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Independent Service Manager at Merlin

The Celestine Home Adaptations Centre in Yate, is a joint initiative between Merlin Housing Society, whose property the new centre is in, and West of England Care & Repair, with funding provided by South Gloucestershire Council.Shop the best selection of men’s stainless steel ring. It features a wet room, adapted kitchen and stair lift, all within a normal three-bedroomed home.

Karen Butler said: “I know that many people want to be able to stay living in their own home, and the right adaptations can make all the difference. I hope that this new centre will give people the help and support they need to maintain their independence.”

The Celestine Centre is designed to allow older visitors, and disabled people of all ages, to try out and choose bathroom, kitchen and sleeping equipment which meets their individual needs. The garden also includes a children’s play area with anti-climb fencing, safe play rubber chippings and raised flower beds – both house and garden are fully wheelchair accessible.

Darryl Smith, Independent Service Manager at Merlin, said: “We’re committed to helping residents remain independent in their home and by adapting one of our properties we hope to demonstrate how you can make your own home easier and safer to live in. The Celestine Centre provides residents with more information about what adaptations might benefit them in their home.”

Craig Wilson, WE Care & Repair’s Chief Executive explained: “The centre features a number of tried and tested and innovative products including a Pollock wheelchair accessible through-floor lift,Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant. a working Clos-o-mat automatic toilet, a Stannah straight flight stair lift and a fully wheelchair accessible kitchen with a powered rise and fall sink unit.”

Installations illustrating a number of bathing and showering solutions are also on display some, such as the wet room wheelchair accessible bathroom are fully functional. Other displays feature some of the best products available from leading suppliers in accessible bathing equipment such as AKW Medicare, Impey Showers, Phlexicare and Mira and will help to illustrate alternative and attractive bathing and toileting solutions.

There is plenty of state of the art gadgetry to see including a motorised remote controlled window sash opener and curtain and roller blind operators. The front entrance door is fitted with a ‘SmartBell’ door bell which allows the occupant to communicate with callers using their mobile phone and can be opened using a remote control or a key pad.

A wireless alarm control system has also been installed and provides protection against burglary, fire and tampering. In addition it can be used to control lights and electrical appliances within the house and to monitor the activity of disabled or elderly people left at home. Information is presented visually or verbally and voice prompts can help the user to take the correct actions. Wireless add-ons include cameras, emergency pendant alarms, smoke detectors, temperature detectors, motion detectors, flood and gas detectors and more. All this is accessible via the internet to a laptop or smart phone.

The centre is open by appointment only via Merlin’s aids and adaptations team, WE Care & Repair or from local occupational therapists.

Palestinians oppose Jewish worship at the vast stone plaza overlooking Judaism’s Western Wall as a potential threat to access for Muslims.

Aware of the volatile mix of politics and religion, Israel has largely stymied such prayer for 46 years by having its police prevent Jewish worship at the site on grounds it could cause a public disturbance.

Palestinian concerns have been heightened, however, by the fact that allies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are among the most vocal advocates of Jewish prayer at the 35-acre site that is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount and by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

This month alone, Israeli police have hauled away half a dozen Israelis from the site. A Jewish Israeli and an Arab citizen were held in connection with a brawl that injured a Muslim official and four other Jewish men were detained for prostrating themselves on the holy ground.Our Home power monitor and energy saving devices help reduce energy.Find great deals on eBay for stainless steel bracelet Bracelet in Fashion Jewelry Bracelets.

Several other Israelis have been questioned in the past two months for trying to pray at the compound during police-escorted sightseeing tours. A lamb was seized from another Israeli who had plans to slaughter it in ritual sacrifice.

Israeli police accompany most visitors to the compound, where escorted tours are held frequently. They cross a wooden bridge to a gate where plastic police shields and other riot-control gear are stored, a ready display of how quickly the otherwise serene atmosphere can sometimes go awry.Enjoy the greatest selection ever of stainless steel pendant.

Visitors are closely watched by both the police and the Muslim religious officials of the Waqf who administer the compound and keep an eye out to make sure no Jewish worship takes place. Anyone wearing Jewish religious garb is generally kept away from the Islamic holy tract.

At the compound, one group of visitors walked past al-Aqsa, drawing shouting from Muslim women sitting in the shade of tree and from Palestinian children attending a day camp. They ignored the catcalls and continued deeper into the plaza.
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Prosecutors also hit the pair with a confiscation

Twenty-one- year old Patrick Barry, a Northeastern University student, has been charged with assault to intent to rape in connection with a violent attack on a young female that police say happened early Saturday morning.

He’s also suspected in another similar attack less than an hour later according to prosecutors.

Surveillance images from Boston police were distributed following the violent attacks in the Mission Hill area of Boston.

The first attack happened in the area of Huntington Ave. and Vancouver Street around 2 a.m. Saturday. The female victim told police a man jumped out of the bushes and attempted to sexually assault her. Police say she was stabbed in the leg but was able to escape and run to safety.

A second attack, according to Boston police happened at 2:50 a.m. at the intersection of Huntington Ave. and Parker Hill Street. A woman told police she was grabbed from behind and knocked to the ground. She was stabbed in the hand but police say was also able to escape.

Northeastern University confirms Monday that Barry is a student. Skylar Shankman lives along Huntington Ave in the Mission Hill area, in the apartment below Barry. Shankman says, “It’s a weird feeling knowing someone so potentially dangerous has been living above you the whole time.”

According to an online profile, Barry describes himself as a communications major who works as a video producer for the Northeastern Athletic Department.

The university is not commenting on that, but says, “The University is dedicated to the safety of all Boston residents, including our Northeastern community. We are pursuing appropriate action in close coordination with law enforcement authorities.”

No word Monday if Barry made bail. If he does a judge has ordered him to wear a monitoring bracelet. Prosecutors say tips from the surveillance photos led to Barry’s capture.

Elliot Jorgensen and Anthony Boyd planned and executed the robbery of the Rox store in Edinburgh earlier this year.

The court heard Boyd, 26, had become involved in the high profile heist after running up a £1500 drug debt in the city.

Jorgensen, 25, was described as a “highly intelligent individual” who was capable of achieving better things.

Lord Matthews jailed Jorgensen for 12 year, while Boyd was sentenced to two years in prison for the robbery in the city’s George Street on January 15.Passive and Custom active RFID tag for cold chain logistics,

Prosecutors also hit the pair with a confiscation order totalling £1.5m – but will only receive £1 just now as they have no significant assets. The court earlier heard earlier how the robbery was “carefully planned” and “efficiently executed”.

Jorgensen, of Salford, was involved in the raid itself with an unknown accomplice while Boyd, of Manchester, had a central role in the “planning” of the robbery.

Two masked men, including Jorgensen, stormed into the shop armed with an axe and a gun after arriving there on a stolen motorcycle. Rox assistant Samera Afzal, 24, and sales manager Ho Suet So “immediately froze with fear”.We can supply other Custom RFID ticket for any unique application.

Jorgensen brandished a revolver at the women and yelled: “Don’t move.” His accomplice started smashing glass cabinets and quickly filled a rucksack with jewellery, including designer watches made by Hubler, Girard Perregaux and Corum.

The armed robber grabbed Ms Afzal to go with him to another part of the store.You’ll find a number of top quality China RFID tag suppliers. CCTV footage played in court showed her being pushed around and her high heel shoes coming off as a result.

Prosecutor Andrew Brown QC: “The accused then placed the gun into her left side and pulled her forcefully by the arm into an area where cabinets containing the most expensive pieces of jewellery were displayed.”

Jorgensen stole items including a £100,000 diamond collar and another jewel-encrusted bracelet. Rox manager Katy Lawrence – who was in her office – heard the commotion before pressing a panic alarm when she became aware of the robbery.

The pair fled on a motorcycle, which was later found dumped at a car park in Edinburgh’s Northumberland Street with its key still in the ignition.Shop unique Custom paper card with modern style and vibrant colors. The axe and other items such as two helmets and gloves were discovered nearby, while Jorgensen’s DNA was later found on one of the gloves.

The court heard 77 items were taken from the Rox store, which consisted of 43 rings, 24 watches, three pairs of earrings, three necklaces and four bracelets. The raiders caused up to £10,000 of damage to the store.

Jim Keegan QC, defending, said Jorgensen had written a letter of apology to Ms Afzal in an attempt at “restorative justice”. The QC added: “He is a highly intelligent individual and is more than capable of better things. He has been shocked by the effect of his actions. He accepts that someone was affected in such a psychological way and he is truly sorry for that.”

Boyd’s QC John Scott said the accused had run up a £1500 drug debt and due to his links to Edinburgh was roped in to take part. Mr Scott added: “This is extremely out of character for him.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images, It shocks and puzzles his family and partner.”

when I have the urge to indulge

JASON ROBERTS WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEYHere’s the thing, I’m not a fan of the word diet. I prefer the term lifestyle change, especially since weight loss,Promotional keychains keep your company logo on the mind of your custom keychain they go. permanent weight loss, is not about a diet; it’s about a mindset, behavior and lifestyle change. Good nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude will ultimately lead to a healthy mind and body. I’m sharing my own weight loss story in hopes that it will serve as motivation.

My personal weight loss journey started with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. I live in New Jersey and we got hit pretty hard. Many people lost homes and loved ones. Fortunately, most of us were only without the modern conveniences of lights, water, power or a way to get around. Even though many stocked up on food,you will see high Custom 2.45GHz readers competitive price. there was no power to cook.

For a few weeks, I was in survival mode. Not being able to cook at home, I sought out food that was readily available and convenient – pasta, pizza and sweets. Unfortunately, at the same time, I got the winter blues. I was stuck in the New Jersey winter, while friends and family at home in Sydney were in the midst of an Aussie summer…swimming,You’ll find a number of top quality China RFID tag suppliers. surfing and having a great time. So, I turned to food for comfort, but not the right kind of food. I made poor choices, especially since I have an allergy to gluten. I opted for food full of starch and empty calories. It tasted good, but actually made me feel worse.

As a chef,Introducing the latest in Custom thermal rewritable card technology, I know better than most what happens to your body when you put over processed white flour, white sugar, white rice and any other white foods into your system. I was tired and unfocused. I gained weight and my skin turned blotchy.It made me self-conscious and unhappy. The last straw occurred while doing a live show in the Midwest. The big screen captured some heavy looking shots of me, and I lacked the energy that I normally exuded onstage. It was at that point I decided I needed to make a change; a serious change!

Weight loss is a personal journey, which is one of the reasons it’s imperative to realize as individuals we all have different needs. When you commit to losing weight or changing your body’s composition, the rest will come more easily. It’s this initial attitude change that is important.

Some, like me, can be self-motivated. Others need training partners, personal trainers, or the support of family and friends. The key to success begins with the decision to make a lifestyle change.

My decision to get healthy has led to significant changes in my life. With the help of BODYKEY by NUTRILITE, I’ve been able to make healthy choices, lose weight and get fit by using a system that fits into my lifestyle. It offers me meal replacement shakes, appetite control chews for when I have the urge to indulge, aloe shots for digestive health and a great community website that helps monitor my success. It holds me accountable.

But in telling you this, it’s important to note there is no quick, easy way to weight loss. It has to be done gradually and sensibly; starving yourself is not the way to go. Rather, try eating more frequently throughout the day, learning portion control and choosing colorful healthy snacks that aren’t loaded with preservatives and additives. Once you start this journey, you’ll begin to notice changes to your physique and attitude. These victories will leave you wanting more.

To learn more about BODYKEY by NUTRILITE, visit amway.com/bodykey. Together,your business can use Custom wooden card to stand out and make a good impression. we can achieve weight loss for life.

About Jason RobertsBODYKEY by NUTRILITE brand ambassador Jason Roberts is a celebrity chef, who currently serves as a correspondent for ABC’s “The Chew.” He is a regular on various talk shows and makes appearances for events, such as The Fabulous Food Show.

The New Zealand native has published two cookbooks, “Elements” and “Graze: Lots of Little Meals Fast,” and filmed an award-winning cooking show, “Jason Roberts Taste,” in the U.S.

It averages retail gasoline prices for regions

When Bruce Becker leaves his barn-style home in Westport each morning, he starts what some consider the commute of the future.

He unhooks his BMW ActiveE from the charger wired to solar panels on his roof.sometimes refered to as a smartcardfactory. Settling into the driver’s seat, he taps a button that makes his car purr about as loud as a tiny kitten. Finally, he steers the quick-to-accelerate, easy-to-handle sedan 10 miles to his architecture firm in Fairfield, where he plugs it back in to a public charger.

“It’s as much fun to drive as any car I’ve ever had,” he said.

It’s also as cheap to drive a car as he’s ever had. That became more apparent last week, when the U.S. Department of Energy unveiled its “eGallon” calculator, an online tool that compares the price of powering electric cars to fueling similar models that are gasoline powered.The smart card has a memory chip embedded in it that,

Across the nation, it costs an average of $1.14 to bring an electric vehicle the same distance that $3.65 of gasoline brings a standard model, according to the calculator. In Connecticut, where electricity is more expensive, the electric vehicles use about $1.70 worth of energy to go as far as a $3.58 gallon of gasoline takes a regular car.

Electric-car enthusiasts say this new tool could help convince consumers of the potential savings of switching over.

“Most people know what they’re paying for gasoline and they have reactions to it when the price goes up and down,High quality plastic card printing for business cards,” said Patrick Davis, director of vehicle technologies for the U.S. Department of Energy. “But they don’t have that same feeling about what electricity costs and how that translates to fueling a vehicle.”

To be sure, the eGallon metric isn’t perfect. It averages retail gasoline prices for regions as wide as New England. It then averages the number of miles that five popular plug-in cars — the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, Ford Focus EV and the BMW ActiveE — get per kilowatt hour of charge. Finally, it factors in miles-per-gallon data from gasoline-burning cars.Cheap custom printed logo USB flash drives wholesale at wholesale bulk prices.

Of course, gasoline prices can vary within regions or states.where cards are embedded with chip card and a cardholder. What’s more, utilities sometimes offer different electricity rates — for certain times of day, for instance, or special rates for electric car drivers. Meanwhile, drivers like Becker — who charge up at public stations and from renewable sources — rarely encounter energy costs.

That said, the eGallon initiative reflects a broader push by local, state and federal government officials to beef up the market appeal of cleaner, more energy-efficient vehicles. Other programs already target electric cars’ two main drawbacks: higher upfront costs and limited driving ranges.

For one thing, electric cars typically cost about $10,000 to $12,000 more than similar gasoline-powered cars.

For another, most electric cars can’t go beyond 100 miles without recharging. In Connecticut, however, there are now some 100 public charging stations, said Daniel Esty, commissioner of the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. That figure should double over the coming year.

“I’ve made a commitment to build out a network of charging stations within a 10 or 15 minute drive of everyone in the state,” Esty said. “We need 100 more to eliminate what’s known as `range anxiety.’ ” In Connecticut now, there are about 190 purely electric vehicles registered, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

While the instructors made sure to stay serious about safety

With flames to his left and smoke in his lungs, Urian Rocha raised his sharpened pick to shoulder level and heaved the metal tool into the earth.

Beads of sweat trickled down his dirt-streaked face, but he didn’t have time to wipe them away. Rocha was leading a trail of rookie firefighters just like him who were trying to contain the fire in one place.

Taking another step up the steep slope, Rocha swung into the dry dirt.

“Keep swinging,” yelled instructors, following his every move. “We got a long day ahead of us.”

The flames were real, but the day was set aside for training. It was fire drill day at firefighter rookie school,your creative source for Custom metal card business cards with your specialized. and the mountain had been purposely set alive with orange tinted flames.

The goal is to give first-time firefighters some real-life experience by putting their classroom knowledge into action, said Brett Blumhardt with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Rookie firefighters from the BLM and U.S. Forest Service must complete the five-day fire school before they can put out a real wildfire.

This year’s fire season is expected to be worse than normal because of a low snowpack from winter and not enough rain from spring. It could be as bad as last year’s season,Shop wholesale Rfid Tag from China RFID tag wholesalers. which burned 1.6 million acres in Idaho, or the 2007 charring of 1.9 million acres, predicts the National Interagency Fire Center.

Sticks and debris lying on the mountain’s floor already were easily snapping in half, foreshadowing the fact that many of this season’s wildfires won’t have trouble finding fuel.

“We’ve been known to send these rookies out to a fire the Friday night they complete rookie school,” Blumhardt said. “You want them prepared as much as possible before they go out.“

Secluded at a Methodist camp just north of Fairfield, training involves learning the ins and outs of fire engines, fire equipment and fire behavior. But on fire drill day, rookies spend all day working to contain and control a real wildfire.

Donning new yellow shirts and green pants, firefighters spent hours digging a line around the fire to contain the flames to one spot. Instructors followed the firefighters as they moved up the mountainside, calling out tips and warnings if rookies swung a pick too close to their teammates.With its bright and Custom 3D Lenticular card images,

Despite the grueling work in 85-degree heat, the rookies and instructors kept the mood light. While the instructors made sure to stay serious about safety, they also encouraged the rookies throughout the day.

Rocha, a Hazelton native, will wok on a fuels crew out of the BLM Twin Falls District.trade platform for China headbands suppliers and global Headband buyers. He said he applied to be a firefighter to help pay for college.

“The training has been very helpful,” he said. “Going through the proper knowledge of everything is good for someone like me, I’m still so new to this.“

Once she reached the mountaintop, rookie Kendra Slown and fellow students paused for a quick lunch break.

Slown was in charge of brushing the loosened dirt and plant life out of the dig line. Eventually, she would like to apply her firefighter experience to a job working with wildlife. But for now, she’s mentally preparing for fire season.

“It was hard work digging the line, but it helped with all of us working together,” she said.Sensormatic branded Custom hard tags and detection systems retail for double. “I’m definitely nervous about fire season coming up, but I’m also excited.“

The television audience missed nothing of the pomp

The Prime Minister Winston Churchill was reportedly horrified at the idea that “modern mechanical arrangements” – television cameras – should be used to broadcast from inside Westminster Abbey.

“It would be unfitting that the whole ceremony, not only in its secular but also in its religious and spiritual aspects, should be presented as if it were a theatrical performance,” he told the House of Commons.

Perhaps Churchill recalled the arch-monarchist Walter Bagehot’s advice: “We must not let in daylight upon magic.” But the Queen and her advisors decided the cameras should be allowed to relay every moment of the meticulously planned ceremony – with one exception.

The television audience missed nothing of the pomp and pageantry, feathers and fur, golden spurs, jewel-encrusted orb, bracelets of sincerity and wisdom, ritual swords, anthems and trumpets. From the quiet of a choir softly singing “Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire”,Cordies Cable Organizers Cable Organizer keeps your cords from sliding into the void behind your desk. to the shouts, bells and cannons that greeted the crowning moment, the spectacle didn’t miss an emotional trick in trying to inspire the tens of millions crowded around small black-and-white TV sets.

In preparation, the Queen was disrobed of her crimson cloak, her jewellery was removed and the young Elizabeth was seated in King Edward’s chair, an ancient and simple throne, clothed in a dress of purest white. It was a moment of high theatre.Shop wholesale Rfid Tag from China RFID tag wholesalers.

A golden canopy held by four Knights of the Garter was suspended above and around the monarch, a grander version of the cloth cabinet a conjuror might wheel onto stage before making his glamorous assistant disappear.

With the Abbey almost silent, the Archbishop of Canterbury was handed the Ampulla, a flask in the shape of an eagle wrought in solid gold.

Legend had it that the vessel was given to St Thomas a Becket by the Virgin Mary in a vision while travelling in France, was lost and later recovered by the Black Prince at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. A more credible version has that the object was crafted in 1661 for the coronation of Charles II.

A spoon was also passed to the archbishop, a relic that had survived the Civil War and was probably made for Henry II or Richard I. The props dripped with provenance: antique, sacred, even mythical.

From the flask, the archbishop poured some “blessed oil” of orange, roses, cinnamon, musk and ambergris,Financing options for a green card holder without Work Card holder. and anointed the Queen in the form of a cross, on the palms of her hand, on the breast and on the crown of her head.This is a Custom passive RFID tag used for presence sensing,

As he did so, he whispered these words: “Be thy head anointed with holy oil: as kings, priests, and prophets were anointed. And as Solomon was anointed king by Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet,features many fashionable styles of silver rings wholesale stainless steel ring, so be you anointed, blessed and consecrated Queen over the Peoples, whom the Lord thy God hath given thee to rule and govern.”

In that instant, the viewing public were meant to believe that their Queen was transformed. As a newsreel commentator put it: “the hallowing – a moment so old history can barely go deep enough to contain it.”

When the golden pall was removed and the cameras rolled on the monarch once more, hey presto and hallelujah, Elizabeth had become associated with the divine.

I see the police working hard to mitigate crime

My wish is for the new Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zaid Hamidi to head a Crime Watch Society established by the Government for both urban and rural communities as well as each state to mitigate crime.

Existing crime watch groups can be partners here.

It is time crime gets the highest attention and urgent action.

Policing reduces crime, so does neighbours on guard.

Remember peace and security is the civic duty of all citizens.

The police cannot be at every nook and corner. We must be there to assist them and be their eyes and ears.

So, prevent crime by putting safety first and by making the local police your partners.

You just need to start with simple things like locking up your house before you go to bed. Lack of safety induces criminals to strike.

Reduce the opportunities for criminals to target us.

I feel snatch thieves should just be jailed. Fines will not do anymore.

I see the police working hard to mitigate crime, but we have to help them. Remember a caring community makes the neighbourhood safe. And safety begins with you.

I say, be the mata-mata in your community.

Watch, observe and phone the police if you see anything suspicious. After all, they are on duty 24 hours a day.

We have also started patrolling our neighbourhoods.

Today, I see the public being more aware of the need to take an active role in keeping crime at bay. This is good. And this is how it should be.

While they do that, their efforts must be supplemented and complemented by the police.

Police presence is most assuring in that it keeps crime at bay.

I see the residents association and RT bases not only nurture unity. They also create a better understanding among the community. And neighbours can help prevent crime as they look out for each other.

I say help yourself to mitigate crime.

Stop jaywalking and be alert to your surroundings.

Be careful as criminals can strike anytime. Be alert and act rationally.

Do not be foolhardy as snatch thieves can be dangerous.

I think one should not put up a fight with such thieves.

There have been many lives lost and it isn’t worth fighting with them.

Your life is more important than saving things like your jewellery, documents or money.

Maybe it is time that religious organisations be included in our agenda.

We should also include representatives of non-governmental organisations, bloggers and other stakeholders who have an interest in the matter.

Also as was recently suggested, ex-convicts should be given the opportunity to get involved based on their experiences.

Ex-convicts usually know more about crime.

It’s better to give them an opportunity, compared to those who know nothing about crime.

As they say, it takes a thief to catch a thief!

The crime rate can be dented somewhat, but the fight against crime should continue with greater effort.

In addition to a lack of financial resources, poverty manifests itself in poor parental supervision, lack of educational opportunities, lack of meaningful employment options, poor housing as well as lack of hope and prejudice against persons living in poverty.

We often continue to see the symptoms of crime, whereas we tend to overlook prevention and the root causes.

We should adopt preventive programmes and policies to eradicate crime. Crime prevention is the best strategy to fight crime and what better way than to inculcate safety awareness among school children to better safeguard and prevent them from becoming victims of crime.

And I stress that education must today focus on fighting crime.

They say, “Prevention is better than cure” to reflect the importance of proactively taking steps to keep crime at bay.

Last but not least, always remain vigilant and never take safety for granted.

International Day for Biological Diversity to be a fun-filled day

The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) has lined up a range of fun filled learning activities and public awareness talks to mark International Day for Biological Diversity.

According to a press statement from SBC, the event will be held at its premises at KM20, Jalan Borneo Heights at Semenggoh from May 18 to 19.

Colouring and pottery painting contests for primary school students are among the activities in store.

Representatives of indigenous communities from throughout the state who have been documenting their traditional knowledge will also feature their wares and traditional games.

Visitors will have the opportunity to mingle with these communities and learn about how they have sustainably utilised plants and biodiversity throughout the centuries. SBC will also feature R&D demonstration, face painting, eco-snakes and ladders, paper art and origami activities.

The organisers have even thrown in an element of ‘fear factor’ at one of the booths.

Those who want to try their hands at making scented beads and candles will have a chance to do so on May 18 at 10am and 2pm, while those who would like to have a go at making handmade soaps will have the opportunity to do so the following day at the same times.

A clown will also be making his rounds shaping animal balloons for children during the two days.

A free health screening will also be conducted by a team from the Sarawak Medical Department while officers from the Tarat Agriculture Research Station will feature a tankful of live local freshwater fish.

Meanwhile, a series of public awareness talks have been scheduled on the afternoon of both days with topic ranging from plants in the state to edible mushrooms, orchids, our rivers and biodiversity and wildlife conservation in the state.

Also on May 18, three known experts in their respective fields will be talking about flowering plant species, fungi and also orchids.

The talks will start at 1pm at SBC’s Lecture Theatre with Peter Boyce to speak about flowering plant species found in the state.

Boyce who arrived in the state in 2002 after spending 15 years working at Kew Gardens has been spending his last 12years in Malaysia and Thailand. Boyce’s talk will be followed by a talk entitled ‘Diversity of Macro-Fungi (mushrooms) in Sarawak’ by Prof Dr Sepiah Muid of Unimas whose areas of specialisation is plant pathology and mycology. The series of talks for the day will conclude with a presentation by Prof Dr Maziah Mahmood of University Putra Malaysia on orchids.

Prof Dr Maziah’s field of expertise encompasses plant biochemistry, plant biotechnology and plant tissue culture. She also loves orchids which she finds mesmerising.

After 10 years of research on the plants, she has made a career from learning about them and working on fragrant orchids. She is also a co-founder of Orchid Life, a BioNexus status company that produces horticultural products and services internationally.

On May 19, public talks will start at 2pm with a talk on Wildlife Conservation in Sarawak by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation deputy general manager Oswald Braken Tisen.