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A Siemens Business Demonstrates Ability to Scale

A Siemens Business today announced it has completed a 50 million meter benchmark test, meaning its EnergyIP Smart Grid Application Platform can provide utilities of any size with the energy consumption analytics they require for risk-free growth. As part of the benchmarking process, eMeter achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), demonstrating that EnergyIP has been tested and tuned with Oracle Exadata Database Machine to deliver speed, scalability and reliability to energy and water utility customers.

eMeter, A Siemens Business was acquired by Siemens in January 2012 and is one of Siemens’ Smart Grid strategic cornerstones and the software powerhouse responsible for the Siemens Grid Application Platform. EnergyIP is in use by electric, gas and water utilities in over 16 countries. eMeter, A Siemens Business is a Gold level member in Oracle PartnerNetwork.

“In our testing, we achieved a sustained meter read processing of over 400 million intervals per hour, completing processing in under six hours,ratings of Electricity monitor so you can find the best energy monitor. exceeding the daily handling criteria to scale to 50 million meters while utilizing under 60% of Oracle Exadata resources,” said Lisa Caswell, President, eMeter, A Siemens Business. “These results demonstrate that EnergyIP, working with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, can provide industry leading scalability and deliver billing quality energy consumption data ready for use by multiple applications, including analytics. Factors like mergers and the growth of shared services mean many utilities have to manage a rapidly growing amount of data. The ability to scale to 50 million meter ensures our customers predictable and stable performance with a risk-free growth and scaling path.”

“eMeter, A Siemens Business, worked with Oracle to test the scalability of our Smart Grid Application Platform, EnergyIP, with the Oracle Exadata. The outstanding results proved that Oracle Exadata Database Machine can support the demanding requirements of mega utilities and cloud service providers, with proven performance well into the 50 million meter range,” said Shannon Amerman, VP Alliances, eMeter, A Siemens Business.

Testing EnergyIP 7.Shop Stately Steel Circle Drop Chandelier stainless steel necklace,6 with Oracle Exadata was based on multiple real world scenarios requiring estimation of missing data, computing and delivering time-of-use billing values, and updating database records related to high-volume smart meter installations and normal daily customer changes. Combined with the meter read processing, these “day in the life” scenarios required less than nine hours processing time and averaged less than 50% of Oracle Exadata capacity.

Oracle Exadata Optimized is part of the Oracle Exastack Optimized program which allows partners,We are always offering best quality stainless steel cufflink the affordable price. such as eMeter, A Siemens Business, to leverage OPN enablement resources and dedicated lab environments to help develop, test and tune their applications on Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster engineered systems. Oracle Exadata delivers extreme performance and is the ideal database platform for OLTP applications,Stock your shoe store with our ladies shoes wholesale, data warehouses as well as the varied and unpredictable workloads of cloud computing. It is a complete package of servers, storage, networking, and software that is massively scalable, secure and redundant.

By achieving Oracle Exadata Optimized status, Oracle recognizes eMeter, A Siemens Business for developing, testing and tuning EnergyIP 7.6 on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Customers can be confident when selecting EnergyIP 7.6 that it has been tested and tuned with the goal of achieving optimal performance, scalability and reliability.

“Oracle Exastack Optimized recognizes partners who have optimized their solutions on a complete, integrated and cloud-ready infrastructure in order to help them accelerate innovation,Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets. unlock new features and functionality, and deliver superior value to users,” said Chris Baker, Senior Vice President, Worldwide ISV and OEM Sales, Oracle. “By achieving Oracle Exadata Optimized status, eMeter, A Siemens Business has demonstrated its Smart Grid Application Platform, EnergyIP is tested and tuned to work with Oracle Exadata Database Machine to help deliver optimum performance, scalability, and reliability to their customers.”
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In an interview with Current Archaeology

Archaeologist Mick Aston, who played a key role in developing the Time Team series for British television, has died.

The death of the 66-year-old professor, recognisable by his brightly striped jumpers,Our Home power monitor and energy saving devices help reduce energy. was announced on Time Team’s official Facebook page today (NZ time).

“It is with a very heavy heart that we have been informed this evening that our dear friend and colleague Mick Aston has passed away,” the entry said.

First aired in 1994, the series uncovered some remarkable finds, including skeletons of monks beneath Westminster Abbey and gold jewellery from Anglo-Saxon times.

Its last regular programme screened this year, with Channel 4 axing the show after ratings fell.Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets.

Aston quit last year, describing an attempt to revamp the show as “dumbing down”.

Time Team was praised for boosting the popularity of archaeology in Britain, but some academics and professionals had misgivings, suggesting the series presented an inaccurate picture of field archaeology.

In an interview with Current Archaeology last year, Aston said he had seen the development of Time Team as an extension of his work as an extramural tutor, with a much bigger audience.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring.

“Archaeology is not essential. It isn’t something that we need … We need to make people realise how interesting it is, and we succeeded,” he said.

Despite the size of Time Team’s audience, the archaeological world never really ran with it, Aston said.

He feared he had not left a legacy. “There’ll be no legacy because the profession never picked up on it – cashed in, if you like – and developed what we did with Time Team.” DELHI – tudents at Our Lady of LaSalette were recently recognized for their writing skills by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association.

“We enjoy putting on a contest each year to encourage children to get involved in writing,Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.” said Len McDonald, unit president of the Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk OECTA. “It is a real bonus that a few of the students met some success.”

A number of students at the school entered into OECTA’s Young Authors competition and four students won at the local level for Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk. Taylor Opersko, Grade 4, and Zachary Mels, Grade 6, were recognized locally for their poems about horses and a cross in a battle field while Carter Dwornikiewicz, Grade 2, and Abby Springham, Grade 4, won at both the local and provincial levels.

Dwornikiewicz said he was “happy” he won and thought his poem was picked because, “I had a lot of good rhymes in it and I didn’t really hurt my sisters feelings because of the ending,” he said.

Springham won for her non-fiction piece about the London Children’s Hospital.

“I wrote about it because my brother has cancer,” she said. “I wrote about the different programs at the hospital and what they do, so people are aware of what cancer is and what the hospital does.”

Springham tells the reader about a clown named Ollie who makes children laugh, and once trapped her mom in the bathroom. She also talks about some of the programs at the hospital including the Child Life program, Bravery Beads and art therapy.

Springham said she was happy her essay won and also happy because her brother is doing much better now.

Dwornikiewicz and Springham’s work was published in a booklet with the other provincial winners.
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They referred to their lesson about the solar

Martians made from color-changing beads sat in the sun in front of The Art Underground in Louisville on Tuesday afternoon as a group of local middle schoolers stared in awe of their handmade projects.

Thirteen girls ages 9 to 11,We provide the latest advances in security enhanced products such as Custom passive RFID tag, from the St. Vrain Valley School District and surrounding areas, learned about the difference between Earth and Mars by creating Martians from ultra violet beads during the first STEMgirls summer camp.Resurrection Egg Paint Yourown figurine Childrens Craft Painting Sunday School in Collectibles,

“The girls got these ultra violet beads, like mood rings, that change color from UV rays,” said camp director Karen Alfino. “While they were watching the beads change color, we talkeMemory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice,d about the atmosphere around Earth versus Mars and how we’re protected from the UV rays because Earth has an atmospheric layer that protects us.We are mainly operating best Leather headbands www.girlstrims.com.”

Finding creative ways to teach girls about science, technology, engineering and math is the objective of the weeklong camp that was inspired by an afterschool program called STEMgirls.

The afterschool program was launched in the fall of 2010 through SVVSD’s Community Schools child care program as a way to get students interested in and excited about math and science,your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized. Alfino said.

STEMgirls was modeled after an annual day program offered to local middle school girls at the University of Colorado, said Alfino, who founded the program.

“They would come and get so excited and then leave and have nothing to keep that going until next year,” she said.

This week, Alfino is combining the hour-long afterschool projects and a few new lessons for a STEMgirls summer camp.

The students spend about four hours per day doing hands-on activities with mentors ranging from high school students to adult women, who teach them about the STEM fields.

On Monday, Boulder resident Moe Rose helped the students make jewelry shaped like stars and planets while they learned about the solar system.

The girls created meteorite earrings and a solar system necklace from polymer clay but Rose said they also taught each other about the planets during the project.

“They referred to their lesson about the solar system to figure out what colors to make the planets and talked about the weather conditions and other facts they remembered,” Rose said. “It got them to dig deeper into the subject matter while they were having fun and doing something that most girls would really like to do.”

On Tuesday the students had a discussion about emerging technology before they made the multi-colored Martians and then created a pretend assembly line while learning about engineering.

Later this week, the students will be taking apart computer monitors, building a Mars Rover from household items and creating a collage to teach the girls about news literacy.

The STEMgirls after school program will continue this fall and Alfino said she hopes to expand the frequency of the program during the school year and over the summer after seeing a strong response from the students so far.

“You can tell they’re excited because some of the girls have already pulled me aside to tell me that they want to be a scientist,” Alfino said. “And isn’t that the point? Mission accomplished.”
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While fracking typically consumes less water

The latest domestic energy boom is sweeping through some of the nation’s driest pockets, drawing millions of gallons of water to unlock oil and gas reserves from beneath the Earth’s surface.

Hydraulic fracturing, or the drilling technique commonly known as fracking, has been used for decades to blast huge volumes of water, fine sand and chemicals into the ground to crack open valuable shale formations.

But now, as energy companies vie to exploit vast reserves west of the Mississippi, fracking’s new frontier is expanding to the same lands where crops have shriveled and waterways have dried up due to severe drought.

In Arkansas,We are always offering best wholesale tungsten jewelry the affordable price. Colorado,We are mainly operating best Leather headbands www.girlstrims.com. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, the vast majority of the counties where fracking is occurring are also suffering from drought, according to an Associated Press analysis of industry-compiled fracking data and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s official drought designations.

While fracking typically consumes less water than farming or residential uses, the exploration method is increasing competition for the precious resource, driving up the price of water and burdening already depleted aquifers and rivers in certain drought-stricken stretches.

Some farmers and city leaders worry that the fracking boom is consuming too much of a scarce resource,Resurrection Egg Paint Yourown figurine Childrens Craft Painting Sunday School in Collectibles, while others see the push for production as an opportunity to make money by selling water while furthering the nation’s goal of energy independence.

Along Colorado’s Front Range, fourth-generation farmer Kent Peppler said he is fallowing some of his corn fields this year because he can’t afford to irrigate the land for the full growing season, in part because deep-pocketed energy companies have driven up the price of water.

“There is a new player for water, which is oil and gas,” said Peppler, of Mead, Colo., who also serves as president of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. “And certainly they are in a position to pay a whole lot more than we are.”

In a normal year, Peppler said he would pay anywhere from $9 to $100 for an acre-foot of water in auctions held by cities with excess supplies. But these days, energy companies are paying some cities $1,200 to $2,900 per acre-foot. The Denver suburb of Aurora made a $9.5 million, five-year deal last summer to provide the oil company Anadarko 2.4 billion gallons of excess treated sewer water.

In South Texas, where drought has forced cotton farmers to scale back, local water officials said drillers are contributing to a drop in the water table in several areas.

For example, as much as 15,000 acre-feet of water are drawn each year from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer to frack wells in the southern half of the Eagle Ford Shale, one of the nation’s most profitable oil and gas fields.

That’s equal to about half of the water recharged annually into the southern portion of the aquifer, which spans five counties that are home to about 330,000 people, said Ron Green, a scientist with the nonprofit Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

The Eagle Ford, extending from the Mexican border into East Texas, began to boom in 2011, just as Texas struggled with the worst one-year drought in its history. While conditions have improved, most of the state is still dealing with some level of drought, and many reservoirs and aquifers have not been fully replenished.

“The oil industry is doing the big fracks and pumping a substantial amount of water around here,Shop unique Custom paper card with modern style and vibrant colors.” said Ed Walker, general manager of the Wintergarden Groundwater Conservation District, which manages an aquifer that serves as the main water source for farmers and about 29,000 people in three counties.

“When you have a big problem like the drought and you add other smaller problems to it like all the fracking, then it only makes things worse,” Walker said.

West Texas cotton farmer Charlie Smith is trying to make the best of the situation. He plans to sell some of the groundwater coursing beneath his fields to drillers, because it isn’t enough to irrigate his lands in Glasscock County. Smith’s fields, like the rest of the county, were declared to be in a drought disaster area this year by the USDA.

“I was going to bed every night and praying to the good Lord that we would get just one rain on the crop,We can supply other Custom RFID ticket for any unique application.” said Smith, who hopes to earn several thousand dollars for each acre-foot of water he can sell. “I realized we’re not making any money farming, so why not sell the water to the oil companies? Every little bit helps.”

The amount of water needed to hydraulically fracture a well varies greatly, depending on how hard it is to extract oil and gas from each geological formation. In Texas, the average well requires up to 6 million gallons of water, while in California each well requires 80,000 to 300,000 gallons, according to estimates by government and trade associations.

Depending on state and local water laws, frackers may draw their water for free from underground aquifers or rivers, or may buy and lease supplies belonging to water districts, cities and farmers. Some of the industry’s largest players are also investing in high-tech water recycling systems to frack with gray or brackish water.

Many of the employees came down dressed in Bruins

Shopping locally and supporting small businesses can happen in your jammies while you feed the dog, even if you’re taking a trip to the bead store.

“I feel like it’s an extension of what we already do here,Plastic Card manufacturers directory trade platform for China plastic card manufacturers.Find a wide range of stainless steel necklace Jewellery to buy online. and in a way what we’ll be doing from our warehouse and office space,” DeSimone said. “It’s like, I can be typical store merchant that when someone walks into my store I greet them, and ask them how their daughter is doing. I think if you’re a good small business store owner, that’s what you do.”

Heather says the transition from a storefront on Main Street in Freeport to a mostly online business took time to develop. If you’re considering making this change for your own business, it’s important to slowly incorporate an online presence before making the big switch.

What do you do when your company chairman just happens to own one of the two Stanley Cup finalists?

You hold a mid-afternnon rally party at the company’s downtown Buffalo headquarters – just a few hours before the Boston Bruins face off against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Bruins have been owned by Jeremy Jacobs, Delaware North’s chairman,These ear cap feature all of your favorite Disney characters, since 1975.

Following a pattern set two years ago when the Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks to win the 2011 Stanley Cup, Delaware North threw a “good luck” rally for its employees at its Key Center headquarters. Shortly before 2 p.m., more than 100 Delaware North workers – from secretaries to executive-level, senior management types crowded into a seventh floor meeting area to cheer the Bruins on, even it was from afar.

To set the mood, Delaware North had specially-made cupcakes, frosted with black, gold and white toppings – the Bruins colors – and each with the signature Bruins “B” insignia. Besides the cupcakes, employees were given popcorn, beads and soft drinks along with yellow Bruins “rally” towels that will be given out at the TD Banknorth Garden before Games 3 and 4, and Game 6, if necessary.

Many of the employees came down dressed in Bruins sweaters and t-shirts. A Stanley Cup final run allows for a strategic loosening of Delaware North’s normal business attire dress code.

Acting as MC was Dan Zimmer, the Kenmore native and longtime Delaware North employee who spent four years working as the Bruins vice president of business operations and is now the company’s vice president of finance and development.

The original Krewe of Freret paraded for more than 40 years and lined up on Freret Street.

Hjortsberg says the new krewe celebrates the revitalization of Freret, but can’t parade there because police will already be busy on the Uptown route handling four other parades rolling the same day.

He said the new Freret will add fresh technology to the fun.

“We’re currently in the process of creating iPhone applications so to where you’ll be able to determine where your friends are on the float,” he said.

And the krewe wants to move away from throwing Mardi Gras beads.

“We’re not saying that we’re going to completely ban beads,” he said.

But Freret’s co captain says they do want to try phase out beads and rely more on locally made throws that people might find more appealing.

“There’s a lot of artists in the Freret Market that we’ve been discussing things with who make all kinds of different trinkets that people would love to have,” Hjortsberg said.you will see high Custom 2.45GHz readers competitive price.

Hjortsberg said the krewe is looking for any suggestion that goes along with its mission.Memory Custom card reader / writer Assorted Colors No Color Choice,
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who exactly the woman in question was

“Tretchikoff was quite a charmer,” says Boris Gorelik, whose biography The Incredible Tretchikoff was published in South Africa last week. “He usually had no problem finding women to model for him because his pictures were so appealing. He always glamourised women.”

When Gorelik set about writing his biography of Tretchikoff in 2010,Jewelry is a proud distributor of wholesale tungsten jewelry. he tried to track down some of the women who the artist immortalised on canvas. When it came to the Russian-born artist’s most famous work, Chinese Girl, he knew from Tretchikoff’s own account where he had found his model.

“He met the ‘Chinese Girl’ through a Russian ballet teacher,” Gorelik says. “Tretchikoff was renting a flat in Sea Point at the time and the ballet studio was close by.” Tretchikoff developed the habit of popping in at the studio in order to sketch. “One day she told him: ‘There’s a very beautiful Chinese girl who works at the launderette on Main Road, you should paint her’,” explains Gorelik. Tretchikoff duly found the launderette, was as impressed with its employee’s appearance as he had been led to believe he would be, and asked her to model for him.

This story didn’t answer the question of who exactly the woman in question was, however. Gorelik describes his success in identifying her as something that happened “quite by chance”. He carried out a Google search with the details of the story that he knew, and came across a memoir that her daughter had written for family and friends. It mentioned that her mother had sat for Tretchikoff. Gorelik tracked her down, confirmed the story, and eventually met the real-life “Chinese Girl”.

Now 80, Monika Pon-su-san lives in Johannesburg today. Her face adorns the walls of countless suburban living-rooms, as one of the most popular prints ever produced. The painting she modelled for sold at auction in London in March this year for £982,050.manufacturers and Soft PVC coaster pad suppliers Director. By the time Tretchikoff died in 2006, he had become the wealthiest artist in the world after Picasso. Pon-su-san received just six pounds and five shillings for her modelling stint as a 17-year-old in 1950. She never posed for another painting again – but she told the BBC in May this year: “If Tretchikoff were alive, I would let him paint me again.”

Gorelik successfully tracked down another Tretchikoff model, a now-deceased woman who posed for the paintings Lady from Orient and Miss Wong. But the subject of The Hindu Dancer proved more tricky. When he was told that the painting was coming up for auction this month at Stephan Welz & Co in Cape Town,I was looking for an option to Customizable Ear Caps to wear with my half. Gorelik used the opportunity of the increased publicity around the painting to put out another public call for anyone who might be able to help solve the mystery. All the information Gorelik had was a newspaper clipping from the Sunday Times from 1959, which stated that the real-life Hindu dancer was a 26-year-old woman called Champa Chameli. Gorelik tried to get in touch with Indian dance schools and associations in South Africa to track her down, but none of them were able to give him any concrete assistance.

Just a day before The Hindu Dancer was due to go under the hammer, however, a woman called Chameli Jain contacted the auction house.Smart Custom RFID ticketin the Electronic Data Magnetics, Jain had seen an article about Gorelik’s search for the “Hindu dancer”,We are always offering best wholesale tungsten bracelet the affordable price. and she’d known the answer to the mystery since childhood. The Hindu dancer was her mother.

when people see how many diamonds line

Karen Braidwood and ceramicist and musician Kari Weiner lulled the crowds with soothing guitar rifts amongst and abundance of colour, wine and food.

Main Gallery – “QUINTESSENTIAL” – Five Artists – five journeys: Kari Winer – Beautiful deep reflective Temmuko glazes over porcelain enhance the beauty of food when served in the work created for this exhibition. Kari’s animal sculptures and raku fired work are also be featured.

Robyn Simon – a wonderful indulgence of her passions of travel and painting has been the inspiration for most of this collection of work. Through painting Robyn attempts to convey to the viewer the thing which struck her about the beauty or interest of the subject.

Ann O’Brien – Ann’s most recent journey in jewellery making shows a shift from beads and crystals to her new fascination with the endless possibilities of polymer clay.

George Partos – George considers himself a late starter and finds the creative process in itself reward enough and a wonderful journey of discovery. “Simply I love the process in itself and the journey continues”.

Lyndall Edsall – Lyndall loves to play with colour. Her work for this exhibition depicts scenes from travels plus and “I couldn’t resist adding a sprinkling of my favourite still life themes”.

Studio Gallery – “The Flower:

Nature’s Virtuoso Act ” – Polly Wells The flower has been a time- honoured motif of many artists and it offers infinite possibilities. I am interested in the enthralling beauty and power of flowers.
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They are not just “ pretty things”, they have been a driving force in the whole of evolution. The urge of life is somehow distilled in a flower and emanates out to us in form and colour. I hope to capture a little of this dazzling virtuoso act of nature in my paintings, and through it share the joy that nature stirs in us .Jewelry is a proud distributor of wholesale tungsten jewelry.

The Marquise ring consists of a large one carat F colour marquise diamond set in a 18K white gold ring. The two shoulder diamonds are point one five carat pink diamonds with a 5P colour rating which creates a stunning contrast to the beautiful white marquise diamond centre stone.

FinallWe are always offering best wholesale tungsten bracelet the affordable price.y, to make the marquise diamond look even larger without blowing an average person’s budget,I was looking for an option to Customizable Ear Caps to wear with my half. 60 point five carat diamonds are used to follow the shape of the marquise diamond. The result is a ring design that draws the eye to the marquise centre stone.

This Marquise engagement ring can be seen on the Australian Diamond Brokers’ website as well as on display in their store located at 70 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

Varouj,Smart Custom RFID ticketin the Electronic Data Magnetics, a jewellery designer with over 30 years experience said he challenged himself to create a marquise diamond ring that looks bigger without a big price tag.

“The funny thing with this design is that when people see how many diamonds line the marquise diamond,manufacturers and Soft PVC coaster pad suppliers Director. they think it will cost more than just having a larger marquise stone when in fact, it costs less,” said Varouj.

This ring design can be catered to all budgets and include options such as choosing the ring metal type from gold, white gold and platinum. The pink shoulder diamonds can also be changed to yellow diamonds or any other colour as well.

Interested buyers can contact Australian Diamond Brokers for more information about The Marquise ring or any other diamond engagement ring.

The famous jewelry brand has worked on a new project

The luxury jeweller Chopard has teamed up with Livia Firth, creative director of EcoAge and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, to create some environmentally friendly pieces for the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Caroline Scheufele, the artistic director and co-president of Chopard, was in Cannes with Livia and Colin Firth and actress and activist Jane Fonda for a glamorous eco-friendly jewelry launch.

The famous jewelry brand has worked on a new project titled ‘The Journey’ with ARM to create a handcrafted diamond bracelet and earrings.

The gold comes from South American mines with ‘Fairmined’ certification — this includes strict requirements for “labor conditions, social development and environmental protection in mining communities and is developed in close collaboration with miners, local partners and actors of the supply chain.” The diamonds were sourced by IGC Group and meet the high standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

As part of ‘The Journey’ Chopard will also guide and support two mining communities in Colombia and Ecuador as they are helped to achieve Fairmined certification. A lot of things can happen in 12 months. In the world of Andrew Jamieson, it can mean leaving a stable role as General Manager Asia-Pacific for a listed American company to start a new business and tackle the highs and lows of the first year in a new industry.

Together with his wife Kelly, who is the founder of award winning online gift business Edible Blooms, last year Jamieson launched plant gift business Green Thumb Gifts from their farm in country South Australia.

The new business provides a more sustainable alternative to cut flower delivery, offering potted trees, herbs, succulents, flowers and various other growing plant gifts. All items, in addition to making striking indoor plants, can be planted in the garden to provide lasting memories of the gifting occasion.

Green Thumb Gifts launched ahead of Mother’s Day 2012 – one of the biggest annual gifting periods in the flower delivery industry – with key marketing partnerships playing a large role in getting the new brand in front of their target audience to ace their first peak sales event.

But as soon as the unique plant gifts started moving out the door, their biggest driver became word of mouth, with returning customers and referrals making up the largest portion of their customer base.

“We get lots of customers contacting us after delivery, just to let us know how much of a hit their gift was and to say thank you” says Jamieson.

One such customer was Sondra Parish, who emailed Jamieson to thank him for the variety of “very unique and very beautiful” products he offers, admitting to now actively looking for occasions to send Green Thumb Gifts as they are “much more practical than bunches of flowers!”

After just 12 months in business, Jamieson and his team were overwhelmed by the response this month to their second Mother’s Day. With sales up over 500% on last year and the team working around the clock to meet demand, he chalks the increase up to their customer advocates and the fact that they have more than doubled their range of plants and flowers online since launch.

Free floating Carolina rigged baits behind a sliding sinker

Warmwater fish really respond to changes in water temperature. Lake Powell water temperatures are now ranging from 65-72F meaning that spring fishing responses are on the way out and summer personality traits are setting in.

The most noticeable sign of warming water is the appearance of phytoplankton which gives lake water a green hue. Formerly crystal clear water now has much less visibility. Normally we blame runoff for clouding the water but this year runoff has just barely started and clarity is lessened by plankton.

It is time to say good bye to spawning bass and crappie. There were still some active nests this past week but the bass spawn is concluding now. Bass fishing is not over; it just changes to summer mode. Nest builders are leaving the shallows to go deeper. Wise anglers will adjust and do the same following the bigger bass to 15-25 feet. Crappie will move to open water and suspend making them harder to find but susceptible to slow trolling with small plastic grubs.

Free floating Carolina rigged baits behind a sliding sinker are more effective in the summer. Use the same plastic grubs, tubes and senkos, just rig them differently for more consistent success. Follow the 25-foot depth contour for best success.

Smallmouth bass will be fun and easy to catch in the shallow rocks all along the shore. But if you prefer the bigger fish then the advice just given about fishing deeper should be heeded. Big smallmouth are moving deeper once they leave the nest and will be caught at 25 feet as the water temperature climbs into the upper 70s.

Stripers will continue to hang out on the canyon walls until shad spawn and fry grow large enough to become striper food. For the remainder of the month stripers will continue to be caught like crazy with bait in the southern lake. Right now each shallow ledge extending out to 20 feet then falling into deep water holds a striper school. Stripers are eating plankton in the surface layer and crayfish on the 20 foot ledge while waiting for shad to appear.

Hot fishing spots are found all over Padre Bay. Good camping beaches often have a striper school nearby that can be caught from shore. Locate stripers by slow trolling lures in the upper 30 feet while graphing to find a school. When a striper is caught or a school seen on the graph, toss out a handful of chum and go to work. Stripers will rise to the chum but can be caught on an assortment of lures. Anchovies are a sure thing but everything from fly fishing to bottom bouncing works to catch these hungry fish. Please keep all the stripers you can use or give away to family and friends. It is population adjustment time and the southern lake will benefit from a smaller striper population.

Some stripers are still in the backs of canyons and easy to find and catch. Just work the mudline or color changes from brown to green water. Troll medium to deep divers at the color change where bottom depth is between 20 and 45 feet. Fishing is not as fast as that found on the canyon walls but stripers caught will generally be larger and fatter.

Walleye are enjoying the greener/murkier water and not very patiently waiting for shad to spawn. They are eating anything they can find all day long. Walleye fishing success will be at its peak for the next two weeks. The most effective technique this week was to put a night crawler on a quarter ounce jig head and slowly drag it along the bottom in 12-26 feet of colored water. The technique can be dressed up with worm harnesses, beads, spinners and bottom bouncers but the message here is that walleye are hungry and willing right now. There are more walleye north of Bullfrog than south but many are being caught all over the lake. That will continue for the rest of the month.

The muddy water near White and Farleys Canyon was great for walleye and fat stripers earlier in the month but runoff is now starting which will reduce visibility to zero, cool the water and reduce fishing success. The backs of canyons will provide better fishing than the main channel on the far north end of the lake.

Photo Caption: Triessa Hepworth and daughter Whitni celebrated Mothers Day with their family on Lake Powell catching stripers. Fishing is amazing now in the southern lake with all catching stripers at will. It’s a wonderful time to teach kids how to fish and enjoy that event as a family.