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The most important thing in the land of Israel

The idea of Palestinians establishing a state in the territory they seek has “reached a dead end,” a senior Israeli official said Monday, in the latest remarks by hard-liners that appear to contradict the country’s official support for a “two-state solution” to its conflict with the Palestinians.

The statements by Naftali Bennett, economics minister and leader of the Jewish Home party, chime with similar sentiments expressed by other officials in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government and come as the United States is trying to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The idea that a Palestinian state will arise inside the land of Israel has reached a dead end,” Bennett said Monday at a meeting of the Yesha settlement group. “Never in the history of Israel have so many people dealt with so much energy with something so pointless,” he said.

Talks collapsed about five years ago over the core issue of Jewish housing in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, territory Israel captured from Jordan in 1967 and which Palestinians envision to use for a future state.

Palestinians are refusing to talk unless construction stops. Israel says settlements and all other issues like security can only be resolved through dialogue and has frequently called for peace talks to resume without preconditions.

“The most important thing in the land of Israel is to build and build and build,” Bennett said Monday. “Israel’s biggest problem regarding Judea and Samaria was and remains the lack of willingness by Israeli leaders to say in a simple way that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel,” Bennett said, referring to the West Bank territory by its biblical names.

Some Israelis cite security, religious and historic reasons for their opposition to a state in territories the Palestinians claim — east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

Last week, Netanyahu’s deputy defense minister and member of his own Likud party, Danny Danon, said “there is certainly no majority” in the Likud for establishing a Palestinian state based on Israel’s borders before the 1967 Mideast war.

“A Palestinian state on the 1967 lines is something dangerous for Israel, and therefore I oppose that idea,” Danon told Channel 2 TV. He said it was possible that the broader coalition government, which includes other hard-line parties, also opposes a return to the 1967 lines.

Last month, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shuttled between Israel and the Palestinians to try to resume talks. His return to the region has been postponed.

The Palestinians’ chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, condemned Benett’s remarks. “These are not isolated events but a reaffirmation of political platforms and radical beliefs. Israel has officially declared the death of the two-state solution.” said.

Reports that the Emir of Qatar, Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, will shortly hand-over power to his son and heir, Shaikh Tamim, are no surprise. Sources close to the family confirmed that this has been known for quite some time by relatives and close friends.

In a region where rulers usually only depart when they die or are ousted, the Emir’s decision is unprecedented. In the grand scheme of things this could well set the stage for others to follow.

At just 61 years of age, Shaikh Hamad is one of the youngest leaders in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) group of countries. By voluntarily stepping down he is, in effect, clearing the way for a younger generation to emerge.

The State of Qatar is ranked by Forbes as the richest per capita country in the world with an estimated gross domestic product of more than $88,000 per head in 2010.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier wholesale stainless steel earring, Sitting on the world’s third largest natural gas reserves, its rulers have used its revenues to invest heavily in everything from construction to commerce to education, health and aviation. In recent years, domestic investments have been matched by similar enterprises in Europe, with Britain being a main beneficiary. In Africa,Introducing the latest in Custom thermal rewritable card technology, there have been substantial investments in Egypt,This Tissue Double sided tissue tape Products is so cool. Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea to name but a few.

However, it was not its fabulous wealth that placed Qatar on the world map. There is an almost universal consensus that this was largely down to one thing: Al Jazeera news network. Today, with a global audience of over 50 million viewers and correspondents from Beijing to Caracas, Al Jazeera now challenges the BBC’s global dominance as a news provider.

Just as the BBC has been closely aligned to and reflective of British foreign policy, Al Jazeera, it could be argued, has played a similar role representing the ambitions and concerns of the State of Qatar. Government officials are reticent about this but the way that the station covered the Arab uprisings and Doha’s support for the political changes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria suggest that the two cannot be totally separated.

Qatar’s foreign policy has been described as enigmatic at best and duplicitous at worse. Qatar’s critics argue that it is odd for Qatar to promote democracy in the Arab world while it maintains an unelected dynasty at home. The Al-Thani family has been ruling the emirate since 1850. However, in the GCC the Qatari leadership has not endeared itself to the other ruling families. By pushing the boundaries of regional politics toward democracy, Qatar has provoked unease in the Gulf. Some believe that its high-profile support for the Arab Spring has stirred the hornet’s nest and it is only a matter of time before changes arrives in the region. In other words, there will soon also be demands for democracy, transparency and accountability in the Gulf countries.

Shaikh Hamad has been the driving force behind Qatar’s diplomacy. His visit to the Gaza Strip late last year, the only one by a regional head of state, speaks volumes. Long after his departure, Palestinians will remember his political and economic support. They are not the only people to have benefited in this way. Qatar carried out airlifts of critical humanitarian relief and established field hospitals in Somalia during the recent famine. Likewise, in Sudan’s Dar Fur region, Qatar has invested and mediated between the Khartoum government and rebel forces.

With the departure of Shaikh Hamad as Emir of Qatar, one vital question remains. Will his young successor continue on the same path? Or, will he abandon the policies which ruffled so many feathers, near and far? At just 33 years old the new Emir will still have the benefit of his father’s experience and offers of advice where necessary. Indeed, he has for some time been handling a number of sensitive and key portfolios. While it is expected that he will pursue the progressive policies of his predecessor,Metal Repair Aluminum foil tape Products is also excellent for metal. Shaikh Tamim will no doubt bring new blood and energy into the system. With the region itself in the throes of realignment and change this development in Qatar could encourage others to follow suit.

With a smaller and more homogenous population than its Gulf neighbours Qatar has, so far,Passive and Custom active RFID tag for cold chain logistics, been spared some of the political turmoil that has challenged the authorities in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Some attribute this to the consummate statecraft of its ruling family. The new ruler will need all the skills of his father to weather future storms and assist the process of historical change underway in the region.

They booked into a motel and in the evening

A Whangarei man who was part of an elaborate plan that robbed a tavern and later targeted Asian families in Auckland has been sentenced to nearly 10 years in jail.

Arena Duff, 25, appeared in the Whangarei District Court yesterday, flanked by a large contingent of family members, for sentencing on three charges of aggravated robbery, four of kidnapping and one of theft of a motor vehicle.

His accomplices, Patarika Apiata and Andrei Panapa, earlier received prison terms of nine-and-a-half years and eight years respectively for their roles in the crimes.

Duff’s crime spree began with the stealing of a car from the Kensington Tavern on October 6, 2011.Click on their website www.smartcardfactory.com for more information.

After stealing the Subaru motor vehicle,High quality plastic card printing for business cards, the three men robbed the Onerahi Tavern of about $300 cash, threatening staff and patrons with two firearms and a metal bar.

The stolen car was found burnt out in Wrack Rd, Parua Bay, on October 8.

Judge Keith de Ridder said the trio then headed to Auckland with the intention of robbing Asians.

They booked into a motel and in the evening, drove around North Shore looking for a suitable house and came across a property on Pine Hill where two Asians lived.

The house was broken into at around 1am. In the robbery about $190 cash, a mobile phone, a laptop, a TV, and a gold necklace were stolen after the couple was threatened with a shotgun and a screwdriver.

On October 12, the three followed an Asian man from the Sky City casino to his East Tamaki home and entered the property armed with two shotguns and a knife.

All at the home, except a woman and her two children, were tied up and four cellphones, keys, two laptops, necklaces, jewellery, about $2800 in cash, pearl earrings, rings, a bag and a pair of running shoes were stolen.

During the ordeal, a man was placed on the bathroom floor after his hands were tied and a sock put in his mouth.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that,

He was told not to call police or else the robbers would come back and shoot him.

Crown prosecutor Catherine Anderson said the victims, particularly the occupants at the Auckland homes, were vulnerable and seriously feared for their lives.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder.

Duff’s lawyer John Watson said his client accepted his involvement in the serious offending, was deeply remorseful and extremely sorry for the distress his actions have caused to the victims.We are always offering best wholesale tungsten jewelry the affordable price.

Judge de Ridder imposed a term of nine years and six months on the three aggravated robbery charges and concurrent terms of two years for kidnapping and one year for the theft of the motor vehicle.

Some people go to the bank to visit their jewelry

I dove into my jewelry box this week to see if I’m richer than I think I am. I’d just seen the TV commercial for the 4-thousandth time-you know the one-and I was inspired to examine my 50 years worth of trinkets to see what I have.

There’s a big push on to get people to sell their gold and silver and coins. Obviously, these places aren’t running a charity, and gold-buying places extract more cash from grandma’s old brooch than we could.you will see high quality Custom active RFID tag products, But the commercials ask a tantalizing question: How much money could I get from my old stuff?

Some people go to the bank to visit their jewelry. I go under the bed, where two velvet trays hold it all. When I pulled out the trays, I sneezed; everything was covered in dust. I tend to wear the same two pair of earrings and the same two necklaces every day, removing them at night and tossing them on my desk. I have other things, but I ignore all of it. Looking at those dusty trays was like meeting up with old acquaintances, people I remember and liked at one time, but maybe didn’t like quite enough to keep in touch.High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale.

Looking at my things, I see my sense of style laid out before me. I think I might dress like a hippie,features many fashionable styles of silver rings wholesale stainless steel ring, or at least shop like one: there were talismans hanging from leather straps and chokers of turquoise beads and colorful braided bracelets, items probably inappropriate for the professional world where I now reside. In one corner of the tray were a few large, gold-toned button earrings, remnants of my days as a young TV news anchor in the 1980s. I think you can picture my hairdo from back then.

The trays held tangles of silver and gold chains, some twisted into knots the size of walnuts. Even if I were inclined to wear those pieces again, I would never be able to unfurl them. Those could go for sale. There was a cameo ring in a size fit for a linebacker; it had belonged to my grandmother. Holding it there I could picture her large, long fingers as she stretched out her strudel dough.Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double.Shop unique Custom paper card with modern style and vibrant colors. I couldn’t part with it.

There were a couple of lone gold earrings, their mates having vanished long ago. Tucked into the velvet grooves were a few single “diamond” stud earrings, but I don’t think they were diamonds.

The charm of expensive jewelry has always escaped me. Given the choice of a gold chain or plane ticket, I will always take the trip. If I had money for both, I’d buy two tickets. These days I need adventures more than I need compliments.

One version of those TV commercials shows the customers being astonished at the amount of money they’re being offered for their old jewelry. I wish the ads were more specific. Did that woman just get a check for five grand? Was she selling the engagement ring she received from the man who left her at the altar? Is her jewelry as goofy as mine?

And I’m wondering, is a mood ring from 1974 worth anything?

I tossed the knotted chains into a bag, and a couple of the lone earrings. Next time I pass one of those stores, I’ll go in and see what they have to say. But I don’t think my jewelry will bring much. I was never that kind of person.
Read the full story at www.agesteeljewelry.com!

We normally go to the football with those two

When Canberra couple Kathreen Ricketson and Rob Shugg died in tragic circumstances in May the Canberra community rallied to support their orphaned children.

A trust fund was quickly established for their 13-year old daughter and 10-year old son, who are now being cared for by relatives in Melbourne.

Though the children did not attend Majura Park Primary, the students at that school also wanted to help.

As nine year old Amelia says: “They did live in our Watson community so we thought they were close.”

Amelia and other students on the Student Representative Council came up with the idea of a fancy hat fundraising day.

“We normally go to the football with those two,” explained Amelia. “And Rob always wore a beanie so we thought, maybe a hat, and she was very crafty so we thought we should do this.”

Kathreen Ricketson, 41, was an author and blogger and prominent member of the crafting community.

She was planning to write a book about the family’s dream trip around Australia when tragedy struck off the West Australian coast near Ningaloo Reef.

Ms Ricketson was rescued from the water but could not be revived; Mr Shugg, 48,Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double. was last seen floating face down. His body has not been recovered.

Majura Primary principal Lindy Beeley is extremely proud of the community spirit shown by her young students.

“It’s been lovely and very encouraging to see so many children participating,” she said.

The children brightened up a cloudy Canberra day by creating and decorating hats with coloured paper, felt, feathers, beads,trade platform for China headbands suppliers and global Headband buyers. sticks and streamers.

That’s what the New Orleans calendar has looked like oftentimes since the 1980s,Shop wholesale Rfid Tag from China RFID tag wholesalers. but not for long. After years of frustration among civic groups and politicians about a local election schedule that often leaves candidates and ballot issues at least partially drowned out, voting is poised to move back up to the fall.

They surveyed the local political scene and came out with a report in 2011 titled, “Celebrate or Vote: Does the Calendar Affect Voting in Orleans Parish?” The group’s answer was yes, so Sen. J. P. Morrell, Sen.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images, Edwin Murray, Rep. Walt Leger and Rep. Jared Brossett put their names on a bill this year that cleared the legislature easily and won Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signature this week.

The change won’t affect voting next year, when Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Sheriff Marlin Gusman, City Council members and other local officials will stand for reelection.

Employing some political savvy themselves, League members made sure to put the switch far enough in the future so as not to dent the terms of anyone running for office in the immediate future. Next year’s successful candidates will serve from May 2014 until May 2018. But the round of candidates after that will take office in May 2018 and only serve until January 2022, losing about four months from their four-year term.

The next piece of the puzzle is actually moving the inauguration from May to January. That will take a vote of the City Council and, potentially, a change to the city’s charter, said Jane Jurik, who heads the League’s voter service committee.

Aside from bringing the elections into a less crowded season, the change may also simplify life for future mayors. Taking office in May means almost half of the budget for that year — and sometimes more — has already been spent, leaving a short window for the next administration to make adjustments if needed. When Landrieu took office he was staring at an immense hole in the city’s finances and eventually had to cut more than $100 million out of the city’s spending plan for the balance of the year.your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized.

These restrictions are in addition to the proposal

In what traders termed a near panic reaction to the sliding Indian rupee,Introducing the latest in Custom thermal rewritable card technology, the RBI banned import of gold by domestic consumers through bank credit and has made overseas purchase of the precious metal a cash & carry business.

The move will nearly cripple retail jewellery trade and probably lead to higher smuggling into the country, putting the clock back by nearly two decades when socialistic governments restricted gold imports. A day after P Chidambaram said that”necessarily we will have to check’ gold imports,the heavily discounted fare for China IC card holders.” the central bank barred gold importers using letter of credit from banks for gold imports.

“All letters of credit to be opened by nominated banks, agencies for import of gold under all categories will be only on 100% cash margin basis,” the RBI said. “Further, all imports of gold will necessarily have to be on documents against payment basis. Accordingly, gold imports on documents against acceptance basis will not be permitted.” The rupee rose 0.5% to.`56.45 to the US dollar after the measures were announced.

The Indian rupee has been on a free-fall on record current account deficit, which touched a record high of 6.7% of the GDP in the December quarter. High imports of gold, crude and coal are blamed for the worsening trade balance. Various steps over the last few months have failed to dampen demand for the yellow metal.

“The effect of this will be shortage of gold in the marketplace,” said C Vinod Hayagriv, managing director at C Krishniah Chetty & Sons, a Bangalore based retail jeweller. “It will raise the cost of doing business as now manufacturers, retailers and exporters will need to wait after indenting (request for buying) for gold (as banks are running out of gold stocks).” The central bank has also tightened procedures for importing gold by extending restriction on consignment basis imports from banks to all nominated agencies such as the State Trading Corp.

Accordingly, any import of gold on consignment basis by both nominated agencies and banks shall now be permitted only to meet the needs of exporters of gold jewellery.

Earlier, on May 13, RBI had announced its decision to restrict gold imports on consignment basis by banks. This is the third time over the past month that RBI has come out with fresh curbs on gold import for banks. These restrictions are in addition to the proposal made in its annual monetary policy statement on May 4, which said that banks should ensure that the weight of the gold coins does not exceed 50 gram per customer and the amount of loan to any customer against gold ornaments, gold jewellery and gold coins should be within the approved limit.

Lanky models in high heels saunter down the catwalk, one wearing a huge pink rose headpiece while another’s face is draped in a taupe silk headscarf adorned with dangling gold accessories.

But this is not a typical fashion show.It would be ideal if you could set this upCustom NFC tag / sticker or function. There’s no-see-through sheaths, naked midriffs or long exposed legs that scream sexy. Instead, everyone on the runway at the Islamic Fashion Fair show is covered from head to toe in loose-flowing fabrics with a variety of textures and colors.

Indonesia hopes to become the Paris of Muslim fashion by 2020 with its bold designs and creative modern head wraps. The style is a far cry from the conservative black abayas worn in the Middle East.High quality wholesale stainless steel necklace chain with durable color are ideal for wholesale. The colors range from fresh and light pastels to demure earth tones and lime green turbans along with wild print jackets. There’s also a bit of shape revealed while keeping everything covered.

“Muslim fashion is always considered to be conservative,” said designer Abel Haraba, who showcased his clothes at the fashion fair that ended Sunday.Shop wholesale Soft PVC Mugs Promotion Cup from cheap. “I’m trying to change that image by creating attractive designs and also to make those who wear my creations look more beautiful.”

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country, and most people follow a moderate form of the religion. Many women wear bright and creative headscarves along with brand-name jeans and long-sleeved fitted shirts.

Jamie took include a Cartier pendant

When people leave their things in their hotel room, they like to think that it is safe. However, football manager Jose Mourinho learned the hard way that this is not always the case. He recently became the victim of theft after a career criminal stole £100,000 worth of jewellery from his hotel room.

The police say that the criminal stole the jewellery from Jose Mourinho’s penthouse suite and then very casually asked the concierge if he could book a taxi for him. This taxi was used as his get-away car. This just proves that people never really know if their stuff is secure or not.

The criminal, Jamie Filan, is 32-years-old. He was able to break into Mourinho’s room at Chelsea’s Wyndham Grand Hotel. This hotel is a five-star hotel that prides itself on having great security. Mourinho was staying there with his wife and daughter, who is 16.

Jamie was smart enough to wait until Mourinho was out on business and the rest of his family was out shopping. He took this time to break into the suite and took precious gems from the room. Police say that Filan was able to get past security by using the service lift. Some of the items that Jamie took include a Cartier pendant and a ring and earrings set that is said to be worth £51,450.

Mr Filan may have gotten away with everything had he given up on stealing right then and there. However, he was eventually caught just a few weeks later after trying to steal from another hotel. He attempted to break into a suite at the Four Seasons in Hamilton Place, Park Lane. When he was unsuccessful, he returned the very next night. This time he was grabbed by hotel security.

The Southwark Crown Court later heard that Filan was actually a professional thief. In fact, he had already been in jail for breaking into a home a few months earlier. Not only that, but back in 2007 he was sent to jail for nearly five years after he ran over and killed Michelle Dever, who was a dental nurse. The court feels that this is a classic example of someone who refuses to change no matter how many chances they get. Filan was sentenced to another 31 months in prison.

The prosecutor, Peter Zinner, said that the whole Mourinho family was distressed after the break-in. Filan was able to make this family feel uncomfortable in a five-star hotel with security. He knew what he was doing because he had to plan in order to get past hotel security. In fact, security for the penthouse floor is pretty secure, as it requires people to have a card in order to even use the lift.

Mr Zinner added that Flian was able to access the penthouse level via the service lift. This is an area of the hotel that only the staff are supposed to know about. This was in no way a “lucky burglary.” In order to make this happen he would have to know what he was doing. He would have had to plan out the burglary; this was no random attack.

International Day for Biological Diversity to be a fun-filled day

The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) has lined up a range of fun filled learning activities and public awareness talks to mark International Day for Biological Diversity.

According to a press statement from SBC, the event will be held at its premises at KM20, Jalan Borneo Heights at Semenggoh from May 18 to 19.

Colouring and pottery painting contests for primary school students are among the activities in store.

Representatives of indigenous communities from throughout the state who have been documenting their traditional knowledge will also feature their wares and traditional games.

Visitors will have the opportunity to mingle with these communities and learn about how they have sustainably utilised plants and biodiversity throughout the centuries. SBC will also feature R&D demonstration, face painting, eco-snakes and ladders, paper art and origami activities.

The organisers have even thrown in an element of ‘fear factor’ at one of the booths.

Those who want to try their hands at making scented beads and candles will have a chance to do so on May 18 at 10am and 2pm, while those who would like to have a go at making handmade soaps will have the opportunity to do so the following day at the same times.

A clown will also be making his rounds shaping animal balloons for children during the two days.

A free health screening will also be conducted by a team from the Sarawak Medical Department while officers from the Tarat Agriculture Research Station will feature a tankful of live local freshwater fish.

Meanwhile, a series of public awareness talks have been scheduled on the afternoon of both days with topic ranging from plants in the state to edible mushrooms, orchids, our rivers and biodiversity and wildlife conservation in the state.

Also on May 18, three known experts in their respective fields will be talking about flowering plant species, fungi and also orchids.

The talks will start at 1pm at SBC’s Lecture Theatre with Peter Boyce to speak about flowering plant species found in the state.

Boyce who arrived in the state in 2002 after spending 15 years working at Kew Gardens has been spending his last 12years in Malaysia and Thailand. Boyce’s talk will be followed by a talk entitled ‘Diversity of Macro-Fungi (mushrooms) in Sarawak’ by Prof Dr Sepiah Muid of Unimas whose areas of specialisation is plant pathology and mycology. The series of talks for the day will conclude with a presentation by Prof Dr Maziah Mahmood of University Putra Malaysia on orchids.

Prof Dr Maziah’s field of expertise encompasses plant biochemistry, plant biotechnology and plant tissue culture. She also loves orchids which she finds mesmerising.

After 10 years of research on the plants, she has made a career from learning about them and working on fragrant orchids. She is also a co-founder of Orchid Life, a BioNexus status company that produces horticultural products and services internationally.

On May 19, public talks will start at 2pm with a talk on Wildlife Conservation in Sarawak by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation deputy general manager Oswald Braken Tisen.