7,864 markets in its directory — a 9.6 percent increase since 2011. That is selling a whole lot of carrots.

Besides produce, there also are wonderful opportunities to meet with farmers and learn about the food you are buying and consuming. A special relationship and source of knowledge are available to you — all just for the asking.

This is enjoyable also for the farmers, and they appreciate the feedback. Today, I will share one farmer’s view from his side of the fence. I decided to actually go to a farm and see where the produce was grown.

Hillside Acres has been a regular at the Aspen market for 15 years.Matco Packaging Llc suppliers of BOPP tape, With its big, white truck, this looked like a serious operation to visit. The owner is Jack D’Orio, and his farm is 90 miles away in Paonia. A few days later, I had a late afternoon appointment at the farm.

Driving over the picturesque McClure Pass, I eventually found Hillside Acres located high up on Lamborn Mesa — a beautiful spot with 360-degree farmland views just outside the small town of Paonia.

As I pulled up to the roadside mailbox, I saw D’Orio standing in the distance by his greenhouse. He waved me to come through the farm gate anVisit us to find a company offering a flexible Protective film Products.d down a lane that divided 6 lush acres of vegetable crops. Assorted sunflower varieties stood tall above the lower crops with their bright yellow and chocolate blooms.My way of applying kapton tape to Glass.

We began with a tour of the grounds and talked about the miles of “drip tape” used to irrigate the fields with water that comes from six miles away. And we discussed the prospect of having to order millions of seeds from 10 or 12 places each winter. Each spring starts all the new plants inside his greenhouse. Then come the fall hours of fertilizing and tilling the fields with tons of composted manure from a nearby dairy. Everything is all natural and done the old-fashioned way.

Vegetable varieties range from 20 to 30 types, and D’Orio changes this up all the time. This is good for retaining soil nutrients. The usual mainstays such as heirloom tomatoes, squashes, carrots and cucumbers are always grown. It’s a lot of work to keep so much plant life watered and harvested.

After returning to my car from the walk around, I questioned him about the Aspen farmers market. He said that in 15 years, he’s missed only one.Online supplies a large range of double sided tape. That happened because a doctor in Denver would not release him for an eye injury, and he said nobody else could drive the big truck over McClure Pass.

I asked how did you get into this business? He answered, “Its not for the money. You just have to love the land and the people. There is a pride of being able to produce quality products that are totally untouched by any chemicals. Heck, seven years ago I had to try to convince people that organic was the way to go. Now it is the big thing. People are discovering how it all directly relates to their health.”

He found out about college degrees and worked for 14 years as a state agricultural-extension agent, seven of which were in Eagle County.

D’ Orio said, “Guess that’s why I enjoy meeting my customers. I can still teach while I am at the Aspen Market.”

In order to be at the Saturday market, he has to have the truck loaded and ready to go the night before. Then out the gate not a minute after 4:30 a.m.

As our conversation came to a close, D’Orio added, “I know more people up in Aspen than anywhere else, all just from being at that market. I have been feeding those folks for years. I have seen their kids go off to college. It is a lot more than just growing vegetables — it is a connection.”

D‘Orio is a big bear of guy with a heart of gold. Visit him in Aspen on Saturdays,stocks a huge selection of aluminum foil tape. and ask him whose idea was it to start that farmers market anyhow.
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